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March 29, 2004 - April 04, 2004

News for Apr. 04, 2004

Reminder: Second Screening of McKellen's 'Emile' in LA

4/04/04, 11:03 am EST - Xoanon

'Method Fest' is hosting a screening of Ian McKellen's new film, EMILE, in Burbank, California. It screens tonight at 7 pm. [methodfest.com]

Happy Birthday Hugo Weaving!

4/04/04, 11:00 am EST - Xoanon

Happy Birthday Hugo Weaving! Hugo was born on April 4th, 1960 in Nigeria. That makes him 44 today! Happy Birthday Hugo!

Reminder: Trilogy Screening at ISU

4/04/04, 10:58 am EST - Xoanon

From the ISU website: Capen Cinema and the Bone Student Center will host The Lord of the Rings Trilogy on Sunday, April 4th in Braden on the largest movie screen in town. Come out and see the movies for FREE! ($3 for non-ISU students and staff). [More]

News for Apr. 03, 2004

Trivial Pursuit Sword Winner

4/03/04, 4:16 pm EST - Xoanon

Trivial Pursuit Sword Winner

AW writes: A co-workers husband won Sting in the Lord Of The Rings Trivial Pursuit sweepstakes. She brought it into the office today and I snapped some pics. The sword is an authentic prop used in the movie and is permanently mounted in an acrylic enclosure. [More]

Reminder: McKellen's 'Emile' Screening Tonight in LA

4/03/04, 4:00 pm EST - Xoanon

'Method Fest' is hosting a screening of Ian McKellen's new film, EMILE, in Burbank, California. It screens tonight at 5:45 pm. [methodfest.com]

Grand Avenue Comic Goes Geek

4/03/04, 3:48 pm EST - Xoanon

The April 3rd edition of 'Grand Avenue' had this Hobbity theme to it. [More]

Equality Walk Ad Featuring Ian McKellen

4/03/04, 3:45 pm EST - Xoanon

Adele writes: Just thought you might like to see a scan of the ad for the Stonewall UK Equality Walk from the Brighton Festival 2004 programme featuring Ian McKellen. [More]

April 10th: Ringbearers-Day

4/03/04, 3:39 pm EST - Xoanon

Folks from the New York Tolkien Society write: In one weeks time, April 10th, The New York Tolkien Society commences the time honored tradition of Ringbearers-Day. Our event schedule has been finalized and posted. It has been confirmed also by the official Ringbearers-Day Sponsor (Games Workshop),for all gaming and hobby enthusiasts that Games Workshop will also be on hand 12pm-5pm running all day painting workshops and Games Demo's, with a formal presentation/demonstration of the LOTR games and experts will speak of how Tolkien's works are translated to the gaming table. [More]

News for Apr. 02, 2004


4/02/04, 3:05 pm EST - Calisuri

Okay, okay. So we played an April Fools on you twice yesterday...but it was fun! And it was for a good cause. You see, while the 'fake' press release yesterday was a surprise to many, we all deep down want The Hobbit to Happen! (No offense Paul Anderson, we really want Peter Jackson to do it though!) Thus, we are starting the 'LET THE HOBBIT HAPPEN' letter-writing campaign. In the coming weeks and months we are going to make sure that New Line Cinema and MGM/UA hear the roar of Tolkien fandom! Follow the link for details. (And for all you Tolkien site webmasters, please join us in this effort! Details on the page.) [More]

SHOP: No more 'Evil Wizard' after Today

4/02/04, 12:23 pm EST - MrCere

Final reminder folks, today is the last day to order our "One Evil Wizard" t-shirts. The item is being retired to make room for new shirts so don't say we didn't warn you. Click here to see our shirt selection. [SHOP]

Return of the King Sheetmusic Available

4/02/04, 5:46 am EST - leo

Good news for the musicians amongst us. Ringer Spy Utti writes: Just thought I'd let you know that the sheet music to Return of the King is now available at www.sheetmusicplus.com. [More]

Free Poster With Total Film Magazine

4/02/04, 5:39 am EST - leo

It seems that British magazines are going all out this month. Ringer Spies Gothmog101 and Wife write: this month's issue of Total Film mag has a free double-sided mini ROTK poster. One is a replica of the theatrical poster, the other is a montage of the cast and some of the events surrounding the film. (Oscar night, etc.) Also inside, is a review of Mortensen's Hidalgo ( not too flattering either!) and an interview with Viggo (inc 'hunky' pic, so my wife's sister says.)

Pull The Other One!

4/02/04, 5:34 am EST - leo

It seem April Fools-jokes centered on 'The Hobbit' were quite popular this year. The Shropshire Star for instance posted an article about Peter Jackson scouting the location for a potential Hobbit-movie and a possible love-interest for Bilbo Baggins. [More] Jim Hill Media in the meantime featured an article about Disney acquiring the rights to 'The Hobbit' and a potential theme park in the making [More] Thanks to everyone who tried to fool us with these links!

The Eowyn Challenge: One Year On

4/02/04, 4:41 am EST - Tehanu

About a year ago a group of women started the Eowyn Challenge: the Walk to Rivendell. It was a fun way to get fit, lose weight, and enjoy some LOTR goodness all at once. A strong community has developed around this initiative and recently a group of them got together to celebrate their achievements. [More]

ROTK in Disarray in India

4/02/04, 4:32 am EST - Tehanu

We're getting reports that suggest that different cities in India are seeing different versions of ROTK; so far only people in Chennai have written to complain that they're missing the whole Grey Havens, but we don't know how widespread the problem is. In the past New Line had not been happy if they catch overseas distributors butchering their film. [More]

News for Apr. 01, 2004

Today's Hobbit Hoax Tomorrow...

4/01/04, 10:52 pm EST - weetanya

This afternoon we had a little chat with New Line. Apparently the press release we'd posted earlier (as some of you had guessed) was a hoax. It fooled us -- good job. Very good job, in fact. So good we're going to keep an eye on this hoax to see what tomorrow's "announcement" is going to be. [More]

Hall Of Fire Chats This Weekend

4/01/04, 6:49 pm EST - Frode

Bilbo wakes up lost and afraid in the dark. Not knowing where he's going, he starts crawling and all of a sudden one of his hands makes contact with a small cold metal-ring. Putting the ring in his pocket the Hobbit stumbles on towards the roots of the mountains. Deep down by a subterranean pool Gollum is waiting.[More]

Hobbit Press Release Announced!

4/01/04, 1:56 pm EST - Xoanon

A press release has been announced indicating that The Hobbit will begin production with director Paul Anderson, who is (and I quote) 'the young director whose portfolio includes smash successes such as Resident Evil, Event Horizon and Mortal Kombat'. This comes directly from a new teaser site www.thehobbitfilm.com. My question is where is PJ??? Why hasn't he picked this up after King Kong?! [More]


New Line Acquires Distribution Rights; Paul Anderson to Direct; McKellen, Serkis to Return

- The Hobbit will begin principal photography in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2005, under the direction sci-fi/fantasy director Paul Anderson, it was jointly announced today by Robert Shaye, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of New Line Cinema; Michael Lynne, President and Chief Operating Officer of New Line Cinema; Mark Ordesky, President of Fine Line Features; and Anderson, who is also a writer and producer of the production. [Press Release]

Open Mouth...Insert Big Hairy Foot

4/01/04, 12:15 pm EST - Xoanon

Jeff Wells writes: All along we've been hearing that Peter Jackson's KING KONG, which will begin filming in New Zealand roughly four months from now, is going to be a reverent semi-tribute to Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack's 's 1933 original. That concept is now, in my judgement, pretty much out the window and in the trash can. But before we get to the dreaded specifics. [More]

TV Watch: VH1 Talks 'Sexy' Mortensen

4/01/04, 12:12 pm EST - Xoanon

Arevanye sends along this link to an upcoming VH1 episode about 'sexy dads', Viggo Mortensen is featured alongside some other masculine men with paternal instincts. [More]

Film Ring Replica Goes to US City

4/01/04, 12:08 pm EST - Xoanon

Jens Hansen - Gold & Silversmith, Creators & Designers of the One Ring for the LOTR movies, are pleased to announce the gifting of one of the first of a limited edition set of replicas to the city of Eureka, CA. [More]

U of A LOTR Screenings

4/01/04, 12:01 pm EST - Xoanon

Allisyn writes: The on campus movie theater is having a totally Lord of the Rings Weekend, starting yesterday and going through to Sunday. They're also showing all three movies in consecutive order on April 9th and 10th. [More]

MSU ROTK Screenings

4/01/04, 11:56 am EST - Xoanon

Alex writes: Michigan State University in conjunction with the Resident Hall Association and the University Activities Board is showing Return of the King on Friday, Saturday and Sunday @ 8:00 in Wells Hall, free for oncampus students, $2 for everyone else. [msu.edu]

A Fine and Private Interview (or two)

4/01/04, 11:54 am EST - Xoanon

Quickbeam writes: Since our cameras first started rolling on the "Ringers" project a year and a half ago (good grief has it been that long?) we have chatted with many people from all walks of life. Regular fans, uber-enthused fans at conventions, movie fans who have avoided the books, and a whopping share of academic book fans who have avoided the movies. You name it, we've taped it. [More] [Ringers: Lord of the Fans]

Tolkien Event in Kalamazoo, MI

4/01/04, 11:43 am EST - Xoanon

Dot writes: The 39th International Congress on Medieval Studies (aka "The 'Zoo") will be held May 6-9 at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI. A group called "Tolkien at Kalamazoo" has sponsored sessions for all day Thursday and Friday, a presentation by Tolkien artist Ted Nasmith on Saturday, plus a reception on Wednesday evening. You need to register in order to attend - registration is $120, on-campus housing is available. If you live in the Kalamazoo area, registration is free! [More]

Earth to be renamed as 'Gandalf'

4/01/04, 4:43 am EST - leo

Astronomers have decided to rename the planets of the Solar System after characters from Lord of the Rings. From 1 April next year, Earth will be known as the planet Gandalf, while Mars will be renamed Frodo. [More] Kudos to an anonymous ringer for the heads up! I didn't fall for this one, really I didn't...

Colleen Doran Tolkien Art up for Auction

4/01/04, 4:40 am EST - leo

Some pieces of Tolkien artwork from the lovely Colleen Doran have been made availble for auction, according to Peggy: I'd like to inform you that FlightsOfImagination.com has put up for auction on eBay some of Colleen Doran's Tolkien art, including original work. These are beautiful pieces and would be a treasure to any Tolkien fan. [More]

Trilogy Screening at University of Arizona

4/01/04, 4:36 am EST - leo

Maryann writes: Just wanted to let you know that the University of Arizona will be showing all three Lord of the Rings movies. Admission to all three is $11. It includes a value pack consisting of 1 - 20oz Pepsi, 1 candy bar, and one large popcorn with free refills on the same day. The dates of the showing are Friday, April 2nd, Saturday, April 3rd, Friday, April 9th, and Saturday, April 10th.

Volumes of Tolkien's 'Rings' Auctioned

4/01/04, 4:33 am EST - leo

Rare volumes of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy were the centerpiece of an extensive private book collection auctioned Wednesday for a total of $270,000. The Tolkien books, including two signed second editions of the first two installments of the trilogy and an unsigned first edition of the third part, were sold to an anonymous bidder for $3,800. [More] Thanks to everyone who alerted us to this article!

Soundtrack Box-Set to be Released Next Year

4/01/04, 4:27 am EST - leo

Ringer Spy Indy3 dropped in with the following tidbit from SoundTrack.net: In talking with both Howard Shore and director Peter Jackson, a few notable tidbits came out! First off, the anticipated box-set of the soundtracks will be out sometime next year, not this year. [More]

News for Mar. 31, 2004

The Bastards Have Been Axed!

3/31/04, 6:09 pm EST - leo

Bad news for all Bastards everywhere! It appears 'The Bastards Have Landed', Peter Jackson's Official Fanclub, is no more! Former Head-Bastard Reno writes: I'm afraid we've got some really bad news. A while ago we created some really cool tee-shirt designs. We love these designs, and were certain you guys would too, so we printed off 400 copies. Here are the tee-shirts in all their glory... [More]

ROTK Screening at Texas A&M

3/31/04, 12:26 pm EST - Xoanon

Aragornscutter writes: Texas A&M University is showing Return of the King at 6:00 and 9:45 p.m. on April 2. Admission is $1 for students and $2.50 for non-students. Tickets are available at Rudder Box Office.

'Lord of the Rings' lures climbers to death mountain

3/31/04, 12:24 pm EST - Xoanon

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (AFP) — A growing number of foreign climbers may die on New Zealand mountains after being lured here by the promise of adventure on mountains showcased in The Lord of the Rings movies, mountain safety authorities warned Wednesday. The warning comes after a 22-year-old Australian fell to his death on Aoraki-Mt Cook on Tuesday, becoming the 10th person to die in the area in the past four months. [More]

Triple Screening in Northfield, Minnesota

3/31/04, 12:21 pm EST - Xoanon

starlady38 writes: I wanted to let you know about a screening of the complete LOTR trilogy being held this Saturday April 3 at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. It is at the Lion's Pause in Buntrock Commons starting at 1:00 p.m. with FotR. TTT follows at 5 p.m. and RotK is at 9 pm. [More]

Master Of The Rings This Fall

3/31/04, 12:18 pm EST - Xoanon

Master Of The Rings UK Lord Of The Rings convention which takes place over the weekend of the 22nd - 24th October has just added 2 further guests to it's line up which already includes Craig Parker - Haldir & Mark Ferguson - Gil Galad, they are Jorn Benzon who plays Rumil & his brother Jarl Benzon who plays Glorfindel, tickets have now gone on sale, more information can be found here. [More]

Shippey Lecture in Holland, Michigan

3/31/04, 12:16 pm EST - Xoanon

Flashtalon writes: One of the world’s leading experts on J.R.R. Tolkien, Dr. T.A. Shippey of St. Louis University, will present “From Page to Screen: Problems Tolkien Set for Jackson” at Hope College on Thursday, April 1, at 4 p.m. in the Maas Center conference room. [More]

Adrien Brody Also Joins Jackson's King Kong

3/31/04, 2:50 am EST - leo

After Jack Black yesterday, today's addition to the cast of King Kong is (or is rumoured to be) none other than Adrian Brody! Brody is set to play adventurer Jack Driscoll, the last 'big part' to be cast. [More]

ESPN's Wacky Bracket - We're Getting Crushed!

3/31/04, 2:46 am EST - leo

All Ringers to their stations. Porthos (and a lot of others) write: Just a quick note. ESPN's Page 2 "Wacky Bracket" has reached the final four. And Lord of the Rings is paired against The SI Swimsuit Issue. Needless to say, we are getting crushed right now. Personally, I don't understand it. I mean Lord of the Rings or page after page of scantily clad women. Easy choice, right? Right???

(leo has a hard time making up his mind...)

Graduates ape Jackson to get a job

3/31/04, 2:40 am EST - leo

A stunt by two film school graduates to prove they will do anything to get into the monkey business paid off when they met their hero. Fraser Ross, 23, and Aaron Franks, 20, are so desperate to get a job on Peter Jackson's next film, King Kong, they pulled out all stops to get the acclaimed director's attention. [More]

Spectacular it may be, but LOTR lacks lasting value

3/31/04, 2:35 am EST - leo

Here's an interesting little article by Kiwi Philosophy Teacher Denis Sutton as to why he thinks LOTR lacks lasting value. Some of his points are actually quite interesting but if you don't handle critisism well don't read it. [More] Thanks to Lee for the link!

Empire Features New ROTK Poster

3/31/04, 2:31 am EST - leo

Ringer Spy Irascian writes: The latest Empire is about to hit the streets (dated May 2004) and features four free full-sized movie posters, including a new one for “Return of the King” with the tag line “Still showing at big screens nationally”. It features Aragorn with sword in air as horse rears up on its hind legs – not a picture I recall seeing anywhere else before.

Monty Goes Geek Too!

3/31/04, 2:27 am EST - leo

"Lilcritter writes: LOTR will apparently be featured in the Monty comic strip for the next few days. Monty is the ultimate nerd, so it only follows that his friends are geeks! [More]

News for Mar. 30, 2004

Trilogy Screening at UVM

3/30/04, 12:09 pm EST - Xoanon

Mike writes: The University of Vermont is showing the trilogy spanned over three nights starting this Thursday, April 1 with FOTR, TTT on Friday, and ROTK on Saturday. Thought if anyone in the area was interested, they might like to know. [uvm.edu

Astin To Receive 'Spotlight Award' In DC

3/30/04, 12:03 pm EST - Xoanon

PirateTwin writes: Sean Astin will receive the Creative Coalition's Spotlight Award for arts policy advocacy tonight (March 30th) at a benefit event in Washington, DC. The event will be B&B Italia in Georgetown at 6:30 p.m., for anyone who wants to hover around the edges (or buy a ticket ranging in price from $500 to $10,000...). [More]

March Greenbooks Published!

3/30/04, 11:24 am EST - weetanya

TORn Staffer Anwyn writes:

Happy Easter from Green Books!

For those three or so people still waiting with bated breath for Anwyn’s review of Return of the King, it is finally here! [More]

Quickbeam gives us a scathing rundown on the evils of "reality" TV and the refreshing contrast provided by our favorite book! [More]

Turgon has a new book forthcoming from Cold Spring Press, the same fine people who brought you The People’s Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien. Here Turgon gives us a sneak peek of The Tolkien Fan’s Medieval Reader. [More]

Thirteen new Q&A await our curious readers [Here], as well as a selection of some terrific fan poetry and creative writing in Moon Letters. [More]


Andy Serkis's Book Auctioned for Charity

3/30/04, 6:13 am EST - leo

I just wanted to let you know that there is an auction on Ebay for Andy's book (Gollum - How We Made Movie Magic) autographed by some of the cast and crew. All proceeds goto the charity set up by Billy's Loons. [More] Thanks to Lindsay for the heads up! Three more days to bid!

Tom Shippey Lecture in Chicago-area

3/30/04, 6:09 am EST - leo

John writes: I thought the TORn-heads in and around the Chicago area might enjoy this. LECTURE: "Adapting Middle-Earth: Tolkien, the Books, and the Movies" by Thomas Shippey (St. Louis University), Saturday, April 3, 2004, 8:00 p.m., Gable Hall, Cavan Auditorium. Thomas Shippey is giving the lecture/ QA session on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb Illinois (about 50 or so miles west of Chicago).

Wellington Oscar Celebration Pictures!

3/30/04, 6:06 am EST - leo

Ringer Spy Rebecca writes: I just got back from a trip to NZ. I happen to have been there for the Oscar event in Wellington last Thursday (a bit longer ago now - leo). It was amazing - we were about 4 people away from the stage. I have some pictures of the event, as well as other LOTR-related photos here! Be gentle on the website folks...

News for Mar. 29, 2004

Lout of the Rings? That No Good Hooligan!

3/29/04, 9:59 pm EST - Xoanon

Sam writes: Someone else has already included this previously, although this picture is taken from a different news paper with another picture included of Elijah Wood at the soccer match. Its a scan of the newspaper clipping from todays Daily Mirror as well as the pun 'Lout of the Rings.' [More]

Sean Astin At C.W. Post College

3/29/04, 9:53 pm EST - Xoanon

Katblue writes: This is a clipping from Long Island's daily newspaper, Newsday. Sean Astin was a speaker at the C.W. Post College Campus on Sunday. [More]

The Making of Gollum

3/29/04, 9:48 pm EST - Xoanon

Among CG-created movie characters, Lord of the Rings' Gollum ranks among the most impressive Hollywood has ever produced. What made him so creepy is the combination of the character's voice (provided by actor Andy Serkis) and his intricate facial expressions, created by Weta Digital's Bay Raitt. Raitt gave a presentation detailing the facial animation system he built in order to bring much of Andy Serkis' outstanding performance into the Gollum character, and give him his unique look. Raitt moved to New Zealand to take on this assignment, and spent four years bringing Gollum into the second and third films in the LOTR trilogy. [More]

Bloom on the set of 'Heaven'

3/29/04, 9:47 pm EST - Xoanon

Various images of our own Orlando Bloom on the set of 'Kingdom of Heaven' have been spread out over the net. Here are some of the 2 better quality images I could find. [More]

Dorian Mirth Party Pics

3/29/04, 9:45 pm EST - Xoanon

Our friends at Dorian Mirth write: New pictures have been added to Dorian Mirth's Oscar Party report at dorianmirth.com, in addition to being linked from the main page. Dorian Mirth, of course, was one of the musical acts featured at both Two Towers-One Party 2003 and The Return of the One Party 2004. Also, this was overlooked earlier but the ensemble was featured in a local newspaper.

TV Watch: Elijah Wood on Ryan Seacrest

3/29/04, 9:39 pm EST - Xoanon

frodosam sends this in: Elijah Wood is scheduled to be in ON AIR WITH RYAN SEACREST on Tuesday, March 30. Fans can use the web link below to locate a local station that airs the show. [More]

Astin To Shoot in Vegas This Summer?

3/29/04, 9:37 pm EST - Xoanon

PIPNLVR writes: I spotted this article in Norm Clarkes' "Vegas Confidential" column of the Las Vegas Review Journal a few days ago: SEAN ASTIN, a loyal hobbit in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, could be shooting a lot of Las Vegas scenes this summer... [More]

Brio Magazine Talks LOTR Life Lessons

3/29/04, 9:31 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Behcky writes: The April issue of Brio magazine features "More Life Lessons from Middle Earth", following their December 2003 issue, which had interviews with some of the cast about life lessons found in Lord of the Rings. Now they have interviews with cast members who got left out last time. [More]

Grand Slam 2004: Sci-Fi Summit Images

3/29/04, 9:29 pm EST - Xoanon

Grand Slam: Sci-Fi Summit 2004 Images
Sala Baker & Bruce Hopkins

Tina writes: Here are pictures from the Grand Slam: Sci-Fi Summit held in Pasadena, CA this past weekend. The event was a lot of fun; many stars from all avenues of Sci-Fi and Fantasy were there. Hanging out with Sala Baker was one of the highlights of my weekend. He's such a fun guy to be around, and not to mention warm, friendly, charming, confident and handsome. [More]

Elijah Wood Says 'Sunshine' Was Easy Shoot

3/29/04, 9:23 pm EST - Xoanon

NEW YORK - For Elijah Wood, making "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" was much easier than any of the "Lord of The Rings" films because he didn't have the same kind of challenges. "You're not in one place for 16 months working on a giant epic in various odd weather conditions, and big hobbit feet to apply every day," Wood told AP Radio in Los Angeles recently. [More]

Jack Black....In King Kong?!

3/29/04, 9:21 pm EST - Xoanon

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Comic actor Jack Black has been in cast alongside Naomi Watts in Peter Jackson's remake of "King Kong," the director said Monday. [More]

TolCon Press Release

3/29/04, 9:17 pm EST - Xoanon

Press Release: Jasmine Watson & David Salo to Attend TolCon. Northwest Convention Celebrates Tolkien & Fans. The Northwest Tolkien Society is proud to present the first annual Tolkien Convention (May 14-16, 2004). TolCon, as it has been christened, is a three-day celebration of J.R.R. Tolkien, his writing and the fandom that has sprung up from the amazing worlds he created. [More]

There's More 'Passion' Than 'Fellowship'

3/29/04, 9:10 pm EST - Xoanon

Brandon Gray from boxofficemojo.com writes: 'The Passion of the Christ' ascended to $315,152,778 this weekend, eclipsing 'The Fellowship of the Ring's $314,776,170 to rank as the 13th highest grossing movie of all time domestically. At its current trajectory, 'Passion' will have no trouble topping 'Two Towers' $341,786,758 and could even beat 'Return of the King,' which stands at $374,556,572 so far. [More]

Howard Shore Ohio Concert Reviews and Pics

3/29/04, 2:04 pm EST - Xoanon

Howard Shore Concert in Ohio
The Ohio Theatre

Samay, Roheryn & chasa send in their reports and images from the Howard Shore LOTR concert in Ohio this past weekend. [More]

Hollywood is charging to film the next fantasy hit

3/29/04, 11:40 am EST - maegwen

A possible repeat from Knight Ridder, but a good read on what's next on the horizon in fantasy filmmaking. Take a look. [More]

Charity Shop Given Rare LOTR Set

3/29/04, 11:25 am EST - maegwen

A charity shop manager said today she was amazed to receive a set of first edition Lord of the Rings books handed over by an anonymous customer. [More]

WETA Digital not Involved With Narnia SFX?

3/29/04, 10:35 am EST - leo

According to ComingSoon.net SFX-studio Rhythm & Hues (known for their work on movies as Daredevil and Scooby-Doo) has landed the job of providing the matte paintings and SFX for the first Narnia-film 'The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe'. Surprising news, especially since WETA also seems to be involved in the production, though perhaps only on the Workshop side? Anyone with more info on this let me know!

ROTK EE Available for Pre-order in Holland

3/29/04, 10:29 am EST - leo

According to Dutch Community-site TheFellowship.nl the Extended Edition DVD-set is available for pre-order over there right now at online store Van Leest. The store has the DVD-set down for a November 22nd release and even features a picture of the thing! [More] (warning: Dutch language ahead!)

Frodo's A Soccer Yobbit

3/29/04, 10:24 am EST - leo

Lord Of The Rings heart-throb Elijah Wood shocked footie fans — by joining them in the crowd at West Ham on Saturday. [More] Thanks to Ringer Spy Shana for the heads up!

Luann Goes Geek!

3/29/04, 10:21 am EST - leo

Yesterday's edition of the daily comic Luann has a major Lord of the Rings-reference. Be sure to check it out here! Kudos to everyone who shared this bit of info with us!

Fellowship Festival Tickets Go On Sale

3/29/04, 10:17 am EST - leo

Lady Tinania writes: Just to let all the fans know that tickets for the UK event, The Fellowship Festival are now on sale. Tickets for this August event range from £18 - £200 depending on your choices for seating, amount of days and discount. Loads of cool things are planned for this event including the presence of Craig Parker, Lawrence Makoare and Bruce Hopkins and VIP banquets. It is being run in partnership with the Tolkien Society. [More]

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