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November 20, 2005 - November 26, 2005

News for Nov. 26, 2005

Americans sniffing around Weta Digital animators

11/26/05, 10:14 am EST - Xoanon

Some giant American studios are trying to fill a shortage of movie animators by poaching from New Zealand special effects companies, including Weta Digital. The commercial success of New Zealand director Adam Adamson's Shrek movies, and other animated features such as Finding Nemo has created huge demand for staff skilled at computer graphics. Recruiters at Glendale-based DreamWorks Animation - which produced the Shrek films - recently returned from a trip to New Zealand to woo workers away from Weta Digital, the computer effects operation co-owned by director Peter Jackson, the Los Angeles Times reports. [More]

Mortensen at CUNY Graduate Center in January

11/26/05, 10:12 am EST - Xoanon

Mary writes: Thought you'd like to know that Viggo Mortensen is scheduled to give a talk in NY in January. He will be at CUNY Graduate Center at the Elesbash Recital Hall, January 6th, as part of the NY Times Arts & Leisure Weekend. Tickets can be purchased through the Times here. [More]

Serkis makes King Kong as real as possible

11/26/05, 9:49 am EST - Xoanon

King Kong actor Andy Serkis painlessly researched the way the terrifying beast should kill his victims - because he wanted his character to be as realistic as possible. Serkis provides motion capture and facial expressions for the computer generated King Kong in the new movie - and was determined his Kong should behave like a real animal. [More]

SHOP: Frodo and Sam Orc Helms Second Chance

11/26/05, 9:48 am EST - Celeborn

Frodos Orc HelmSams Orc HelmSideshow/Weta Collectibles are offering the Sam and Frodo Orc Helms up as Second Chance opportunities. These items were sold out and a limited number have come back into stock. They are also having 99¢ US shipping (and other Int'l specials) so you can snag them for the holiday for just about 30 bucks. [Frodo's Orc Helm] [Sam's Orc Helm] [Ship Specials] [LOTR In-Stock for Holiday]

News for Nov. 25, 2005

Isabel Bayrakdarian Concert Tonight

11/25/05, 9:20 am EST - Xoanon

World-renowned soprano and University of Toronto graduate Isabel Bayrakdarian will perform a benefit concert at Convocation Hall tonight (Nov. 25) to raise funds towards the restoration of the century-old pipe organ in the historic building. Bayrakdarian, a 1996 graduate of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, decided to follow her heart and pursue a career in music. Bayrakdarian’s acclaimed career has seen her perform in opera houses in New York, Paris, San Francisco, Toronto and London. [More]

Happy Birthday Bruce Hopkins!

11/25/05, 9:18 am EST - Xoanon

Today is Bruce Hopkins' Birthday! Bruce played the role of Gamling in TTT and ROTK. He was born on november 25th, 1955 in Invercargill, New Zealand. That makes him 50 years old today! Happy Birthday Bruce!

News for Nov. 24, 2005

Hall Of Fire This Weekend -- The Kinslaying Unmasked

11/24/05, 6:14 pm EST - Demosthenes

"Longest of all the realms of the Eldalië shall Gondolin stand against Melkor. But love not too well the work of thy hands and the devices of thy heart; and remember that the true hope of the Noldor lieth in the West and cometh from the Sea." Thus Ulmo warned Turgon at the founding of Gondolin.

This weekend, Hall of Fire resumes regular Silmarillion chats with Chapter 15 -- Of the Noldor in Beleriand. Hidden from all spying eyes, Turgon builds Gondolin as a replica of Tirion -- the city lost to the Noldor in exile. Is it yearning for home? Is it hubris or defiance of the Valar or Morgoth? [More]

PJ Petitioning DGA for 'Animation Directed By' Credit

11/24/05, 1:10 pm EST - Xoanon

"Peter Jackson has petitioned the Directors Guild of America to give an “Animation Directed By” credit on KING KONG to the supervisors who helped bring Kong to life, reports David Poland of MOVIE CITY NEWS. However, the animators are not identified by Poland. Joe Letteri and Ben Snow served as visual effects supervisors and Christian Rivers directed the MoCap sessions with Andy Serkis. The DGA has never allowed such a credit before." (requires registration) [More]

LOTR Online Update

11/24/05, 1:00 pm EST - Xoanon

Meghan, Online Community Manager for The Lord of the Rings Online writes: This week’s update is concept art for armor in Middle-earth along with comments from NobOrBob and Floon Beetle: “These are two of several styles of armor found in LOTRO, as worn by a Man of Eriador. (In the game, players can wear armor designs from another race, if they so choose. Hobbits, being peaceful folk, have not developed an armor style of their own.) However, armor takes skill to wear effectively, and only certain classes will have the appropriate skills for some armor-types.” [More]

SHOP: Sideshow/Weta's In Stock LOTR Guide

11/24/05, 8:52 am EST - Celeborn

Shopping for a LOTR Fan this holiday? Sideshow/Weta Collectibles is making the process a lot easier with a listing of all in-stock Lord of the Rings items, and special ship rates for the holidays. (99 cents US, $9.99 EU/Int'l). Some of statues/busts available: Galadriel, Pippin, Gil-Galad, Elrond, The Balrog, King of the Dead and more. [Click Here]

News for Nov. 23, 2005

Announcing the Iron Artist Challenge!

11/23/05, 11:23 pm EST - Xoanon

If you are an amateur artist, looking to see if you can make it in the art world, this is the perfect event for you. We are currently looking for 3 amateur artists, one each who can do Children’s Animation, Illustration and Cartooning, to take on our professional Iron Artists. [More]

Topps Sketch Cards

11/23/05, 11:06 pm EST - Xoanon

Topps Sketch Cards GG writes: Hi there -- Just thought I'd share the news that the new Topps "Lord of the Rings: Evolution" card set has just been announced in the new issue of Previews, which hit stores today. It will be the first-ever LOTR card set featuring one-of-a-kind hand-drawn Sketch Cards! I'd imagine Topps will be updating their site soon with more info. [More]

JAMDAT Launches Lord of the Rings Title

11/23/05, 11:00 pm EST - Xoanon

From socaltech.com: Los Angeles-based JAMDAT Mobile released a new title this week based on the Lord of the Rings. The company said that The Lord of the Rings: Legends in Europe is available in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian on mobile operators in France, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The entertainment title is based on the New Line Cinema movies. [jamdat.com]

We Want YOU to Appear Live on T.V. for RINGERS!

11/23/05, 1:49 pm EST - Xoanon

Live in New York City? Want to be on live television? Now’s your chance! To help publicize the launch of RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS, Fox & Friends would like to put some Ringers on national television! Fox & Friends is like the TODAY show on the Fox News Channel. Fox & Friends are looking for costumed hobbit lads & lasses to stand outside of their window in New York City from between 6:30 and 7:00AM (Eastern Time) on Saturday, Nov. 26. [More]

Show Us Your 'Ringers' DVD!

11/23/05, 1:47 pm EST - Xoanon

Got your hands on the 'Ringers: Lord of the Fans' DVD? show it to us! Send along images of yourself and your brand new DVD and we'll post them online! [Send yours along today!]

Lord of the DVD Extras

11/23/05, 1:36 pm EST - Xoanon

eowyn_rohan writes: Lord of the Rings makes the news yet again! It is at the top spot in MSN's list for Best DVD Extras. "Hail the victorious EE!" Check out the entire list and why LOTR is best here. [More]

Get LOST Tonight!

11/23/05, 1:34 pm EST - Xoanon

'Lost', featuring Dominic Monaghan, is on ABC tonight at 9PM EST. [abc.go.com]

News for Nov. 22, 2005

Isabel Bayrakdarian Concert News

11/22/05, 2:29 pm EST - Xoanon

World-renowned soprano and University of Toronto graduate Isabel Bayrakdarian will perform a benefit concert at Convocation Hall Nov. 25 to raise funds towards the restoration of the century-old pipe organ in the historic building. Bayrakdarian, a 1996 graduate of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, decided to follow her heart and pursue a career in music. Bayrakdarian’s acclaimed career has seen her perform in opera houses in New York, Paris, San Francisco, Toronto and London. [More]

Wood delights Jackson with NZ visit

11/22/05, 1:48 pm EST - Xoanon

Elijah Wood has revealed how he made a secret visit to New Zealand to surprise Peter Jackson on the set of King Kong. Wood planned the trip for a bit of fun, but the actor who played hobbit Frodo Baggins in Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy was surprised just how emotional he was when he arrived at the Kiwi director's film studio in Wellington. The studio was the same facility where Lord of the Rings was shot and Jackson had recruited most of the Rings crew for King Kong, many who were close to Wood after his 18 months in New Zealand. [More]

Premiere Talks King Kong

11/22/05, 1:30 pm EST - Xoanon

Premiere Talks King Kong Richard writes: Peter Jackson and Naomi Watts are on the cover of the Premiere Special Holiday review issue, it's awesome! [More]

Today is the Day! Ringers: Lord of the Fans on DVD!

11/22/05, 6:37 am EST - Xoanon

This will be a day long remembered, 'Ringers: Lord of the Fans' is now available on DVD! From Amazon: Dedicated to Tolkien as a valentine by smart and dedicated fans, the film generates its own infectious goodwill; it's so fun to watch that even non-fans will concede (to borrow a phrase from another world of fandom) that resistance is futile. (Oh, and speaking of Star Trek, the vintage clip of Leonard Nimoy singing his novelty hit "Bilbo Baggins" is absolutely priceless.) Actor Dominic Monaghan ("Merry" from Jackson's trilogy, before joining the ensemble cast of Lost) perfectly delivers the film's eloquent narration, which runs the LOTR gamut from intellectual appreciation to the hilarious eccentricities of über-fan obsession. Unfailingly noble in spirit and delightfully comprehensive, Ringers is a collector's gift that can proudly stand alongside Tolkien's books and Jackson's timeless movie trilogy. [Order Yours Today!]

Already have yours? show us your DVD! Send along images of yourself and your brand new 'Ringers' DVD and we'll post them online! [Send yours along today!]

News for Nov. 21, 2005

'Box Office Inklings: C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien' Lecture in Wilmington, OH

11/21/05, 7:31 pm EST - Xoanon

Stephen writes: I thought I'd let people know about an upcoming Lewis/Tolkien lecture: Dr. Stephen Yandell, author of "A Narnian Atlas" in The Companion to Narnia and Assistant Professor of Medieval Literature at Xavier University, Cincinnati, will speak on "Box Office Inklings: C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and the New Middle Ages" Thursday, December 1st, 7 p.m., at Wilmington College, Wilmington, OH, Boyd 119. [More]

Fantastic New Full-Size RINGERS Posters Available!

11/21/05, 7:21 pm EST - Xoanon

The Ring comes full circle with the Nov. 22 release of RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS, the award-winning feature film that brings the last 50 years of hobbity goodness into one gorgeous little cinematic package -- and the beautiful new key art is available in a full size poster! Check out our star narrator Dominic Monaghan (totally looking like a Rock Star!) as he stands front and center, ready to tell the story of the "Rings" effect on pop culture. [Click here for the RINGERS store and get your poster today!]

Pre-Order 'Ringers: Lord of the Fans' on Amazon Today!

Industry to raise funds for stricken film-maker

11/21/05, 6:44 pm EST - Xoanon

Top New Zealand directors Peter Jackson, Roger Donaldson, Niki Caro and Vincent Ward have rallied round to help fellow film-maker Brad McGann, who has revealed that he has cancer. In My Father's Den, the 40-year-old's first film, was one of the most successful Kiwi movies of the past few years. It earned $1.5 million at the box office and won 10 New Zealand film awards. [More]

News for Nov. 20, 2005

One ring to obsess them all

11/20/05, 6:20 pm EST - Xoanon

Malene Arpe writes: Dominic Monaghan, former Hobbit and currently a Lost person, understands fan obsession perfectly and when the makers of the documentary Ringers: Lord of the Fans asked him to narrate, he didn't hesitate. "I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I'm a massive Star Wars fan. I'm an insane Beatles fan. I have a shed in my garden in Manchester that is filled with Beatles memorabilia. I'm a massive geek on the natural world, reptiles, insects. Big music collection. Big movie collection," he says through a bad cellphone connection from Hawaii. [More]

Pre-Order 'Ringers: Lord of the Fans' on Amazon Today!

1 Day Left: Entertainment Weekly Talks 'Ringers'

11/20/05, 12:16 pm EST - Xoanon

'Ringers' DVD Promo in Entertainment Weekly Roheryn (who loves to keep me busy on Sundays) writes: A few pages later was this half page ad for the Ringers DVD! It's great to see it so high profile in such a mainstream magazine! [More]
Pre-Order 'Ringers: Lord of the Fans' on Amazon Today!

Entertainment Weekly Talks Viggo

11/20/05, 12:03 pm EST - Xoanon

Entertainment Weekly Talks Viggo Roheryn writes: Here is a small mention in this week's Entertainment weekly about what Viggo Mortensen has been up to lately. [More]

'Letters to PJ' Project Update

11/20/05, 11:13 am EST - Xoanon

The folks from the ‘Letters to PJ’ Organising Team write: The ‘Letters to PJ’ is a worldwide fan appreciation project, undertaken by two dedicated fans of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The ‘Letters to PJ’ book, organised, promoted and compiled throughout the year of 2005, contains letters of appreciation for the films created by director Peter Jackson and all involved. The book is a specially made, plain paged, leather bound hardcover, consisting of original contributions from all willing participants, in the form of e-mails, hand written letters, poems, drawings, photographs etc. Upon completion, the book will be delivered to New Zealand in December (2005)/ January (2006) and passed on to Peter Jackson or associates. [More]

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