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November 12, 2001 - November 18, 2001

News for Nov. 18, 2001

Media Watch: Chicago Sun Times

11/18/01, 5:59 pm EST - Strider

"It's time to 'Ring' in the holiday movie season--literally. New Line is about to unwrap the Middle Earth for us in the film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings.'" Thanks JGloverWright! [More]

Reasons for Liking Tolkien

11/18/01, 5:39 pm EST - Strider

Chris sends us an extremely long and quite well written article on Tolkien and his works from the London Review of Books. [More]

Media Watch: The Independent

11/18/01, 5:18 pm EST - Tehanu

Kathy Marks' article looks at the world of Tolkien fans online - yes, that's us - and asks what effect we might have had on the way the LOTR films have developed. [More]

The Decipher Live Chat Log Is Up!

11/18/01, 11:28 am EST - Strider

November 17th, at 5PM EST, TORn held a Live Chat with Decipher's Steven S. Long. Having just finished the first draft phases, details of this promising Middle Earth Role Playing Game have been brought to the public eye for the first time right here at TheOneRing.net. [More]

Kinder's New Lord of the Ring Gaming Site

11/18/01, 9:59 am EST - Strider

It seems that Burger King isn't the only company to have released it's own site to tie-in with the Lord of the Rings. KinderRueberraschung.de is the brand new Kinder website created to coincide with their special Lord of the Rings chocolate eggs released earlier this month, full of games and secrets. [More]

The New Kinder Fellowship Commercial

11/18/01, 7:48 am EST - Strider

The German Kinder website Eierlei.de has posted the very-cool new LOTR-Kinder egg commercial which has started showing across Europe. [More]

Blanchett London Film Festival Interview Footage!

11/18/01, 7:01 am EST - Strider

BBC Online have posted some great footage of their interview with Cate Blanchett during the Bandits premiere in London on Thursday. [More]

Another 'Lord of the Onion Rings' Article

11/18/01, 6:21 am EST - Strider

As Coca Cola fizzes for the new Harry Potter film, so Burger King starts to sizzle for Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring from Nov 23. [More]

Another September 11th Gala Article

11/18/01, 6:19 am EST - Strider

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring is to get a special screening six days before its official release date to benefit victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. [More]

Blanchett Attends London Film Festival

11/18/01, 6:17 am EST - Strider

Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) has spent the last few days in London, attending the premiere of her new film 'Bandits' at the London Film Festival Thursday night. Empire Magazine managed to catch up with her, and asked her about her plans for the next year, including the birth of her first child. [More]

News for Nov. 17, 2001

Score On Sale: In Winnipeg?

11/17/01, 7:01 pm EST - Xoanon

Someone goofed at a local Chapters in Winnipeg, Canada. We've been getting emails all day from folks who have purchased copies of the LOTR:FOTR score for themselves. The score is not set to officially go on sale until the 20th of November. If you live in the area...head on over there!

Live Decipher RPG Chat!

11/17/01, 2:04 pm EST - DarthCaeser

[ Live Chat with RPG Developer Steven Long ]

Today! (Nov. 17th) at 5:00 PM EST, we're having a live chat with the Developer of Decipher's LOTR RPG. [More]

New Decipher Images

11/17/01, 12:23 pm EST - Xoanon

Morgoth1970 sends along these great images from the Decipher Collection (www.decipher.com). Take a look at Legolas in what looks like Moria and Rosie Cotton! Sam you lucky Hobbit you! [More]

Scathing Shore Review

11/17/01, 12:06 pm EST - Xoanon

One of the music reviewers for 'Entertainment Weekly' has written a scathing review of the Shore LOTR:FOTR score. You can check it out here. [More]

Foxtrot Does LOTR VI

11/17/01, 12:02 pm EST - Xoanon

Jason in Potter glasses...oh the horror...the horror!!

TNT LOTR Special News

11/17/01, 12:00 pm EST - Xoanon

Queen of Rohan sends along more info on the TNT LOTR special airing December 7,8,9 (reported on November 15th). She tells us that these specials will be airing during The Matrix at 8pm. Set those VCR's!

Blanchett's 'Gray' Trailer Online

11/17/01, 11:46 am EST - Xoanon

The trailer to the new Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) film 'Charlotte Gray' is online at empiremovies.com. [More]

Australia DVD News

11/17/01, 11:43 am EST - Xoanon

Mizer writes: Roadshow in Australia will be releasing FOTR on DVD in June 2002, at the same time a rental-only video will be released.

Wizard Vs. Wizard

11/17/01, 11:42 am EST - Xoanon

LC sends us a Salt Lake City newspaper's weekend section with a 'Wizard vs. Wizard' story. [More]

Fantasy films generate magical marketing hopes

11/17/01, 11:35 am EST - Xoanon

Coca-Cola wants you to buy -- er, live -- the magic. That's why the world's largest soft-drink maker is pouring $240 million into promoting Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It's one of Coke's biggest campaigns ever, on a par with the wheelbarrows of cash the company brought to the Sydney Olympics last year. [More]

Howard Shore's Soundtrack on ScoreReview.

11/17/01, 5:39 am EST - Tehanu

Serious music deserves serious reviewing, and there's a website devoted to reviewing soundtrack music. Andreas Lindahl's review gives it five stars [More]

2 New LOTR Commercials

11/17/01, 1:37 am EST - Xoanon

Thanks to everyone for leading the way. You can now see some really nice LOTR:FOTR spots, one featuring Aragorn and another on the fellowship, check them out! [Fellowship.mpg] [Aragorn.mpg]

Decipher RPG Chat

11/17/01, 12:12 am EST - DarthCaeser

Tomorrow (Nov. 17th) at 5:00 PM EST, we'll be having a live chat with the Developer of Decipher's LOTR RPG. [More]

News for Nov. 16, 2001

Media Watch: Biography Magazine

11/16/01, 10:43 pm EST - Xoanon

Biography Magazine has a small feature on our very own Elijah Wood (Frodo). Anyone with scans, send them along!

Tolkien film set for big NZ success

11/16/01, 10:36 pm EST - Xoanon

Lord of the Rings' New Zealand locations are set to give it the edge over Harry Potter in the battle of the children's epics in that country. [More]

Gaming: Decipher Updates

11/16/01, 10:34 pm EST - Xoanon

Each weekday the Gaming Havens covers all the updates at Decipher involving their LOTR TCG. Today there's some exceptionally cool news for anyone looking to test their skills in a tournament, check it out, and let us know how it goes! [More]

Decipher Coolness!

11/16/01, 10:31 pm EST - Xoanon

Patrice sends us a VERY cool pic from one of the as-yet unreleased Decipher image. Take a look at Frodo dissapear! [More]

Foxtrot Does LOTR V

11/16/01, 10:23 pm EST - Xoanon

LOTR Vs. Harry Potter again!

Aragorn Toy Found!

11/16/01, 10:21 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Hawke has found the hold grail, the golden fleece, his very own Aragorn action figure! [More]

Media Watch: Metro Gothenburg

11/16/01, 10:05 pm EST - Xoanon

From: tz sends us this scan from Sweden's 'Metro Gothenburg'. Take a look. [More]

Media Watch: Oz's Courier Mail

11/16/01, 9:49 pm EST - Xoanon

Jeremy sends along this scan from the Brisbane Courier Mail Newspaper.

Games-Workshop Manual

11/16/01, 9:41 pm EST - Xoanon

DN sends along these scans from White Dwarf Magazine. Take a look at all the Games Workshop coolness! [More]

Hall of Fire Chats for November 17th & 18th

11/16/01, 7:06 pm EST - Strider

'Now is the time, when those who wish to continue the Quest must harden their hearts to leave this land. Those who no longer wish to go forward may remain here, for a while. But whether they stay or go, none can be sure of peace. For we are come now to the edge of doom.' This weekend, the Hall of Fire discusses Book II Chapter VIII - Farewell to Lórien. [More]

News from Scandinavia

11/16/01, 6:42 pm EST - Tehanu

More reports on tickets and ticket lines in Norway, Sweden and Finland. It's getting wild over there! [More]

How many 'Lord of the Onion Rings' jokes have you heard?

11/16/01, 6:12 pm EST - Tehanu

Congratulations to all of you with powers of precognition! I'm not making this up; it's part of Burger King's press release:

"King of the "Ring"
To add to the excitement of this blockbuster promotion, BURGER KING® customers can experience new and improved onion rings at the only fast food restaurant that offers this choice. The enhanced onion rings will be offered with a creamy, zesty dipping sauce and are available in three sizes: medium (15 rings), large (20 rings) and king (24 rings)." [More]

I guess if they don't agree with you, you can experience 'the return of the king.'

Tolkien archive fetches £58,000

11/16/01, 3:45 pm EST - Xoanon

A rare collection of proof copies, first editions and letters by Lord of the Rings author JR Tolkien has fetched more than £58,000 at auction. [More]

Burger King Toys Revealed!

11/16/01, 3:25 pm EST - Calisuri

Wondering what Burger King is going to do with its unique experience to bring Lord of the Rings to fast food? An annonymous Ringer found this link which gives us an up close look! [More]

Digital effects bring Rings to life

11/16/01, 1:13 pm EST - Xoanon

Putting contours into J R R Tolkien's Middle Earth hasn't just been the job of the locations in the New Zealand landscape where the three Lord of the Rings films are being made. [More]

Lord of the Rings archive for sale

11/16/01, 1:11 pm EST - Xoanon

A rare collection of proof copies, first editions and letters by The Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien is to be sold in London on Friday. [More]

PJ Cameo In Bree

11/16/01, 12:42 pm EST - Xoanon

TORN broke this story ages ago that one of Peter Jackson's cameos in FOTR will be in Bree. But we now know, thanks to shadowphone, who he is and even what he looks like! [More]

Fan Contest In UK

11/16/01, 8:30 am EST - Xoanon

Angel sends along this bit of cool news from the UGC cinema chain in the UK, check out the contest they have going. [More]

Trailer Spotted On Oz TV

11/16/01, 8:26 am EST - Xoanon

Colin wrote in to say that the latest trailer was featured on the 'Today' show (Channel 9, Australia). The host apparently exclaimed "How amazing does that look?" when it was over.

Christie's LOTR Auction

11/16/01, 8:21 am EST - Xoanon

That Christie's LOTR auction is happening as we speak today in London, a whole assortment of LOTR and Tolkien items are going under the hammer. [More]

Spellbound by sell-luloid

11/16/01, 8:17 am EST - Xoanon

Coming to a screen near you: Two magical blockbusters. And coming to a store near you? Movie merchandise madness. There's no doubt that this holiday season's two most anticipated films are Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone and The Lord of the Rings (LOTR). [More]

News for Nov. 15, 2001

Latest Newsletter is Away!

11/15/01, 9:30 pm EST - Xoanon

The latest newsletter is away! Do you want to receive our weekly newsletter? Packed with tons of info to keep you up to date on the latest? Plus filled with exclusives from time to time! Join the crowd of more than 4800+ mailing list Ringers! Sign up now! [More]

New Dwarf Screensaver

11/15/01, 9:07 pm EST - Xoanon

Check out the new Dwarves screensaver on the official site. Very nice! [More]

Frodo Topps Card

11/15/01, 9:05 pm EST - Xoanon

My Precious sends along this Topps card featuring Frodo. [More]

Columbian Release Date.

11/15/01, 9:04 pm EST - Tehanu

"This is for all the Colombian fans. The premier of TFOTR is due for December 25th according to cinecolombia.com.co." Merry Christmas, then. Thanks to Darko Arkadan for that.

From banks to airlines to figurines

11/15/01, 8:59 pm EST - Xoanon

The Clark government's appetite to invest in businesses knows no bounds. Flushed with the success of its forays into an airline, a railroad and a bank the government has now turned its attention to investment in Lord of the Rings figurines and assorted memorabilia from that US film project and the upcoming America's Cup. [More]

Videos on Tolkien.co.uk

11/15/01, 8:59 pm EST - Tehanu

Huan Cry reminds us that there are some great Quictktime videoclips on Tolkien.co.uk including some of Tolkien himself talking! Also Tom Shippey, and an interview with Brian Sibley talking about why the films will be great. Look for the link to 'videos' or 'interviews' at the top. [More]

Media Watch: Salon.com: Wizards and Terror

11/15/01, 8:46 pm EST - Tehanu

Two long articles appear in today's Salon.com. One looks at New Line and its perceived rival Warner Brothers, who both have a lot riding on their fantasy blockbusters. [More]
The other looks at the way Tolkien's work speaks to us in our own times. [More] Thanks to Lynn M for the articles!

FOTR Soundtrack Site Update

11/15/01, 4:43 pm EST - Strider

LordoftheRings-Soundtrack.com has updated its design for the second time in two weeks, removing the 25 second clip of May It Be, changing the design to make it more user-friendly and easier to order your own copy of the soundtrack through different outlets.. [More]

New Line Cinema Screens LOTR For 9/11 Fund

11/15/01, 4:37 pm EST - Xoanon

New Line Cinema will hold a special advanced screening of the epic adventure The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring on December 13 to benefit the New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund. [More]

VERY Cool new LOTR Video!

11/15/01, 4:32 pm EST - Xoanon

Check out this video from www.repriserec.com (the label in which the LOTR score is on). There are very nice sound bytes from Viggo Mortensen, Cate Blanchett, Christopher Lee, Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood. Also some very cool shots of the filmmaking process! (Quicktime needed) [More]

Oscars: Everything in The Fellowship of the Ring

11/15/01, 4:31 pm EST - Strider

'Respected Brit actors like Ian McKellan and Ian Holm are good bets for acting nominations. But the technical magic is the real show here: with costumes amazing enough to erase all vestiges of Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge! from your mind, kick-ass visual effects, skillful editing, and ear-popping sound effects, Fellowship is a shoo-in for all those technical categories.' [More]

Trent Talks Tolkien

11/15/01, 4:27 pm EST - Xoanon

grashbash the gouger is taking a very cool course on Tolkien. [More]

Media Watch: YIL.com

11/15/01, 4:20 pm EST - Xoanon

Check out Yahoo! Internet Life's website YIL.com for an extended interview with Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) [More]

LOTR Contest In South Africa

11/15/01, 4:17 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Mike sends us news on a LOTR contest in South Africa. [More]

Tolkien Essay Extravaganza Contest

11/15/01, 11:54 am EST - Calisuri

[ Click Here for Official Rules and Prizes ]

"What does Tolkien mean to you?" That is the question, and we are looking for your answers. With the release of the film version Fellowship of the Ring a mere month away, we wanted to reflect a moment and investigate why Tolkien has affected so many lives across the world.[More]

3 LOTR TV Specials!

11/15/01, 10:54 am EST - Xoanon

Seems that FOX isn't the only station that will be airing a LOTR special before the release. Take a look at this report that shows not 1 but 3 LOTR specials will be airing soon! [More]

Media Watch: Details Magazine

11/15/01, 10:03 am EST - Xoanon

Mas writes that Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) is interviewed in the latest issue of 'Details Magazine'. Anyone with a scan of the interview send it along!

Harry vs. Frodo: Different crowds

11/15/01, 9:59 am EST - Xoanon

One is a Harry while the other is merely hairy-footed. But both are the brainchildren of teachers-turned- authors who prefer to go by initials, J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien. [More]

Shore Score Review

11/15/01, 9:55 am EST - Xoanon

(*****) For the past several years, Peter Jackson and the crew of The Lord of the Rings films have obsessed over the creation of a Middle-earth that both reflects the aesthetics of its creators, yet appears to have spontaneously grown out of ages of heritage. As a filmic goal, this is at best a challenge, but it creates a real difficulty for a composer. [More]

Media Watch: Slant Magazine

11/15/01, 9:52 am EST - Xoanon

In The Fellowship of the Ring, white becomes the color of beginnings. "White cloth may be dyed. The white page can be overwritten; and the white light can be broken." [More]

Foxtrot Does LOTR IV

11/15/01, 9:50 am EST - Xoanon

Bill, are you making fun of us?

Just What Is IN That Harry Pooter Footage?

11/15/01, 9:48 am EST - Xoanon

We've been getting reports from various spies around the world regarding just what can be seen on that footage before Harry Potter. [More]

Only one day left!

11/15/01, 9:45 am EST - Gamgee

Hello again, Gamgee here, with a gentle reminder. There is only one day left in the Costume Party 2001 competition! So, all you hobbits and wizards, get the digi-cam out and enter before it's too late!!! [More]

A Fan Adventure

11/15/01, 9:39 am EST - Xoanon

Peter sends along his advenuture in New Zealand, on the hunt for LOTR:FOTR tickets. [More]

More ways to get to the Wellington Premiere

11/15/01, 12:01 am EST - Tehanu

There's a competition on TV2 starting next week for tickets to the premiere. What you have to do is watch TV every night to get a letter off the screen, then unscramble them for a word, to go into the draw. NZoom.com has the details.

Thanks to Bonnie for that!

News for Nov. 14, 2001

3 Minutes of LOTR:FOTR Before Potter?

11/14/01, 11:47 pm EST - Xoanon

Patrick writes: OH MY GOD. I don't know if this is some cruel joke, but our theater received our copy of Harry Potter today, and guess what came with it? Apparently, our copy has 3 minutes of exclusive Lord of the Rings footage attached, according to one of the projectionists.

Anyone with more news on this send it along!

Eyewitness Report: The Wellington Ticket Line

11/14/01, 11:38 pm EST - Tehanu

Mr Tadpole was there and reports on the laid-back ticket line for the first public screening in Wellington. Seems like Kiwis haven't developed the fan-frenzy instinct yet, but give us time..... [More]

Magic imagined

11/14/01, 11:32 pm EST - Xoanon

'A kind of crime against the imagination." That's what a recent editorial in Canada's Globe and Mail called the upcoming film adaptations of J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy and J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. [More]

Glaurung's LOTR Adventure

11/14/01, 11:22 pm EST - Xoanon

Our faithful spy Glaurung has recounted his adventure in getting his LOTR:FOTR movie tickets! Enjoy. [More]

Early rising just the ticket

11/14/01, 11:10 pm EST - Xoanon

It wasn't a hoard to match the Orc armies, but about 30 hardy souls queued at Hoyts Mid City at 7.15 this morning to buy tickets for the first public screening of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring. [More]

Bloom's 'Hawk' New Trailer

11/14/01, 7:57 pm EST - Xoanon

The new Orlando Bloom (Legolas) film 'Black Hawk Down' has another trailer out, take a look at this war flick, and can hear Orlando with an American accent! [More]

Today's Celebrity Buzz

11/14/01, 7:53 pm EST - Xoanon

NEW YORK — Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Steve Martin and Mariah Carey in the harsh career bashing glow of The Foxlight. [More]

CDnow Talks LOTR

11/14/01, 7:52 pm EST - Xoanon

The grand lawn eviscerator (best spy name I've heard in a while!) writes: I just got in my weekly new releases notice from CDnow, and guess who was on the list for new soundtrack? Yes, indeed, our dear LOTR. [More]

Ticket Sales: Worldwide

11/14/01, 7:49 pm EST - Xoanon

Stories are coming in hot and heavy from all over the world, folks are picking up their LOTR: FOTR tickets and getting ready for the 19th! woot! woot! [More]


11/14/01, 7:38 pm EST - Xoanon

RH writes: Region 2 DVD release for LOTR is rumoured to be August 27th. [More]

Winamp LOTR Skin

11/14/01, 7:33 pm EST - Xoanon

Zulithe writes: Go here and scroll down and you can download winamp277_lotr.exe just added today it's version 2.77 of Winamp with a special Lord of the Rings winamp skin AND it has a Lord of the Rings shoutcast soundtrack stream!

GAMING: Live Chat With Decipher's Steven Long!

11/14/01, 7:03 pm EST - Calisuri

Decipher's LOTR TCG has been released, but the development of their Lord of the Rings RPG and Adventure games are in full swing. Join us this Saturday for an exclusive live chat with Decipher developer Steven Long. [More]

The Party is in Full Swing

11/14/01, 2:08 pm EST - Calisuri

The response to the Fellowship of the Ring Line Party section of TheOneRing.net has been absolutely amazing! In one day, over 100 lines have been created and over 50 are international lines! Leading the pack is Toronto's Paramount Theater with 21 members! Let the partying begin! [More]

Liv Tyler on 'Big Breakfast'

11/14/01, 1:13 pm EST - Xoanon

Liv Tyler (Arwen) will be on a segment of the Big Breakfast tomorrow morning (7am-9am) and will be talking about LOTR:FOTR. The segment is probably the one called 'Snap, Cackle and Pop'. These are repeated every 30 mins or so it think.

Mr. Voice Dishes It Out

11/14/01, 1:11 pm EST - Xoanon

Tish writes: A Baltimore radio station had the "voice of Moviephone.com" on today. He announced that FOTR tickets go on sale on moviephone.com on December 5.

Howard Shore Interview

11/14/01, 1:09 pm EST - Xoanon

Check out this excerpt from a Howard Shore interview from FSM Magazine:

In February I was in New Zealand for about five to six weeks, and I wrote Moria, which became the Cannes clip. The interesting thing about working on Moria was that it's the centerpiece of Fellowship. And Khazad-dûm is probably the most exciting visual piece in the film. [More]

Ticket Sales: Canada, UK, NZ & Beyond

11/14/01, 1:06 pm EST - Xoanon

Reports are coming in from around the world regarding ticket sales for LOTR:FOTR. We have a report Porirua, Wellington that says the tickets can be bought today, and other saying ticket sales in Canada go on sale on the 26th, and in the UK on the 19th. [More]

Foxtrot Does LOTR III

11/14/01, 8:48 am EST - Xoanon

It's a Gandalf hat...don't forget :)

Media Watch: UK's Evening Standard

11/14/01, 8:41 am EST - Xoanon

Mark S sends along these scans from the UK Evening Standard take a look at these Tolkien fans from the 70's! [More]

AICN Score Review

11/14/01, 8:36 am EST - Xoanon

Check out AICN for a LOTR:FOTR score review, very cool stuff, look for a TORN score review soon! [More]

News for Nov. 13, 2001

LOTR Parody Contest

11/13/01, 11:57 pm EST - Xoanon

John writes: We've finished our cartoon competition spoofing the Council of Elrond, where Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli offer their weapons to Frodo. Check it out as well as hundreds of punchlines submitted by readers. [More]

UK Ticket Sales Next Week?

11/13/01, 11:39 pm EST - Xoanon

Kathryn writes: They're reporting on News Direct London Radio station (97.30FM) that tickets will be on sale from next week!!

Anyone with more news about this should send it along!

Her Career in Full Flower

11/13/01, 11:35 pm EST - Xoanon

Is there a busier major film actress than Cate Blanchett? There certainly hasn't been in the last couple of years: She appears in three films that will open during this year-end period, which makes a total of six she has completed since the start of last year. [More]

First Tickets for FOTR go on sale in NZ

11/13/01, 8:35 pm EST - Tehanu

If you want to be in at one of the special midnight screenings of FOTR in NZ on the 20th Dec. you'll have to be quick. Certain Hoyts box offices start selling them tomorrow NZ time. [More]

Experience The Music

11/13/01, 7:44 pm EST - Xoanon

Check out this very cool new section of the official site. More info and the COMPLETE LOTR:FOTR score(streaming of course)! As well as the Howard Shore video we reported on yesterday, enjoy! [More]

TheOneRing.net Local Line Party Page!

11/13/01, 12:07 pm EST - Xoanon

Line Party Page

TheOneRing.net is very pleased to announce the opening of a new section on the site: TheOneRing.net Local Line Party Page! This is a section totally dedicated to helping the FANS attract other local FANS to gather together for the opening night of LOTR!!! We hope to eventually have every theatre, in every city, in almost every country in the world listed here!

Thanks to Tinuviel and Calisuri for ALL the hard work in putting this section together!

So wait no more, look for your local party, or create one right now! [Local Line Party Page]

Media Watch: Starlog Magazine

11/13/01, 11:59 am EST - Xoanon

The latest Starlog Magazine has 14 wonderful pages filled with LOTR cast interviews in a beautiful layout. Take a look! [More]

Foxtrot Does LOTR II

11/13/01, 11:13 am EST - Xoanon

Jason attempts to define a HP 'loser' from a LOTR one.

Thomas Shippey Lecture

11/13/01, 11:08 am EST - Xoanon

World-renowned scholar Dr. Thomas Shippey, author of the newly published J.R.R. Tolkien: Author of the Century, will offer a free, public lecture at Marquette University. The Libraries’ Colloquium Committee and Marquette’s Department of Special Collections and Archives sponsor the event. [More]

Lord of the Megaplex

11/13/01, 11:06 am EST - Xoanon

A British publisher took a gamble in 1937, releasing a quirky, complex novel called The Hobbit about a smallish, paunchy, hairy-footed, pipe-smoking everyman named Bilbo Baggins. [More]

Media Watch: Digital Media World Magazine

11/13/01, 11:00 am EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Andrew sent us this scan from Digital Media World Magazine, it takes a look at some of the other SFX houses helping WETA to make LOTR. [More]

LOTR Popcorn Bags

11/13/01, 10:52 am EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Doughboy sends along these very very snazzy LOTR themed popcorn bags, take a look. [More]

TheFellowship.nl launches!

11/13/01, 9:05 am EST - leo

Community site LordoftheRings.nl has officially moved to a new domain and design at TheFellowship.nl. Of course all the content is still in Dutch, but for those of you who don't understand this language, you can still play the ever addicting webgames, or check out the great new weekly feature: TheFellowship.nl's very own cartoon!

Woo! FOTR takes out Harry Potter

11/13/01, 3:58 am EST - Calisuri

Thanks to our efforts earlier in the day, we embarassed the Harry Potter film, in its premiere week, with a come from behind whooping on the recent daily IMDB.com poll. Beware the power of Tolkien fandom and check out the final score! [More]

Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh Honoured

11/13/01, 12:20 am EST - Xoanon

Lord of the Rings duo Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh have been honoured by their own industry. The pair have been awarded the Screen Producers and Directors Association of New Zealand's prestigious Onfilm Industry Champion award. [More]

Official Site Updates

11/13/01, 12:17 am EST - Xoanon

Check out all the Rivendell goodness! (hrm, Hobbiton, Bree, now Rivendell..you seeing a pattern here?) coolness awaits you at the Official LOTR Site. [More]

News for Nov. 12, 2001

The Music of Middle Earth

11/12/01, 9:10 pm EST - Xoanon

Check out the GREAT new behind-the-scenes clip from moviefone.com. This time they take a look at LOTR composer Howard Shore and his immense job at creating the LOTR score. As well as a hilarious look at PJ out of his element! Click on the image to view the segment. (RealPlayer or Quicktime needed)

Weekly Ebay Items

11/12/01, 9:06 pm EST - Xoanon

Check out this weeks crop of LOTR related eBay items! Some real goodies you can all get me for X-Mas!! [More]

AOL Contest

11/12/01, 8:54 pm EST - Xoanon

All you AOL folks can enjoy a new AOL: LOTR contest. Check out the trivia contest which ends November 30th. Take a look at the week one screenshot.

Potter Inspiration

11/12/01, 8:50 pm EST - Xoanon

Check out the UK's 'Daily Mail' for a very interesting comparison of Potter with works of fiction from the ages, including Star Wars and our very own LOTR. [More]

Hobbit Boys Join Fan-Club

11/12/01, 8:31 pm EST - Xoanon

(NORFOLK, Va. November 12, 2001) The Fellowship of the Ring actors Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan, and Billy Boyd have joined fellow cast member Elijah Wood in The Lord of the Rings Fan Club. [More]

GAMING: Games-Workshop Review

11/12/01, 7:46 pm EST - Xoanon

The general consensus of the Games-Workshop LOTR table top game is that it's extremely fun and enjoyable, at a rather hefty price. The question is, are the unnumbered hours of fulfilling gaming entertainment worth the cost? [More]

Mastercard Offer In Oz

11/12/01, 5:34 pm EST - Xoanon

I've posted scans like these before, but the Mastercard folks in OZ seem to be pushing ahead and working on their LOTR themed contest. [More]

Call to Arms! That 'Harry' movie is beating us!

11/12/01, 5:13 pm EST - Calisuri

Okay, i'm at work and i get a note from Tinuviel, one of the site programmers, that 'Harry Potter' is "spanking" Fellowship of the Ring on an IMDB.com movie poll. IMDB is THE source for movie/tv/film information and a big player on the internet. Need I say more? Call to arms! Lets crush this Harry boy on the very week that movie is premiering! [More]

LOTR Code Name

11/12/01, 1:51 pm EST - Xoanon

Anghus sends us the super secret code name New Line is using to make sure nothing naughty happens to prints of LOTR: FOTR... [More]

Craig Parker's B-Day

11/12/01, 1:38 pm EST - Xoanon

Today, November 12th, is Craig Parker's (Haldir) Birthday! Craig was born on November 12th 1970, in Suva, Fiji. Happy Birthday Craig!

LOTR: Beyond the Movie DVD?

11/12/01, 1:33 pm EST - Xoanon

Mike writes: With the upcoming theatrical release of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring premiering next month, we now know that Warner is releasing a DVD called Lord of the Rings: Beyond the Movie on February 05, 2002. [More]

The Toy War for Holiday Movies

11/12/01, 1:28 pm EST - Xoanon

Just over the horizon is an army of action figures and role-playing toys pegged to the Dec. 19 release of "The Fellowship of the Rings," the first in a planned trilogy of films based on J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy epic, "The Lord of the Rings." [More]

LOTR Postcards

11/12/01, 1:25 pm EST - Xoanon

Tranquileye sends along these scans of some LOTR postcards. Not to shabby indeed. [More]

Book Signing Event In UK

11/12/01, 1:13 pm EST - Xoanon

Tranquileye has sent along a good report from the Jude Fisher & Brian Sibly book signing event in the UK. [More]

Richard Taylor Interview

11/12/01, 8:44 am EST - Xoanon

TheOneRing.net EXCLUSIVE! A few weeks ago I had the ultimate pleasure of speaking with Richard Taylor, head of effects and creatures at WETA Workshop. We got together to discuss the amazing slew of WETA/SideshowToy statues, busts and helms he helped create. Richard was amazingly candid about his role in LOTR, how things work down in WETA and his thoughts and feelings regarding the first film. Click here to read the full interview! [More]

Weekend Wrap-Up

11/12/01, 8:39 am EST - Xoanon

What? You missed this weekends news bonanza? It's been extremely busy! Check out all the news that you may have missed! [More]

UK Ticket Sales: November 19th?

11/12/01, 8:27 am EST - Xoanon

Beckymonster sends in a report on just when fans in the UK may be able to buy some LOTR tickets! [More]

David Wenham Interview

11/12/01, 8:23 am EST - Xoanon

"(I play) Faramir, a steward of Gondor. He's a gentle warrior and one of the human characters so I didn't have to sit in makeup for ages. I got to the set and had time to kill while many others would be sitting in makeup for hours...so I'd have extra sleep!" [More]

Foxtrot Does LOTR

11/12/01, 8:21 am EST - Xoanon

Bill Amend has done it again, check out his latest Foxtrot for some LOTR Vs. Harry Potter silliness!

New Cast Projects

11/12/01, 12:56 am EST - Xoanon

Hugo Weaving and Cate Blanchett go back to 'Drama Scool', Andy Serkis asks 'Who Goes There?', Orlando Bloom takes a dip in the 'Deed Poll', and Christopher Lee rides 'The Last Unicorn'. [More]

Weekly Cast Watch

11/12/01, 12:43 am EST - Xoanon

Another great chance to see your favorite LOTR stars this week! [More]

Boromir Topps Card

11/12/01, 12:11 am EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy My Precious sends along this scan of the Boromir themed Topps card. [More]

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