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August 13, 2001 - August 19, 2001

News for Aug. 19, 2001

Weekly Ebay Items

8/19/01, 11:09 pm EST - Xoanon

Check out the latest crop of very cool eBay Items! [More]

Weekly Cast Watch

8/19/01, 10:59 pm EST - Xoanon

Check out all the US and UK listings for all your favorite LOTR stars! [More]

Franklin Mint 2002 Calendar

8/19/01, 9:09 pm EST - Xoanon

Gorel sends along some great scans from the Franklin Mint 2002 LOTR calendar, take a look! [More]

4 Months to Go!

8/19/01, 3:32 pm EST - Xoanon

August 19th marks 4 Months until The Fellowship of the Ring is released worldwide! 4 Months...122 days...2928 hours...175 680 minutes..10 540 800 seconds...ahh!!!!

If you are looking for an up to the second counter, check out our Release Dates page in the movie section. [More]

Of Myth and Magic

8/19/01, 1:48 pm EST - Xoanon

TORN Staffer Lewman sends along this article from 'News of the World supplement' in the UK. Take a look, nothing new or exciting, but still worth a look. !Spoilers! [More]

SHOP: Franklin Mint

8/19/01, 1:33 pm EST - Xoanon

Gorel sends along word on a Gandalf pocketknife you can buy from the folks at The Franklin Mint. [More]

Lee's Saruman

8/19/01, 7:07 am EST - Tehanu

There's an update on the Christopher Lee website with his latest news: "About the recent poll on the most notorious villains in film history, Mr Lee commented by saying that nothing will compare to the portrayal of Saruman the White. He thinks it will go down in cinematic history as the No.1 villain - certainly of his film career." [More]

News for Aug. 18, 2001

"Finished" version of LOTR?

8/18/01, 7:59 pm EST - Tehanu

On the 12th we heard from a New Line insider that a 2:45 minute cut of the film mentioned [here] had been sent to the New Line execs - this could be the 'finished cut' that AICN is talking about. It's certainly not finished - one very reliable source has mailed to confirm that they're at work right now (it's Sunday in NZ) and expecting to work every hour God sends between now and the end of the year. "It's not completed yet, but many talented people are working very hard to make it so."

LotR Fellowship Of The Ring Completed

8/18/01, 3:18 pm EST - Strider

With a shade over four months to go, several reports indicate that Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring is completed. [More]

Contridicting reports are coming in to use suggesting that FotR is NOT finished. We are working on getting to the bottom of it.

The Hobbit Board Game Images

8/18/01, 2:09 pm EST - Tookish

At GenCon I scooped up a few Product Information Sheets about the Middle-earth board games. They included LotR, the expansion game Friends and Foes, and The Hobbit. [More]

SHOP: That LOTR Student Planner

8/18/01, 4:32 am EST - Calisuri

As you may or may not have known, I have been out of commission for about a month with a move across America. Now that I'm settled, I finally got to take a look at the LOTR Student Planner for 2001-2002. Some of you might have seen the images contained within this publication, but if you are like me, you completely missed some REALLY cool stuff. !!!SPOILERS!!![More]

News for Aug. 17, 2001

Hall of Fire Chats for August 18th and 19th

8/17/01, 8:48 pm EST - Strider

Only in dire times would a parley be called at the House of Elrond, bringing Man, Elf and Istari together to discuss the faith of Middle-Earth and it's inhabitants. But these are dire times indeed, and as the threat of the Enemy looms over the world as a shadow, the Council of Elrond commences. This weekend, we invite you to come discuss a chapter from Fellowship of the Ring that would change the lives of nine people and save millions of others: Book II, Chapter II: The Council of Elrond [More]

GAMING: Sierra Posts LOTR Game Trailer

8/17/01, 7:37 pm EST - Xoanon

IGN FINALLY posted Sierra's amazing LOTR game teaser on its site. [More]

Mobile Media's Dealmaker

8/17/01, 7:24 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Morgoth7 sends along this article from M-Business Magazine, take a look!

"Globe and Mail" editorial on LOTR and Harry Potter.

8/17/01, 7:15 pm EST - Tehanu

The "Globe and Mail" aren't as pleased about the LOTR films as the rest of the Canadian media. They're afraid that our imaginations will be impoverished once they're colonised by images from the film. I'd argue differently and call on Ursula K. Le Guin to back me up. [More]

More from SIGGRAPH

8/17/01, 3:47 pm EST - Xoanon

Gorgoroth here again with more updates from SIGGRAPH.

Yesterday on the main exhibition floor, SGI had presentations from various visual effect companies showing off their work. WETA happened to be sharing when I went and they were showing off MASSIVE, the Behavioural Intelligence software that is being used for crowd generation and the battle scenes in the Lord of the Rings. [More]

Media Watch: Peterborough Examiner

8/17/01, 2:41 pm EST - Xoanon

From: Celeborn Byrne

Just letting you know that today in the Peterborough Examiner, in Ontario, has a half page article on LOTR, it introduces it and its caracters, and talks mostly about Cannes. Its in the computer section of the paper, it has a link to your site. The article was based in Toronto, if you wish for more information I'd gladdly type it out, I am lacking a scanner.. it also has a picture (seen before) of Frodo and Sam.

Listen to Tolkien Verse While You're on Hold

8/17/01, 2:37 pm EST - Xoanon

From: Gmat

The movie hotline at my local theater in Ludington, MI has an interesting chant going in the background in place of their normal music. It's the verse of the rings and I think I can hear elvish or something. I a little ways through I can hear 'one ring to rule them all and then ash nots something something'. Just thought I'd let ya know,they're also playing the FOTR trailer on planet of the apes and either rush hour 2 or rat race.

Ring of security around film preview

8/17/01, 12:20 pm EST - Xoanon

It's not every day that cinemagoers have to hand over mobile phones and handbags then file through a scanner to see a new film. And not even a full feature at that. Just 25 minutes of a film that's not due out till Boxing Day. [More]

GAMING: The Hobbit board game

8/17/01, 10:52 am EST - Xoanon

Finwe sent in this info about The Hobbit board game:

"I saw the magazine from where the picture of games workshop new battle system was. It was nice to seen but no new there. BUT I also saw other LOTR related product! [More]

Not Your Father's Hobbits...

8/17/01, 10:31 am EST - Xoanon

On pages 32-33 of Entertainment Weekly's Summer Double Issue (#602/603), there's a two-page spread of the stars of the forthcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy: Dominic Monaghan, who plays Merry Brandybuck; Sean Astin, aka Samwise Gamgee; Elijah Wood, better known as Frodo Baggins; and Billy Boyd, who has the role of Pippin Took. [More]

Thanks to Witchy_Tigger for the tip!

It's a good time for geeks in Hollywood

8/17/01, 10:26 am EST - Xoanon

The geeks may not inherit the Earth, but they could be on their way to taking over Hollywood. It may sound funny, but it's no joke. [More]

Thanks to Ken for the tip!

Turkey's 'NumberOne' Plays LOTR Trailer

8/17/01, 10:24 am EST - Xoanon

From: Dave M

Just thought I would inform you that the internet trailer has been getting airtime on NumberOne in Turkey (a music TV channel) in their computer/internet spot.

Lawrence Makoare, an innocent abroad

8/17/01, 10:22 am EST - Xoanon

Don't get him wrong - Lawrence Makoare would not for one moment want to be seen as pulling rank on his senior colleague. But he does let slip that they've made two (count 'em) dolls of his Lurtz, one of Saruman's "big fighting beasts" in The Lord of the Rings - and he enjoyed telling Temuera Morrison that he'd outscored his Star Wars character in the race for plastic immortality. [More]

Thanks to RJ for the tip!

More info on Premieres and Asia

8/17/01, 10:18 am EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy PT follows up on yesterday's news about the LOTR premieres around the world and more info on what they plan to do about pirates in Asia:

Apparently a contract between New Line and the cinemas displaying the films will be enforced world wide. [More]

Tolkien Party in Argentina

8/17/01, 7:34 am EST - Tehanu

The Argentinian Tolkien Society (Asociación Tolkien Argentina, ATA) is doing 'Tolkien 2001' which is their big annual party about the writer. There´ll be live music, fan art, movie trailers, Middle-earth products, and much more. They've done it for the past two years and more than 2000 people came.

Thanks to Fabius Feadur for the news, who also adds, "We are a little association, but growing, 250 members - the first and greatest in South América!"

More on Hobbit persecution in Kazakhstan.

8/17/01, 7:23 am EST - Tehanu

This sounds like we're making it up but we're not. Finally somebody's found out more details: we have the NPR's morning edition to thank for this interview on Realplayer. Thanks to Jonathon for the tip. [More]

Culture Watch: Warner Brothers to make 'Oz' series

8/17/01, 6:44 am EST - Tehanu

G'won,admit it. Some Tolkien fans are also 'Wizard of Oz' fans. MSNBC reports on a new series based on the 'Oz' books. One of the writers did 'Roswell' and the main guy Hayter did 'X-Men.' They're saying they want to give them the darker, more visceral feel of LOTR and the Narnia books, and approach it as though Dorothy and co. were historical figures... Sound familiar? [More]

Thanks to Lennie for that.

The Truth about Bash... Luthien Speaks Out!

8/17/01, 12:46 am EST - Jincey

"Even now, as I close my eyes, the muggy Chicago landscape swims before me, and I find myself shaking once more at the remembered horrors, wonders and revelations which occurred during those five days in early August. Those who know the truth have kept their silence until now, but I cannot in good consciousness uphold this any longer." [More]

News for Aug. 16, 2001

More on Asian Release Date Change

8/16/01, 8:29 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy PT sends along more news regarding a possible Asian release date change. All this is still a speculative rumor, so who knows. Especially considering this bit of news from IMDB. But check out what PT has to say none the less:

I heard the Asian Rumour from a distributor. I rang him again to see if he could shed any more light on the subject. He said the Asian release is subject to some strict laws in an attempt to prohibit the pirate film industry. [More]

Media Watch: Entertainment Weekly

8/16/01, 8:23 pm EST - Xoanon

hobytla sends along this great scan from Entertainment Weekly, check out this new pic of Gandalf and Frodo in what looks like Moria!

Latest Newsletter is Away!

8/16/01, 5:22 pm EST - Xoanon

The latest newsletter is away! Do you want to receive our weekly newsletter? Packed with tons of info to keep you up to date on the latest? Plus filled with exclusives from time to time! Join the crowd of more than 4300+ mailing list Ringers! Sign up now! [More]

Live in Montreal? TORN Fan?

8/16/01, 11:50 am EST - Xoanon

Does this sound like you? If it does, a television show would like to chat with you! Anna Dirksen called me up to request some time with a rabid TORN fan from Montreal; she wants to discuss the site from your point of view. If you're interested, please contact Anna at annadirksen@yahoo.com. Tell her Xoanon sent you :)

The Hobbit is 'up'

8/16/01, 9:54 am EST - Xoanon

From: Noah

Today's USA Today (just like every Thursday edition) has a Top 50 Best Seller list. The Hobbit (by a certain J.R.R. Tolkien) claimed 21st, up from 35th last week. Be sure to take a look, and keep your eye out for next week's chart.

The Onion wants you to keep cool...

8/16/01, 9:46 am EST - Xoanon

Once again, the guys at "The Onion" have created a very funny list of things to do to "beat the heat", including one sly Tolkien reference. [More]

Thanks to all that have written in!


FOX LOTR Special News

8/16/01, 9:44 am EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Oleg sends along some details on the LOTR special that we hope will air on FOX around the American Thanksgiving season.

The Fox channel in the states is supposed to run a LOTR special over the Thanksgiving weekend, a making of type thing I believe. [More]

SHOP: LOTR Goodies!!

8/16/01, 9:26 am EST - Xoanon

Trish sends along a site with Lord of Rings figures, rings, tins, and other collectibles for pre-sale. [More]

News for Aug. 15, 2001

At Long Last! The Report From Barlibash 2001

8/15/01, 10:57 pm EST - Jincey

Curunir has been slaving away at his computer writing this report on some of the goings-on at Barlibash, held this year in Chicago, on August 2-5. For the news, click here

Decipher Interview: Monica Jones

8/15/01, 9:59 pm EST - Tookish

CD dropped a note to let us know that the site 13th Street is carrying an interview by Smilin' Jack Ruby with Decipher's own Monica Jones regarding the upcoming product line. And yes, she certainly IS lovely. [More]

Media Watch: Rolling Stone

8/15/01, 9:49 pm EST - Tookish

BM sends word that the Stone has an LotR offering this month on page 87. Scan and send people!!

New Ted Nasmith Art Exhibit!

8/15/01, 9:45 pm EST - Tookish

We received this wonderful bit of news today: Chalk Farm Gallery is pleased to announce it's 4th exhibition of world-renowned Tolkien artist, Canadian born Ted Nasmith [More]

Some New Posters Emerge

8/15/01, 6:53 pm EST - Strider

Tsa Tsa Lopy tells us that another batch of brand new Lord of the Ring posters (Fan art, more likely-Xo) have become available on the German Lord of the Rings online shop, Elbenwald. The posters look fantastic, especially the Fellowship montage and the eery Aragorn/Nazgul image. [More]

Rings stars butt of Star Wars jokes (not really)

8/15/01, 6:27 pm EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here, I just wanted to say that I find this 'NZ Evening Post' article a bit of 'mountains out of mole-hills' here. I find that they have glorified a sound byte, snatched from Premiere Magazine, and have taken it a bit too far. If you read the article we posted here, you can see Elijah was simply remarking about the two projects, and the fact that Star Wars is an established movie genre and that PJ and our crew are breaking new ground, that is all, there is no 'tension' between productions. So take this following article with a grain of salt.

The Lord Of The Rings star Elijah Wood says there was tension between the $650 million epic's stars and those in Star Wars: Episode II during a visit to its sets in Sydney last year. [More]

Hobbit Day

8/15/01, 4:15 pm EST - Xoanon

From: Tyson

I just recieved my September edition of Maxim magazine. On page 48 in the Maxim Calender it lists Saturday Sept 22 as Hobbit Day, listing: It's Hobbit Day! celebrate by wishing you had at least one friend who wasn't an imaginary inhabitant of Middle Earth. There is also small picture of Bilbo from the animated hobbit movie attached.


8/15/01, 4:09 pm EST - Xoanon

Gorgoroth sends along this great report from SIGGRAPH, take a look at a few details about SFX!

I went to the SIGGRAPH Houdini Users Group Meeting on Sunday at the Westin Bonaventure. [More]

Hobbits Arrested Story on NPR

8/15/01, 4:02 pm EST - Xoanon

The NPR has picked up the story we brought to you a while ago about the Kazahkstan government's arrest of people with "bohemian" lifestyles. Take a listen to the RealAudio story here. [More]

Thanks to BBarl for the tip!

This 'G' rating stands for God

8/15/01, 10:35 am EST - Xoanon

Chop, slice, whisk, simmer, serve and say grace. When film critic Ted Baehr, lawyer, theologian, producer and head of a media ministry, feasts on an advance screening of the new G-rated family movie Tortilla Soup, his notes are nearly as elaborate as the lavish meals featured in the film he's reviewing. [More]

Thanks to Nancy for the tip!

Rent '15 Minutes', see the LOTR Trailer!

8/15/01, 10:29 am EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy David F chimed in to say that all copies of the Robert DeNiro/Ed Burns actioner '15 Minutes' will have the trailer for LOTR. This is only on the VHS copies. I'm heading to Blockbuster and checking that out today!

McKellen.com Updates

8/15/01, 10:23 am EST - Xoanon

Ian McKellen (Gandalf) website 'McKellen.com' has updated it's epost section. Check it out for some tantalizing tid-bits! !Spoilers! [More]

NZ first screening to show a day later

8/15/01, 12:14 am EST - Tehanu

Bad news for NZ Tolkien fans. Seems we're not to be the first public in the world to see the 'Fellowship of the Ring' after all. Roadshow Distributors confirmed today that they would be opening the movie to the public on December the 20th. We're still planning to organise a party in Wellington for the event, however. Contact Tehanu to put your name on the list!

Media Watch: Parabola Magazine

8/15/01, 12:09 am EST - Xoanon

From: Lady Kenobi

Parabola ("Myth, Tradition and the Search for Meaning") is a great magazine that I recently subscribed to, so I was very happy to see Tolkien once again featured within. The piece on 'foolish Hobbits' that was mentioned is excellent and gave me yet another way of viewing the Lord of the Rings story. [More]

News for Aug. 14, 2001

BarliBash Picture Gallery Up

8/14/01, 9:47 pm EST - Tookish

Pippin Took, Arathorn, and Nob have announced the completion of a three page photo gallery of the wacky antics we call BarliBash 2001. Let the good times roll again! [More]

Extra TV! Talks LOTR

8/14/01, 9:26 pm EST - Xoanon

From: Barbarshop

This evening Extra TV! previewed the top movies coming out this fall. The top two movies by far according to Extra are our very own Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring, and Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. Footage included the cover of Premiere magazine featuring Elijah Wood and the "Lord of the Rings" in large print, the "There's something down there... Elijah Wood (Frodo)" part of the newest trailer, and a quick shot from the first preview of the orcs and the Nazgul riding towards the camera.

David Wenham talks LOTR

8/14/01, 9:24 pm EST - Xoanon

From: unknown

Happened to have a day off work today and was flicking through the offerings of the various inane morning talk shows. On one channel I was pleasantly surprised to see the FOTR trailer (first one I think). Turned out that David Wenham (Faramir) was being interviewed about his involvement in the LOTR in conjunction with the impending release of his new movie The Bank.

Decipher Releases LotR Details At GenCon

8/14/01, 3:18 pm EST - Strider

"Excitement ran high as GenCon began, with whispered rumors of "something big" happening Friday afternoon. Throughout the convention's opening day, the buzz increased as lucky attendees showed friends their coveted tickets to Decipher's by-invitation-only announcement event. Who would get in? What might they hear? The Lord of the Rings fans from all branches of the game community descended on Decipher's booth, hoping for admission to the super-secret event." [More]

Media Watch: Parabola Literary Journal

8/14/01, 12:24 pm EST - Tookish

Thanks to JJ for this: The latest issue of the literary journal Parabola contains an article examining the anti-hero 'fool' status of the Hobbits in LoTR. The article is illustrated with movie stills, including one of Bilbo I have not seen before... Scan and send people!!

SHOP: Pre-Order Animated Hobbit and LOTR

8/14/01, 11:03 am EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Kevin popped in to tell me that you can pre-order the animated 'Hobbit' and 'LOTR' from Reel.com.[More]

Games Workshop Ads

8/14/01, 10:23 am EST - Xoanon

From: Benn

An advertisement for the "Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring" tabletop battle game from this Septembers issue of Wizard magazine.

Book Sense LOTR Contest

8/14/01, 10:20 am EST - Xoanon

The Lord of the Rings Adventure Begins Here Sweepstakes!

Book Sense is pleased to announce The Lord of the Rings Adventure Begins Here Sweepstakes! In September, via a partnership with Houghton Mifflin and New Line Cinema, Book Sense and BookSense.com will launch an eight-week promotion featuring the soon-to-be-released film Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and movie tie-in books. [More]

Thanks to Bongo for the tip!

Amazing new images of Frodo and Bilbo in Rivendell!

8/14/01, 1:53 am EST - Tehanu

These amazing new pics have appeared on French site Numenor - Did the mysterious Boumbo have a hand in this? Either way, they're fabulous images. Here's some new links that should work better: Bilbo,
Sting and

Thanks to Tom and Rosa.


News for Aug. 13, 2001

Media Watch: World Magazine

8/13/01, 11:20 pm EST - Xoanon

From: Jaguarundi

In the August 11th issue of World (a very conservative news magazine), they devoted a page to the children's bestsellers. At the bottom of the page, they suggest LotR as an alternative to the Harry Potter books that are ruling the bestseller list. And yes, they did mention the movie. Here is a scan of that page (I've cropped it so it only contains the LotR section.

Grand Toys is Lord of the Rings

8/13/01, 11:06 pm EST - Xoanon

From Smeagol7, thanks for the tip!

Swords for Cheap

8/13/01, 10:49 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Sean P sends along a link where you can order the United Cutlery goodies at a (apparently) cheaper price! [More]

Media Watch: Dreamwatch Magazine

8/13/01, 1:49 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy CDIC sends along a great Liv Tyler (Arwen) article from 'Dreamwatch Magzine'. Take a look! [More]

Regal tiff slows 'Rush' a bit

8/13/01, 11:47 am EST - Xoanon

NEW YORK (The Hollywood Reporter) --- New Line Cinema's Rush Hour 2 stormed to an estimated $131.9 million total at the domestic boxoffice in its second weekend. Some in the industry are asking how much higher that figure might have been if the film had screened in the nation's largest movie theater chain. [More]

Thanks to Storm for the tip!

Jackson takes on more artists

8/13/01, 10:02 am EST - Xoanon

Peter Jackson's computer art graphics workshop Weta Digital hired double the number of graphic artists it expected to need to create effects shots for the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

Chief technical officer John Labrie told an Infinity Solutions technology seminar in Wellington last week that the Miramar facility now has 150 artists, with 230 staff in total, and is still growing. [More]

"Designer Dressing for Orcs was the job of a lifetime."

8/13/01, 12:16 am EST - Tehanu

An alumnus of Massey University returned to their Wellington campus to talk about his job with WETA making costumes for LOTR [More]

Thanks to John Saunders and the Massey News.

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