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July 10, 1999 - July 16, 1999

News for Jul. 16, 1999

The Gossip on Spall

7/16/99, 9:51 pm EST - Calisuri

AICN(aint-it-cool-news.com) is reporting that Timothy Spall has not been cast for the part of Gimli.

Truth or rumor? Who knows. Expect the complete cast list in September. And in the meantime, we will try to get you as much info as possible.

Since the majority of this info will be coming from our 'spies,' make sure you check out the Spy Reports section for the most current rumors.

News for Jul. 15, 1999

Chatroom Up and Running!

7/15/99, 10:54 pm EST - Xoanon

That's right folks, wanna chat? go here! Ask me, Calisuri and perhaps the mysterious Tehanu any questions you want!

Talk with your message board friends live! Right here!

See YOU there!

American Couple

7/15/99, 10:16 am EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here,

Deacon recieved this from Michael Deluca himself. C'mon Mike! send ME something! It seems that the couple in question ARE going to be american after all.

Michael Deluca wrote: "They're both American."

I'd say that about clears things up

News for Jul. 14, 1999

Is Anyone Up For ANY Role?!

7/14/99, 7:55 pm EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here with 3 reports from Cinescape

Law Not Up For 'Rings'

Despite months of rumors indicating such is the case, Gattaca standout Jude Law is apparently not up for a role in New Line Cinema's Lord of the Rings movies. When asked about the possibility of the actor playing in Rings, his representatives informed the Insider that "there's been no talk of that," denying both rumors that the thesp might play Legolas in the films or that he might team up with wife Sadie Frost for the characters Faramir and Galadriel.

Hopkins, Lewis Pass On 'Rings'

You can cross Anthony Hopkins and Daniel Day Lewis off the checklist of potential actors for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Michael De Luca of New Line Cinema commented to Rings fans that "Daniel Day Lewis passed, unfortunately. So did Anthony Hopkins. The problem with the name actors is that it's a 14 month shoot, with no time for them to do other films in between. This leads you into more unknown actors."

Combs Not Joining 'Rings'

Reports that actor Jeffrey Combs (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) has been cast as Grimah Wormtongue in the Lord of the Rings movies are "absolutely 100% untrue," according to a representative for the actor. While Combs was in fact up for the role at one point, he will not be playing the part, I was informed. As previously reported Combs will be seen this October in Dark Castle's remake of The House on Haunted Hill, starring Geoffrey Rush.

Wormtongue Casting!

7/14/99, 4:44 pm EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here,

Looks like this guy Jeffrey Combs is going to play Wormtongue. And I love it!

Married Couple Rumors Abound...

7/14/99, 10:47 am EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here,

Well first New Line states that they basically want to shut the rumor mill down. The Michael Deluca says this!
'there's a certain husband and wife team for Faramir and Galadriel that looks like it might work...I can't, they'll cut my throat if I spill the beans. Here's a hint though, think "Gattaca".
Wow! Talk about overloading the rumor mill!

ok so this is what I have so far: Uma and Ethan were obviously in Gattica

But that's not where the story ends my friends. The fabulous Jude Law was alos in Gattica here he is pictured (Ringbearer.org has the wrong picture for Jude Law by the way)

Now where it goes all fizzy for me is here, is Jude Law married to Sadie Frost? someone get back to me on that, her name seems to be poping up so here's a pic of her:

News for Jul. 13, 1999

Another Nifty Trailer

7/13/99, 2:30 pm EST - Xoanon

This is cool. People really are using their computers to it's full potential. Robin sent me this Trailer Using Flash.

TheOneRing.net Chat

7/13/99, 11:56 am EST - Xoanon

On July the 21st we will be having a chat with a few guys from Platus Productions. The dudes making 'The Trilogy'. The chat is being hosted by Talk City. In order to be able to chat you must register your name first.

Talk City asks you a buch of personal stuff in order for you to register. Take it from me, you do not have to enter the info, but you must enter something. Go here and register.

Once you do, you can go to 'Chat Now' or something like that. Enter that. On the bottom right hand side there is a 'change room' . Our room is called TheOneRing.net.

Try it out!

New Line Talks back

7/13/99, 10:58 am EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here with something AICN is reporting. Apparently Michael Deluca, big cheese (in the nicest way Michael!) at New Line Cinema said this on Harry's Talkback.

"Wow! Fans really hate studios don't they. Look, the bottom line is no one is cast yet beyond who's been announced. Peter's passionate about one particular unknown for Aragorn, and he's in the midst of convincing us. We're still waiting on a great choice for Gandalf, and there's a certain husband and wife team for Faramir and Galadriel that looks like it might work. Believe me, no one is trying to frustrate the fans, it's just that the p.r. people are trying to engineer the biggest announcement possible. Trust us, and anytime someone wants to e-mail me directly, feel free for undercover answers. It's michael_deluca@newline.com "

Like I always say great things are afoot!

News for Jul. 12, 1999

LOTR Movie Trailer?

7/12/99, 11:55 pm EST - Calisuri

EXCLUSIVE Welp folks, you know your have great fans when they take the time to make a LOTR Trilogy Trailer!!

Exclusive to only TheOneRing.net, here is Olorin's vision of the LOTR Trilogy trailer:


Make sure your sound is turned on and you will need the flash plugin to view it. The plugin is easily available at Macromedia's site.

You can also visit Olorin's site to see what else he is up to!

Tehanu HAS read parts of the script

7/12/99, 11:50 pm EST - Xoanon

EXCLUSIVE Doesn't that title just say it all? Through my contact at Victoria Burrows has slipped me some snippets of the script. check it out at NZ Exclusives.

Cox REALLY wants it

7/12/99, 4:13 pm EST - Xoanon

Xoanon with a report from Kevenn, great work dude!

Hi, Kevenn here. A week or so ago, I told you that I'd be working at a convention with Joshua Cox as a guest. Well, I got to herd Josh into all his panels and meet and talk with him. He's really a great guy, and very funny. I saked him about the rumor regarding whether he was cast in LotR. He said that he auditioned for the role of Faramir, and that he *really* wanted it, but did not know whether he got it or not. He said that he sent pictures of himself in a kilt and tried to get a similar "look" for the character going. He also mentioned that the casting call said they wanted a "star name" for Faramir, so he didn't think he stood much of a chance. Personally, I think he'd be great for the role! Let's raise some hell to get him cast!!! Take care,

Astin and Sam

7/12/99, 11:22 am EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here,

My Contact at New Line sliped me this.

Sean Astin is in final negotiations to play Sam Gamgee in New Line's live-action trilogy "The Lord of the Rings."

Astin will play the servant and sidekick to Elijah Wood's Frodo Baggins in the adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's renowned fantasy trilogy, in which Frodo inherits a magical ring and embarks on a quest to save humanity from the sinister plans of Dark Lord Sauron.

Director Peter Jackson is slated to begin shooting the first film, "The Fellowship of the Ring," this October in New Zealand. "The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King" will shoot immediately after, with principal photography on all three movies expected to last just over a year.

Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens and Stephen Sinclair wrote the first film, with Jackson and Walsh co-producing under their WingNut Films banner. Miramax co-chairmen Bob and Harvey Weinstein are executive producing with Saul Zaentz.

In an unusual move, New Line issued a statement saying it "recognizes the substantial media interest in the project and will assist journalists at the appropriate time. However, the studio will no longer comment on completed deals, current negotiations, rumors or speculation about any specific role." New Line says it expects to cast close to 100 roles in the trilogy and "will unveil the entire ensemble" when casting of the principals has concluded.

Astin is repped by the William Morris Agency and manager Robert Stein. His film credits include "Rudy," "Courage Under Fire," "Bulworth," "Encino Man"and the upcoming "Deterrence." He just wrapped "The Last Producers," directed by and starring Burt Reynolds.

Welcome One and All

7/12/99, 12:20 am EST - Calisuri

After a couple weeks of restructuring, we have finally accomplished our goal. Welcome to the new and improved TheOneRing.net?! While not all the changes are obvious, there are some major updates, new areas and a new fan.theonering.net site! Everything has changed in some way, but here are a few notables:

Cast Page - Check out small biographies on the confirmed cast members

Release Dates - Self explanatory..:)

Spy Reports - We've revamped this section to eliminate any confusion bwt facts and rumors. Here you will find unconfirmed reports for our spies all over the world.

Features Page - Now Xoanon's Rants and Tehanu's Notes are in one section. BTW, Chapters 7 and 8 of the Rants are up, as well as Tehanu's new note: Tad Episode

fan.TheOneRing.net - This is YOUR page. We want as much feedback on sections to add, features you want, and anything your heart desires. So put those thinking caps on!

Archives Page - Looking for past articles? You'll find both news archives and spy reports archives in this section

TheOneRing.net[TM] info Pages - Links to other sites, mailing lists, advertising info, faq, advanced searching, and how to contact us.

We took all those suggestions you folks gave us a few weeks ago and acted on them. Lets keep this the best Tolkien/Lord of the Rings site out there. With your help and feedback, we can!

Thanks to R. Fletcher for this weeks poll, and have a great week everyone!

News for Jul. 11, 1999

More Money for the Rings

7/11/99, 8:13 pm EST - Tehanu

According to an article in yesterday's Sunday Star Times (NZ) New Line has given the film trilogy another $100million, in what currency it doesn't say. The funding boost will take the film's budget up to NZ$360million from NZ$260million, so assume that it's another $US50million that's been added.

New Line had accepted that the original budget would be over-run, said an industry source. There is some talk in the newspaper article about the fact that some tax laws have been changed in NZ and this has meant that the film's finances cannot take advantage of as favourable a tax environment as had been hoped. There is no official comment from the film company about the new budget so the newspaper may be guessing that it has something to do with the changes in the way film investors are taxed.

Lord of the Rings/PJ Statement

7/11/99, 5:20 pm EST - Xoanon

Tehanu picked this up from PJ's publicist:

With three event films being shot consecutively over more than a year in New Zealand, Lord of the Rings is an unprecedented production of size and scope. During the coming months, the producers will cast close to 100 roles of substance for this adventure trilogy. The search to complete this ensemble literally spans the globe. New Line Cinema recognizes the substantial media interest in this project and will assist journalists at the appropriate time. However, the studio will no longer comment on completed deals, current negotiations, rumors or speculation about any specific role. When casting of principals has concluded, New Line, along with the filmmakers, will unveil the entire ensemble and announce further newsworthy specifics about these tentpole films.

More Audition Scripts!

7/11/99, 4:58 pm EST - Xoanon

Xoanon with some more audition scripts. I recieved these two scripts from a Victoria Burrows spy. They are for Legolas and Merry, but also include dialogue from Aragorn and Pippin!

The Merry one has the lead-up to the introduction of Treebeard, though it seems to have eliminted the book's nice bit about the Hobbits "almost liking the place in the sunlight".

As for Legolas, it's the Paths of the Dead and I wonder whether this really is going to make it into the film. For some reason it seemed to me to be a likely candidate for being eliminated.

Unfortunately I cannot publish them. But Tehanu will have a review of them for you in a short while.

TheOneRing.net Facelift!

7/11/99, 11:35 am EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here with some exciting news!

Corvar and Calisuri have been working hard on the new look for TheOneRing. But fear not! It's not a drastic change. But we think you're really going to like it!
So, at midnight (12 EST) we will be down for about an hour. And by tomorrow you will be experiencing the NEW TheOneRing.net!

News for Jul. 10, 1999

Al Pacino to play Gandalf?

7/10/99, 4:28 pm EST - Tehanu

Tehanu here,
Last night NZ's TV1 news reported that Elijah Wood was signed up to play Frodo, as we know. And then they finished up saying "It is still not known whether Hollywood great Al Pacino will play Gandalf."
This, my friends, has to be a complete leg-pull. A wind-up. I'm still laughing. If this is true,I'll eat my head! I mean, PJ once did a spoof documentary that fooled most of us into believing that they'd discovered some NZ farmer last century who invented sound and colour film. Al Pacino? Get along with you!
By the way, there's some great new fan art up today.

TheOneRing.net LIVE Net Event!

7/10/99, 11:37 am EST - Xoanon

Yes, you heard it right folks. A LIVE chat with Xoanon, Tehanu of the Mystic Arts, Calisuri, Corvar AND Anwyn, Quickbeam and Turgon...but that's not all

The HEAD of Platus Productions 'Smeagol88' and one of his Graphic Designers, John Fipke will be there on hand to answer YOUR LOTR RGP questions!

On July 21st, at 9 pm EST the chat will begin! Stay tuned for the URL and get your questions ready!

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