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May 06, 2005 - May 13, 2005

News for May 13, 2005

Blanchett Causes a 'Scandal'

5/13/05, 1:15 pm EST - Xoanon

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 12, 2005--It was announced today that Oscar® winners Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett will headline 'Notes on a Scandal'. Based on Zoe Heller's award-winning novel of the same name, the film will be helmed by Richard Eyre (Iris, Stage Beauty) from an adaptation penned by Patrick Marber (Closer). It will be produced by Scott Rudin and Robert Fox, who partnered to produce Eyre's Iris as well as Closer and The Hours. [More]

Wood Attends SFX in Toronto

5/13/05, 1:12 pm EST - Xoanon

Bella writes: Elijah Wood will be appearing at SFX in Toronto, this August. Since he is the "guest of honour" it will most likely be a ticketed, one-time event during the con, since this is their usual practice. [More]

The Science of Middle-earth Book Tour News

5/13/05, 1:10 pm EST - Xoanon

Olog-Hai writes: For all TORners in the UK, here's an update on my ongoing tour promoting my book 'The Science of Middle-earth', which started life (of course) on Green Books (where it still continues). [More]

Trivial Pursuit DVD Game in Australia

5/13/05, 1:02 pm EST - Xoanon

Falkner writes: I thought I'd write to you with some of the news I've received on the Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit DVD Game in Australia. It'll have the same box art and internal characters as the US and British editions, though I'm told that the DVD will be re-engineered to some degree. The RRP in Australia will be $99.95 (same as the TP Star Wars Saga). The release date hasn't been cemented yet but is likely to fall in the first week of July. I took some pictures of the Australian version (a friend has an 'insiders' copy). When I find out the first release date I'll get back to you. [More]

TV Watch: Wood Attends TRL's Star Wars Special

5/13/05, 12:58 pm EST - Xoanon

Celebrities and Good Charlotte are set to take over Skywalker Ranch for a special edition of MTV's "Total Request Live" (TRL) in celebration of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, which hits theaters worldwide on May 19. TRL's Star Wars special -- airing on May 13th at 5:00 p.m. (ET/PT) -- is hosted by MTV VJs Damien Fahey and La La Vasquez, and features a special performance by Good Charlotte, who are also passionate Star Wars fans...Some of the invited celebrity guests include Elijah Wood and many others. [More]

Hall Of Fire This Weekend - The Noldor Revolt!

5/13/05, 8:48 am EST - Demosthenes

'After a time a great concourse gathered around the Ring of Doom; and the Valar sat in shadow, for it was night. But the stars of Varda now glimmered overhead, and the air was clear; for the winds of Manwe had driven away the vapours of death and rolled back the shadows of the sea.' The Silmarillion.

The Two Trees are destroyed and Morgoth has fled. Yet, even as the Valar and the Elves mourn, the Powers ask Feanor to sacrifice the Silmarils so the Two Trees might be resurrected by Yavanna. [More]

News for May 12, 2005

Canadian Calibre Impresses Rings Producer

5/12/05, 7:29 pm EST - Xoanon

TORONTO (CP) - The quality of Canadian actors who have auditioned for parts in the upcoming Mirvish stage presentation of Lord of the Rings has been "gratifying," says British producer Kevin Wallace. Budgeted at a record $27 million, the ambitious theatrical extravaganza is scheduled to have its world premiere Feb. 2 at Toronto's Princess of Wales theatre, with rehearsals set to begin this October. Eventually, the production will be headed to London's West End. [More]

'Hercules' tries to flex ratings muscle

5/12/05, 7:27 pm EST - Xoanon

Talk about a Herculean task. NBC trots out a spectacular-looking three-hour event, "Hercules" (8 p.m. Monday, Channel 2), on a night that CBS says goodbye to "Everybody Loves Raymond" and Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) tries to stop a nuclear missile from hitting its American target on the semifinal episode of "24." As good as this film directed by Roger Young and shot in New Zealand looks and as often as it makes one's blood boil, "Hercules" has about as much chance of getting a strong following as Ray Barone (Ray Romano) has of being named husband of the year. [More]

LOTR Musical Tickets On Sale Soon

5/12/05, 1:26 pm EST - Xoanon

Roheryn writes: Just a little reminder to anyone who is interested in attending the world premwiere of the Lord of the Rings musical, the multi-million dollar stage presentation slated to open in February of 2006 in Toronto, running through June. On-line ticket sales begin this Sunday, May 12 at 9 AM Eastern Daylight Time, with phone sales and in-person box office sales following the next morning. (A London engagement is anticipated for Autumn 2006.) [More]

Mortensen Aiming for 'Killshot'?

5/12/05, 1:24 pm EST - Xoanon

From ComingSoon & DarkHorizons Viggo Mortensen, Diane Lane, Mickey Rourke and Justin Timberlake are being rumored as the main cast for director John Madden's (Shakespeare in Love) big-screen adaptation of screenwriter Elmore Leonard Killshot. The thriller follows a woman and her blue-collar husband become the targets of two killers after they stumble on an extortion plot hatched by the bad guys. [More]

TV Watch: Wood Showcases Xbox 2

5/12/05, 8:43 am EST - Xoanon

Deenan writes: I wanted to let the gamers and Elijah Wood fans know that he will be hosting a half hour show introducing the new Xbox 2 today (May 12th) on MTV. [More]

News for May 11, 2005

The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar

5/11/05, 7:18 pm EST - Xoanon

Turbine Entertainment divulges the first details and title change for the first and only Lord of the Rings MMORPG. Having recently acquired the license from Vivendi-Universal, Turbine Entertainment today delivered the first specific details on The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, the first and only MMORPG based on the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien. [More]

Wood's 'Hooligans' Screens at LA Femme FF

5/11/05, 7:15 pm EST - Xoanon

LA Femme Film Festival announced today its list of the films selected to premiere for the first year of this ground-breaking film festival premiering at the Los Angeles Center Studios in downtown Los Angeles on May 27- 29, 2005. The 32 feature films, shorts, music videos, commercials and PSAs were selected from nearly 1000 entries received this year...Hooligans, written and directed by Lexi Alexander with a cast featuring Elijah Wood, Claire Forlani, Marc Warren, Charlie Hunnam and Leo Gregory will screen at the festival on May 28th, at 8:00 PM. [More]

Get 'LOST' Tonight!

5/11/05, 11:41 am EST - Xoanon

Dominic Monaghan's new hit show 'Lost' continues to get better with each episode. Catch 'Lost' tonight at 8PM EST on ABC. This is the one of the last episodes before the season finale! TORN's chatroom now has a special 'Lost' screening room, login to #lost at 8PM and watch with fans from around the country! [ABC.com] [TORN Chat]

News for May 10, 2005

DVD Tuesday: Blanchett's 'Life Aquatic'

5/10/05, 10:03 pm EST - Xoanon

Only one DVD of note to mention today, Cate Blanchett's 'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou', from the same mind that brought you 'Rushmore' and 'The Royal Tenenbaums', Wes Anderson. Take a look at a great review from Amazon.com! [More]

Blanchett Interview Transcript

5/10/05, 9:19 pm EST - Xoanon

Chris writes: A TV interview with Cate Blanchett was aired on Monday night down under. The transcript doesn't really do it justice (in the way the two of them were interacting) but it's up at the show's official site here. [More]

Sean Astin in 'Hercules' Airs on May 16

5/10/05, 7:19 pm EST - Xoanon

REZ writes: The three-hour movie based on the classic Greek legend airs 8 p.m. EDT Monday, May 16. Another lavish, special effects-enhanced production from Robert Halmi Sr., the saga also stars Elizabeth Perkins as Alcmene; Leelee Sobieski as Hercules' lover, Deianeira; and Sean Astin as his music tutor and friend, Linus. [More]

With help from hobbits and rockers, Microsoft to unveil new Xbox

5/10/05, 7:14 pm EST - Xoanon

WASHINGTON (AFP) - With an all-singing extravaganza fronted by "Lord of the Rings" star Elijah Wood, Microsoft plans to steal a march on rival Sony by unveiling its next-generation games console this Thursday. [More]

News for May 09, 2005

Join The LoTR EE Marathon On TORn!

5/09/05, 4:06 pm EST - maegwen

In celebration of TORn's sixth anniversary TODAY, we are holding a Lord of the Rings EE movie marathon on our IRC server. Join us on irc.theonering.net in #moviechat with your DVD player and bowl of popcorn. Tonight we watch the ROTK-EE at 8pm EST. Come early if you like, and chat with the crazy folks in Barlimans! [Details] [Join the chat!]

Orlando Bloom on Rolling Stone

5/09/05, 12:57 pm EST - Xoanon

Orlando Bloom on Rolling Stone Orlando Bloom drops anchor about 200 yards off the shore of Bequia, an island just south of where he and Johnny Depp are filming back-to-back sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean. Though his personal assistant and trainer decide to take a leisurely kayak ride to shore, Bloom chooses to swim. A race to the beach is suggested to make things more interesting. "Sure," Bloom says, ever agreeable. As he flips onto his stomach and starts paddling, it becomes clear why directors like working with him. He is game for anything -- the perfect putty. [More]

Weaving Takes Over Purefoy's Vendetta

5/09/05, 8:15 am EST - leo

Hugo Weaving has replaced James Purefoy in Warner Bros. Pictures' V For Vendetta, from the Wachowski brothers and Joel Silver. He will star opposite Natalie Portman as the the title vigilante character known as V. [More]

News for May 07, 2005

'Kingdom of Heaven' Premiere: New York

5/07/05, 10:16 am EST - Xoanon

'Kingdom of Heaven' Premiere: New York The North American red carpet premiere for 'Kingdom of Heaven' with Orlando Bloom was held on May 4th in New York City. Take a look at some of the photos we have from that event! [More]

Glass Hammer News

5/07/05, 9:56 am EST - Xoanon

Prog-rock legends Glass Hammer (Journey of the Dunadan, The Middle-earth Album) prepare to release their new Tolkien / Lewis inspired masterpiece, "The Inconsolable Secret"; a double-album enhanced CD package featuring art by Roger Dean. The new masterwork features Glass Hammer performing with both orchestra and choir. The concept album is based on an epic poem by GH founder Steve Babb that is included with the disc. "It's very much in the style of Tolkien's Lays of Beleriand", says Steve. "The music isn't entirely prog this time. We dabble in Celtic, and in big symphonic scores. Its certainly the biggest thing we've ever attempted!" Visit the groups website to view The Inconsolable Secret QuickTime trailer. [More]

McKellen Phones it in

5/07/05, 9:54 am EST - Xoanon

Shy ringer writes: Ian Mckellen rang into a London radio station this morning for the "Bounty Hunter" competition, where listeners rope celebreties into ringing the radio station for a chance to win £10,000! McKellen was ringing on behalf of a local charity and talked about 'The DaVinci Code', the door handles from the set of Orthanc, and hummed the theme tune to Coronation Street! The winner is decided by the listerners, who can txt in their vote. [More]

Wood's 'Xbox' Special Images

5/07/05, 9:50 am EST - Xoanon

From Beyond Blue: Here are pictures from Elijah Wood's hosting gig on MTV for the new X-Box special to be aired on Thursday May 12th. [More]

Hall Of Fire This Weekend - The Noldor Revolt!

5/07/05, 8:11 am EST - Demosthenes

'After a time a great concourse gathered around the Ring of Doom; and the Valar sat in shadow, for it was night. But the stars of Varda now glimmered overhead, and the air was clear; for the winds of Manwe had driven away the vapours of death and rolled back the shadows of the sea.' The Silmarillion.

The Two Trees are destroyed and Morgoth has fled. Yet, even as the Valar and the Elves mourn, the Powers ask Feanor to sacrifice the Silmarils so the Two Trees might be resurrected by Yavanna. [More]

News for May 06, 2005

Jackson 'most powerful man in Hollywood'

5/06/05, 8:43 pm EST - Xoanon

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson has been named the most powerful person in Hollywood. Premiere magazine's June issue says the 43-year-old New Zealand-born director is one of the few "one man band productions that are changing the grid of the power structure" in Tinseltown. [More]

Bloom's 'Kingdom' Opens Today

5/06/05, 8:42 pm EST - Xoanon

Ok, so we may be a little late...and you've got to be living under a rock recently to not know this...but Orlando Bloom's (and Marton Csokas') latest film 'Kingdom of Heaven' is out today in North America. [Showtimes USA] [Showtimes CAN]

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