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December 12, 2004 - December 18, 2004

News for Dec. 18, 2004

ProLiteracy Auctions Off Tickets to ORC

12/18/04, 11:33 am EST - Xoanon

ProLiteracy Worldwide is auctioning off a pair of the SOLD OUT Wizards Circle tickets to the One Ring Celebration in Pasadena, CA Jan 14-16. These tickets include a two nights stay at the Sheraton Pasadena Hotel, as well as full access to ORC with in person autographs with ELijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, John Rhys-Davies, Bruce Hopkins and more! though your transportation there is not covered. [More] [The Auction]

Get TheOneRing.net Newsletter Today!

12/18/04, 11:29 am EST - Xoanon

The latest newsletter is ready to go! Do you want to receive our free weekly newsletter? Packed with tons of info to keep you up to date on the latest? Plus filled with exclusives from time to time! Join the crowd of over 22 000 mailing list members! Sign up now! [More]

Spy Report on PJ Next Project?!

12/18/04, 10:40 am EST - Xoanon

TORN Goddess Tehanu sends this along from one of her sources in New Zealand. It deals mainly with King Kong however there is a very interesting tidbit on PJ's next film. I'll give you one hint, it DOES NOT involve little furry footed people and dragons..sadly. (MAJOR SPOILERS!!!) [More]

Ringers Update: Monaghan Recording in Hawaii Right Now!

12/18/04, 10:35 am EST - Xoanon

The newest addition to the One Ring Celebration, Dominic Monaghan, will be appearing on the 'Ringers' panel at the convention! Also set to join them are X-Men & X2 producer and all around geek Tom DeSanto. Tickets are still available, but are going fast!!

Meanwhile, 'Ringers' director Carlene Cordova is currently in Hawaii with Dominic recording the narration for the film! [ORC Website] [Ringers Website]

Gollum gets a health check

12/18/04, 10:28 am EST - Xoanon

LONDON (Reuters) - Gollum, the creepy character in "Lord of the Rings" with the dual personality and eerie voice, suffered from a schizoid personality disorder, according to a group of medical students. Thirty students at University College London were asked to explain the odd behaviour the character displayed in the films based on the J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy. The students noted his solitary habits, spiteful behaviour, odd interests, difficulty in forming friendships, emotional changeability, nervousness and paranoia. [More]

Liv Tyler Names Son Milo

12/18/04, 10:26 am EST - Xoanon

From IMDB: Lord Of The Rings beauty Liv Tyler has announced the name of her newborn baby boy - Milo William Langdon. Tyler and her husband, Royston Langdon, welcomed Milo in the early hours of Tuesday morning at a New York hospital. The baby weighed in at 8 pounds. This is the first child for Tyler, 27, and her English rocker husband, 32. Tyler and Langdon married on 25 March 2003, in Barbados after a two-year engagement.

insidefilm (if) magazine Talks Andrew Lesnie

12/18/04, 10:03 am EST - Xoanon

Kongspy AJ writes: In the current issue of "insidefilm (if) magazine", the cover story is "Top 20 Most Influential in Australian Film," and accompanying article "The Art of Persuasion". [More]

Weta To Put Mark On Zorro

12/18/04, 8:34 am EST - leo

Wellington's Weta Workshop has landed a top project on big-budget Hollywood movie The Legend of Zorro, but the film's leading stars are staying home. The Miramar special effects studio, responsible for special effects in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, will start work on The Legend, the sequel to The Mask of Zorro, next month. [More]

Talk RoTK EE This Weekend At HoF!

12/18/04, 5:29 am EST - Demosthenes

If you already have your copy of the Return of the King Extended Edition, you've probably worn it out by now. And we bet you're burning to talk about the additional footage: how well it works, whether it fits in and how well it adds to the overall storyline. [More]

News for Dec. 17, 2004

Gimli Gets his Kiwi Girl

12/17/04, 8:08 pm EST - Tehanu

When Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies starred as Gimli the dwarf in The Lord of the Rings he defeated evil, but did not get the girl. In real life, the 60-year-old has won the affections of 40-year-old Good Morning presenter Lisa Manning. [More]

Maps, Calligraphy from Daniel Reeve

12/17/04, 4:20 pm EST - Tehanu

That darn website was playing up and now it's fixed, so if you tried to contact him before and couldn't, try now. BTW our Red Carpet LOTR tour group saw Daniel in action last week, and get this: he does everything - scripts, maps, icons, entire books (like There and Back Again written from Bilbo's hand) - in ink, with a quill, with no mistakes and rubbing out! It's always right first time. Amazing to watch. [More]

Special Gamling Package.

12/17/04, 4:12 pm EST - Tehanu

News from Bruce Hopkins' website about a special "Gamling Package. It offers King Theoden's Sword, a choice of Rohan flag, a certificate of authenticity signed by Bruce, and an 8x10 glossy photo of Gamling signed by Bruce. [More]

The Great Calisuri Challenge!

12/17/04, 12:59 pm EST - Xoanon

Do you want to see this man in that dress?

Amy (Calisuri's fiancee) writes: Recently Cali posted on a Sideshow messageboad that if Sideshow's Minas Morgul sold out by Sunday (Dec 19th) that he would dress as Arwen and run around for a bit at The One Ring Celebration!. [More]

Click here to get your Minas Morgul set and get Cali in a DRESS!!

Blanchett's 'Aviator' in Limited Release Today

12/17/04, 8:55 am EST - Xoanon

The Howard Hughes bio film 'The Aviator' opens in limited release today as well. The film stars Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn, many people are saying she could grab an Oscar nomination for her uncanny performance as the other Kate. The film opens today in select theatres in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and a few more cities. [Showtimes]

Meanwhile, take a look at the photos we have from 'The Aviator' Premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York that was held on Tuesday (Dec. 14th). [More]

Otto's 'Flight of the Phoenix' Released

12/17/04, 8:51 am EST - Xoanon

Hot off the heels of her 37th birthday, Miranda Otto's latest film, the action/drama "Flight of the Phoenix" is out today in North America. The film is about survivors of a plane crash in the Mongolian desert who work together to build a new plane. [Showtimes USA] [Showtimes CAN]

Happy Birthday Bernard Hill!

12/17/04, 8:45 am EST - Xoanon

Today is Bernard Hill's Birthday! Bernard was born on December 17th, 1944 in Manchester, England. That makes him 60 today! Happy Birthday Bernard!!

News for Dec. 16, 2004

Show Us Your ROTK:EE DVD!

12/16/04, 8:04 pm EST - Xoanon

Show Us Your ROTK:EE DVD!Show Us Your ROTK:EE DVD!Show Us Your ROTK:EE DVD!

LOTR fans worldwide sent along images of themselves with their new Return of the King: Extended Edition DVDs. Now YOU can add to the collection!! Send an image of yourself with your DVD collection! [Email us here!]

Talk RoTK EE This Weekend At HoF!

12/16/04, 7:20 pm EST - Demosthenes

If you already have your copy of the Return of the King Extended Edition, you've probably worn it out by now. And we bet you're burning to talk about the additional footage: how well it works, whether it fits in and how well it adds to the overall storyline. [More]

ROTK EE on a Big Screen in Minnesota

12/16/04, 6:59 pm EST - Xoanon

Update from the Minnesota Tolkien Society: The Church of the Open Door who is having the Return of the Trilogy event on December 31st in Maple Grove, MN has heard from many fans who for one reason or another cannot attend the entire event and are interested in seeing Return of the King Extended Edition (ROTK EE) only on the big screen in surround sound. In response, on December 14th, they converted a LIMITED number of trilogy tickets to ROTK EE only. ROTK starts at 5pm and is $8. [More]

The Lord Of The Rings Tradeable Miniatures Game: The Balrog Unveiled

12/16/04, 6:54 pm EST - Xoanon

Jeff Hrubiak writres: The newest offering from Sabertooth Games for their The Lord of the Rings Tradeable Miniatures Game is the mighty Balrog. He is the latest Evil figure to come to Middle-earth in the Premium Line (PL) of figures. This is one bad dude! Lucky for the forces of Good, he comes packaged with a very impressive version of Gandalf the Grey. They are hitting retailers’ shelves sometime this month, December 2004! [More]

The Return of the Rings

12/16/04, 6:39 pm EST - Xoanon

Laura Miller writes: All but the most ardent Middle Earth lovers among us were feeling a bit burnt out by the time "The Return of the King" swept the Oscars earlier this year. One of the chief symptoms of Tolkien mania is the feeling that you just can't get enough of the stuff, but in reality that's rarely the case. The parade of awards felt predictable, every aspect of the professor's creation seemed thoroughly explored and it was time for a rest. [More]

GAMING: Wanna Play Minas Tirith Tycoon?

12/16/04, 6:38 pm EST - Xoanon

Matt, Global Moderator at RCTMart.com writes: Most of you have probably heard of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, but if not, it is a Interactive game similar to Sims: Theme Park, and you can create your own rides, theme park, etc. It is a wonderful game. The Lord of the Rings Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Project is a on going project that has been in the makings since May of 2004. [More]

Bean Inhabits 'Island' with McGregor, Johansson

12/16/04, 6:30 pm EST - Xoanon

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Sean Bean will join Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson in the cast of "The Island" for director Michael Bay. The DreamWorks project centers on a harvested being who becomes self-aware and tries to escape the utopia where he lives. Bean, who played Boromir in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, will take on the part of Merick, the chief antagonist. [More]

DVD Producer Interview: Part Three

12/16/04, 6:27 pm EST - Xoanon

Scott Collura, Managing Editor of Now Playing Magazine writes: We've just uploaded our third and final part of the interview, which I'm offering as an exclusive scoop to TheOneRing.net - consider it a big "thank you" for all the great coverage you've given us recently. This story is not currently publicly available on our site, so only TheOneRing.net readers will be able to access it at a "hidden" link. [More]

Boyd Comments on Dubai Film Festival

12/16/04, 6:24 pm EST - Xoanon

Adele sends along this link with Billy Boyd commenting on his new film 'On A Clear Day'. "...The inaugural ceremony was attended by over 800 guests. Among the biggest names were 'LOTR' stars Orlando Bloom and Billy Boyd. Boyd later told reporters, ''I think film is something we all understand. It's international. The way the world is just now, the more ways we can build bridges and understand different races and how we all live our lives. What better way to do this than film,'' he added..." [More]

ProLiteracy Auctions Off Tickets to ORC

12/16/04, 6:07 pm EST - Corvar

ProLiteracy Worldwide is auctioning off a pair of Wizards Circle tickets to the One Ring Celebration in Pasadena, CA Jan 14-16. These tickets include a two nights stay at the Sheraton Pasadena Hotel, though your transportation there is not covered. [More] [The Auction]

Happy Birthday Miranda Otto!

12/16/04, 8:54 am EST - Xoanon

Today is Miranda Otto's Birthday! Miranda was born on December 16th, 1967 in Queensland, Australia. That makes her 37 today, happy birthday Miranda!

News for Dec. 15, 2004

50th Anniversary Edition LoTR

12/15/04, 7:46 pm EST - Demosthenes

Ringer Brent sent us some pictures of the Houghton Mifflin 50th Anniversay Edition of Lord of the Rings. There's also a Harper Collins UK edition (no, I don't know what the difference is!). The production on both looks wonderful - and the text has been corrected by Chris Tolkien. Here's some pictures of the HM edition. [More]

Earthsea in Clorox

12/15/04, 6:38 pm EST - Tehanu

"There is still hope," I thought, even when Philippa Boyens had to beg off finishing the screenplay to "The Legend of Earthea," and all news about the project evaporated for the next 3 years. But I'm getting fan responses to the first episode now and doesn't make good reading. As for Le Guin's own reaction.....[More] Ouch!!!

Daniel Reeve, Calligrapher and Mapmaker

12/15/04, 5:35 pm EST - Tehanu

One of the highlights of the latest Red Carpet LOTR tour was our visit from Daniel Reeve, mapmaker and calligrapher for LOTR. Meeting him made us realise firstly what a talent he has, and what an important role his work played in the films - and the books and games based on the films. He now has a website where you can learn more about him, and order tailor-made samples of his work. [More]

Dom Monaghan Confirmed for ORC!!

12/15/04, 1:29 pm EST - Xoanon

TheOne.Ring.net and Creation Entertainment are extremely pleased to announce today that the sensational DOMINIC MONAGHAN is joining his comrades to party with all of us at The One Ring Celebration, coming to Pasadena, California January 14-16, 2005. Thanks to you, this event is a home-run with our "fantastic four" headlining: ELIJAH WOOD, SEAN ASTIN, BILLY BOYD and DOMINIC MONAGHAN! They are joined by genre legend JOHN RHYS-DAVIES and more than a score of other celebrities, scholars, and artists! [More]

Other guests include: Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Bruce Hopkins, John Rhys-Davies, Jorn & Jarl Benzon, Sandro Kopp, Peter Tait, Ted Nasmith, RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS Crew, Royd Tolkien (Great-grandson of JRR Tolkien), Daniel Falconer (Senior Designer WETA WORKSHOP), Katrelya Angus (Tolkien and C.S. Lewis scholar), Greg Wright (Author of Peter Jackson in Perspective), Paul Badali (Master Jeweler), George Beahm (Published over 20 books, including The Essential J.R.R. Tolkien Sourcebook), Colleen Doran (Artist of The Essential JRR Tolkien Sourcebook), Tim Kirk (Illustrated 1975 J.R.R.Tolkien Calendar), Doug Adams (Author of The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films), Mike Foster (North American Representative of The Tolkien Society)

News for Dec. 14, 2004

Spot Any '821' Lately?

12/14/04, 7:03 pm EST - Xoanon

Jim as well as others write: There has been a lot of outrage on DVD forums about the R2 and R4 versions of the ROTK:EE having a watermark on them. There have been verified reports that the R2 and R4 PAL versions of the EE contain a watermark with the number "821" at 21mins 31secs into the film. This is not really noticeable if you do not know about it, but it is certainly a worrying precedent. [More] [Image]

ROTK: DVD Roundup

12/14/04, 6:58 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Celebriel forwards three major market reviews. The Des Moines Register calls the set "most precious" and "a fitting final visit to Middle Earth." Also Boston Herald and Chicago Sun Times praise the Extended Edition DVD. [Boston Herald] [Chicago Sun Times] [Des Moines Register]

Liv Tyler Delivers Baby Boy!

12/14/04, 4:21 pm EST - Xoanon

Crazy, but Steven Tyler is a newly minted grandfather. The Aerosmith frontman officially became a rock 'n' roll relic Tuesday as daughter Liv Tyler gave birth to a baby boy. It's the first child for the 27-year-old Lord of the Rings star and her British rocker hubby, Royston Langdon, 32--and the first grandkid for the 54-year-old Aerosmith screecher. [More]

TORN and her fans would like to extend a congrats to the new mom and dad!

It's FINALLY Here!!! Show us YOUR DVD!!!

12/14/04, 2:17 pm EST - Xoanon

Continuing a long standing tradition on TheOneRing.net, we ask YOU to show us YOUR copy of the ROTK Extended Edition DVD! Where do you keep it alongside FOTR & TTT? Show us a creative way to display it! Show us where and how you like you watch the DVD! The most creative and funny will get posted online! SEND YOUR IMAGES HERE!

A holiday rush of DVD arrivals

12/14/04, 2:13 pm EST - Xoanon

Helping ring in the holiday shopping rush is a bustling DVD release schedule that includes The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Special Extended Edition, out Tuesday. The new four-disc set ($40, New Line) is also packaged in an $80 collector's set with a miniature sculpture and a concert DVD. A $120 movie trilogy box set of Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and Return of the King extended editions is available, too. [More]

Lord of the Rhymes News

12/14/04, 2:13 pm EST - Xoanon

Hobbit rap superstars Quickbeam and Bombadil, known in lands near and far as the Lords of the Rhymes, officially released 'Lords of the Rhymes: The Untolde Tale' today, instantly topping the Billboard charts, shredding all previously held sales records, and putting several small South Asian economies on the brink of collapse. The 40-minute feature — hailed by one critic as 'the best piece of pure filmmaking ever executed' and by another as 'a surreal yet cardboard-infused journey into the proto-pubescent fantasy realm of two hairy-footed beatboxing wannabe hacks,' — details the rise to stardom, the music, the hype, the fans, and the secret lives of MCs Quickbeam and Bombadil — aka the Lords of the Rhymes. [More]

TV Watch: Blanchett on Letterman

12/14/04, 2:05 pm EST - Xoanon

Cate Blanchett is slated to be a guest on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' tonight on CBS. Be sure to catch it!

LOTR Exhibit Set To Soar in Sydney

12/14/04, 2:02 pm EST - Xoanon

From Powerhouse Museum: Experience the fantastic world of Middle-earth when the international blockbuster The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy – The Exhibition comes to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney this summer. [More]

Alan Lee Interview

12/14/04, 1:55 pm EST - Xoanon

Ain't It Cool News has posted an interview with legendary Tolkien artist Alan Lee. As you may know Alan was on a booksigning order around the US. Take a look! [More]

Return to Rivendell Tour

12/14/04, 1:33 pm EST - Xoanon

Elaine Barnden, Information Centre Officer at Upper Hutt City Council writes: Just to let you know that we are running a “Return to Rivendell Tour” at Kaitoke Regional Park, Upper Hutt on Saturday 19 February 2005. 3.30pm until 9pm (own transport to and from the park required). Features stuntmen swordfighters who were associated with the movie and a dinner in the beautiful surroundings of Rivendell. Costs $35.00 per adult, $ 20.00 per child under 14 yrs. Bookings and prepayment essential. [More]

SHOP: Got EE Gift Set? Get Minas Morgul!

12/14/04, 11:26 am EST - Celeborn

If you snagged the ROTK EE Gift Set with the Minas Tirith environment, now it is time to pick up the companion piece of Minas Morgul from Sideshow/Weta Collectibles. Look inside your set for the 'offer code' and act fast. Oh -- And did we mention Sideshow/Weta is also giving everyone a Crown of King Elessar 1/4 scale replica FREE (except for shipping) to anyone who orders the Minas Morgul Environment? [Click Here]

Give the Poor Kid His EE DVD!

12/14/04, 7:20 am EST - weetanya

Happy "official" release date for ROTK EE! I, for one, am about to go stake out my local Best Buy. Many early rising ringers have pointed out that Foxtrot once again nails our mood today... [More]

News for Dec. 13, 2004

'Ringers' Set for SLAMDANCE with Monaghan as Narrator!

12/13/04, 9:46 pm EST - Xoanon


HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA --TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2004 -- The Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, will launch its 2005 slate with the world premiere of RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS on its opening Friday night (January 21, 2005). The producers also announce the final addition to their remarkable project, the voice of Dominic Monaghan (Merry Brandybuck from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, now starring on ABC’s Lost) will be heard as the film’s Narrator, relaying the dynamic story of J.R.R. Tolkien’s pop-culture legacy. [More]

Lord Of The Rings stars keen to return

12/13/04, 3:34 pm EST - Xoanon

The stars of Lord Of The Rings have given director Peter Jackson a promise they'll return for The Hobbit if he is prepared to make it. Jackson has hinted that he would be interested in adapting the pre-Lord of The Rings story into a movie, and now his Hobbit stars are pushing him to go for it. [More]

Blanchett, Shore Nab Globe-Nomination!

12/13/04, 12:34 pm EST - leo

The 2005 Golden Globe-nominations have just been announced and amongst those competing we see two familiar faces: those of Cate Blanchett and Howard Shore! Blanchett has been nominated for Best Performance by An Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for her role in 'The Aviator' while Shore got a Best Original Score-nod for his music in the same film! [All Nominees!] The 62nd Golden Globe Awards will be held on Sunday, January 16th.

Fellowship Festival 2005 Update!

12/13/04, 12:25 pm EST - leo

New and exciting news for all European Ringers who'd like to attend an excellent convention: the organisers of 2004's Fellowship Festival in London, UK just made some interesting anouncements for next years show! The dates have been announced, it appears some of last years guests/MC's will be back this time around, the show will move to a new location and news about the ticket packages! Be sure to read all about it here!

News for Dec. 12, 2004

Alan Lee Interview!

12/12/04, 7:08 pm EST - Xoanon

Lawrence French writes: I interviewed Alan Lee and introduced him before his appearance in San Francisco on Friday, so I thought you might like to post my intro, along with a the first part of my interview: "I think it's only appropriate that Alan Lee be welcomed to San Francisco here in the Haight-Asbury, where Prof. Tolkien's book were "rediscovered" in the late sixties. Tonight we are in for a special treat, as Alan has brought along a series of behind the scenes slides showing us his work as well as photos taken on the set of The Lord of the Rings movies..." [More]

Boyd's 'Clear Day' Set to Open Sundance

12/12/04, 6:58 pm EST - Xoanon

Silverstar writes: The Sundance Film Festival is starting a World Cinema Dramatic Competition, and Billy Boyd's film is the first one on the program! From the Sundance website: ON A CLEAR DAY / U.K. (Director: Gaby Dellal; Screenwriter: Alex Rose) -- Frank determines to salvage his self-esteem and tackle his demons by attempting the ultimate test of endurance—swimming the English Channel. World Premiere. Opening Night, Salt Lake City. [Sundance Website]

The Cate Who Would Be Kate

12/12/04, 6:53 pm EST - Xoanon

Since graduating from drama school in 1992, the actress Cate Blanchett has been, among other things, a storied English monarch ("Elizabeth"), an Irish journalist ("Veronica Guerin"), a southern psychic ("The Gift"), a Long Island housewife ("Pushing Tin"), a WASP heiress ("The Talented Mr. Ripley"), a Middle Earth elf queen ("Lord of the Rings"), a Scottish member of the French Resistance ("Charlotte Gray") and a New Mexico frontierswoman ("The Missing"). And in Wes Anderson's ensemble comedy "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou" (which opened in New York and Los Angeles on Friday ), the 35-year-old Melbourne native plays a starchy, very pregnant globetrotting journalist. [More]

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