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November 14, 2000 - November 21, 2000

News for Nov. 21, 2000

I'll See You in Line...

11/21/00, 7:12 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Krameon sends in some news from Norway regarding the overseas release of LOTR:

Hi there!

Love your pages. I've just got some additional info on the release date of the movie. I contacted several major cinemas in the largest cities in Norway and got the official release date for the movie in Norway. It's (as it is in Sweden) December 19th, 2001. I guess Scandinavia will have the same release date, and maybe the rest of the world as well??

Polartec heaven

11/21/00, 3:06 pm EST - Tehanu

Often when I've seen the LOTR crew I've been envious of their jackets, not because of the LOTR logos or anything, but just because they're clearly very good outdoor clothing. We got an email from Androg which explains why. (more)
Hmmmmm. Want, want, want, want.

Premieres, first screenings....

11/21/00, 12:00 am EST - Tehanu

Live and learn. People wrote in and set me straight about some of the traditions with movie premieres and releases (more)

News for Nov. 20, 2000

Web Watch: Scoop.co.nz

11/20/00, 11:44 pm EST - Xoanon

Our great pals at Scoop droped us a line telling us they've got a few more pics from the Minas Tirith press confrence, check them out! [More]


A Journey In The Dark...

11/20/00, 11:34 pm EST - Xoanon

Super Ringer Spy Glaurung shares with us his adventures in the South Island looking for Middle-earth. Read on!

Nothing sounds better than the 5 O’clock whistle, especially when a weekend over the edge of the wild beckons! [More]

Fan Update: lordoftherings.nl!

11/20/00, 4:30 pm EST - Calisuri

TheOneRing.net™ community member Lordoftherings.nl has redesigned! Check out the best Dutch Tolkien site online! [more]

Visit Midden Aaarde - Dutch LOTR Site

Shop: Black Top Ten Sweatshirt

11/20/00, 1:10 pm EST - Calisuri

As we head close to the holidays, our good friends at Greek101 and Rapgear are showcasing a new TheOneRing.net™ product weekly! This week we have the Top Ten Signs you are a Tolkien Fan Black Hooded Sweatshirt. (You can see the list in our Specials section of Shop.TheOneRing.net) [more]

Top Ten Black Sweatshirt

A Weekend in Middle-earth

11/20/00, 2:39 am EST - Xoanon

An unknown Ringer Spy has sent along a great report filled with some really great pics! [More]


News for Nov. 19, 2000

It's the day for 'first screening' news...

11/19/00, 10:15 pm EST - Tehanu

Wellington's Evening Post had more to say on the premiere (more)

Worldwide simultaneous release looking less simultaneous

11/19/00, 9:37 pm EST - Tehanu

It was nice to think the first film was going to hit everyone's screen on the same day, but it looks like that's proved impossible. (more)

Weekly Ebay Items

11/19/00, 5:37 pm EST - Xoanon

Almost as fun as watching 'When Kenny Attacks!' [More]

Weekly Cast Watch: Nov 19 - 25

11/19/00, 5:19 pm EST - Xoanon

Another chance to see your favorite LOTR Stars on the small screen. [More]

Cast Watch: David Wenham Plays it up

11/19/00, 12:41 pm EST - Xoanon

From: RD

Last night the Australian Film Industry Awards were on, David Wenham (Faramir) and Miranda Otto (Eowyn) were there. If you go here there are videos of David.

News for Nov. 17, 2000

Oliphaunt Photo Analysed.

11/17/00, 9:13 pm EST - Tehanu

Thanks to our correspondent Ezekiel, we have some good guesses about that trainwrecked Oliphaunt (more)

The 'Rings' gets a monster article in today's NZ Herald

11/17/00, 4:39 pm EST - Tehanu

The Herald's done a roundup of known facts about the Rings and a bit more detail from last week's press conference. We get a mention too, though it'd be nice if they hadn't overlooked Calisuri and Corvar (so I'll mention them here) and the 30+ other people that run TORN. As for me being a flautist, that's just journalistic slander.
Anyway, the articles are here and here

LOTR and Cannes

11/17/00, 12:17 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Deagol sends in more news regarding Cannes and LOTR! [More]

The Elves and the Film Maker

11/17/00, 12:11 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy STTNG sends along this article from New Zealand. [More]

Government Ministers model Rohan headgear.

11/17/00, 5:19 am EST - Tehanu

Ah, the privileges of power....
The NZ Herald did a longer article on the sneak preview of the Rohan helmets which we were granted due to the Hat Day campaign. (We've got the worst skin cancer problems in the world here, hence the White Council's, sorry I mean the Health Council's mania for hat-wearing.)

The Herald got good pics of TWO helmets. One of which looks like the Viking one on my copy of 'Beowulf,' but I'm no expert on armour details so don't read too much into that. (more)

News for Nov. 16, 2000

Trailer News!

11/16/00, 11:53 am EST - Xoanon

From: My good buddy Garth at DarkHorizons

CinéBobine sent in this item reported by the French press which is good news for trailer fans: "In order to attribute the by-products licences, French firms were invited on the 3rd of November to watch some minutes of footage from "The Fellowship of the Ring". A publicity campaign took place which gave some important information: It was confirmed a new trailer will be on the Internet on December (as will footage from a press conference in New-Zealand), whilst a big launch of some sort will take place at the Cannes Film Festival in 2001 which will also premiere footage from the second episode "The Two Towers". The definitive full trailer for the first movie will be released in fall 2001".

More Minas Tirith

11/16/00, 11:46 am EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Silmarien sends in some great pics from the Minas Tirith set, in Upper Hutt. [More]


The premiere will be in Wellington.

11/16/00, 2:11 am EST - Tehanu

Dazz sent in this paragraph from Wellington local newspaper Contact.

"And it will be another 13 months before his magnum opus premieres on screen at The Embassy, followed by 8,000 to 10,000 other screens around the world."

Oh boy. We THOUGHT we heard that in the Holmes interview but it was sort of off-the-cuff.... could this be confirmation? The premiere...not in some famous cinema in Hollywood or New York, but at the grand old lady of Courtenay place, the Embassy?
Wow, I'm overjoyed. Wellington's hosted the production, let it enjoy the party!

News for Nov. 15, 2000

More from the 20 minutes of Footage

11/15/00, 7:59 pm EST - Calisuri

After accusations of being a studio plant and less then a Tolkien scholar, AICN's Wide-mouthed Frog chimes in with a followup to his Monday report. (WARNING: there is a lot of strong language in this article. If you are offended by EXTREMELY strong language, please don't visit the report) [more]


John Doe Reveals all

11/15/00, 6:45 pm EST - Xoanon

If you hadn't already guesed, Ringer Spy John Doe is really in the know. He's someone I can trust to deliver, and this time he's got the skinny on Flying Nazgul or Oliphaunt...highlight to read

The dead thing that everyone is discussing is indeed an Oliphaunt. I was speaking to a mate who watched the filming of the scene. It has a small house like structure on its back and carries a number of dwarf actors. The scene he described to me was of the creature being killed. Can't remember who kills it, but it's defiantly an Oliphaunt.

More on the TVNZ Stills

11/15/00, 11:06 am EST - Tehanu

The 'Wheel' we can see in those two TVNZ pics from yesterday, are a wind turbine, I think. And if the wizard is on a white horse, it'll be Gandalf... [more]

'Oliphaunts and Nazgul! ' I says to him....

11/15/00, 5:55 am EST - Tehanu

It's big, and it's black, and it looks kind of squashed. The Evening Post revises its opinion and one of our spies tells us why (more)

Madame B and the Witch King!

11/15/00, 12:29 am EST - Xoanon

Madame B sends in the latest from a set very close to Wellington called Queen Elizabeth Park in Paekakariki. Check out what she has to say! [More]


Wellington Dock Set Info

11/15/00, 12:10 am EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy John Doe sends in news regarding the new set we reported on at the Wellington docks...

The New Set in Wellington at the wharves is being used for filming Orc scenes. There are, to my knowledge, no main actors there. All units are now on 6 day filming schedules and one is even doing a 12 day stint.

News for Nov. 14, 2000

Media Watch: TVNZ

11/14/00, 11:11 pm EST - Calisuri

Ianman chimes in with some great stills from a report on TVNZ. Check out the 3rd and 4th picture. Gandalf and Eomer? Saruman and Grima? You make the call. [more]


Sunhats of the Rohirrim.

11/14/00, 9:47 pm EST - Tehanu

Wellington newspaper 'The Dominion' has a picture of feisty Tariana Turia, member of Parliament, modelling one of the Rohan helmets from the film production. It weighs five kilos! Other than that it was a good sunhat, Turia suggested - protecting the nose and neck as well as the head. Well, it would.

The reason for the story is that it's Hat Day, and Melanoma Awareness Week, so Turia was doing her bit to promote the coolness of wearing hats, and the film company was doing their bit for the public good. We can't post the Dom's pics, but we have our own one of a Rohan helmet here

More evidence that the Scouring of the Shire is IN

11/14/00, 8:43 pm EST - Tehanu

A small bit of news arrived just now that might have big implications....(more)


More from the 20 minutes of Footage

11/14/00, 3:33 pm EST - Calisuri

Harry over at AICN has a WONDERFUL report on the 20 minutes of footage shown in Austrailia. The report is very detailed as it describes each scene. Check it out!!! (SPOILERS) [more]

From the description, it sounds like PJ and the folks are hitting the story and particular scenes almost dead on! Woo! :)

Great LOTR Set Pics!

11/14/00, 1:25 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Painty sends in some great pics from NZ, including a Nazgul Bird and some amazing set pics! [More]

The News at Mithril

11/14/00, 12:13 pm EST - Xoanon

Our friends at Mithril send the latest news on the Tolkien Universe. [More]

Toy Biz News!

11/14/00, 12:09 pm EST - Xoanon

From: Morian

I don't know if you have heard about this, but I just got info from Toy Biz as to the scale of the upcoming toys for the LOTR movies. [More]

20 Minutes of Footage seen!

11/14/00, 12:04 pm EST - Xoanon

"This morning I was one of the priveleged few to see 20 minutes of rough footage from the most awaited film of next year at Fox Studios in Sydney... [More]

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