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October 21, 2002 - October 27, 2002

News for Oct. 27, 2002

Media Watch: Bookseller Magazine

10/27/02, 11:59 pm EST - Xoanon

HarperCollins took a carefully managed approach to its tie-in programme for "The Lord of the Rings". In the event there was no stopping the film - or the books. Caroline Sanderson reports. [More]

One Ringers To Perform At Toronto Exhibit

10/27/02, 11:23 pm EST - Xoanon

Jennifer White writes: We can barely contain our excitement about the upcoming Two Towers Exhibit in Toronto Ontario. We missed last year's exhibit at Casa Loma, and kicked ourselves soundly for the omission. We have been lurking about theonering.net for a little over a year now, revelling in the common enthusiasm about JRR Tolkien's books and Peter Jackson's film adaptation, and would like to thank you for the initial heads up about this year's exhibit. [More]

Extended DVD Clip 3 & 4 Now Available

10/27/02, 9:06 pm EST - Demosthenes

DVD Town has published the third in its series of menu clips from the Extended Edition DVD. This one is from the third disc which contains the first part of the documentary material found on the 4 DVD set. The large version requires registration (which is free), the small version does not. [More]

Upate:The fourth and final clip is now available. This time DVD Town has a clip from one of the extended scenes in the film itself. [More]

Live In Vegas? Wanna Meed Brad Dourif TODAY?!

10/27/02, 3:44 pm EST - Xoanon

Angela writes: Better late than never, but for those in the Las Vegas area, Brad Dourif will be appearing at one of the local haunted houses, Tomb of Darkness today. TOMB OF DARKNESS The Tomb of Darkness haunted house will be open at 7 p.m. daily through Thursday at 2828 S. Highland Drive. Brad Dourif will make an appearance today through Sunday. Tickets are $12 (735-2257).

A welcome offering of Middle-Earthly delights

10/27/02, 1:49 pm EST - Xoanon

Nearly one year after Peter Jackson's ''Lord of the Rings'' film heightened interest in J.R.R. Tolkien's masterful works, two large game makers have finally released a number of titles based on the trilogy. [More]

All Hugo, All The Time

10/27/02, 1:48 pm EST - Xoanon

fozzer writes: Here are the copies of the Entertainment Weekly articles from Oct 25th. [Here & Here]

Also, Hugo is on the cover of Encore magazine this month. This issue has an on location article about "After The Deluge", a mini series which also stars David Wenham (Faramir). The tv mini series is about a father and three very different sons. Hugo and David play two of the three sons. [More]

Media Watch: Dreamwatch Magazine

10/27/02, 1:40 pm EST - Xoanon

Rosamunde Brownlocks writes: Dreamwatch (Issue 97, November 2002) has an article on The Two Towers, which consists mainly of an interview with one of our favorite hobbit actors, Sean Astin (Sam). Anyone with a scanner send it along!

New Extended DVD Clip

10/27/02, 6:49 am EST - Demosthenes

DVD Town has posted the second in its series of four clips from the soon-to-be-released FoTR Extended Edition DVD. You do have to register to view the clip, but it's free and it only takes a few moments. Thanks to Fraggle for the link! [More]

News for Oct. 26, 2002

Surreal's FoTR PC Demo Now Available

10/26/02, 7:28 pm EST - Demosthenes

During our most recent Gaming Chat, the people from Black Label Games and Surreal Software revealed that they would be releasing a demo of the Fellowship of the Ring. This is now available for download. It weighs in at around 132MB, and includes sections from the Hobbiton (played as Frodo), Weathertop (played as Aragorn), and Moria (played as Gandalf) levels. [More]

Famous Players Contest

10/26/02, 5:38 pm EST - Xoanon

Famous Players in Canada is holding a TTT contest. As a promotion for its Letterbox subscribers at famousplayers.com, entrants fill out a quick form for a draw to win 2 tickets to the TTT exhibit in Toronto and 2 TTT tickets for an advance screening.

GAMING: Entertainment Weekly Goes Geek

10/26/02, 5:34 pm EST - Xoanon

Moiraine writes: Although the articles (as usual) are unfortunately full of bad puns, the October 25th edition of Entertainment Weekly featured a two-page spread on The Two Towers game for Playstation 2 by EA. [More]

GAMING: Black Label, Surreal Chat Transcript

10/26/02, 5:26 pm EST - Xoanon

A week ago, TheOneRing.net hosted a live IRC chat with developers from the programming houses Black Label Games and Surreal Software to talk about the current wave of Tolkien-based computer games - including the The Fellowship of the Ring for PS2 and PC. Here's a transcript of the chat for everyone to enjoy! [More]

Ent news.

10/26/02, 2:07 pm EST - Tehanu

FYI for all Tolkien, tree and of course Ent fans, there is a beautiful new illlustrated book out by a British tree historian who is also a Tolkien fan. The title is "Remarkable Trees of the World" by Thomas Pakenham. There are a couple of references to Tolkien, Ents and even the dwarf Gimli. But I would not buy the book just for those acknowledgements, it is a beautiful homage to some rare and endangered giants. It is printed by Norton press. Thanks to Fatty for the news.

Aussie Goodies.

10/26/02, 2:02 pm EST - Tehanu

News from Ringer Spy KT: "I got a letter from a friend in Australia today, and what did it contain but 5 glorious LOTR fridge magnets!! Now I have Frodo, Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas decorating my fridge. If anyone is near a Coles/Woolies/Target, go and check the discount section, you might turn up some gems!"

Plunging right into the story

10/26/02, 1:55 pm EST - Tehanu

More speculation on how the opening of TTT might start with a 'plunge' [More]

Ian McKellen To Perform On Stage In Vancouver?

10/26/02, 11:29 am EST - Xoanon

From an insider in the McKellen camp: Ian will be doing a live performance of his show "A Knight Out" at the Vancouver Playhouse Sunday evening, November 10. People might want to start planning if they want to travel to Vancouver for this rare appearance -- it will be well worth the trip. [Vancouver Playhouse Information]

Toronto's Mix 99.9 & Kool 105.3 TTT Contests!

10/26/02, 11:24 am EST - Xoanon

Sarah writes: For all the Toronto area fans, MIX 99.9 appears to be giving away tickets for the LOTR exhibit at the ROM before it opens. I turned on my radio and heard the cue to call for free tickets to see the exhibit before it opens. I don't know if it was a one time thing, but you guys should check it out.

She also sends along a link to the 105,3 Kool FM contest. [More]

Click here for a TORN Toronto get together party!

Wam! Talks TTT & Elijah Wood

10/26/02, 11:17 am EST - Xoanon

From Yahoo!: WAM!'S Fred Medill, Hollywood's Youngest Reporter, Picks the Hottest Movies for Teens This Holiday Season in 'WAM! Movie News. [More]

Bean's 'Macbeth' Review

10/26/02, 11:14 am EST - Xoanon

Karen sends along this review from playbill.com. "Sean Bean's return to the stage after a decade in films and television, in a role ideally suited to his brooding sexuality, combined with the good looks and icy sexual appeal of his co-star Samantha Bond, have made Edward Hall's production of Macbeth a box-office success despite very little high-profile advertising in advance of the opening." [More]

Oz DVD Roundup Revisited

10/26/02, 10:31 am EST - Demosthenes

Well, many many people sent in information and prices about the DVD options in Australia. Still haven't ordered your copy of FoTR? Check out all the options! [More]

Hall of Fire Chats for October 26 & 27

10/26/02, 9:02 am EST - Demosthenes

We resume our Two Towers chats this weekend with Frodo and Sam still with the Men of Gondor at Henneth Annun. His own fate - and that of the quest - undecided, he is summoned by Faramir only to discover that he must to decide the fate of another. [More]

More on Norway's "Hobbit Village"

10/26/02, 1:17 am EST - Demosthenes

Earlier, we reported about some very fanatical Norwegians who are camping out in front of Oslo's Colosseum Cinema and the 'hobbit village' that is being created for them. BBC Online has some more details. [More]

News for Oct. 25, 2002

Black Label Games and Surreal Software Chat

10/25/02, 11:23 pm EST - Demosthenes

A week ago, TheOneRing.net hosted a live IRC chat with developers from the programming houses Black Label Games and Surreal Software to talk about the current wave of Tolkien-based computer games - including the The Fellowship of the Ring for PS2 and PC. Here's a transcript of the chat for everyone to enjoy! [More]

Extended Edition Menu Clips From DVD Town

10/25/02, 8:16 pm EST - Demosthenes

DVD Town is publishing a series of clips from the extended edition. They have four clips in all, and will post a new one each day the next four days. Today's clip is from the main menu and shows just how gorgeous this DVD release is going to be! Thanks to Fraggle for letting us know! [More]

Here be spoilers!!!

Official Site Update - Evil Desktops!

10/25/02, 6:36 pm EST - Demosthenes

Looking for a change of wallpaper? Join the forces of darkness with these cool new desktops on the Official Movie Site. Choose your favourite from six new images - Saruman, Barad-Dur, Orcs, an Orc Army, Uruk-hai or Wormtongue! [More]

Actor Richard Harris Dies After Cancer Battle

10/25/02, 6:24 pm EST - Demosthenes

Celebrated actor Richard Harris, who played Professor Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone has died following a fight against cancer. The Irish screen veteran, 72, had been undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin's disease, after falling ill two months ago. [More]

GAMING: EA's TTT Game Commercial!

10/25/02, 4:11 pm EST - Xoanon

Take a look at EA's TTT game commercial! Lots of movie footage included! I can't wait to waste my weekend away playing this puppy! [More] [Gaming Havens]

TTT Soundtrack Info!

10/25/02, 1:41 pm EST - Xoanon

the hairless Pukel-Boy sends along some great info on the TTT soundtrack! Street date, price, what's on the special edition 2nd disk...and more! [More]

Media Watch: Orlando Bloom In 'Teen People'

10/25/02, 1:35 pm EST - Xoanon

Laeglass writes: Hey! I found an article on Orlando Bloom in a Teen People magazine. It talks about him getting the role of Legolas, his upcomming movies, and just about him in general. [Article Scan] [Text]

Film Book Release Party Registration!

10/25/02, 1:28 pm EST - MrCere

Film Book Release Party!
Houghton-Mifflin has jumped aboard TheOneRing.net party wagon and is offering you, the Tolkien fan a way to have some fun with your fellow TORNados and at the same time enter yourself in a contest to win a beautiful Alan Lee illustrated copy of "The Lord Of The Rings" book retailing in book stores now for $80! Find your Line Party, get involved! [Learn More!]

Sean Bean Pictures From London

10/25/02, 1:24 pm EST - Xoanon

RingStar writes: I just got back from the showing of Macbeth (Milton Keynes Theatre). I have a picture of me and my mate with Sean and then her and I afterwards. I'm crying and shes eating her hair, lol. I'm the one in the stripy jumper! [More]

Canon's TTT Printer Ad

10/25/02, 12:54 pm EST - Xoanon

Robert sends us this link to a 'Canon' Ad featuring TTT! Click to the small pic at the right of the link, under the line "La pubblicità della Canon" and you'll see a larger version of the ad. The sentence of the ad tells: "Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers. Included in the confection of the Canon S200x, i320 and MPC400 you'll find the Lord of the Rings Activity Studio" [More]

Media Watch: Ian McKellen in 'GQ'

10/25/02, 12:48 pm EST - Xoanon

Emma sends along the scan from the latest 'GQ' magazine. Ian McKellen (Gandalf) was awarded 'Best Supporting Actor' by the magazine. [More]

Harry Vs Frodo (moan) NYTimes

10/25/02, 12:41 pm EST - Xoanon

Tinidril sends along text from a small NewYork Times blurb today, take a look, and let the silly season begin. [More]

FOTR Matte Paintings At Dusso.com

10/25/02, 12:35 pm EST - Xoanon

Darth Neo sends along these wonderful matte paintings (large paintings used as backgrounds in films) from FOTR! Take a look at this page for a ton of Mattes from all types of films as well! [More]

TTT Opening Plunge

10/25/02, 11:58 am EST - Tehanu

More speculation on the way TTT may open.....[More]

Japanese Subtitles....

10/25/02, 11:43 am EST - Tehanu

Ooops, forgot the URL to Herbalist's site, where you can see more of the mis-translations that are upsetting Japanese LOTR fans...[More]

Project Elanor

10/25/02, 11:38 am EST - Tehanu

Project Elanor has teamed up with national youth literacy charity Reading Is Fundamental and they have formed an action committee to help find a suitable space for to landscape as a children's reading garden. Sean Astin has been contacted and is interested in the project! [More]

Official TTT Posters for Asia?

10/25/02, 9:35 am EST - Demosthenes

Eien fround these pics on ha-movie.com and sent us the links. Could they be official posters for the release of the movie across Asia? [More]
*** Here be spoilers!! ***

Oz DVD Price Roundup

10/25/02, 7:03 am EST - Demosthenes

It's not received a lot of attention, but Australia (and New Zealand) are getting a Region 4 release of both the Special Extended Edition DVD and the Collector's Edition. But who has the cheapest price right now? [More]

I've just updated this report with some further information - Dem.

Japan: Trailer Twisted in Translation

10/25/02, 12:15 am EST - Tehanu

The trailer for TTT has just come out in Japan, and once again Japanese fans are full of dread at the way the subtitles are mis-representing Tolkien and the script as Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens intended it to be understood.
Sam : "Wonder if this is the way Gandalf meant?"
Frodo: "Everything is unpredictable."
"This is a Zen dialogue, not a translation at all," exclaims a fan leader....[More]

News for Oct. 24, 2002

European News Roundup

10/24/02, 11:58 pm EST - Tehanu

LOTR activities [or lack thereof] in Norway, Denmark and Rumania. When do we get to see the FOTR DVD in Rumania? ask the fans. [More]

TTT Opening......

10/24/02, 11:41 pm EST - Tehanu

A guess about the opening scene of TTT, tantalisingly described in scr[i]pt magazine below...[More] Film Spoiler, don't look if you want to stay pure...

Let Your Gaming Voice Be Heard!

10/24/02, 4:39 pm EST - Xoanon

You've been reading our reviews and the reviews of other sites for a while now, on all titles from Universals Fellowship of the Ring to Electronic Arts' The Two Towers. Now its your turn! Drop us an e-mail to Havens@TheOneRing.net and tell us what you think about any of the new Lord of the Rings Gaming Titles, from the Card Game to the Video Game, we want to hear what you have to say! We'll be posting your comments here in Gaming Havens, so let your voice be heard! [Gaming Havens]

Media Watch: Empire Magazine Photos!

10/24/02, 4:36 pm EST - Xoanon

Take a look at these truly amazing photos by Pierre Vinet, these pictures of Frodo, Arwen, Aragorn and Legolas are some great still work. So beautiful! [More]

Scr(i)pt Magazine Talks TTT Spoilers!!

10/24/02, 2:26 pm EST - Xoanon

Loressar Erchamion sends in a few quotes from the latest issue of Scr(i)pt Magazine chalk full of TTT goodies! All kinds of small teases into how the film opens, will they intercut between Mordor and Edoras? How do they script a slow talking Ent?! !!Spoilers!! [More]

Tolkien hysteria sets in early

10/24/02, 2:08 pm EST - Xoanon

Fanatic Norwegian fans of Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings trilogy began camping out in front of Oslo's Colosseum Cinema two weeks before the premiere of The Two Towers. Now a provisional village is being set up for them. [More]

GAMING: FOTR PC Game Review!

10/24/02, 2:07 pm EST - Xoanon

October 22, 2002 - Riding on the latest wave of Tolkien's mass appeal, Vivendi's Fellowship of the Ring is distinct from other Lord of the Rings games in being based on the books rather than the movie (which was also based on the books). But to be realistic, the success of the movie is definitely a factor in the release of this game. [More]

Cadbury LOTR Promotions

10/24/02, 1:19 pm EST - Xoanon

Gollum writes: I'm not sure if someone has pointed this out of not but Cadbury (Australia) have promotional ties with LOTR again. They have a website up with a few wallpapers, icons, info on their competitions etc. [More]

Media Watch: Empire Magazine Talks Bond, LOTR

10/24/02, 1:17 pm EST - Xoanon

Becky writes: Empire Magazine have just released their new issue - dedicated to the new Bond film 'Die Another Day', starring our very own Lawrence Makoare (Lurtz) as a big baddie - in addition they are giving away 6 LotR prints. [More]

Sean Bean Pics From Macbeth

10/24/02, 1:07 pm EST - Xoanon

Nona writes: I have lots more fan reviews of Sean's Macbeth, and quite a few nice pix of Sean taken by fans following the play. [More]

Cool Official Site Update!

10/24/02, 5:55 am EST - Demosthenes

The Official movie site has updated and has some gorgeous wallpapers from the soon-to-be-released Extended Edition DVD. Choose between artwork from Rivendell, Lothlorien, Isengard and Hobbiton! And, if you have AIM, there's three new buddy list icons featuring some of our favourite Two Tower's characters. Enjoy! [More]

Extended DVD Menus and Easter Eggs

10/24/02, 2:14 am EST - Calisuri

Thanks to Ringer David for sending us this news. IGN has posted yet another in-depth look at the Extended FOTR DVD Gift Set. This time they have menu screen caps and the two hidden Easter Eggs! (Woo! The MTV spoof is on this DVD!) [Menu Images] [Easter Eggs]

News for Oct. 23, 2002

REVIEW: The Lord of the Rings for Playstation 2

10/23/02, 11:45 pm EST - Xoanon

Lao of Gondor writes: Here is a detailed account of my experience with the recently released Vivendi/Universal Lord of the Rings game for PS2. It may not be the most popular review of the game, but it is an honest one! SPOILER WARNING - due to the nature of this review, certain gaming elements are revealed so be warned! [More] [Gaming Havens]

TT Exhibit Invite!

10/23/02, 7:14 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy B-Man sends along the official invite to the TTT exhibit! Take a look! [More]

WB To Air TTT 'Behind-The-Scenes' Soon!

10/23/02, 7:03 pm EST - Xoanon

Engwar writes: I just wanted to make everyone aware of a LOTR:TTT special that The WB will be airing in December (sounds similar to the FOX special from last year, except that this one will run for 60 min). [More]

Toronto Or Bust!

10/23/02, 12:53 pm EST - Xoanon

TORN is going to the 'Two Towers' exhibit in Toronto! We'd love see you there! Sign up on our party page for updates on times and places where we will be getting together before, during or after seeing the exhibit. Xoanon (thats me) is set to spend 3 or 4 days at the exhibit covering everything on film and video. If you plan on being there between the 30th and the 1st. Join the party! [More]

Get tickets to the event right here!

'Requiem' Music on Two Towers Trailer

10/23/02, 12:44 pm EST - Xoanon

Joseph writes: I found this on a Clint Mansell ('Requiem for a Dream' composer) website, it deals with the music for the new trailer. [More]

Gothic Power On CD?

10/23/02, 12:39 pm EST - Xoanon

What is 'Gothic Power' and why do you want a copy of it on CD? Last year we were inundated with emails from folks asking us what music track was used on a few of the FOTR teasers and trailers seen worldwide. We did some hunting (and begging) to find out that it is a track by Chris Field called 'Gothic Power'. Now Eric sends along word that it MAY be coming to a music store near you! [More]

GAMING: EA's TTT Game Details!

10/23/02, 12:28 pm EST - Xoanon

Lauren writes: Just letting everyone know, the game is awesome. I've been playing it a little bit and it actually has scenes from the movies in it- both Fellowship of the Ring AND The Two Towers- the ones from the Two Towers are ones that I'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE...(highlight to read!) !Spoilers! Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli arrive in Fangorn Forest. Legolas starts talking about how the forest is old and full of anger. [Gaming Havens]

Order your copy from Amazon.com today!

GAMING: Games-Workshop TTT Figurines

10/23/02, 12:18 pm EST - Xoanon

Ryan sends us this update on all the great figurines you can get at games-workshop.com. Take a look at these cool pics, wargs included! [More] [Gaming Havens]

It's time to get inside Oscar's little golden head

10/23/02, 11:52 am EST - Xoanon

Even though the academy nominations won't be announced until Feb.11 -- the awards themselves are March 23 -- Oscar season arrives early, like winter in North Dakota. It may be too soon to convince the White House that the Earth is in the grip of global warming, but it's never too early for Hollywood pundits to toss around Oscar plaudits. [More]

DVD Coolness From Taiwan

10/23/02, 11:51 am EST - Xoanon

Pamela sends along some interesting info on the new release date for the FOTR DVD in Taiwan. And some very cool pictures of LOTR swag! Take a look! [More]

Norway Goes TTT Crazy!

10/23/02, 11:21 am EST - Xoanon

Amund writes: Here is an article from Norway. Haven't got the time to translate it, bu their building a hobbit village in the capitol city for those in line for Two Towers tickets. The line will be moved from the cinema and to a nerby park, where they will build a village consisting of hobbitholes, an Inn and a camping spot. The liners will be able to play playstation, surf on the net and participate in competitions about LOTR. (non english text) [More]

Quote This!

10/23/02, 11:12 am EST - Xoanon

B. Rock Longbottom writes: I was just perusing IMDB.com and noticed that their daily quote of the day is Galadriel from FOTR. [More]

Can You Spot The Ent?

10/23/02, 11:10 am EST - Xoanon

Ken writes: I was at the Maryland Renaissance Festival on the last day and snapped a couple of pictures of what looks to be an Ent (posing as a door). [More]

The Lord of the Rings : The Second Coming

10/23/02, 11:03 am EST - Xoanon

Middle-earth hits London on November 6 as HarperCollins launches their official children's and adults' tie-in books for The Two Towers, the second instalment of Peter Jackson¹s spectacular Lord of the Rings trilogy, at Waterstones, Piccadilly. [More]

Bean: 'Being angry is a great release'

10/23/02, 10:53 am EST - Xoanon

Theatre critics don’t get out much, or rather they get out all the time but only to the theatre. They become suspicious when aliens from the Planet Television or the Star System Hollywood are beamed between their proscenium arches. Expect, then, resistance when Sean Bean, ITV’s sometime Captain Sharpe, plays Macbeth in the West End next month. “What bloody man is that?”, they will ask. “Has Bean’s vaulting ambition not o’er leapt itself?” they will go on — for the text of Macbeth is of great assistance when it comes to introductory paragraphs. [More]

Wellington Museum Info

10/23/02, 10:48 am EST - Xoanon

Old Reader writes: This link takes you to the site of the Museum of NZ in Wellington, who have some interesting news about a FOTR exhibition they'll be opening about the time TTT premieres. [More]

Halloween Contest 2002!

10/23/02, 1:51 am EST - Calisuri

Halloween Contest 2002

TheOneRing.net is proud to announce the beggining of our fourth annual Halloween Contest Party. For the last three years, the standard of the entries have been nothing short of excellent and this year will hopefully prove to be no exception, with TheOneRing.net offering the finest range of prizes on offer to the winners yet. FInd out more and enter today! [More]

News for Oct. 22, 2002

Gwaihir Spotted Over Alaska!

10/22/02, 6:52 pm EST - leo

Here's some light entertainment; several people in Alaska have reported seeing a bird the size of a small airplane fly through the skies! You can read the full story from Reuters over at Yahoo! News. [More]

Gaming: The Two Towers coming to Xbox and GameCube

10/22/02, 5:20 pm EST - leo

We reported on it earlier today but the folks from GameSpot.com are the first to get some more information on it which you can now read on their site! [More] [Gaming Havens]

FOTR Nominated For Child BAFTAS

10/22/02, 3:35 pm EST - Xoanon

Trueogre writes: I just watched this evenings Newsround (Kids news program), they mentioned that Lord of the Rings is up for a Childrens Bafta along with stiff competition from Harry Potter. The Childrens Baftas will take place on 24th November. [More]

Very Complete Review of the Extended Edition DVD

10/22/02, 1:48 pm EST - Calisuri

Thanks to Ringer fan Sean of Minas Morgul for the heads up. Check out this 16 page review of the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Extended DVD collection at IGN.com! There are lots of pictures we have not scene before. Minor Spoilers [More]

SHOP: Choose your...Hat!

10/22/02, 10:57 am EST - Calisuri

Looking for a new Lord of the Rings hat? The Official New Line Shop is giving us a chance to vote for our favorite Middle-earth design. Best yet, after the votes are tallied, they will manufacturer the most popular one. Vote today! (As an added bonus, you'll get 10% off your next purchase at the New Line shop!) [More]

Gaming: LOTR:TTT EA Game on Xbox and Gamecube?

10/22/02, 8:35 am EST - leo

Confusion galore! There are rumors going around that EA's The Two Towers game will get a release on the Xbox and Gamecube as well! Until today the Playstation 2 and the GBA were the only platforms on which the game would be released. A specific date for the Xbox and Gamecube release hasn't been given yet so more information about this when we get confirmation! [Gaming Havens]

Live in Canada? Wanna See TTT Early?

10/22/02, 8:23 am EST - leo

Glewen emailed us about a contest in Canada: There is a Lord of the Rings contest being offered by Canadian Cable Company Shaw. You have to order the film on Pay Per View and one other fantasy film and then you are entered in a contest to have a private viewing with you and your friends of The Two Towers before it hits theatres, secondary prize packs will also be awarded. An interesting contest for those Canadians that get Shaw. Just go to Shaw.ca and click on their contests page for information.

News for Oct. 21, 2002

One Ent's Opinion: 4-Disc Extended Version a Consumer Rip-off?

10/21/02, 10:56 pm EST - Quickbeam

Greetings -- Quickbeam here. This is my honest opinion of this whole DVD business. What exactly is New Line providing the fans by bringing out this huge 4-Disc DVD of Fellowship right on the heels of the regular edition? It comes down to the simple ethics of educating your consumers on exactly WHAT they are buying from you. Agree? Disagree? Read on: [More]

Weekly Cast Watch

10/21/02, 8:21 pm EST - Xoanon

Another great chance to see your favorite LOTR on the small screen this week! [More]

They're Lining Up in Norway II

10/21/02, 7:43 pm EST - Tehanu

Now we have a translation of the article about the fans lining up for TTT already. [More] Many thanks to all of you who offered translations.

Two Towers Play in Cincinnati

10/21/02, 7:06 pm EST - Xoanon

Shirefarmer writes: In case you want to know in Cincinnati Ohio theres a Two Tower production at the Arnoff center. [More]

Extended DVD Images

10/21/02, 7:01 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Baba19 sends along these images from the FOTR DVD Special Edition! Take a look! [More]

Film Book Release Party! - November 6th, 2002

10/21/02, 6:01 pm EST - Calisuri

TheOneRing.net is teaming up with Houghton Mifflin Book Publishers to throw a party for the November 6th release of brand new books! Get together with your friends and family at your local bookstore and have a chance to win some great prizes just for being involved! The books which will be released on that day are The Two Towers Visual Companion, The Making of the Movie Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings Creatures, and The Two Towers Photo Guide! Details to be posted shortly. [More]

Potter vs Rings ... Round Two!

10/21/02, 5:50 pm EST - Demosthenes

It was inevitable that the LoTR vs Harry Potter match-ups would start reoccurring in newsmedia around the world as the release dates for both films approached. Here's CNN's take on the whole thing. [More]

See the Extended Version of FoTR on the Big Screen

10/21/02, 5:34 pm EST - Demosthenes

AOL is sponsoring a sweepstakes that has some extremely cool prizes. For starters, 200 very lucky people in 10 cities across the USA will get to see the extended version of FoTR in a theatre! The grand prize is a trip to New Zealand and five people will win replicas of Frodo's sword 'Sting'. Unfortunately, it is only open to US residents. [More]

The contest ends November 15, but to be eligible for the special screenings you must enter before midnight on October 28. Thanks to TORn Staffers Balin and Jincey for the link!

Going To The Toronto TTT Exhibit?! Come Join The Party!

10/21/02, 4:41 pm EST - Xoanon

Xoanon (thats me) will be representing TORN at the Alliance Atlantis Two Towers event in Toronto! If you plan on heading over there come and stop by! Join the 'line' party (for lack of a better name) for updates and more info. And get your ticket for the TTT show now! [Party] [TTT Event]

Media Watch: The New York Times

10/21/02, 1:55 pm EST - Xoanon

At this time last year, movie audiences were looking ahead to a holiday season dominated by "Harry Potter" and "The Lord of the Rings." This year, they are looking forward to one dominated by "Harry Potter" and "The Lord of the Rings." [More]

Another Poll To Swamp!

10/21/02, 1:51 pm EST - Xoanon

Martin writes: Currently Attack of the Clones is beating the SE DVD of LotR, mainly cause theForce.net have called out their fans to swamp the poll. [More]

Helms Deep Battle Info

10/21/02, 1:46 pm EST - Xoanon

From Concil-of-elrond.comThe latest issue of the Lord of the Rings Fan Club magazine has Peter Jackson discussing what we can expect in the Battle of Helm's Deep. [More]

LOTR Pumpkins.

10/21/02, 1:45 pm EST - Tehanu

Rebecca sent us this link to some insanely difficult but very effective LOTR pumpkin-carving patterns. [More]

Harmony Gold's One Ring.

10/21/02, 1:39 pm EST - Tehanu

Ringer Spy Lee writes that Harmony Gold, which makes copies of the One Ring, now has US and Canadian distribution rights. Because they're made in South Africa where gold is mined, they're considerably cheaper. Hers arrived in three days by Fedex. [More]

Tolkien voted #92 in Britain

10/21/02, 1:35 pm EST - Tehanu

Cerys wrote in about a BBC programme called "The Top 100 Great Britons: "Well, J.R.R Tolkien has been voted in at number 92! It's a great achievement, considering the poll is littered with the likes of David Beckham (I'm not a fan) and J.K Rowling (nor of her). She came in at number 83, which is stupid considering she wouldn't even be in there if Tolkien had never existed! Oh well, at least he wasn't beaten by any of the Spice Girls!!!"

UK News: TTT Chess Set and Risk

10/21/02, 1:33 pm EST - Tehanu

Ringer Spy Jarman saw these games at his local WH Smith. Looks like the TTT chess set is different from the FOTR one. [More]

Norwegian Line Party, already?

10/21/02, 1:27 pm EST - Tehanu

We got a link to and a message of which I can only understand "The Norwegian Ticket Line has started. (and it's snowing)." [More - in Norwegian]

GAMING: The Two Towers is here!

10/21/02, 8:00 am EST - Demosthenes

Take a read through our review of Electronic Arts' new gaming masterpiece for PS2 - The Two Towers! Featuring beautifully rendered graphical worlds, and exclusive interviews with Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Sir Ian McKellen, and much much more! [More]

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