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June 09, 1999 - June 15, 1999

News for Jun. 15, 1999

Latest Article

6/15/99, 10:10 am EST - Xoanon

'The Sunday Star Times' reports that we may find out who'll be in Peter Jackson's film adaption of the classic trilogy sooner than expected. Jackson's publicist Sian Clements said yesterday "The big roles were being cast now and an announcement was likely in about a month. They would be filled by a mix of famous actors and unknowns". Rumoured names in the article include the reheated Keanu Reeves, Danny DeVito, and Anthony Hopkins for the role of Gandalf. Hopkins agent says that while the English actor hasn't shown any interest (he hasn't seen a script yet), "that's not to say he's not interested". His involvement could also depend upon how soon "Hannibal" gets off the ground. Thanks to 'Chris H'.

News for Jun. 14, 1999

New Board, New Fan Art...and new ring!

6/14/99, 7:52 pm EST - Calisuri

Hey folks, just a quick note.

The new board is now the only board. So start playing..:)

We got some really good fan art today. And I mean real good. Check it out.

Last but not least, a little shameless promotion...I got my ONE ring today and it rocks bigtime. Thanks to Badali Jewelry for putting out such a kick butt product!

A Few New Names

6/14/99, 9:55 am EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here,

Just a few more names to throw into the Rings, NZ ONFILM is reporting that Bruce 'Die Hard' Willis is petitioning PJ for a role in 'Fellowship'.
Premiere magazine reports that Bruce Willis has also called Jackson seeking a role in the trilogy.
And as production rolls on, a few more crew names begin to slip my way.
Nick Weir as props master, Jill Westwalker as assistant props master, and Nick Riera as props buyer.

News for Jun. 13, 1999

TheOneRing.net Weekly Site Report

6/13/99, 1:22 pm EST - Calisuri

Check out the new poll submitted by Matt Howe. Thanks Matt!

There are 3 new additions to the Fan Art Section. Some really cool looking stuff in there! Thanks to all. If you want to submit fan art, just email me

Thanks to everyone for participating in the survey.!!! Our first change as a result might be coming very soon, but we need you to test it out. Check out the possible new message board!

Catch ya next week folks


6/13/99, 11:31 am EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here with another rumor...

Got this from AICN (see link below)

i was just watching a really lame late night music show called ground zero, well anyway Claudia Christian( is that how you spell it) Ivanova from Babylon 5 was interviewed at a comic book convention, and the guy talking to her asked if she wanted to be in the next star wars movie, to which she replied " No, not really, ive actually got a part in all 3 lord of the rings movies ". Thought you'd like to hear about it.

Until I see something official, I'm doubtful of everything.

News for Jun. 12, 1999

More on those Amazing Pics!

6/12/99, 10:22 am EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here,

Got this over at AICN you know, I can't help wishing some of these WETA guys would just drop me a line, you know, to talk about the weather...yeah...weather...

FYI- The images are composites done by Weta, not production art...of course they do incorparate the designs of the Production, but they show Miniatures, armour....and of course the single frames cant show you Massive in motion, and the CG soldier models are temp versions.

Anyway, thought you should know about Weta's involvment in this work!

News for Jun. 11, 1999

Tehanu's Second Note

6/11/99, 10:14 pm EST - Calisuri

Check out Tehanu's second note. Don't want to toot our own horn here, but I don't know where else you will find a more intelligent and thought-provoking LOTR-related weekly article.

She is more then happy to recieve mail and responses to her notes.tehanu@theonering.net

Check out the update to the wallpaper section.

Viewer Survey

6/11/99, 6:21 pm EST - Calisuri

Please take a moment/a> those questions by Saturday at Noon(EST).

More On The Izabella Rumor

6/11/99, 10:07 am EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here,

Ahh, I love the spy business. Last night I send the word out that I want the article from this Izabella rumor, the next day It's mine! THE POWER!!

Thanks to Matthias and Mia

The paper is called Sydsvenska Dagbladet but the article stems from TT, the national news agency in Sweden.

here you have an extract from Swedish media concerning Izabella:

Swedish media had a newsflash yesterday (10/6) concerning the Swedish/Polish actress/model/singer Izabella Scorupco, known from movies such as ”Goldeneye”. Apparently Izabella had a sort of nervous breakdown and turned down offers to play the leading role in ”LA Confidential” and ”Zorro”. The last year she starred in the Polish movie ”With fire and sword” and that has been a huge success and now she is ready for more.

For the moment she is starring in the swedish thriller ”The Diver”, and the shoting of that movie should be ready during the late summer of 1999. And after that, (this is where we get to the interesting part!) she will probaply go directly to another filmset, but Izabella is not very open about this:

- It´s a big American movie, with known actors and a known director. The set is taking place far away. But I have not yet signed the contract so I dare not say more about this project.

But Izabella hints that the set is staged in New Zeeland and says:

- My part is quite tough, physically that is. But I´m sure it will be OK.

What she mean with this she will not say, but she thinks that it will be official in one or a couple of weeks.

News for Jun. 10, 1999

Fan Art Update

6/10/99, 9:02 pm EST - Calisuri

Check out Fan Art page for the latest.
I'm going to post my impressions of the offical site now: "HOLY CRAP! ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!" (The day I get that good is the day I retire!)

Scuropco Ready to Sign?

6/10/99, 8:29 pm EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here,

Just recieved a report from a 'Ringer' spy.

Read an interview today with the Swedish actress Izabela Scuropco (played the female character in "Golden Eye"). She insinuated that she is going to
play a role in LOTR. She said her character looks strange but that she'll manage to play it...

The only problem concerining this rumour is that Izabela hasn?t signed the contract but in one or two weeks it will be official.

Hmmm, it seems that casting has begun. Great things are afoot!

Tehanu Chimes In...

6/10/99, 7:57 pm EST - Xoanon

Tehanu has seen the pics, what does she think of them? Let her tell you herself

Hi there,

I've just looked at the official website 'secret link'
pictures...double-clicked on the ones ones in the 'Creation' section...and felt like I'm home. I've climbed those mountains, I recognise those landscapes, the rocks and the trees...! Check out the hobbits in Mordor in the first pic against the Tongariro pics on our 'Speculative locations.' I swear I've stood on the twisted lava slopes of the mountain looking across the Desert Road plateau, it looks like that. And check the landscape in the pic of the Rider, #7 I think, against some of our "Shire Locations" shots. That is where we were, near Matamata, with the fields and hedgerows. And the last image, of the golden grass plains before the mountains...for a moment I thought I was looking at one of Craig Potton's photos of the Southern Alps near
Arthur's Pass.

And here's a description of a prospective Elf I met, for anyone that's interested in what kind of'type' they're casting: Tall and slender, with unusually pale skin and dark hair. A slightly triangular face, fine-boned and with rather delicate and clear features.
The kind of arched eye-brows I always think of as 'gull-winged.' In case all this makes him sound like one of those drifty dreamy effete elf-types you see on some calendar art, I should add that this person has immense presence. Whether moving or at rest he has a kind of energy, a sense of mercurial intelligence and alertness about him. He moves with a lithe coordinated grace (mind you, there aren't too many clumsy actors in the trade, are there?)

If this is the type of person PJ is considering for elf-roles, I think the movie will be well served. My acquaintance is unable to reveal whether he's in line for a part as a major Elf or just abackground Elf....time will tell.

Official Site Sneak Preview!

6/10/99, 10:36 am EST - Xoanon

Thanks to a super 'Ringer' spy you can now see a sneak preview of the Official Lord of the Rings New Line Site!


That should take you straight there, check it out before they move it!

Here is some more info about the site:
Some parts of the site have been active since 16 of may.
Some of the programs they are using are Adobe Photoshop 5.2, Adobe ImageReady
So, those guys at New Line are human after all!
Some of the Meta Tag 'Keywords' they have listed (those who know what Meta Tags are, because I barely do) are Angry Monkey, someone must have thought that was funny.
More comming soon!

News for Jun. 09, 1999

Wallpaper and Chapter 6

6/09/99, 5:17 pm EST - Calisuri

Hey, added a subsection to the fan art page today. Check out the wallpaper sent in by Agland!

Xoanon introduces us to Chapter 6 in his Xoanon Rants section.

More to come...be prepared...be very prepared..:P

Official Site Open?

6/09/99, 1:02 pm EST - Xoanon

Thanks to Joram for this scoop:

New Line Cinema is preparing their official site,
www.lordoftherings.net, for future use it seems.

Checked out the new 1 volume LOTR paperback that
is available in bookstores. Nice job for a paperback
even though a little pricey for most people, $20 list.

Anyway, if you look at the back cover there's a New
Line logo. Underneath the logo it states that LOTR
will be an upcoming film and next to the logo is the
URL: www.lordoftherings.net. A quick check of Web
Whois confirms that this is registered to New Line. It
looks like this will be the official site!

If you go there now all that is up is a simple html
page stating "Lord of the Rings -
www.lordoftherings.net." But, with the paperback out
you have to believe that this site will be active pretty

Thanks goes out to 'Esad' for some excellent

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