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June 16, 1999 - June 22, 1999

News for Jun. 22, 1999

This and That

6/22/99, 10:27 pm EST - Xoanon

Got some different news from various sorces today:
Lord of the Rings On TV

To promote the new paperback version of Lord of the Rings, there is a commercial being aired!

I was watching the X-Files on FX last night and one
of the commercials was for the new paperback one
volume Lord of the Rings. It's pretty unusual to have
a TV spot for a book thats been published for a long
time so I thought that it might be part of a campaign for the upcoming movies!

He Taught Darth Maul Everything He Knows

This come from Corona "...And we've got another scoop from the field for you today: "I was at an event called the Sword Spectacular Weekend, and one of the guests was supposed to be Bob Anderson..the swordmaster who has done swordwork for Star Wars, The Three Muskateers, The Princess Bride, and most recently
The Mask of Zorro. Anyway, he wasn't able to attend,
because he was hired to 'Work on a movie in New
Zealand'. Well, I did some asking around (I know the
event staff) and they confirmed through a head nod
(since they couldn't tell me directly) when I asked if
he was working on The Lord of the Rings..."

I'm asking my spies if this Anderson rumor is true, but if any of you folks out there, who want to confirm this. email me

More Fan Art

6/22/99, 9:39 pm EST - Calisuri

Hey folks, check out the growing fan art section! 4 just added right now.

Just FYI, we have a rather cool exclusive coming and look for an update to tehanu's notes very soon!

News for Jun. 21, 1999

Yaada Yaada Chimes In

6/21/99, 6:53 pm EST - Xoanon

Our newest super spy Yaada Yaada has filed me in on some news concerning production. The big YY works on the 'inside' of one of the production companies. I trust his/her word, and you should too, look at what she/he has to say!

YY filed me in, he/she told me that the fight co-ordinator was shown a few of the swords used by many of the main characters! she/he said that all the hero swords look really good and very realalistic. Not too
frilly and are real heavy, they are real except for not being sharp.

When I asked about Sting, YY told me he/she didn't see it, she/he assumes that Alan (Reed) hasn't finished working on it yet. YY also comented that Gandalfs sword is cool..very majestic without being frilly..you know you could actually see it as a useable sword not a prop or dress occation sword.

He/she also filled me in that there is little word on casting so far.

She/he told me that he/she has had a look at some of the 'miniatures' to be used.(Xoanon note: I'm not too sure if YY means miniatures as in models they will film to pretend it's a certain place, or simply models they plan to make life size)YY says that Lorien is more lovely than she/he would have ever imagined, the minature is very large. The trees are some of the biggest props ever to be molded, there are some of the oldest trees in the world in NZ, thousands of years old but the public is not allowed near them because the root system gets messed up. Lorien is so dreamy, Barad-dur is another huge "minature" there will be cg stuff in all areas but they always build the real thing. The word minature dosn't fit anymore, some of them are so big they have too work out complex ways to
break them down and structures that will hold up such things.

If everything sounds as good as Yaada Yaada tells me, we are in for a treat!

More more more!

6/21/99, 7:12 am EST - Calisuri

Okay okay...so I made a boo boo. BUT...check out our new pages:

links - Please submit any links you think I've missed.
crew - If you happen to know any other members of the crew, pass it my way.
cast - Not done yet, but we hope to have a list soon.
spy reports - Small update to this section. In the future this will be where all rumors will be posted.
The Facts - A little section written by Tehanu. Its great for getting a general background on the movies.

So look for more stuff this week. Sorry about that mistake. I don't want to make excuses, but I could swear ever since I got this One Ring strange things have been happening to me. I'm losing my hair, I'm hunched over a bit and people are having a real hard time seeing me...:P My precious....give me my precious...

News for Jun. 20, 1999

Calisuri....you're sacked

6/20/99, 11:10 pm EST - Xoanon

he he he
Not really but he did mess up that little 'get into contact with Xoanon' message you all see on the bottom left hand side of this site.

So until I can get my hands around his little neck, ignore that and xoanon@theonering.net(note: no capital 'X') is where you will email

5149475221@pcs.cantelatt.com is my phone email system, so bascically ignore everything in the lower left except the actual phone number...sigh...my head hurts.

Weekly Site Report 6/20/99

6/20/99, 12:10 pm EST - Calisuri

Well, I said there were going to be big changes this weekend. And...well...they aren't done yet! :P But keep checking. They should be ready sometime this week.

Thanks to Eniwetog for a great poll question this week. Don't forget to send in those poll questions.

There are some new fan art images. Its hard to believe some of these folks aren't working on the film!

Welp, keep checking back for the changes..:) Have a great week!

News for Jun. 19, 1999

An Update to Xoanon's Misadventures in telecommunication

6/19/99, 1:36 pm EST - Xoanon

You know, technology facinates me

One minute I'm this lone Canadian, with a website, but no voice. I get this phone and I'm instantly talking with people from all over the world.

Just one problem, not all of you folks want to pay for long distance! so what did I do? I got myself an email address that will send text right to my phone:

Theonering.net Spy Hotline: (514)947-5221
Theonering.net Spy (alternate, you can use any one of our regular emails as well) email/text message: 5149475221@pcs.cantelatt.com

Christopher Lloyd?

6/19/99, 10:00 am EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here,

In a bizzare twist Tehanu has chimed in with a report from Auckland. Lloyd was seen at a small cafe reading a film script. A waitress noticed him from afar, she was 100% sure that it was Lloyd.

Given the boom in the NZ film industry it's not guaranteed that any actor reading any script in or around NZ is guarranteed to be Lord of the Rings, but hey...that's our job.
Lloyd next film 'Interstate 60', which according to Redeemable Features Home Page is an off-beat road movie about a young manís search for answers along a highway that doesnít exist on any map, an odyssey that puts him together with numerous off-the-wall characters in some very unusual towns. Gale describes the film as "a trip through life with the volume turned up to 20."
Sounds like a NZ film to you?

News for Jun. 18, 1999

Fan Art, etc

6/18/99, 9:52 pm EST - Calisuri

Hey folks, we got some more great fan art in the semi-new and improved Fan Art section. Something to remember when your submitting your fan art: For some reason my email program is sorta fluky, so put the name of the file in the subject of the email. That way I can make sure that I recieve your info. Also, if you would like to add any movies or sound clips to the fan art section, send them my way. Just remember, all fan art content needs to be original work. Thanks!

Look for lots of changes this weekend, including some new pages!

Get Into Contact

6/18/99, 8:15 pm EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here,

I have a new way for people to contact me. You can now call me at (514) 947-5221. This is only, and I repeat, ONLY for spy reports and other IMPORTANT calls, if I get 1000 messages saying 'Hey dude!' I will simply remove the number and everyone loses.

News for Jun. 17, 1999

News News News

6/17/99, 4:43 pm EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here,

Half of this report comes from Cinescape, the other half is also from Cinescape, but it was emailed directly to me by Cinescape Insider Chris Kivlehan, enjoy!

Christian Joining 'Rings'?

It's often mentioned that The Lord of the Rings was an influence on J. Michael Straczynski's Babylon 5 television series. According to rumors, B5 could have an influence on the Lord of the Rings movie. Ain't It Cool News ran a report recently that suggested that actress Claudia Christian said at a sci-fi convention that she had been cast in the three Lord of the Rings movies. Seeking confirmation, the Insider placed a call to Christian's representatives. Unfortunately, I was informed that it is "just a rumor", and not true as far as they are aware.

More On Izabella

Cinescape has learned that the movie Scorupco was refering to is Vertical Limit, the next action film from Mask of Zorro director Martin Campbell. For details check out www.cinescape.com. Thought you might want to update your readers on that bit.

News for Jun. 16, 1999

Amazing Hobbiton Pics!!

6/16/99, 9:25 am EST - Xoanon

click on an image for a larger version

OH MY GOD! KOTUKUNUI sent me these this morning:

I have some photos to contribute to the LOTR visual record. The photos that Tehanu and Cameraman took of the Matamata set are actually the site carpark. The actual set construction work is going on in the small valley below. (Not visible from the ground)

HOBBITON1.JPG shows the general layout of the dell, lake and general site.

HOBBITON2.JPG shows a bit more of the construction works. The aforementioned carpark is at the top of the photo. The sun was quite low so shadows are a problem, but I will obtain better images at a later date.

You can use the alias KOTUKUNUI as your source if you want to publish the photos on your site.


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