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January 16, 2000 - January 24, 2000

News for Jan. 24, 2000

Rohan Warrior Details!

1/24/00, 19:45 EST - Xoanon

Xtem sends in some more details regarding what the Rohan Warriors look like! [More]


Contest Winner Announced This Week?

1/24/00, 08:55 EST - Xoanon

The Houghton Mifflin contest 'Win a Trip to Middle-earth' winner should be announced this week, according to the spokesperson for the contest. TheOneRing.netÖ will be probing a few people for the answer.

Cast News: Hawke's 'Boys' on Cinemax

1/24/00, 08:50 EST - Xoanon

The Ethan Hawke (Faramir) shoot 'em up film 'The Newton Boys' is on Cinemax today at 2:15 PM EST.

News for Jan. 23, 2000

Ebay Items

1/23/00, 14:01 EST - Xoanon

This weeks crop of Ebay items are fabaroo. [More]

The Two Towers Stage Play

1/23/00, 13:15 EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here, I've been keeping track of this stage play for some months. It's great to finally see some promo work! If anyone involved with this play are reading, drop me a line!

Click on the image to enlarge

From: Vdude

I was in a local bookstore (The Stars Our Destination) when I picked up this pamphlet:

"Lifeline Theaters presents J.R.R. Tolkien's The Two Towers Adapted by James Sie& Karen Tarjan Directed by Ned Mochel"

"Many years ago, the Dark Lord created a ring of incredible power, a ring to rule all other rings of power. And then the ring was lost...Frodo and Sam-lowly hobbits-must destroy the ring by casting it into the fire from whence it came. They must journey to the Dark Kingdom where evil Sauron, in the great tower, is supreme. Their guide is Gollum, deceitful and lust-filled slave to the corruption of the ring. The fantastic and horrible awaits them, from evil orcs to a gigantic spider named Shelob. Meanwhile, Frodo's companions: Legolas, Gimli; Aragorn-and Gandalf from the council of Wizards-are caught in the strategy of the traitor Saruman, whose fortress must be overcome.
Don't miss the mastery of Tolkien's The Two Towers, Book 2 of the greatest epic fantasy ever written, brought to life on the Lifeline stage Order now...our production of The Fellowship of the Ring sold out"

The play is scheduled to run between January 22 and May 7, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 3:30pm. More information can be obtained at www.lifelinetheatre.com

I spoke to the store proprietors, who had seen the production of FoTR two years previously. They said it was a good adaptation, though it only provided a sampling of the book rather than the entire story.

LOTR Editors?

1/23/00, 11:02 EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Wasp sends in something that many people may have missed:

The IMDB updates constantly, of course, and there's some new information concerning the crew of LotR. Ever since the crew list was released there's been some speculation as to who will edit the film, which is a fairly important job. Some suggested that PJ might be editing it himself. According to the IMDB, the editors for Fellowship of the Ring are John Gilbert IX (Crush, Jack Be Nimble, The Frighteners, more)and LotR Post-Production Supervisor Jamie Selkirk

Read more about John Gilbert IX here.

Read more about Jamie Selkirk here.

Read the entire crew list here. (Please do not copy)

Hobbitknocker Get's Burned!

1/23/00, 10:12 EST - Xoanon

Eddie is bemused about Blacklisting
By Peta Woodhouse

Quotes from 'Contact' newspaper, 20th January 2000

Former Lord of The Rings movie extra Eddie McCarthy does not feel bitter about being blacklisted by Wellington acting agencies after spilling "secrets" about the making of the film. He just finds it laughable.

The rest of the article goes on to describe Eddie (Hobbitknocker) McCarthy's first article published in 'Contact', and how 3Foot6 reacted. They issued him a threatening letter.

When Contact tried to, er, contact 3Foot6 or Wingnut films, they discovered the phone number has changed. McCarthy, meanwhile is apathetic:

"It's hysterical because it's so ludicrous. How can they threaten a 68-year-old amateur actor [with no more work] when I just do this sort of thing for the love of it. I don't gtive a damn about it. I've been there and done my thing. I've sung in music shows in the 60s before Avalon Studios were built."

When McCarthy tried to call his agency 'Trio Talent Management' for more work they told him 'You should basically consider yourself blacklisted'.

Read the original article.

Thanks to Xtem for the tip!

News for Jan. 21, 2000

TheOneRing.net[tm] partners with IGN

1/21/00, 19:59 EST - Xoanon

At the suggestion of our friends at TheForce.net, TheOneRing.net¬ is proud to announce our affiliation with IGN.com, the internet's premiere entertainment website.

What does this mean for TheOneRing.net¬? You will notice just a few physical changes to the site. We will now carry the IGN logo with its link to their larger world of entertainment-related sites. There will be a wider variety of ad banners, on our main site that will open your eyes to many new science-fiction and fantasy related sites. What about the small business ads? Well, we will still be carrying very low cost or free ads for Tolkien-related small businesses in our sister sites like Gaming Havens, Green Books, Fan.TheOneRing.net¬, etc. Last but not least, don't worry! We won't be changing our web URL or anything drastic like that. TheOneRing.net¬ will still be hosting on our server and will still be run by the same group of 20+ volunteers.

With our partnership with IGN, TheOneRing.net¬ realizes it is likely that expenses will be more than covered. We don't intend that personal profit will now become our main objective, and we have investigated a number of charitable causes which we will support. TheOneRing.net¬ is proud to announce that we are in talks to become co-sponsors of an online environmental education program for schools which is run by the Worldwide Fund for Nature. We also will be supporting an educational program in NZ called Books in Homes, a scheme which is doing a great deal to ensure that coming generations will continue to read and feel as comfortable with books as we are; it is our hope that many children will discover the magic of some of the books we have loved and learned from.

We are VERY excited for this opportunity to support these various charities. More information on these charities and more will become available as plans are finalized. We would like to thank IGN helping us to be able to help others.

SFX: 'Massive' details

1/21/00, 16:39 EST - Xoanon

This week I have been going to a summer program at the Australian FIlm Television and Radio School, during the week lecturers in many different fields have been talking to us.

One of the men was a man from an Australian digital fx company called 'Animal Logic' (www.animallogic.com), he was showing us some of his work (matrix etc) and during his lecture he told us how they use digital effects in films to create larger armies than there actually are.

Animal Logic spoke about the 'Massive' technology, however they are not working on LOTR. However he showed us how to create large amounts of people for battle scenes. He has done ads such as the KFC ad where all the KFC employees are watching the huge screen with Star Wars images. He has also done the Maytag ads where the parents vs the kids on a field over what is for dinner.

How he did it was take about 50 or so extras and film them doing the actions at certain places on the field. They filmed the extras using all the different camera angles the ad would require and they created a system by which the camera could pan without effecting the end effect as normally the camera had to be steady to do this sort of effect. What they then did was use the existing images of people to fill in the rest of the gaps on the field. Once all together with camera pans etc it really looks like there are thousands of people.

As I said he is not working on LOTR but this is a good example of how WETA will probably create large hordes of Orcs.

For more on this and other computer related magic check out our SFX section.

Thanks to Resevoir Dog for the tip!

Cast News: Cate in Hannibal?

1/21/00, 16:30 EST - Xoanon

Aint it cool news is reporting that Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) has denied the rumors that she will be replacing Jodie Foster in the 'Silence of the Lambs' sequel.

To this Cate replied "rumor, rumor, rumor" and then elaborated on this with praise of Jodie and saying Jodie was "irreplacable." [More]


1/21/00, 15:34 EST - Calisuri

TheOneRing.net¬ is proud to announce its newest community member: O SENHOR DOS ANâIS! (a Portuguese language LOTR Movie site)


We are still taking applications for community webspace. Take a look at our community section for more information on how to join the ever expanding site! [ TheOneRing.net¬ Community ]

Cast News: Elijah on TMN

1/21/00, 09:41 EST - Xoanon

The Elijah Wood (Frodo) film 'The Faculty' is on TMN today. [More]

Web Watch: Suite 101

1/21/00, 08:53 EST - Xoanon

Love, Middle-earth Style

One of the most popular stories of Middle-earth is the tale of Beren and Luthien. It's a classic poor-boy falls for rich girl drama combined with high adventure, intrigue, depravity, and magic. There seems to be something for everyone. [More]

Media Watch: BBC TV

1/21/00, 08:40 EST - Xoanon

From: Matt

Just this minute finished watching the BBC News 24 entertainment news show "Zero 30" The had about a 50 or so second long article on LOTR... [More]

!!!Small Spoiler Warning!!!

News for Jan. 20, 2000

War of the Ring!

1/20/00, 21:12 EST - Xoanon

"War of the Ring" is a Total Conversion of the game "WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness", and the expansion pack "Beyond the Dark Portal". It will feature new units, graphics, and missons based on the triology "Lord of the Rings" by the late Professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. The conversion is not ready yet, but a multiplayable beta will hopefully be released sometime this year. [More]

This sounds amazing! Check out Gaming Havens for more info!

KSR Chat Log + Tehanu's NZ Exclusive!

1/20/00, 20:56 EST - Xoanon

Missed last nights great chat? No problem! The log is available right here! [More]

And our LOTR Set Refugee (joke) Tehanu has posted her latest NZ Exclusive! [More]

CHUD Rocks

1/20/00, 20:52 EST - Xoanon

The guys over at CHUD have written part 6 of 'Why LOTR will rock'

We've already covered several different reasons why Peter Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY is going to make life a sweet treat for us all.


Cast News: Liv in Dallas

1/20/00, 16:39 EST - Xoanon

A friend of mine saw Liv Tyler (Arwen) recently in a museum in downtown Dallas. She is filming a Robert Altman movie here (with Richard Gere who has also been spotted at said museum). I would assume that if she is filming a whole other movie here, then it may be awhile before she is in NZ again.

Thanks to Dominique at 1-0 for the tip!


1/20/00, 09:11 EST - Xoanon

Sources tell TheOneRing.netÖ that filming has started again today (Thursday, January 20th) following the Christmas break. Ian McKellen (Gandalf) is now in NZ as well as Elijah Wood (Frodo), Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn), John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) and the rest of the Hobbits with the exception of Ian Holm (Bilbo) who is scheduled to arrive in February. My contacts in the Liv Tyler (Arwen) camp could not confirm if she will be returning to NZ, or if she is done for a while yet.

Hall of Fire Chat!

1/20/00, 09:05 EST - Xoanon

Gandalf the Grey has just sent me a new topic he and his hobbit brother Gamgee concocted this weekend. Being Lord of the Ring loremasters, hopefully they'll both be able to join us and answer your burning Middle Earth questions! [More]

Cast News: Tv Listings

1/20/00, 09:04 EST - Xoanon

You can catch Ethan Hawke (Faramir) and Uma Thurman (Eowyn, still rumored) in the sci-fi thriller 'Gattaca' [More]

News for Jan. 19, 2000

The Death of Boromir?

1/19/00, 13:53 EST - Tehanu

Read Spy Reports for an over-the-shoulder look at what could be Boromir's death. Text only, not a major spoiler.

Live Chat With Author Today!!

1/19/00, 09:09 EST - Xoanon

A quick reminder about tonights live chat with Hugo award winning author Kim Stanley Robinson. Mr. Robinson's work includes the 'Mars Trilogy', he'll be around to answer your questions concerning the writing process, creating realistic characters, and getting your work published! Ask him how Tolkien inspired his work and stories.

The chat will be held at Barliman's at 9:30 PM EST. Be there!

Not to sure about the time zones? Click here for a map!

About that AICN Report...

1/19/00, 09:06 EST - Xoanon

Well, Harry over at Ain't It Cool News received a report from a NZ spy saying that we are banned from the production or something to that effect.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In effect, as reported before, our dear Tehanu was issued a trespassing notice for the Helms Deep set. A set she has never even visited before. And that's about it, this will in no way effect the way we handle our news and spy reports.

Tolkien 2000 Contest

1/19/00, 09:00 EST - Xoanon

What? You don't know about the Tolkien 2000 Contest? The Contest where you can BE the Professor and win some great prizes? Click here to find out more!

News for Jan. 17, 2000

The Hobbiton explosions......

1/17/00, 13:23 EST - Tehanu

...are probably just an automatic bird-scarer over in the next farm. Sorry.

Hobbitknocker in Hot Water

1/17/00, 12:50 EST - Xoanon

TV-One news item,
January 18th 2000

Eddie McCarthy, an extra for the New Line Cinema production of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, found today a down-side of breaking a confidentiality agreement.

During the weekend his talent agency, Trio Talent Management, informed Mr. McCarthy that the local community newspaper article he wrote "Confessions of a Hobbit Knocker", has effectivly killed his career in television and film - as he could not be trusted to keep quiet on projects in production. Camperdown studios of Miramar are also a banned place, and when Mr. McCarthy tried to gain entry to explain himself, security guards would not let him past the main gate.

As Mr. McCarthy explained, he provided the article to share with everyone his joy in being able to take part in such a highly anticipated series of films. He now wonders if his contribution will end up on the cutting room floor.

Written or verbal confidentiality agreements are a part of most production work, and the afternoon Wellington newspaper, The Evening Post, quoted a member of the G.C.S.B. (New Zealand's external spy service) who has an extras role in the films, that the wording of the agreements are more strict on the level of information that actors involved are allowed to share than the agreement he signed when he started work for the government department.

Thanks to RohanExtra-197 for the tip!

Tolkien Trivia

1/17/00, 10:43 EST - Xoanon

From the folks at SciFi.com:

January is the birth month of legendary fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien and we're celebrating with 70 questions with a familiar "ring" to them. Come join us for a night of trivia straight out of Middle Earth.

Special Prize: Goblins, dwarves, elves and other forest creatures are vividly brought to life on CD in this audio presentation of THE HOBBIT brought to you by AudioUniverse!

Mindprobe is SCIFI.COM's live multiplayer trivia game show. Each week, players answer questions, chat and compete for a fabulous Sci Fi t-shirt or other special prizes. And every weeknight at 7:30pm Eastern time, players can test their knowledge of general sci-fi trivia, with prizes awarded to the player with the highest monthly cumulative score. For more information on Mindprobe and how to play, visit:


In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for more great themed games.

Holm in the US, Lee in the UK

1/17/00, 10:37 EST - Xoanon

I cannot say this enough, check out 'The Sweet Hereafter' with Ian Holm (Bilbo), it's a wonderful film [More]

Meanwhile on BBC2 at 9pm you can see Christopher Lee (Saruman) in Gormenghast [More]

Thanks to Proudfoot (FEET!) for the tip!

Worse than Elvis

1/17/00, 06:06 EST - Tehanu

I really don't want to rattle this cage again, but this week's 'Woman's Day' (Jan 24th) reports that 'Sean Connery can't be counted out of the 'Rings' yet. It may be his most villainous role ever.'
I am only passing on what I've seen in print. I have NO opinion on the likelihood of this being true, so don't email me about it.

An overview of events at Helm's Deep

1/17/00, 06:01 EST - Tehanu

It's been a busy weekend at the Helm's Deep set. Sharp-eyed Martyn sent a description that you can read in Spy Reports. [More]

Hobbiton explosions?

1/17/00, 05:43 EST - Tehanu

There's more on developments around Hobbiton in Spy Reports. [More]

News for Jan. 16, 2000

Big Brother is watching you....

1/16/00, 21:47 EST - Tehanu

Tehanu got an unexpected visitor, a very cranky person indeed! Read about it in Spy Reports. [More]

This weeks Ebay Items

1/16/00, 18:01 EST - Xoanon

Check out the latest crop of goodies. [More]

Producer Tim Sanders Quits!

1/16/00, 12:43 EST - Xoanon

The NZ Dominion has reported that LOTR Producer Tim Sanders has quit the production. In a statement Sanders claimed that it was his decision to leave. In another statement Barry Osborne, another producer on the project commented.

"Tim's been involved with this project since the very early days and done a wonderful job. He's a great guy, he's done a great job. But I've been here for quite a long time. This project has been a complicated one and he's done well to get this thing up and off the ground."

It was stressed that monetary concerns was not the reason Sanders left.

Set Your VCR's!

1/16/00, 12:40 EST - Xoanon

Unless you are on Kiwi time like me and are up at 2:55 am. You can check out Kevin Conway (Theoden) in 'Rambling Rose' on TMC at 2:55 Monday morning.

Set Builder Talks?

1/16/00, 11:48 EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Bathtub sends in this, a chat he had with a supposed LOTR set builder. [More]

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