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August 17, 2000 - August 24, 2000

News for Aug. 24, 2000

Liv in NZ

8/24/00, 7:29 pm EST - Xoanon

Click here for the latest candid images of lovely Liv Tyler from our great pals at Scoop. (Arwen) out and about in New Zealand.

Liv Tyler
Click to enlarge

Casting Call in Timaru

8/24/00, 2:59 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Laron sends in word on a recent casting call near Timaru on the South Island. [More]

And like that...it was gone!

8/24/00, 2:53 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Puff sends in word on the fate of the Hobbiton set, and why it was burned down to the foundation...and it may not be what you think... [More]

Haven's Update

8/24/00, 2:14 pm EST - Corvar

Berendir over at Gaming Havens just posted a couple of articles to let you know what is going on in the Tolkienesque gaming community. You can check out at Gaming Havens. [here]

Wanna see Viggo as ARAGORN?!

8/24/00, 9:20 am EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Emmanuel sends in a KILLER pic of Viggo Mortensen in all his Aragorn glory!!!!!!!!!! [More]


News for Aug. 23, 2000

Cast News: Hugo Passes Out During Play

8/23/00, 5:38 pm EST - Xoanon

Our very own Hugo Weaving (Elrond) passed out during a play last week in Australia, read on

At its final preview last week, actor Hugo Weaving lost consciousness and slumped on the stage floor as his character Brachiano was strangled by two thugs, forcing a horrified (Director Gale) Edwards to halt the show thinking the depiction of strangulation had been a tad too enthusiastic.

Publicists later said Weaving's blackout was caused by influenza and exhaustion as the actor had only recently
returned from the New Zealand set of "Lord of the Rings."

Weaving, best-known overseas for his roles in "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" and "The Matrix," could also have been sharing the shock and delight of Edwards at the work's invitation to be part of March main-stage season at New York's Brooklyn Academy of Music.

We hope all is well with Hugo, and wish him a quick recovery. Read the entire article here. [More]

Thanks to Allen B for the tip!

Claire Raskind: "I was Misquoted"

8/23/00, 4:52 pm EST - Xoanon

LOTR Publicist and all around busy girl Claire Raskind came to us to clear a few things up. Claire was recently interviewed by 'The Press' a local NZ paper, during the interview Claire was asked about the amazing new Edoras set, this is what the paper quoted Claire as saying.

'...Claire Raskind, said large battle scenes would be filmed at the set representing Edoras, the capital city of Rohan...'

Claire wants all of LOTR Fandom to know that she did not say Battle Scenes just large scenes. So, Tolkien's work stays as written.

Thanks for clearing that up Claire.

Click here to read that article.


Web Watch: McKellen.com

8/23/00, 1:59 pm EST - Xoanon

Ian McKellen (Gandalf) and our good friends at McKellen.com have updated the 'Bits and Bobs' section of McKellen's website.

In it you can find info on McKellen's costume, his thoughts on the production and what question annoys him the most! Check it out here.

Xoanon Note: A very cool bit of info from McKellen, it turns out that fellow Montrealer Pierre Vinet (Photographer: The Frighteners, Heavenly Creatures, Braindead) is down in New Zealand working as a set photographer! Great news Pierre!

thanks to Jeanne for the tip!

SFX News: WETA Buys New Shiny Things

8/23/00, 1:39 pm EST - Xoanon

TORN Staffer Amyd from our Special Effects Page sends in the following article from 'New Zealand Info Tech' via Stuff.co.nz:

Weta buys SGI hardware for Lord of the Rings rendering

Peter Jackson's special effects company Weta Digital has bought 16 SGI servers to help render The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. [More]

Amyd also adds the following:

The computers WETA purchased are worth around $5500 each, that brand is particularly favorite amongst special effects houses (one in particular bought 200 of the same). They will be used in what is known as a render-farm, probably running the Linux version of RenderMan (a rendering tool made by Pixar).

Going to WORLDCON?

8/23/00, 1:32 pm EST - Xoanon

TheOneRing.net will be there as well! Worldcon is the 58th Annual World Science Fiction Convention that takes place August 31 to September 4 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, Fairmont Hotel and Swissotel in good old Chicago, Illinios.

Head on over to see TORN Staffers like Corvar & Balin! Be sure to try and catch Douglas Anderson's world famous Hobbit Slide Show!

Check it out in our 'World Events Section'

Web Watch: Stuff.co.nz

8/23/00, 9:01 am EST - Xoanon

Article 1: Film scene or hoax, pic intrigues fans

An Evening Post photograph showing a scene from the $360 million The Lord of The Rings movie trilogy has created international intrigue. [More]

Article 2: Cookie time for Tyler

Lord of the Rings star Liv Tyler's secret is out. The svelte, smooth-skinned actress is a regular big cookie muncher. (WARNING: Fluff Article) [More]

ANCANAR: Web Update

8/23/00, 8:56 am EST - Xoanon

From the folks at ANCANAR

A N C A N A R . C O M
Update 8 - 22 - 00

UPDATED PRODUCTION TRAILER: Download the updated trailer, with never-before-seen footage, interviews and stills. Included are shots of recent footage shoots of the character Laliel (Raiya Corsiglia).

A MAJOR CHARACTER IS CAST: The Ancanar casting sessions are about as tough to get into as Obi-Wan's trailer. One word as slipped through, however...

NEW: ASK THE PRODUCER: Have anything to ask producer/actress Raiya Corsiglia? Now you can, in the Interact section.

News for Aug. 22, 2000

News from Mithril

8/22/00, 11:23 pm EST - Xoanon

The latest from the folks at Mithril. [More]

More from Edoras?

8/22/00, 11:06 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Wyatt Erp sends in another great pic from that amazing new set! [More]


New Set Pics!!

8/22/00, 4:05 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Justin sends in the latest from New Zealand! WOW, these are some great looking sets!! [More]


The Ring and the One Ring.

8/22/00, 5:57 am EST - Tehanu

Several people read about the animated version of Wagner's Ring (here) and quite rightly pointed out that Tolkien wasn't influenced by Wagner's Ring cycle. Which is not what I meant either, but it didn't look that way. It would be truer to say that Tolkien and Wagner were both influenced by Nordic mythology, and produced two very different works because of it.

Wizard Kebab: The Monster Edition.

8/22/00, 5:44 am EST - Tehanu

We've gone on pooling all the ideas that have come in concerning the mysterious wizard-on-a-spike picture... you can see the result here

An interview with an Elf....

8/22/00, 5:16 am EST - Tehanu

The ever-vigilant Tiggy caught an interview with Craig Parker, who plays Haldir, on TVOne. (more)

Hear Tolkien speak!

8/22/00, 5:04 am EST - Tehanu

Bruce wrote in to say: "This may be old news, but the mp3lit site has a Tolkien freebie at MP3Lit.com.
There are two passages. The first is the familiar selection of Tolkien reading the "cooking conies" passage from The Two Towers. The second is new to me, but perhaps it's old news to others. Tolkien is recorded reciting the poem that is Galadriel's farewell song to the Fellowship as they leave Lorien."

This is really worth following up if you've never heard Tolkien read his own work before. Though my personal fave is him reading the 'Ride of the Rohirrim' bits....

'Scouring of the Shire' hint?

8/22/00, 4:59 am EST - Tehanu

Amargosaur's spotted something I just can't see, but we'll let you be the judge. (more)

If you want to know everything....

8/22/00, 4:49 am EST - Tehanu

Then you might want to buy one of the 'History of Middle-earth' volumes. Matt sent us an update on what's available, if you want to shop

News for Aug. 21, 2000

The Other Ring

8/21/00, 11:22 am EST - Xoanon

Anyone who's gotten interested in what inspired Tolkien's imagination would like this project - it's an animated version of Wagner's gigantic opera cycle, 'The Ring' [More]

LOTR Bookmark Pic

8/21/00, 11:13 am EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy PV sends in a great pic of that LOTR Bookmark from the promotional convention a few months back. I wants one!!! [More]


Shore's 'The Cell' Tops B.O.

8/21/00, 10:35 am EST - Xoanon

The latest film to have music by LOTR Composer Howard Shore is tops in the North American Box Office this weekend:

From: Yahoo!

Lopez's 'Cell' Proves Top Seller: A dark journey into a murderer's mind and a lively jaunt with four comedians led a slow weekend at theaters. The Cell, a glossy thriller starring Jennifer Lopez as a psychologist who ventures into a serial killer's head, debuted as the top film with $17.2 million.

Golden Bay News Article

8/21/00, 9:49 am EST - Xoanon

Map of New Zealand

From: rapata

Heres an article, out last friday. I have heard a few other rumours since then, but I seldom get into Takaka from my hidden valley in the mountains nearby. I am a bit of a farmer maggot type myself, and will be taking my horse and trap in tomorrow, so I'll keep my ear to the ground. It's quite possible that the "2 days" filming has been and gone. Did notice a few helicopters buzzing round these mountains at the end of last week and in the weekend. [More]

UK Ringers: Set Your VCRs!

8/21/00, 1:59 am EST - Xoanon

From: Aradan

I have just found out that the British cable channel "Performance" will be showing a documentary on the life of JRR Tolkien at 9:05 on Tuesday, 22nd August. This is what the TV listings supplement of the Guardian newspaper has to say about it:

'The Hobbit was recently voted best book of the 20th century in a reader's poll, and this documentary investigates the life of its creator, JRR Tolkien. Orphaned at a young age, Tolkien retreated into worlds of fantasy, and by the age of 13 was inventing whole new alphabets and languages.

Footage of him as an old man shows him inscribing his books with dedications in Elvish - one translates "may a star shine upon our meeting". Having survived the first world war trenches, he became a professor at Oxford and set about forging an epic mythology for England - a wildly unfashionable undertaking then as now, but one which was, and still is, welcomed fervently by a legion of readers.'

Unfortunately I don't have cable TV so I won't be able to see it, but if any other UK readers of the One Ring Net do have cable TV, then I look forward to reading a report - especially if it includes anything about the film!

Time of the Gathering?

8/21/00, 1:57 am EST - Xoanon

This email comes to me from Michael N, he sent along some info regarding Golden Bay. Apparently the locals use it once a year for an event called 'The Gathering', read on:

You know, reading your article on TORN about the location for filming being on a "mountain in Golden Bay", it got me thinking as to the possible location. And of course, I thought, the Gathering is held every year on a mountain in Golden Bay, primarily because the location is handy, the farmer is willing for people to use the land, and there are good amenities. Sounds like they could be using Caanan Downs then? Of course, there are other mountains in Golden Bay, but I doubt there are so many that have places for trucks and trailers to park on.

Click here for some nice Gathering pictures.

This Weeks Tolkien Items

8/21/00, 1:49 am EST - Xoanon

More fun than Inner-Planetary Bar Billiards! [More]

4 Months and Counting...

8/21/00, 1:26 am EST - Xoanon

4 months to go until the Lord of the Rings trailer in movie theatres across North America!

Attached to the Cuban Missile Drama '13 Days', the Lord of the Rings trailer, or more likely, teaser, will have fanboys melting in their popcorn buckets. '13 Days' is set to open December 20th.

See you in line...

McKellen Talks Holm

8/21/00, 1:15 am EST - Xoanon

From: Stuff.co.nz

Ian McKellenIan HolmIan McKellen's (Gandalf) Website www.mckellen.com posted some news regarding the other Ian, Ian Holm (Bilbo).

Bilbo smitten with New Zealand

British actor Sir Ian Holm, who plays Hobbit Bilbo Baggins in The Lord Of The Rings, was so entranced by New Zealand during his stay he's keen to return and explore the country.

Holm's brief visit in March for filming at Peter Jackson's Miramar studios is detailed in the latest journal entry on Sir Ian McKellen's website. [More]

News for Aug. 20, 2000

Info on Golden Bay

8/20/00, 4:56 pm EST - Xoanon

After reading the newsbites on Stuff.co.nz I've done some digging on the Golden Bay area of New Zealand. [More]

Web Watch 1: Stuff.co.nz

8/20/00, 3:59 pm EST - Xoanon

Rings producer stands by security guards

An Upper Hutt man is considering legal action after he was allegedly twice assaulted by a security guard working on the $360 million The Lord of the Rings project.

But the project's producer Barrie Osborne on Saturday said the man wasn't assaulted and claimed it was possible he was trying to extort money. [More]

Web Watch 2: Stuff.co.nz

8/20/00, 3:57 pm EST - Xoanon

Middle Earth comes to South Island

A new round of filming on the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy production is due to start next week in the South Island.

The publicist for the $360 million production, Claire Raskind, said that filming would start next week on a mountain in the Golden Bay area, but she declined to be more specific about the location. [More]

News for Aug. 19, 2000

Moonshine Bridge Set Pic!

8/19/00, 3:01 am EST - Xoanon

Map of New Zealand

Not much to see in this pic folks, but I'm sure you're drooling with anticipation to take a guess! [More]


Live Chat Topic for August 19 & 20

8/19/00, 1:15 am EST - Tookish

Tookish here with our next Tolkien talk topic! Our focus this weekend comes courtesy of Joe, a regular Hall of Fire attendee.

Middle-earth's Baddest Bad Guy

Who is it for you? Exempting of course Morgoth and Sauron, who is your favorite Tolkien villain? This topic will cover the entire History of Middle-earth, from The Silmarillion down to the Fourth Age. Bring your thoughts, your favorite dastardly deeds and evil dialogue, and come share with us this weekend.

Thanks Joe! We'd love to hear from the rest of you too for future Hall of Fire topics. Send 'em in here!

You can find this chat right here on our server. Come to our main chatroom Barliman's and then type /join #thehalloffire to participate.

News for Aug. 17, 2000

Decipher's LoTR Cards, the inside scoop

8/17/00, 7:58 pm EST - Corvar

Berendir over at Gaming Havens has gotten the inside scoop on Decipher's upcoming card game. Check out the article here, or go to the Gaming Havens front page.

New Tolkien documentary project based in NZ

8/17/00, 12:05 am EST - Tehanu

The time is ripe for a new documentary that will introduce Tolkien to all those LOTR newbie moviegoers (more)

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