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February 29, 2000 - March 07, 2000

News for Mar. 07, 2000

Web Watch: Hollywood.com

3/07/00, 21:13 EST - Xoanon

ShoWest 2000: 'Lord of the Rings' Cometh
By Fiona Ng, Hollywood.com

LAS VEGAS, March 6, 2000 -- Wizard watchers, the moment has arrived. The big-screen "Lord of the Rings" is slated to make its debut here at ShoWest. [More]

From the horses mouth...

3/07/00, 18:28 EST - Xoanon

(no, we aren't talking about you Harry...)

According to Ain't It Cool News, the last thing written on the 2.2 minutes of footage shown at ShoWest include:


So now we know the release dates for certain! AND they'll be keeping the original titles...for now anyway :)

LOTR Footage Review

3/07/00, 18:25 EST - Xoanon

Harry Knowles gives us his take on the 2.2 minutes of footage viewed at ShoWEST. [More]


LOTR Scenes at SHOWest -Update-

3/07/00, 11:39 EST - Xoanon

According to Moriarty via AICN, New Line Cinema will be showing some scenes from LOTR at ShowWEST tomorrow!

No word yet on what scene or how long, my guess is it's the same clip that the New Line Suits or the cast and crew in New Zealand were privy to a few weeks back, they may even be one and the same.


Well, all calls to my Las Vegas contacts have gotten me a bag full of 3 cent chips and a white tiger (some one wanna buy a white tiger?) but here is some non-information information for you:

The ShoWEST website is located at www.showest.com. It's being held at the very posh 'Bally's' in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Bally folks are very friendly but all contacts inside the hotel were hush hush for now regarding any info on the clip.

If anyone at ShowWEST who has or will see the clip and wants to tell me about it, spill the beans!

Pss!, want to meet some of TheOneRing.net guys?

3/07/00, 09:15 EST - Xoanon

Your very own Calisuri and Corvar will be at Imagine Con, get a chance to meet them and talk serious Tolkien!

Can you Imagine? Imagine Con is a Fantasy, Comic, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Toy Fair convention. On April 20-23, 2000 in Virginia Beach, Virginia at the Virginia Beach Pavilion and Double Tree Hotel your Imagination is the only thing you will need to have for four days of incredible out of this world fun and excitement! There will be guests, contests, games to play, panels & seminars to attend, an independent movie festival, awesome giveaways, live theater performances, plus much much more! The Imagine Con website www.imaginecon.com has all the information you will need plus all events are listed with a brief description and the Schedule section is also posted and is being updated daily. Memberships to the con may be purchased with their secure online store from the website. Let your imagination run wild in April at Imagine Con!

John Prescott - Chairman - Imagine Con

News for Mar. 06, 2000

Time to Vote for your Favorite!

3/06/00, 23:55 EST - Xoanon

We received over 1000 questions from people all over the world! Thanks to you all for such a great effort! We did have to narrow the field down to 10. Read on and vote for your favorite! [More]

News for Mar. 05, 2000

This Weeks Ebay Items

3/05/00, 22:59 EST - Xoanon

This weeks Ebay items are up and ready for you to pour over, enjoy! [More]

LOTR Opera in Wellington? -Update-

3/05/00, 13:16 EST - Xoanon

From: Vanne

I just saw some posters here in Wellington for "Fangorn", an opera "bringing Tolkiens Middle Earth to life with music"... I didn't have a pen and didn't wanna tear the poster. It was in wellington .. 11th or 12th of march.. I'll get back to you on it..

If anyone has any info on this play, please drop me a line!


Ringer Spy Sam sends us some more info regarding this opera.

From the Fringe Festival 2000 guide:

Round Wheel Music Co.

A new contemporary opera blending folk, country and blues with the traditional operatic style. Set in Tolkien's "Middle Earth" where some of the greatest characters of "Lord of the Rings" come alive in song. Comical with a serious message, this is opera for everyone.

Wgtn Performing Arts Centre
March 11, 7.30 pm
March 12, 5pm

Web Watch: For the Avid Fan...

3/05/00, 13:14 EST - Xoanon

You can always check out tolkiencollector.com, Mike Williams just wrote me saying it's been recently updated, and worth a looksee.

Hobbiton Fire

3/05/00, 13:10 EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy LOTR extra sends in her take on the Hobbiton fire. I hid the text for those who don't want spoilers, but since it's such a small paragraph I posted it here.


Highlight to read:

The hobbiton fire was one of the best sets I have ever seen, the green dragon in went up in smoke. It's ok because the fire service were standing by. there was six hours of rehersals, we had only one green dragon in to incinerate, we had to get it right. Never the less we managed to get about six takes in total quick fire one after the other, the night was a total success.

Media Watch: Sunday Star Times

3/05/00, 13:01 EST - Xoanon

So it seems that Tongariro is not out of the running after all,we shall see what develops from this.

March 5th 2000

Rings to film at Tongariro

By Oskar Alley

Permission for crucial scenes of Lord of The Rings to be filmed at Tongariro National Park is expected this week. It is understood Kiwi director Peter Jackson has the green light to film in the area around Mt. Ruapehu, although the Department of Conservation was unwilling to confirm this. Tongariro senior community relations officer Dave Wakelin said the protection of the area's natural beauty was vital.

"It's a world heritage park which we're very proud of and naturally you have in this situation conditions which have been set and we obviously want to keep it that way."

It is understood the Rings team will be granted permission to film on Maori and army land, though some concessions may have to be made. Filming on the $360 million project had already been completed on conservation land in the South Island without incident. Producers had to pay a $50,000 bond, which could be increased to film in Tongariro. Wakelin said the good record would be taken into consideration. "These film companies are very experianced. They know the game, and I think we've had good co-operation from them, which is great."

Rings producer Barrie M Osbourne said he was confident a deal would be struck, but he was happy to follow the application process. He confirmed Tongariro, with it's mountains, desert and rolling mist, was a crucial filming location and not getting permission would be a hindrance. Osbourne said filming in the area would pump millions of dollars into the local economy, with more than 600 cast and crew required at times and local jobs created.

Thanks to Jeffrey for the news!

Click here to view some images of Tongariro NP

Pic 2

Pic 3

Cast News: McKellen at Sydney's Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras

3/05/00, 12:48 EST - Xoanon

It seems our very own Ian McKellen had time to hop over to neighboring Australia to take part at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

From: David

Ian McKellen (Gandalf) had a quick interview with one of the street interviewers on the telecast of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. LOTR was briefly mentioned.

Also thanks to Shaun, RD, and Jesse for the news.

News for Mar. 03, 2000

Wellington News!

3/03/00, 18:53 EST - Xoanon

Tony the Cat checks in with his news and views from Wellington, including the Mirror of Galadriel, partying with Eowyn, Wormtongue, and Bilbo and the Lorien set! [More]

Environmental activists gazette Tolkien names for NZ maps

3/03/00, 18:39 EST - Xoanon

Click on this image to view in our Scrapbook

We received some correspondence from Friends of the Earth people who have long hoped that recognition of the unique, 'magical' qualities of the the forests around the Oparara valley might deter logging interests.(See http://www.nfa.org.nz/ for more on that.

As Tehanu's 'Search for Middle-earth' showed, there is a Galadriel Ck. and Moria Gate on the official maps, but Friends of the Earth wanted to take it further. They contacted PJ and suggested that he consider the Oparara Valley as a film location, and word is that children in nearby Westport are preparing to be filmed in some scenes there in May.

Cast News: Elijah's 'Chain of Fools' out Today

3/03/00, 08:53 EST - Xoanon

The Elijah Wood (Frodo) film 'Chain of Fools' is out in the US.

News for Mar. 02, 2000

Shop: Toy Vault's 'Barrow-Wight' -Updated-

3/02/00, 16:06 EST - Xoanon

Wow! I still can't believe how amazing these things look, check out Toy Vaults latest, and in my opinion, the greatest work so far.

UPDATE: I've added some great figurine pics of the Barrow Wight from Toy Vault! [More]

Click on this image to view more

E! Online updates its LOTR set report.

3/02/00, 14:58 EST - Tehanu

John Forde gets another look at filming in the studios at Miramar, and interviews Lee and McKellen. Go have a look here, it's almost as good as being there yourself!

Media Watch: TV Guide

3/02/00, 14:18 EST - Xoanon

The latest issue of TV Guide has some Lord of the rings coverage. Click on the image below for the full article.

Click to enlarge

...If you can't tell Aragorn from arugula, start at EOnline.com (click on features), where you'll find an introductory guide to Middle-earth and exclusive reports from the set. The official site, www.lordoftherings.net, provides a peek at some beautiful (if unrevealing) storyboard drawings...

Green Books Deluge!

3/02/00, 10:59 EST - Quickbeam

Greetings - Quickbeam here.

*BEWARE* The floodgates have opened and the deluge comes crashing forth! All you patient readers have waited long enough; the many new items in Green Books are sure to quench after such a lengthy drought. Our monthly update for March includes:

  1. What is the Secret Fire Gandalf claims to serve?
  2. Could Arwen have chosen immortality?
  3. What was that strange Forbidden Door in The Paths of the Dead?
  4. How extensive are the armies of Gondor?
  5. Why didn't the Fellowship just fly on the Eagles straight to Mount Doom?

Whew...! We hope you enjoy and remind you to watch out for the undertow. Stay tuned for a new "Out on a Limb" by yours truly and even sooner we'll feature new Stump the Staff items that we deem the most perplexing of all.

Much too hasty,


P.S. I admit many people have written asking, "Hey, Quickie, where is that TATTOO you were going to get?" To which I reply, "Never fear. I have just postponed it a little, I promise it will still happen... Soon..."

Shop: Spiderwebart's Latest

3/02/00, 09:35 EST - Xoanon

The good folks at Spiderwebart sent me their latest [More]

Latest Newsletter is Away!

3/02/00, 09:20 EST - Xoanon

The latest newsletter is away! Do you want to receive our weekly newsletter? Packed with tons of info to keep you up to date on the latest? Plus filled with exclusives from time to time? Join the list of more than 2400 mailing list Ringers! Sign up now! [More]

News for Mar. 01, 2000

Tongariro National Park Out?

3/01/00, 23:36 EST - Xoanon

We've seen an actor get fired, yet have we seen a location get fired?

Extremely reliable sources inform TheOneRing.net that filming at Tongariro National Park, the oldest National Park in New Zealand, may not be happening as previously reported.

My source tells me that due to the remote local, and the amount of equipment, people and horses (does that count as equipment or people?) are making it less and less of a realistic local.

There has also been problems with the DOC (Department of Conservation) they aren't to keen on letting 400 + people roam around protected land as well.

Click here for our semi-updated locations section.

Galadriel Strikes Again!

3/01/00, 19:34 EST - Xoanon

Super Ringer Spy and Proffessional Koga Ninja Assassin Galadriel strikes again with her latest target, and getting some amazing info as well!

oh Godly one, this is Galadriel

I've killed again...

...This time my target was an American, much to my surprise. He was from LA and flew in just recently, the details of what followed may be of interest to you. [More]

Cast Watch: Brad and Hugo on TV

3/01/00, 11:36 EST - Xoanon

The Brad Dourif (Grima) horror flicks 'Child's Play' and 'Child's Play III' are on TMN today. [More]

The Hugo Weaving (Elrond) film 'Proof' is on IFC tonight at 8 PM EST. [More]

News for Feb. 29, 2000

Weaving IS Elrond!!

2/29/00, 23:06 EST - Xoanon

Right from the E! Online Website:


Who's Hot Australian actor Hugo Weaving made a visit to LOTR's Wellington studios last week. Weaving--probably best known for his role as a drag queen in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert--will join the project as elf leader Elrond, who leads the council at Rivendell, where the Fellowship first gathers.

And Australian actress Miranda Otto (The Thin Red Line) has been cast as Eowyn, a beautiful maiden who falls in love with Aragorn.

To link to our Exclusive Miranda Otto casting scoop, click here. [More]

More info as it comes in!

Visit our Hugo Weaving cast page [ more ]

Cast Watch: Conway on Starz

2/29/00, 10:13 EST - Xoanon

The Kevin Conway (Theoden) film 'Mercury Rising' will be on 'Starz' at 11:30 PM EST.

Thanks to Gamgee for the TV tip!

Shop: This Weeks Ebay Items

2/29/00, 10:10 EST - Xoanon

A little late, but better than Canada Dry any day (don't ask) [More]

Elrond cast, according to AICN

2/29/00, 00:32 EST - Tehanu

According to Harry over at aint-it-cool-news, Elrond has been cast, but Peter Jackson won't tell him who it is.
Talking of Elrond, I got some snippets of news that might concern him over at Spy Reports

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