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July 22, 2002 - July 28, 2002

News for Jul. 28, 2002

Tolkien Society's OXONMOOT coming soon!

7/28/02, 4:13 pm EST - Tehanu

This is the annual major event in Britain for Tolkien fans, and it offers pretty much everything you could want in a Tolkien moot. This year it will be held from 13th to the 15th of September in Oxford. Bookings get more expensive after July 31, so act quickly! [More]

News for Jul. 27, 2002

FOTR DVD Available At Walgreens

7/27/02, 5:04 pm EST - Strider

Artemis writes: Today I got a message from my friend who lives in Chicago IL and she told me that when she went to Walgreens today they had the LOTR DVD on sale. This is what she said: "It was at Walgreens of all places. I just walked in to buy moisturizer and it was there by the film and batteries and stuff."

Official Site Update: Extended VHS & DVD Info

7/27/02, 5:00 pm EST - Strider

The official site has updated with information on each of the upcoming DVD and VHS versions of The Fellowship of the Ring, along with detailed pictures of the different packaging. Thanks to Jessica for the tip! [More]

Hollywood Video Launches DVD Promotion

7/27/02, 4:36 pm EST - Strider

schnickerdo writes: Hollywood Video in my hometown (in South Dakota) is starting a huge LOTR: FOTR DVD release promo. In this month's "Movie Companion," there is a feature on LOTR. Elijah Wood (Frodo) is on the cover. Also in the stores, the employees are wearing LOTR shirts. I asked, and they aren't giving any away. Another promotion is LOTR gift cards. They have $25 gift cards with pictures of The One Ring on them.

FOTR Playing In Forbidden Planets

7/27/02, 4:30 pm EST - Strider

DrJ writes: I stopped in at Forbidden Planet in Manhattan last night. They are playing the FOTR video on an overhead monitor. I don't believe they have copies for sale yet.

FOTR Showing In US Malls?

7/27/02, 4:15 pm EST - Strider

Jenn writes: Hi, tonight I was at our local mall browsing around and went into the Suncoast store and there were displays everywhere for Fellowship of the Ring. Then I looked up, and on the TV screens hanging all over the place, THE MOVIE was actually playing, not just a promo. It was right at the end and I stayed to watch, but afterwords a new movie came on, so it wasn't a continuous showing, but perhaps it's playing in other malls too.

News for Jul. 26, 2002

Jackson Explains New Two Towers Footage

7/26/02, 4:57 pm EST - Strider

They've been up to something the last few months down in New Zealand; and by "they," I mean Peter Jackson and the various actors that have been spotted at the airport or in the country's scenic burgs and boroughs. Jackson explained to British film magazine Empire that although principal photography on the Lord of the Rings trilogy ended last year, he and his people have shot about 25 minutes of new footage for The Two Towers in recent months. [More]

Hall Of Fire Chats For July 27th & 28th

7/26/02, 4:52 pm EST - Strider

Sir Ian McKellen says in the latest The Two Towers trailer, 'I've come back to you, at the turn of the tide.' Throughout the War of the Ring there were several turning points, but one of the most crucial to the downfall of Sauron was the battle of Helm's Deep and the defeat of Saruman's forces. This weekend, the Hall of Fire crew invite you to join us as we discuss the downfall of Saruman, the man who would be Lord of the Rings: Book Three, Chapter VIII: The Road to Isengard. [More]

Blockbuster UK Boycott Update

7/26/02, 4:05 pm EST - Strider

Mike writes: I work for UK Blockbuster, I'm just a grunt, but Im pretty sure I can clear this up. New Line ( a AOL Time Warner company ) in Europe are -not- distributed by Warner themselves. 'Entertainment in Video' are in fact the company dealing with the New Line releases in europe and have been for some time. There are big LOTR promos planned, its been advertised in store for ages, I dont think its going to suffer training days fate. I hope I'm not just being optimistic!

Viggo Gallery Premiere report.

7/26/02, 4:02 pm EST - Tehanu

Dsaaber has new report on her site, 'The Many Faces of Viggo Mortensen.' "On July the 11th Viggo had an invitation only galley premier for his new art exhibit at the Robert Mann Gallery in NY. I just put up a great account with amazing pics of one lucky fan who was invited to attend! Her account is hilarious & there are even pics of Viggo dancing!" [More]

WalMart Giveaway To Celebrate FOTR DVD

7/26/02, 3:36 pm EST - Strider

Debra writes: Walmart.com advertises a free t-shirt and free shipping on FOTR DVDs ordered before 8/5, also my local WalMart store says it is giving away free LOTR posters with DVDs bought between 6 am and noon on 8/6.

TTT Trailer Showing With Reign Of Fire

7/26/02, 3:33 pm EST - Strider

arwen12 sent in a little note to say that the latest trailer for The Two Towers is featuring with Reign of Fire.

Unofficial Frodo Pocket Facial Tissue Paper

7/26/02, 3:13 pm EST - Strider

We've found it: the worst piece of unofficial merchandise ever whose sole purpose is to cash in on the success of The Fellowship of the Ring. What is it? Well Gollumayee from Singapore has sent in these pictures of..wait for it..the Frodo Pocket Facial Tissue Paper. Ever wondered what Frodo would look like beside Conan the Barbarian and
the Grim Reaper? Wonder no more! [More]

New Legolas Stand In Book Stores

7/26/02, 2:56 pm EST - Strider

Rayvah and raptortalon have sent in these accounts of a new Legolas cardboard stand they saw in their local bookstore. [More]

Win A Trip To NZ With Arrow 93FM

7/26/02, 2:34 pm EST - Strider

Arrow 93FM are offering one lucky person a trip to New Zealand, all expenses paid. The competition offers movie fans to fulfill their dreams and visit the country in which Peter Jackson's LotR trilogy was beautifully shot. [More]

Green Books Delayed until August!

7/26/02, 2:31 pm EST - Quickbeam

Greetings -- Anwyn here.

Just a note and apology to all you loyal Green Bookers: We regret to report that the next Green Books update is delayed until August, due to Comic-Con and other intrustions of Real Life. Watch for our Back to School edition which will feature new offerings from our columnists, a world of new Ticklers from Tookish, a choice selection of fan writing, and, of course, a new round of the always interesting Questions and Answers.

Much too hasty,
Anwyn, Turgon, Ostadan, Tookish, and Quickbeam

Media Watch: Empire Talks TTT!

7/26/02, 1:13 pm EST - Xoanon

Irascian sends along the following scans from the latest issue of Empire Magazine, take a look! [More]

New LOTR Box Set Coolness

7/26/02, 12:32 pm EST - Xoanon

Our insider at Hughton Mifflin sends along this great pic of the new LOTR box set. Take a look! I must say they look spectacularly handsome in person -- the title type is actually gold foil on all of them, and the wrap around the box (the last one below) is a nice toothy matte finish that really makes it pop. The individual books are glossy. These start shipping to US stores August 8th. [More]

LOTR One Of The Flicks To Save Singapore's Cinemas

7/26/02, 12:21 pm EST - Xoanon

Attendances at cinemas here have turned around after about five years of decline, all thanks to the unleashing of several blockbusters. Not long ago, the cinema business resembled the Titanic - the ship, not the movie. It was sinking fast. [More]

Extended DVD News!

7/26/02, 11:44 am EST - Xoanon

PeeJee writes: I Just picked up the new Empire magazine and thought i'd send you some info they featured on the new scenes in FOTR Extended cut. Empire saw the Extended Edition with the rest of the cast and crew during the reshoots for TTT. !!!Spoilers!!! [More]

Happy Systems Administrator Day!

7/26/02, 6:27 am EST - Demosthenes

Once a year, there's a day to appreciate the eneormous amount of work sysadmins put into keeping networks running. So from the rest of TORn, Happy International Systems Administrator Day to our own Sysadmins (Corvar, Arathorn, and Charliems) who keep TORn running smoothly for the rest of us! [More]

Spielberg Eyes Kiwi Locations

7/26/02, 6:12 am EST - Demosthenes

From Ataahua: Just two months after news that a Tom Cruise film would be filmed in Taranaki, Hollywood director Steven Spielberg is reportedly looking at New Zealand as a film location. According to Film New Zealand's executive director Jane Gilbert, LoTR played a vital role in convincing people. [More]

Medieval Faire in Great Lakes, Ohio

7/26/02, 1:20 am EST - Tehanu

Ford of Rivendell writes to remind us of the Medieval Faire taking place in Great Lakes until August 11. [More] Ford adds, "If you're up for a ride into the time of Knights riding gallantly for their king and queen then this is the place to go to. It's a lot of fun and very interesting ... Guests are encouraged to dress up in period styles, from homemade to the more extravagant that you can buy or rent there."

Figwit Documentary!

7/26/02, 1:05 am EST - Tehanu

Read all about it at Figwit Lives including how YOU could get to be part of this documentary.

News for Jul. 25, 2002

Bean In VMA-Nominated Video

7/25/02, 9:28 pm EST - Strider

Moby's star-studded video 'We Are All Made Of Stars', which features Boromir actor Sean Bean, has been nominated for a MTV Video Music Award for Best Cinematography. The awards will be aired on Thursday, August 29 at 8pm ET. [More]

TTT Trailer Not Attached To Goldmember In UK

7/25/02, 7:14 pm EST - Strider

Pingu87 writes: Just thought I'd inform you that over here in the UK I have just been to see the Austin powers film and there is NOT a TTT trailer at the beginning of this, staff from the Odeon have informed me that there will be a showing of the trailer before the MIB2 Film.

- Update -

Isaac writes: I work at a movie theater and I know that most theaters will have double showings of Goldmember for it is highly anticipated. However to trailer wont be attached to all showings. Talk to a theater employee to learn which showings the trailer is on.

Elijah Wood In New 'Try Seventeen' Poster

7/25/02, 5:41 pm EST - Strider

Midnight Girl sent in the address for the poster to Elijah Wood's upcoming movie, Try Seventeen. Check it out to see Elijah take centre-stage alongside Franka Potente and Mandy Moore (whose neck seems to be at quite a worrying angle). [More]

The Palantír Before The Animal Logic Magic Touch

7/25/02, 5:26 pm EST - Strider

Ever marveled at how incredible the Palantir looked when Saruman waved his hand over it in The Fellowship of the Ring? Wondered what material it was made of to achieve that incredible vacuumous black effect? Well judging by an image in the 2002 Cedco day calendar, we have the folks at Animal Logic to thank. [More]

Blockbuster UK To Boycott FOTR VHS & DVD?

7/25/02, 3:35 pm EST - Strider

Britain's biggest video rental chain Blockbuster is currently in dispute with AOL Time Warner after the movie giant changed its pricing structure, resulting in the boycott of Training Day, We Were Soldiers and Y Tu Mama Tambien. AOL Time Warner is also the parent company of New Line Cinema...will Fellowship of the Ring suffer the same fate next month? [More]

Parallels Between LOTR And 'War On Terror'

7/25/02, 2:57 pm EST - Strider

Aethelthryth writes: I thought you might be interested in this article (Tolkien's Lesson for September 11) on Tolkien, war and what he might have thought about the war on terrorism. [More]

DVD Available In Switzerland

7/25/02, 2:53 pm EST - Strider

Peony writes: Well so you wanted to know about the DVD, here in Switzerland Orange comunications is giving the DVD free with the suscription to a mobile telephone in Interdiscount store!

DVD Available In Sweden

7/25/02, 2:47 pm EST - Strider

According to Robert, Sweden has those Fellowship DVDs in stock: I just bought the DVD here in Sweden, the stores have it in stock but they can't sell them until August 6th, but they do it anyway.

Frank writes: I picked mine up today at a local DVD shop in Gothenburg, Sweden. It's the real thing even though the disc label is a bit blurry (it may just be me though). Can't wait to check it out!!

A Little Slice Of Middle-earth

7/25/02, 2:35 pm EST - Strider

Wandering Mage Chichiri & UsaBunny write: In the community of San Marcos in Texas, located between the state capital Austin and the city of San Antonio, there is a small restauraunt (specifically more a small cafeteria/sandwich shop) named after Tolkien's Rivendell. [More]

Cool Outdoor Event In Montreal Tonight!!! Come On By!!

7/25/02, 2:31 pm EST - Xoanon

Labatt Blue Outdoor Cinema at the Old Port of Montreal will be presenting our LOTR:FOTR tonight under the stars! The french only presentation will begin at 9:30 at Bonsecours Island (near the Old Port), best of all attendance is FREE!! Take a look! [More]

LOTR Books For 2002

7/25/02, 2:04 pm EST - Xoanon

Rayvah writes: Here is a list of titles that I've found so far scheduled for release 2002! [More]

Blanchett Joins Cast Of The Fountain

7/25/02, 1:23 pm EST - Strider

'Brad Pitt will be joined by Cate Blanchett and Ellen Burstyn in The Fountain, a new Sci-Fi movie from Requiem for a Dream director Darren Aronofsky. The Hollywood Reporter says that shooting on the movie will begin in Australia in late October.' [More]

See LoTR: FoTR at Wal-Mart

7/25/02, 7:51 am EST - Demosthenes

Ford of Rivendell wrote in to tell how you can see snippets of FoTR at Wal-Mart. [More]

Austin Powers and TTT Trailer

7/25/02, 7:28 am EST - Demosthenes

From the Forgotten Fairy: I just got back from an employee sneak peak of Austin Powers: GoldMember. While the movie was great, the Two Towers trailer was even shorter than the one with MIIB!! Gandalf didnt talk, the battle scenes were shorter, the narrator didn't say as much ... and still no glimpes of Treebeard!

More DVD Release News

7/25/02, 7:13 am EST - Demosthenes

It appears that the DVD is popping up early at more than just Play.com. Jayjay writes that Laservisual.com have it in stock too.

"My Region 1 DVD arrived this morning!! It is a miracle I made it off the sofa and into work! I went straight to the November preview and the behind the scenes of TTT on Disc 2 and watched a couple of fave scenes on Disc 1."

Play.com DVD Update

7/25/02, 6:57 am EST - Demosthenes

E-mails have been pouring in from all over in the last few hours about rumours that Play.com has begun shipping the LoTR: FoTR DVD already. Apparently the story goes something like this. [More]

News for Jul. 24, 2002

Passport to Middle-earth: The Radio Show

7/24/02, 5:00 pm EST - Tehanu

This week the radio show offers another fascinating programme. The topic today is the origin of hobbits. You can tune in to them or listen to them on the Net. [More]

DVD Available Now?

7/24/02, 2:08 pm EST - Calisuri

Some people just have all the luck! Long time Ringer fan Bri sends us this juicy tidbit:

Just wanted to pass a note...to inform 'Ring' fans out there...I stopped by my favorite DVD store, which shall remain secret ;) , and they had just received their shipment of the DVD. They are the type of place that sells as soon as they get. Long story short, my precious DVD is in my hands....and it looks spectacular!!!

Fans are also reporting that Play.com lists the FOTR DVD available now and shipping in 24 hours. Interesting considering the DVD's official release is not for 2 weeks. I have a feeling its a mistake...but since I can't make international calls from my real job...I guess we'll have to depend on you European Ringers to check up on it. Drop us a line at spymaster@theonering.net if you find anything out! Thanks!

Guess WHO Is On The Cover Of Empire!!

7/24/02, 12:55 pm EST - Xoanon

From Empire Online: Got a news story up today with info on the upcoming issue of Empire stuffed full of Two Towers/LOTR stuff. Catherine Hanly Editor - Empire Online !!!Spoilers!!! [More]

Douglas Anderson's Convention Rounds

7/24/02, 12:52 pm EST - Xoanon

Douglas Anderson, author of THE ANNOTATED HOBBIT, Revised and Expanded Edition, to be published by Houghton Mifflin in September, will be giving a slide show presentation entitled "Annotating and Illustrating The Hobbit" at the upcoming Comic-Con and Gen Con conventions. [More]

Cate Blanchett Topless?!

7/24/02, 12:49 pm EST - Xoanon

No, it's not what you think, take a look at aftonbladet for a new look on our own Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) [More]

Fun With Toys!

7/24/02, 12:46 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy The Green Dragon sends along these pics from his version of mini-middle-earth! Fun with toys! [More]

Chris Lee At Forbiddenplanet UK!

7/24/02, 12:41 pm EST - Xoanon

Annatar sends in this press release: Christopher Lee, star of Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring, will be launching the release of the long awaited Video & DVD of Peter Jackson’s highly acclaimed adaptation of the famous JRR Tolkien novels at Forbidden Planet, 71- 75 New Oxford Street, London, WC1 1DG, on 6th August 2002 from 5pm to 6pm. [More]

ATI Shows Off Its Rendering Technology

7/24/02, 2:07 am EST - Demosthenes

ATI Technologies and Massive today announced that they will be rendering scenes from FoTR in real time at SIGGRAPH 2002. SIGGRAPH 2002 is being held in San Antonio, Texas between July 21 and July 26. [More]

Personalised LoTR Cheques

7/24/02, 1:31 am EST - Demosthenes

Zulie wrote in to tell us you can now get funky Lord of the Rings personalised cheques. The style uses the artwork of of Hildebrandt. [More]

News for Jul. 23, 2002

Los Angeles DVD Viewing Event Details

7/23/02, 2:37 pm EST - Strider

A couple of days ago we reported that a group of Los Angeles-based Tolkien fans are planning a get together to watch a screening of the Fellowship of the Ring DVD. Well, we have some more info courtesy of Kailin on the where, when and how of the party. [More]

Ethan on Conan on LOTR....

7/23/02, 1:51 pm EST - Xoanon

Remember the days when we thought Ethan Hawke was going to play Faramir? Ah...the good old days. Davey sends this along today, thought it was interesting: Ethan Hawke was on Conan O'Brien and Conan mentioned how he loves LOTR. Ethan said that at the premiere he was so excited thoughout the movie he was yelling things like "GANDALF FOR PRESIDENT!" "Frodo Lives!". Undoubtly Conan made fun of him by yelling "RUN FRODO" "GANDALF NOOO!". Quite entertaining.

Now THIS Is Art!

7/23/02, 1:47 pm EST - Xoanon

Mary sends along these amazing images and a little note about her small company located in Toronto. Take a look at her wonderful tilework! And get yours today! I wrote a few months ago and mentioned that I was doing some Art Tiles that were Tolkien inspired (Silmarillion) and was encouraged to send images when the works were complete. I have sent them with this email. Just thought you might want to see them. My company is very small, just me, producing very limited production Art Tiles and custom work. Mary P [Wandering Fire Pottery & Tile Works] [More]

Media Watch: BudK Catalog

7/23/02, 1:40 pm EST - Xoanon

Patrick writes: I just received a BudK catalog yesterday, as I had ordered my Sting replica from them. On the cover is an unprocessed shot of Elendil with his sword, and inside there is a short blurb about the sword. [More]

Cool Convention News!

7/23/02, 1:34 pm EST - Xoanon

Starting from the next 27th of July the fortress of Agolanti of Riccione will become the magnificent scenery of “Images from the Middle Earth”, a fantastic trip on the paths of art from literature to cinema. [More]

SHOP: New 2003 FOTR Calendar

7/23/02, 10:52 am EST - Calisuri

Click to ViewWelp, its the time of the season for new calendars! The Official New Line Shop has released a new The Fellowship of the Ring wall calendar covering from Sept 2002 - Dec 2003. [More]

New Line Launches Australian Competition

7/23/02, 7:51 am EST - Demosthenes

New Line (or its Australian distributors, Roadshow) seems to have just recently launched a competition for Australian fans to coincide with the DVD release on August 6. After registering, you face a series of challenges each month for a chance to win a cool-looking $10,000 home entertainment system. [More]

LoTR Quiz Fun

7/23/02, 1:20 am EST - Demosthenes

It's quiz time again. So, which LoTR elf are you? [More]

News for Jul. 22, 2002

FOTR Box Office Update

7/22/02, 6:37 pm EST - Strider

Brandon Gray

It was a squeaker, but 'Road to Perdition' ended up on top of the box office, beating out 'Stuart Little 2' by just $297,363. Meanwhile, 'The Lord of the Rings' continued to show remarkable legs, down jsut 7% to $106,238 at 140 sites. In 215 days, it has collected $312,965,191. On Thusday, it surpassed 'The Lion King's $312,855,561 to become the 9th highest grossing movie of all time. [More]

FOTR DVD Available In Belgium

7/22/02, 6:33 pm EST - Strider

Kris writes: Just a note to let you know that LOTR:FOTR is available for rent on VHS and DVD here in Belgium as of last weekend (which is at least a week earlier than was previously anounced). A welcome surprise on Belgium's National Day!

DVD Fan Viewing Event!

7/22/02, 4:27 pm EST - Xoanon

Moocholas writes: Anyone interested in attending the DVD Viewing party in Hollywood, there are still seats available!! This is a viewing party set up by fellow ringers LadyOBloom and Moocholas, and is open to all!! [More]

Media Watch: Cinescape Magazine

7/22/02, 4:20 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy lilcritter sends along these scans from the latest issue of Cinescape Magazine! Check them out! [More]

Pitt Forces Studio To Switch Aussie Shooting Site

7/22/02, 3:53 pm EST - Xoanon

Efforts by the Australian state of Queensland to woo major Hollywood film productions away from its southern neighbor, New South Wales (Sydney) have suffered a setback due to the demands of Brad Pitt, the Sydney Morning Herald reported Sunday. [More]

LOTR Winamp Skin

7/22/02, 3:51 pm EST - Xoanon

Riders of Rohan writes: The other day I was trying to find a LOTR Winamp skin I had seen months earlier, and I finally found one of them! It has your mouse arrow depicted as sting(turns blue), LOTR songs on it, and lots more, it totally transforms your winamp! More]

GAMING: Decipher's LOTR RPG News!

7/22/02, 11:11 am EST - Xoanon

(Norfolk, VA, July 22, 2002) - Touted the greatest and most popular book of the 20th century, The Lord of the RingsTM is an epic tale of good versus evil filled with extraordinary heroes, wondrous creatures, and dark armies of terror. With The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game, to be launched at Gen Con 2002, Decipher brings the epic adventure found in J.R.R. Tolkien’s best-selling novels - and adapted into the acclaimed hit movie - to players and fans around the globe. [More]

Weekend Round Up

7/22/02, 12:14 am EST - Xoanon

Missed all the news this weekend? Well fear not! We've got all the news you may have slept through in our weekly weekend round up! Take a look, cool news not to be missed! [More]

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