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February 10, 2003 - February 16, 2003

News for Feb. 16, 2003

NEW Amazing High Rez TTT Images!

2/16/03, 11:00 pm EST - Xoanon

Once again the lovely Ms. Marea sends along these 4 great images for you to oogle over and enjoy! Take a gander at an Uruk Hai sentry looking over Mordor, a wonderful shot of Helms Deep surrounded by the enemy, Isenguard flooded and broken, and Gandalf's charge down the steep slopes near Helms Deep!

[Uruk Small] - [Uruk Large]
[Helms Deep Small] - [Helms Deep Large]
[Isengard Small] - [Isengard Large]
[Charge! Small] - [Charge! Large]

Get TheOneRing.net Newsletter Today!

2/16/03, 10:41 pm EST - Xoanon

The latest newsletter is ready to go! Do you want to receive our free weekly newsletter? Packed with tons of info to keep you up to date on the latest? Plus filled with exclusives from time to time! Join the crowd of over 13 800 mailing list members! Sign up now! [More]

Weekly eBay Items

2/16/03, 10:20 pm EST - Xoanon

Each week, I scour Ebay looking for the hot Tolkien items up for sale. I post the most interesting here for you to bid on. [More] [Shop]

Don't look for analogies in 'Rings,' says Mortensen

2/16/03, 8:27 pm EST - Xoanon

"Lord of the Rings" star Viggo Mortensen TOKYO — Wherever actor Viggo Mortensen goes, people ask him about the analogy between the U.S. fight against terrorism and the epic battle between good and evil in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. The comparison has received a lot of press particularly in the U.S. where some have even gone so far as to suggest Christopher Lee's character — the evil Lord Saruman — looks like Osama bin Laden (does that mean George W Bush is Gandalf?). [More]

SHOP: LOTR Vending Machines

2/16/03, 8:19 pm EST - Xoanon

Laurelin writes: Imagine my surprise when I went to the movies today, and found a 'Lord of the Rings' vending machine in the lobby! Even though I have reached an age of decorum, so to speak, I abandoned all respectability kneeling on the floor in front of the shrine, dumping out all my change on the carpet looking for quarters. [More]

Osborne/Serkis Talk Oscars/TTT

2/16/03, 8:09 pm EST - Xoanon

Marcel writes: I found a fantastic interview with Andy Serkis and Barrie Osborne which was aired on the Holmes Show.(N.Z Talkhost)It deals with the making of Gollum, the Oscar nominations and ROTK. Go to video archive and scroll down to Wed. 12th of feb. [More]

TV Watch: 'The Sound of Movies'

2/16/03, 8:06 pm EST - Xoanon

Irascian writes: A new series starts on BBC Radio 2 in the UK this coming Tuesday. Should be of interest to all LOTR score fans as Howard features in all four programmes in the series. The four-part series is called 'The Sound of Movies' and can be heard on BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday evenings beginning on 18th February from 20.30 - 21.30. The series is a celebration of movie music as well as an exploration of how composers write for the cinema. Howard Shore will be heard in all four episodes in company with other composers including: John ('Star Wars') Williams; Henry ('Pink Panther') Mancini; Elmer ('Magnificent Seven') Bernstein; Danny ('Edward Scissorhands') Elfman; David ('Die Another Day') Arnold; Basil ('Conan the Barbarian') Poledouris; Anne ('The Full Monty') Dudley and Stephen ('Shakespeare in Love') Warbeck.

FOTR STILL Playing In Sweden

2/16/03, 8:02 pm EST - Xoanon

Jo writes: I Just walked past our main movietheatre here in Uppsala, Sweden and to my great surprise Lord of the Rings; The Fellowship of the Ring is still running....I asked the staff and they said it has been running non-stop since is opened in December 2001 and it's the longest running film ever. Pretty impressive...

DVD Release Date: Norway (R2)

2/16/03, 7:49 pm EST - Xoanon

Ingve G writes: I've have the official magazine for DVD rental in Norway, and it has a report on the Two Towers DVD release date. It says that a double disc theatrical version will come (to Norway anyway) on 4.august. The special extended edition and collectors box will come out 3.november.

A Brief News Recap

2/16/03, 6:57 pm EST - Xoanon

We just wanted to take a moment to recap the answers to some of the very-frequently-asked questions that we receive from readers via email. And there are plenty of them! [More]

Taking another look at Oscar nominees

2/16/03, 11:11 am EST - Xoanon

By Michael Wilmington
Tribune movie critic

Last Tuesday's Oscar nominations were both exciting and intriguing -- and only intermittently outrageous. But they remind us that Academy Award races are usually taken seriously for the wrong reasons (their possible commercial effects) and not seriously enough for the right ones (their lasting cultural achievements). [More]

Shading The Story

2/16/03, 6:23 am EST - Demosthenes

This is a very interesting story about the increasing use of digital colouring in film. It mentions Lord of the Rings several times, and contains comments from LoTR crewmembers about the increasing use of colouring technology in film. [More]

Save Middle Earth With Your Mobile Phone

2/16/03, 5:17 am EST - Demosthenes

Think you can save Middle-earth? A new game offered by Jamdat Mobile and Verizon Wireless challenges "Lord of the Rings" fans to do just that on their mobile phones. [More]

Towers To Video In June?

2/16/03, 4:48 am EST - Demosthenes

Here's one for everyone's rumourpile. Susan writes: I am a video store manager, and I just received a list of when the Oscar nominated films will hit video. Two Towers is listed for June. I called my supplier to verify this, since Fellowship hit in August, and she said that as far as they know, that is accurate. Again, street dates are subject to change, but it looks like June is it.

News for Feb. 15, 2003

It's Your Ring ...

2/15/03, 8:27 pm EST - Demosthenes

This very odd flash thingy comes straight from Bizzaroland. Entitled "It's your ring", this is your opportunity to watch Elijah Wood sing, dance and dispense moviegoing advice. Strange doesn't even begin to describe this one. [More]

Vote For Your Missing Oscar Nomination!

2/15/03, 8:16 pm EST - Demosthenes

Rotten Tomoatoes is currently running a poll asking readers what should have been nominated, but wasn't. The Two Towers makes the "we was robbed" list. Go vote if you want. [More]

Sideshow/Weta Announces Two Towers Series 2

2/15/03, 3:53 pm EST - Calisuri

Gandalf the WhiteSideshow/Weta just released images of their Series 2 products from The Two Towers. Featured as busts are Gandalf the White, Galadhrim Soldier, Grishnakh and an Uruk-Hai Berserker. The figures consist of Ugluk, Grima Wormtongue and Galadhrim Archer. As with all of the Two Towers products from Sideshow/Weta, these are limited, hand-numbered pieces. (My personal favorite is the Gandalf bust, its spot on!) [More]

Calisuri's Cell Phone Boredom

2/15/03, 10:57 am EST - Calisuri

The other day I found myself outside a doctor's office with an excessive amount of time. So I decided to get creative with my brand new Sony Ericsson T68i cell phone and attempt to compose a LOTR related theme. After all, searches online yielded either pay ringtones or impossible to understand instructions. So after a half hour or so of attempts, I came up with this 'Hobbit Theme.' Please note, this ringtone probably only works for Sony Ericsson T68i and is an .imy file. Also, its not 'perfect' per se, but, hey, not bad for an amateur! [Download]

Hall of Fire Chats This Weekend

2/15/03, 8:49 am EST - Demosthenes

Hall of Fire for this weekend will make a late topic adjustment following the recent announcement of the Oscar nominations. Previously we'd scheduled a chat on Acting in the Two Towers, however, instead we'll be hosting a special Oscar Nominations Roundup. [More]

LoTR Action Figures - Gondorian Soldiery?

2/15/03, 8:25 am EST - Demosthenes

TORn Staffer maegwen's quick eye caught something very interesting in the Helm's Deep batch of action figures from the 'Armies of Middle Earth' series. It appears whoever put the diaroma together may have slipped in some Gondorian soldiery as well! Very cool. Check out the shields with the White Tree and the Seven Stars and the signature helms. [More] [More] [More] [More] Those in doubt may wish to compare the helms with this old press shot. [More]

Ted Nasmith Works To Feature In LoTR Doco

2/15/03, 7:52 am EST - Demosthenes

Ringer Spy Pippinskywalker dropped us a line to say that according to the Ted Nasmith Official Site there is going to be a special LoTR documentary on Sunday February 16th on Bravo! in Canada. Entitled "The Legacy of the Lord of the Rings", the show will air at 8:00pm and feature some of Ted's beautiful artwork. In the absence of any further details, you are urged to check your local guides!

Update: You can read a bit more about it here.

Unpublished Towers Pics

2/15/03, 7:46 am EST - Demosthenes

Our good friend Robert from Caltanet dropped us a line to let us know they had unearthed some previously unpublished Two Towers piccies. They're over on the right and include shots of Legolas and Arwen. [Caltanet.it] [Images]

Action Figure LoTR Madness

2/15/03, 7:18 am EST - Demosthenes

If action figure sets are your thing, these 'Armies of Middle Earth' figures being released across the next few months will definitely appeal! Action Figure has the scoop, and has a whole series of fabulous pictures of several forthcoming sets, including: Balrog playset, Helm's Deep playset, Saruman's Chambers playset and serveral others. Thanks to Lawrence for the tip! [Action-figure.com]

[Balrog Playset] [Helm's Deep Playset]
[Saruman's Chamber Playset] [Uruk-hai Playset]

News for Feb. 14, 2003

SAG Voter Guide

2/14/03, 10:38 am EST - Xoanon

Backstage.com has a small writeup about TTT's nomination for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. TTT is nominated for best ensemble, take a look! [More]

Billy Boyd Talks Net Imposters And More

2/14/03, 10:35 am EST - Xoanon

Stewart writes: Once again we've put two interviews on billyboyd.net. The first deals with the rather unsavoury issue of Internet impostors and the other one is just a lot of nonsense about stuff. [More]

WETA's Rivero Talks Gollum

2/14/03, 10:31 am EST - Xoanon

Amy writes: On Friday February 14th, an article about LOTR animator Ramon Rivero appeared in The West Australian newspaper. It concerned his appearing at the Film and Television Institute to talk about animating Gollum. [More]

Manga proves to be hobbit-forming

2/14/03, 10:15 am EST - Xoanon

This week's edition of the popular weekly comic book "Shukan Shonen Magazine" will feature a cover commemorating "The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers," just the third time a movie has been made a subject in the magazine's history. On sale from Wednesday, the comic book cover features manga-style comic drawings of the main characters in the film, with hobbit hero Frodo Baggins the centerpiece. [More]

GAMING: Galadriel and Celeborn Painting Guides

2/14/03, 10:13 am EST - Xoanon

It's Friday, and that means it's time for another Painting Guide for the Lord of the Rings Tabletop Battle Game! This week we have Galadriel, Celeborn, and Galadriel's Mirror! So check that out and get painting! Don't forget next week we'll be premiering our Gollum Guide! [More] [Gaming Havens]

Bloom Talk 'Ned Kelly'

2/14/03, 10:10 am EST - Xoanon

Craig writes: Thought your readers might like to know that an interview with Orlando Bloom, including video footage, is now up at www.nedkellythemovie.com. In it, he talks about his role as Joe Byrne in the upcoming film with Heath Ledger. [More]

Howard Shore Concert Report #6

2/14/03, 6:14 am EST - leo

And they are still floating in.. ichi also attended the concert in London's Festival Hall a few days ago and was fortunate enough to shake hands with Howard Shore himself after the show! [More]

News for Feb. 13, 2003

Elvish Language Lesson #2

2/13/03, 10:31 pm EST - Jincey

Our second lesson on "How to Construct a Sindarin Sentence", which concentrated on articles, took place Wednesday, Feb 12 in #TheHallofFire. We'd like to thank our guest, Barliman's regular and self-taught language expert Elostrion. [Here's] the transcript of the log.

'Celebs' Use Stardom to Promote Army

2/13/03, 2:32 pm EST - Xoanon

WASHINGTON -- Actor Sean Astin and wrestler Bradshaw are among celebrities who are using their stardom to increase troop morale and keep the military fresh in the minds of Americans. [More]


2/13/03, 1:52 pm EST - Xoanon

T writes: Just to let you know about a website that has just launched selling hand made framed photographs of the Lord of the Rings films. They have a small selection of fantastic photographs of LotR characters from the film. The site allows you to create your own picture with its own caption places on a brass plaque. I had to resist the urge to order a picture of the Argonath with a caption saying: “I thought they held axes!” [More] [Shop]

TTT Premiere: Singapore

2/13/03, 1:48 pm EST - Xoanon

Jo_Took writes: The Singpore Gala Premiere of TTT, sponsored by Mastercard, was held at the Victoria Concert Hall on December 17th and entrance was by 'invitation only' for the media, local Singapore Celebrities and 50 selected customers of Mastercard who were crazy enought to spend S$500 and also lucky enough to win the invites. [More]

Serbian TV station broadcast 'bootleg' Lord of the Rings

2/13/03, 10:47 am EST - Xoanon

A Serbian TV station is in trouble after allegedly screening a bootleg version of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers videoed in a cinema. Angry fans who tuned in to the poor quality pirate version say their enjoyment was ruined. [More]

Your LOTR Love Match

2/13/03, 10:43 am EST - Xoanon

DAS writes: The Guardian website has a 'rings lovematch quiz for female fans. [More]

(I tried it a few times and kept getting Bill the Pony...what could that mean? -Xo)

Radio Watch: Ian McKellen on BBC Radio 4

2/13/03, 10:40 am EST - Xoanon

Euan Sir Ian McKellen was on Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 in the UK this Sunday just past (Reported here). The programme is repeated this Friday (14th) at 9am. On this show, celebrities and the like are invited on to select the eight favourite records, book and luxury item they would want to have with them if they happened to be shipwrecked on a desert island. Ian's selection can be found at this web address for those who can't catch the show. [More]

Serkis: 'Jackson Was Robbed!'

2/13/03, 10:35 am EST - Xoanon

Andy Serkis (aka The Two Towers' Gollum) last night blasted the American Academy for not nominating Peter Jackson for Best Director. 'I was terribly disappointed,' Serkis told Empire Online. 'It’s ridiculous! [More]

VFX Supervisor Jim Rygiel on 'The Two Towers'

2/13/03, 10:31 am EST - Xoanon

The whimsical and frightening magic of "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings" was a hard act to follow, and a nearly impossible show to beat. How could director Peter Jackson and Weta surpass the audience's wonder at seeing Tolkien's landscape realistically portrayed on the screen for the first time? One word: Gollum. [More]

The Nine Have Crossed The Ocean Pacific...

2/13/03, 10:27 am EST - Xoanon

A little revenge for TTT's Oscar 'snub'? Did PJ release his dark riders to hunt down academy voters? Who knows! [more]

You, Too, Can ReWrite Faramir's Scenes!

2/13/03, 5:14 am EST - Tehanu

Visited the TORN Messageboard lately? I have to share this gem with you all: TORNado Luinfalathiel put Faramir's scene through the Google translator. [More] *Snert* The usual warnings about reading this while holding a hot drink apply.

ToyFair Teaser Pics

2/13/03, 12:19 am EST - Tehanu

Nomadixxxx sends us some pics of some goodies that Toyfair is going to offer. Check out the Wargy goodness! [More]

Staying in Wellington for the ROTK Premiere

2/13/03, 12:02 am EST - Tehanu

TORN correspondent Phillip has come up with a brilliant and generous idea for other RIngers. He plans to coordinate local LOTR fan power to help travellers from distant lands who are looking for a place to stay in Wellington during the premiere of ROTK. [More]

News for Feb. 12, 2003

The Faramir Changes: Arguments Against.

2/12/03, 11:28 pm EST - Tehanu

A few days ago we posted Teri's letter which was a spirited defense of the way Faramir was portrayed in the movies. Now, I received a LOT of mail full of enthusiastic agreement with her point of view, but it's well worth posting some of the many rebuttals we were sent. [More]

Great High Rez TTT Images

2/12/03, 1:41 pm EST - Xoanon

Some of the highest quality TTT images ever seen online have come across our desk today at TORN HQ. Take a look at Frodo and The Winged-Ringwraith square off in Osgiliath, Ents taking Orthanc by storm, Oliphaunts making their way to Mordor, as well as Sam and Frodo in the dead marshes!

[Osgiliath Small] - [Osgiliath Large]
[Ents Small] - [Ents Large]
[Oliphaunts Small] - [Oliphaunts Large]
[Dead Marshes Small] - [Dead Marshes Large]

GAMING: Decipher Announces Tower Draft Packs

2/12/03, 12:33 pm EST - Xoanon

(Norfolk, VA, February 12, 2003) - Booster draft for players of The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game is about to catch up with The Two Towers set with the all-new Tower Draft Pack. Following on the success of the Fellowship Draft Pack last October, Decipher will release the Tower Draft Pack in mid February. [More] [Gaming Havens]

Gere, Jackson among missing

2/12/03, 12:18 pm EST - Xoanon

...Though "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" earned a best picture nomination, its director, Peter Jackson, was odd man out when it came to the directing nominations as he was the only director of a best picture nominee who failed to score a directing nomination. [More]

What caused 'Towers' to fall?

2/12/03, 12:16 pm EST - Xoanon

It made more money and received better reviews than its prequel, but on Oscar nomination morning, it came up with less than half the nominations its precursor garnered last year. New Line's "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" received just six Oscar nominations, falling well short of the 13 noms that "The Fellowship of the Ring" earned last year and making it statistically unlikely that "Towers" will match even the four Oscars that the first "Rings" took home. [More]

Get your own Hobbit Cloak

2/12/03, 10:13 am EST - Calisuri

Our good friends from Alley Cat Scratch send us this news. At last, the stunning, authentic 'Lord of the Rings' magical elven cloak fabric is available from the actual New Zealand weavers... or get Cloaks, Throws, Wraps, Scarves and Fleece. Products now 'On Line' direct from New Zealand's National Museum, Te Papa OR the Wellington farmers\weavers themselves - Stansborough Fibres. [More]

Live In NZ? Wanna Meet Alan Lee?

2/12/03, 9:38 am EST - Xoanon

Belinda writes: Just thought visitors to your site might be interested to know the following Te Papa will be hosting an illustrated talk by Alan Lee on Wednesday 26th February. [More]

LOTR Comics Today.

2/12/03, 6:12 am EST - Tehanu

Thanks to Brendan, Michael and Rennie for this link to Monty, another comic spoofing on LOTR [More] and thanks to Sarah for this link to Residence Life, which has a little LOTR today too. [More]

Elvish Lessons Continue This Wednesday!

2/12/03, 5:27 am EST - leo

Our first Elvish lesson in Barliman's last week was a huge succes, close to one hundred people turned up to listen to Elostrion lesson on 'how to construct a Sindarin Sentence'. Tonight the classes continue! [More]

ROTK: The Six-Hour Cut

2/12/03, 5:27 am EST - Tehanu

Asfaloth wrote to say that the IMBD Pro magazine had some snippets about ROTK. "Rumors in early 2003 have it that the first cut is six hours long because of the amount of material from Tolkien's original story that remains to be covered." So I guess there's still a little bit of work to be done in the editing suite.

Simon Tolkien: "Visionary Tolkien"

2/12/03, 5:20 am EST - Tehanu

In the States, JRR Tolkien's grandson Simon spoke to NPR's "All Things Considered" radio programme about his grandfather. Right at the end he comments briefly about the rift in the Tolkien family and its effect on him. [More] Thanks to Liliana and others for the link.

How To Kill a Saruman

2/12/03, 5:15 am EST - leo

TORn Staffer Asfaloth dug up a small but quite funny bit of information on Christopher Lee's character of Saruman: There are reportedly five different death scenes filmed for the character of Saruman. Christopher Lee has said that he had no idea which one would be used in the final cut.

I for one hope they'll use the one from the books...

NZ Concert: The Bridge of Khazad Dum

2/12/03, 5:11 am EST - Tehanu

Fiver sends word about the NBR Stadium Spectacular concert in Wellington, which will include "a chilling Lord of the Rings pageant as 300 flaming torches are borne through the darkness by hooded figures to the sound of massive drums, choir and orchestra," the orchestra being the NZSO.

Andy Serkis comments on Oscar-nominations

2/12/03, 5:08 am EST - leo

Alex writes: Just heard an interview by Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 5. He was talking to Andy Serkis (Gollum). He was responding to the Oscar Nominations announced today. He was surprised and amazed the PJ did not recieve a nomination, but not that he wasn't considered for Best Supporting Actor for Gollum. - he thinks Ed Harris (The Hours) will win.

FoxNews Best Picture Poll

2/12/03, 5:04 am EST - leo

Several people have emailed us since yesterday saying that FoxNews.com is running a poll asking visitors which nominated movie should take home the Best Film-statue. The Two Towers is leading by a landslide but it wouldn't hurt to give it some more votes.. [More]

Howard Shore Concert Report #5

2/12/03, 4:58 am EST - leo

Please folks; stop emailing me how lucky I was to be able to attend Howard Shore's concert because I wasn't there. Ryan was however, and you can read what he had to say about the event here!

News for Feb. 11, 2003

TORN Digital 'West' Update

2/11/03, 11:53 pm EST - Xoanon

TORN Digital West, our west-coast team headed by Asfaloth and Green Booker Quickbeam, revived me from my sickened state to remind me that the very cool Billy Boyd/Sala Baker interview was not included in the TORN Digital update. The interviews, filmed during the red carpet entrance at th TTT LA Premiere are really fun to watch. We have now added it, take a look..really great stuff! [More]

Jim Rygel and Randy Cook Attend AEAF Event In Oz

2/11/03, 5:38 pm EST - Xoanon

Lolly writes: Back in December last year I went to the AEAF in Sydney, when Jim Rygel and Randy Cook gave what was supposed to be an hour long presentation on FOTR. Another event has been scheduled for May in Melbourne, and this time there’ll be info on Two Towers. It is certainly worthwhile for anyone interested in not only LOTR but also effects and animations in the film industry. [More]

Astin/McKellen Articles On SciFi.com

2/11/03, 5:30 pm EST - Xoanon

Two articles from Scifi.com featuring our own Ian McKellen (Gandalf) and Sean Astin (Sam). [More]

Singapore Newspaper Goofs on TTT

2/11/03, 5:18 pm EST - Xoanon

Jo_Took from Singapore writes: Attached is a spoof that was printed in a local newspaper here in Singapore and i thought i would share it with you guys. I love the website and thanks for all the LOTR info! You guys are doing a great job! [More]

Swing On This Poll

2/11/03, 4:58 pm EST - Xoanon

RobinK writes: CNN's site has a poll alongside their article on the Oscar nominations, asking which film readers thinks should win Best Pic. TTT is currently leading with a whopping 49%! [More]

Holm Sells Auto-Bio

2/11/03, 4:56 pm EST - Xoanon

JLB writes: Sir Ian Holm (Bilbo) has sold his as-yet untitled autobiography to Sally Gaminara at Bantam Press for six figures. He was represented by Euan Thorneycroft at Curtis Brown UK (UK and Commonwealth, inc Canada).

'X2' Trailer Before 'Daredevil'

2/11/03, 4:54 pm EST - Xoanon

Barkie writes in to remind us that the X-Men 2 trailer can be seen this Friday in front of DareDevil.

Media Watch: Mad Magazine

2/11/03, 4:49 pm EST - Xoanon

I wouldn't usualy post these on the front page, but I REALLY want everyone to see these. Mad Magazine's latest issue has some great 'outtakes' from TTT. Be sure to check out Gandalf and Theoden!

Cinemarati Award Noms: TTT Still In Running

2/11/03, 4:34 pm EST - Xoanon

MJ12 writes: LotR has made it to the second round of nominations for the 3rd Annual Cinemarati Awards in 12 different categories: 'Best Film,' 'Best Ensemble Cast,' 'Outstanding Design,' and 'Roundtable Film of the Year. For awards going to individuals or small groups of people Andy Serkis is nominated for 'Best Supporting Actor,' Peter Jackson for 'Best Director,' Frances Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Stephen Sinclair and Peter Jackson for 'Best Adapted Screenplay,' Andrew Lesnie for 'Best Cinematography," D. Michael Horton and Jabez Olseen for 'Best Film Editing,' and Howard Shore for 'Best Musical Score,' Other LotR nominations are the FotR Extended Edition DVD for 'Best DVD Award' and www.lordoftherings.net for 'Best Official Film Site' (*cough* -Xo).

Tolkien Scholars Hit The Road

2/11/03, 4:26 pm EST - Xoanon

Cully writes: Doug A. Anderson, author of The Annotated Hobbit, will be coming to Illinois Central College on February 18. He will begin his talk at 7:00 p.m. that night, and will give another at the same place at 11:00 a.m. on February 19. Also, on March 25, Professor Mike Foster along with others, will give a talk entitled The Two Towers: From Book to Movie at 7:00 p.m. at the Lakeview Center Auditorium in Peoria, IL.

Marketing Moves

2/11/03, 4:14 pm EST - Xoanon

Twentieth Century Fox is pushing the DVD envelope. The company has created "MovieBuzz," a full-sized DVD that will be attached to 85 ounce bags of popcorn at Regal, Cinemark, Clearview,. Century, Hoyt's and Famous Players screens in in North America. The DVD is a marketing tool, through and through, pushing five upcoming Fox features (Daredevil, Down With Love, X-Men 2, Master & Commander and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen).

Don't Get This Man Near A Magnet

2/11/03, 4:13 pm EST - Xoanon

Jody from NZ writes: I was looking through some of my old photos the other day and came across this picture. It was taken by a press photographer on location filming PJ's movie, The Frighteners. [More]

LOTR:TTT picks up Best Film nomination!

2/11/03, 8:46 am EST - leo

The Oscar-nominations were announced just now and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers picked up a nomination for Best Film alongside 'The Hours', 'Chicago', 'Gangs of New York' and 'The Pianist'. Unfortunately no Best Director-nomination for PJ or Best Supporting Actor for Andy Serkis this year.

In the 'smaller' categories The Two Towers picked up nominations for:

Art Direction

Film Editing


Sound Editing

and Visual Effects!

Check out the entire list of nominations here!

What do you think of the TTT noms, or the Oscars in general? Post your feedback here!

Tolkien Art Exhibition in Italy

2/11/03, 6:20 am EST - Tehanu

Here's a press release about an exhibition of Tolkien-related art to be held in Ancona from the 15th of February. Check out their website - there'll be LOTR dinners, role-playing and music too. [More]

More World News: Kuwait sees TTT at last!

2/11/03, 5:54 am EST - Tehanu

Shaytoon writes: "I would gladly like to inform you that TTT has opened yesterday Feb.10th at the KNCC cinema in Kuwait. I have personally attended the grand opening of the movie yesterday and enjoyed 3 hours of an amazing LOTR story." He added, "KNCC purposely delays the opening of LOTR each year so it meets the holiday season in Kuwait. The movie opens at the first day of "Eid Al-Adhha" so that's why the movie gets delayed." [doesn't excuse having the 'coming soon' thing on their website for months, though! - T]

News for Feb. 10, 2003

And Yet Another Howard Shore Report...

2/10/03, 1:12 pm EST - leo

Well the London Festival Hall must have been filled with TORn visitors. Tracey was there on any account, and here's what she had to say! [More]

Howard Shore Concert Report #2

2/10/03, 1:04 pm EST - leo

This time it's elanor the fair that wrote a little bit about last night's concert: well, this is the first chance i have had to give any kind of report on yesterday's concert. [More]

Howard Shore Concert Report!

2/10/03, 11:03 am EST - leo

Ringer Spy Irascian has just finished his report of Howard Shore's concert in Londons Royal Festival Hall last night, and might I say that it is once again great! Be sure to check out the report and all the cool pictures here!

Weekend Roundup

2/10/03, 12:43 am EST - Xoanon

Missed all the news this weekend? Fear not! We've got our pattented 'Weekend Roundup' section for you to catch up! [More]

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