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May 10, 2000 - May 16, 2000

News for May 16, 2000

Gandalf the White Uncloaked!!

5/16/00, 21:47 EST - Tookish

In what looks like an exciting scene, a great picture of Gandalf leading a charge was posted today by The Realm of the Ring. Great stuff! !!!SPOILER!!!

Margaret Weis Here Tomorrow!

5/16/00, 21:05 EST - Tookish

Yes that's right! We're very excited to host a live chat session with renowned fantasy author Margaret Weis tomorrow, 5/17/00, at 8:00 EDT. Details and links here.

Green Books for All Seasons!

5/16/00, 13:46 EST - Quickbeam

Greetings - Quickbeam here.

As May brings us the long days of Summer, the poor cast and crew down in New Zealand are starting to bundle up against the first cold nips of Winter. It's a good time to cozy up to a warm computer and enjoy all the new updates in Green Books... Check it out:

Keep your eyes on Green Books for upcoming interviews with some surprising people!

Much too hasty,

More on Lyall Bay

5/16/00, 10:33 EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Xtem gives us the latest dish on the Lyall Bay set in Wellington, anyone for a swim? [More]

Web Watch: LOTR Largest Online Event Ever

5/16/00, 10:08 EST - Calisuri

Ringer fan Marc Hawkins chimes in with this tidbit of info from a recent posting at Apple.com:

"In addition, Nielsen//NetRatings has named Apple's website, www.apple.com, the most popular destination for movie trailers on the web.* Contributing to the success of Apple.com's Quicktime-based movie trailer section, downloads for New Line Cinema's "The Lord of the Rings" preview, encoded exclusively in QuickTime, topped 12 million since its April 7 debut, making it one of the largest online entertainment events ever."

[full story]

News for May 15, 2000

CASTING: Ugluk and Hama!

5/15/00, 13:07 EST - Xoanon

Want to know more about the latest folks to join the LOTR cast? [More]

Web Watch: The Press Online

5/15/00, 11:10 EST - Xoanon

This news report seems to confirm news about the Mt Potts set, Rohan perhaps? Who knows...

Rings filming for Mid-Canty

TIMARU -- Three hundred cast and crew, and a similar number of extras and horses, will descend on Mount Potts Station, near Lake Clearwater, in August.

Production company Three Foot Six will film parts of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in the Mount Sunday area over six weeks. It is part of the $360 million, three-film project by director Peter Jackson. [More]

New LOTR Set Pic!

5/15/00, 10:15 EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy NB sends in a great looking new set pic from the region around Mount Potts! It's amazing! [More]


Cast Watch: Astin and Dourif on TMN

5/15/00, 10:11 EST - Xoanon

You can catch Sean Astin (Sam) in 'Boy Meets Girl' on TMN. [More]

You can see Brad Dourif (Grima Wormtongue) 'Bride of Chucky' on TMN. [More]

Fantasy Author Margaret Weis to Visit Wednesday

5/15/00, 00:09 EST - Tookish

We're very excited to be hosting a Live Chat event with Margaret Weis this Wednesday. Come talk with the author who launched the DragonLance series! More info and links available here.

News for May 14, 2000

New Official Images

5/14/00, 21:38 EST - Calisuri

Some great pictures from the films have surfaced over at http://www.herrderringe-film.de. Check out them! [new pics]


Jamboree: This Way!

5/14/00, 21:31 EST - Calisuri


Ianman contributed this little image of one of the signposts the production company uses to point the way to filming - in this case, round Ruapehu. More later, we hope!

Why is it that such a small sign can make the heart race?

Cast News: Cate Blanchett's B-Day!

5/14/00, 10:27 EST - Xoanon

Today, May 14th is Cate Blanchett's (Galadriel) birthday. Cate was born in 1969 in Melbourne, Australia. That makes her 31 today! Happy Birthday Cate!

News for May 13, 2000

Ethan Hawke.... In or Out?

5/13/00, 23:27 EST - Tookish

Is he or isn't he? You be the judge after reading this article from The Daily Express' online format. Hawke was long ago rumored to be cast as Faramir, a role currently believed to be filled by David Wenham.

Thanks to Tulkas for this one!

20 Qs with Dungeonmaster Gary Gygax

5/13/00, 13:49 EST - Tookish

Super Ringer Hobbit Gamgee has put together a wonderful opportunity for fans of Gary Gygax and his wonderful work. We'll have a chance to ask the ultimate dungeonmaster twenty questions. Click here for more info.

Cast Watch: Some LOTR Men on TV Today

5/13/00, 10:31 EST - Xoanon

You can catch Bernard Hill (Theoden) in 'Titanic' on TMN [More]

You can see Hugo Weaving (Elrond) playing the wicked Agent Smith in 'The Matrix' on TMN [More]

You can see Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) in 'A Walk on the Moon' on TMN [More]

Middle-earth Eye Witness!

5/13/00, 04:55 EST - Tookish

If you could visit Middle-earth, what would you see? Come to the Hall of Fire and tell us all about it! Details Here

News for May 12, 2000

Shadowfax and Other Horses

5/12/00, 15:27 EST - Calisuri

Tehanu takes a moment to show us the wonderful horses that will be used in the upcoming movies. Check out the full story in our NZ Exclusives section. [more]

The Mirror of Galadriel

5/12/00, 08:44 EST - Xoanon

Gandalf fighting Uruk Hai, The Paths of the Dead, stuntmen galore, and best of all, sushi! Read it all in The Mirror of Galadriel! [More]

Cast Watch: Bean Headed to NZ

5/12/00, 08:40 EST - Xoanon

According to reports from various sources, Sean Bean (Boromir) should either be in NZ or heading back there shortly. It is not yet certain what scenes he has yet to complete, but if you folks think you've sussed it out, drop me a line!

News for May 11, 2000

More on Methven

5/11/00, 23:51 EST - Xoanon


Methven, the future set for some scenes of LOTR, seems a beautiful place, much like most of New Zealand :) [More]

Altariel Talks Helms Deep

5/11/00, 22:15 EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Altariel spills the beans on the latest from Helms Deep

Here is a list of more usefull information that you may find interesting:

The production is behind schedule at the moment. They have not completed all the studio work that they wanted and they are only just catching up at Helms Deep. [More]


Media Watch: 'Mountain Scene'

5/11/00, 21:59 EST - Xoanon


Exclusive: Queenstown is still in the picture for the $360 million mega-movie Lord of the Rings, writes Philip Chandler.

Shooting on the Peter Jackson trilogy will resume in the Southern Lakes either late winter or early spring. [More]

Thanks to Gloin for the tip!

Web Watch: MP3lit.com

5/11/00, 18:49 EST - Xoanon

The good folks at MP3lit.com dropped me a line telling me about their latest MP3 of Tolkien reading a poem from 'The Mirror of Galadriel'! Check out the link below and scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link [More].

A few tid-bits about Weathertop.

5/11/00, 18:00 EST - Tehanu

While Thorongil was here we had a drive around the countryside to see if we could find the elusive Weathertop location. Photos and our report are all right here

TBHL: Big Update

5/11/00, 12:37 EST - Calisuri

The Official Peter Jackson Fan Club has an exciting update to their film section. Check out the exclusive press clippings from Peter Jackson's early film, "Bad Taste." (provided by Bad Taste cast member Pete O'Herne) It is an excellent look at the beginnings of our favorite director! [TBHL]

Seven Months and Counting

5/11/00, 11:50 EST - Xoanon

Today marks seven months into production of LOTR. What do we know they've shot in this past month? [More]

News for May 10, 2000

Margaret Weis Comes for a Visit!!

5/10/00, 23:55 EST - Tookish

That's right folks, Margaret Weis, coauthor of the DragonLance Chronicles will be our honored guest at a live chat session on Wednesday, May 17, at 8:00 EDT [-5 hours GMT]. Check out the book that started the entire DragonLance series here, a stockpile of other books she's written, or her own homepage to read more about this fantastic author and editor. You can also have a look at our events roster too!

Cast News: Dourif in 'Myst'

5/10/00, 21:42 EST - Xoanon

Jennifer from 'Dourif.com' sends along news about Brad Dourif (Grima Wormtongue) and the computer game 'Myst'.

You can read more about it by going here.

Media Watch: All News Network

5/10/00, 21:35 EST - Xoanon

From: Dman1701

I have a home satellite dish, Direct TV, here in the States. The "All News Network" (ACN Channel 364) ran a spot tonight about the Lord of the Rings movies. It ran stock footage of the Rankin Bass and Bashki material, it also detailed fans' dislike of them. It also showed the Net Teaser Trailer, but it was not from tape. They put it on a desktop and shot the monitor . I guess that is one way to work around a "Net" only preview. All in all it was a decent little piece that addressed the previous attempts by Hollywood, and Jackson's too.

Web Watch: McKellen.com

5/10/00, 10:22 EST - Xoanon

Our very own Ian McKellen (Gandalf) has updated the 'Epost' section of his site! It's a great read! [More]

Ringer Spy Eowyn Visits Helms Deep

5/10/00, 10:10 EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Eowyn sends in her report on her adventures at the Helms Deep set.

I will try my best to describe what I saw although nothing I could ever say would come close to what it felt like to walk beneth that archway and into Middle-earth!

You have probably all asked, "What is it that I see from this roadside perch of mine or in the many pictures posted on the net?"

Well the answer actually is surprisingly little. [More]


Ultimate Cast Watch

5/10/00, 09:52 EST - Xoanon

Got your VCR Ready?

You can catch Bernard Hill (Theoden)in 'Titanic' on Cinemax.

You can see Dominic Monaghan (Merry) in 'Hostile Waters' on TBS.

You can see Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) in 'Passion of Darlky Moon' on TMC.

Double bill for Liv Tyler (Arwen) in 'Armageddon' on Encore, and 'Stealing Beauty' on IFC.

Ian McKellen (Gandalf) in 'I'll Do Anything' on Cinemax.

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