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January 02, 2000 - January 08, 2000

News for Jan. 08, 2000

Hall of Fire Chat Today!

1/08/00, 10:56 EST - Xoanon

Topic: The Power of the One Ring ... 3:30 PM EST be there! [More]

Cast News: Catch 'em all

1/08/00, 10:48 EST - Xoanon

On TV this week-end. You can catch a glimpse of some of the cast in various movies today.

The Ethan Hawke (Faramir) Uma Thurman (Eowyn, still rumored) film 'Gattaca' will be showing today on TMN [More]

The Brad Dourif film (Wormtongue) 'Sin Seer' from 'The Hunger' series will be on TMN as well [More]

The Ian Holm (Bilbo) masterpiece 'The Fifth Element' will be on ABC tonight at 7 PM CST, this is a must see!

News for Jan. 07, 2000

Guesses on the mysterious set.

1/07/00, 14:21 EST - Tehanu

The set near Closeburn that we pictured in 'The Search for Middle-earth' has drawn a number of guesses. Several people have said 'The hill of Seeing.' Here is what Joe Piela had to say:
"My first guess would be Cirith Ungol: when I first saw the statues they reminded me of the two watchers (though their location up high rules against it), and that sword you noted looks like an orc scimitar. So I would guess the stuntmen would be Shagrat and Gorbag's orcs fighting amongst themselves. My second guess would be that they are REALLY spice up the "Hill of Seeing" scene (after all you noted that the thing on the raised platform looked like a seat or throne), with the Orcs first attacking Boromir up on the hilltop right after the confrontation with Frodo. That way they can start the carnage early and have Boromir leave a trail of bodies down the hill"
Now I LIKE that! I'm convinced!

Remember our LIVE Chat Events?

1/07/00, 13:14 EST - Xoanon

Well they're back! It is with great pleasure I announce our next Live Net Event! Writer and Hugo Award Winner Kim Stanley Robinson!

Mr. Robinson's work on the 'Mars Trilogy' is some of my favorite fiction. His attention to detail and character development is superb. So come on by Barliman's on Wednesday, January 19th at 9:30 PM EST to chat about writing, how Tolkien's work inspired him, and the creative form in general! See you there! [More on KSR]

Cast News: Ethan's 'Snow..' Opens in the USA

1/07/00, 09:50 EST - Xoanon

Ethan Hawke's film 'Snow Falling on Cedars' opens today in the USA, if you see it and want to review it drop me a line!

And the Search Continues...

1/07/00, 00:38 EST - Calisuri

\[ Lindis Pass \]

Tehanu as submitted her latest installment of "The Search for Middle-earth." Check out the amazing photography as she encounters "Glaciers and Snow." [ more ]

News for Jan. 06, 2000

More on Learning Elvish

1/06/00, 14:27 EST - Tehanu

I had no idea this was such a popular pastime. Several Ringers have written to tell us more about where you can learn about Tolkien's languages. You can read what they've said in Spy Reports

Cast News: Ethan on Leno -UPDATED-

1/06/00, 09:49 EST - Xoanon

Ethan Hawke (Faramir) is making the rounds for his latest film 'Snow Falling on Cedars'. Ethan will be on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' at 11:35 PM EST.

- Update -

Ethan's apperance on Leno tonight

Ethan's stint on Leno was, as always, full of small talk and stories of Hawke's baby. No mention of LOTR whatsoever, sorry folks :(

Latest Newsletter is Away!

1/06/00, 09:45 EST - Xoanon

The first Newsletter of the 21st century is away! Do you want to recieve our weekly newsletter? Packed with tons of info to keep you up to date on the latest? Plus filled with exclusives from time to time? Sign up now! [More]

News for Jan. 05, 2000

Hall of Fire. Get Ready Now!

1/05/00, 22:49 EST - Calisuri

For this week's Hall of Fire topic, "The Power of the One Ring," our wise dwarf Balin has has combed the Chamber of Records and written down some notes about the One Ring to inspire discussion at the next Hall of Fire chat, to be held Saturday, January 8, at 3:30 pm EST. He has posted his research on the Barliman's page and we invite all Hall of Fire attendees to peruse his research and do a little of their own. If you disagree, find the sources to refute. If you agree, find the sources to confirm. Or just come and learn more about the lore of the One Ring. [ more ]

Gandalf's almost here!

1/05/00, 18:09 EST - Tehanu

Sir Ian McKellen will be arriving in Wellington on Monday the 10th. Here's wishing him all the best!

Ever wanted to translate Tengwar?

1/05/00, 18:04 EST - Tehanu

A keen reader sent us a tip on how to improve your Elvish. His letter is posted in Spy Reports

Tolkien 2000 Update

1/05/00, 17:52 EST - Xoanon

Nob has updated me as to the amount of sumbissions pouring in for our Tolkien 2000 Contest, why not enter your submission today?! [More]

Cast News: Ethan Hawke on ITV

1/05/00, 17:43 EST - Xoanon

From: PS

Since it seems like Ethan Hawke (Faramir) season at the moment. I thought you'd like to know that Ringers in the UK and Ireland can see him on ITV/UTV tonight at Midnight GMT appearing in the film A Midnight Clear.

Ian Holm, The Perfect Hobbit

1/05/00, 17:41 EST - Xoanon

Resevoir Dog sends in this bit on the good Ian Holm (Bilbo), looks like he'll make the perfect Hobbit!

During the audio commentry on the DVD Resurrection director Russell Mulcahy talks about actors eating on camera. He says it is always a difficult decision for actors whether to eat or not and he recalls a film he did with Ian Holm where Ian ate 23 full english breakfasts whilst trying to shoot a scene! He says "Ian's not a big man, but he was certainly bigger at lunch time"

Site updates

1/05/00, 12:40 EST - Corvar

The Search and Archives sections have been reworked so hopefully they are more usable. Additionally I have hopefully made the main site more usable for people who use text based browsers and the visually impaired.

If you have any questions, comments, or problems with the changes please drop me an email at corvar@theonering.net

Cast News: Ian Holm on TMN

1/05/00, 09:21 EST - Xoanon

The Ian Holm film 'The Sweet Hereafter' will be on TMN's Signature Showcase today. [More]

News for Jan. 04, 2000

Media Watch: The Edmonton Sun

1/04/00, 22:40 EST - Xoanon

The lovely Cate Blanchett is making news in the great white north. Click on the link for the rest of the article:

"Next up for Blanchett is the role of Galadriel, the elf queen in the live-action feature Lord of the Rings, based on the fantasy novels of J.R.R. Tolkien. "I start in June. It's a 14-month shoot. We're making three movies back-to-back. And I'll be in all three. What drew her to this project? "I was actually in The Hobbit when I was in high school but I hadn't read the books and now I'm delving into them." She says she was also drawn to the project by director Peter Jackson "who has one of the most extraordinary, bizarre, out-there minds." I stare at her. With her pixie face and tall, slender build, she'd be a remarkable elfin queen, as depicted by Tolkien. Her eyes twinkle quite mischievously." [More]

Section Update: Latest Rant Online

1/04/00, 20:22 EST - Xoanon

Yes, I've taken my time but it's finally here! The Book 2 Chapter 6 Rant! [More]

Accolades for Peter Jackson.

1/04/00, 16:28 EST - Tehanu

Peter Jackson gets two mentions in the January edition of NZ's "North and South" magazine. There's a column on him in the large 'update '99' article that follows the fortunes of high-flying NZers since "North and South" last interviewed them. Nothing in it we don't know already, but it mentions that LOTR has grown the size of the film industry eightfold in Wellington, making it the leading city for filmmaking in NZ.
Jackson is mentioned again in "99 New Zealanders who made a difference." It credits him with making NZ's biggest film event ever, and with his determination to hire local talent where possible. It also mentions that he bought the National Film Unit in order to keep that valuable resource in local ownership.
There's a nice photo of PJ in the magazine, which we're waiting on permission to post.

Media Watch: Floods and reviews

1/04/00, 15:23 EST - Xoanon

The ever faithful Resevoir Dog chimes in with the latest bites of news from Oz (better known as Australia)

In this weeks NW Magazine (with Jennifer Lopez on the cover) there is a short blurb about the problems encountered by LOTR production with the floods, there is also an interview with Ethan Hawke (Faramir) about his role in Snow Falling on Cedars.

Also in the Febuary issue of MOVIE magazine, with Mark Whalberg on the cover there is another blurb about LOTR except it's just a pretty standard one about production, there are also reviews of movies such as Sleepy Hollow and Snow Falling on Cedars.

Web Watch: Yahoo! News

1/04/00, 10:05 EST - Xoanon

This small blurb from a recent article at the Yahoo! Entertainment news section.

New Line has committed to make all three parts of ``The Lord of the Rings'' trilogy. While the films are not slated for release until 2001, 2002 and 2003, respectively, the move signals a desire to get into the studio act of event filmmaking -- something that didn't work with ``Lost in Space'' in '98.

First, the release dates are seemingly wrong. Yet the final 2 film release dates are not set in stone. Second, who ever said that 'Lost in Space' was an event film?

Thanks to Sith Sunstorm for the tip!

Source: Complete Yahoo! Article

Cast News: Elijah on Starz!

1/04/00, 09:57 EST - Xoanon

The Elijah Wood (Frodo) film 'The Bumblebee Flies Anyway' will be on Starz! tonight [More]

News for Jan. 03, 2000

Media Watch: News and Observer

1/03/00, 13:35 EST - Xoanon

No movie news here folks, but a neat little piece on Tolkien and history :) [More]

Thanks to George L for the tip!

Does Loreena Want in? -UPDATED-

1/03/00, 13:29 EST - Xoanon

This is the type of news I love to hear. It seems that in a recent Q and A on The Offical Loreena Mckennit website www.quinlanroad.com Mckennit avoided a question regarding her involvement in the LOTR production! Attention PJ! I know you're reading this! This is what I would love to see:

a) Have a great score album done by Kilar (still rumored)
b) Have ANOTHER album of all of Tolkiens songs from the book! With singers like Sting and Seal and Mckennit! (rant mode cancel)

Anyway, this is what Mckennit had to say:

Q: A murmur had circulated that you might participate in the soundtrack of THE LORD OF THE RINGS film, is it right?

LM: That has been an overture. I am not completely clear where that stands at the moment.

Thanks to Mithrandir_777 for the tip!

Source: View Complete Q and A


Listen to more of her here.

Cast News: Ethan and Uma in 'Gattaca'

1/03/00, 13:12 EST - Xoanon

The sleek futuristic thriller Gattaca starring Ethan Hawke (Faramir) and Uma Thurman (Eowyn, though still rumored) is on TMN tonight starting at 5:05 PM EST.

Tolkien 2000 Contest Begins!

1/03/00, 09:14 EST - Xoanon

Just in time for the good professors Birthday, we announce the 'Tolkien 2000 Contest' click on the image to find out more!

And don't forget these interesting bites:

Added 9 new pieces of fan art, including 5 more from Tookish's 4th grade class.

More recipes are surfacing in the Moon Letters with a mushroom flair.

Thanks to "Geenius at Wrok" and Barlimans Chat room for this weeks poll!

Don't forget to check out Tehanu's latest in "The Search for Middle-earth"

News for Jan. 02, 2000

First report from Tehanu's travels.

1/02/00, 18:50 EST - Tehanu

Click to see Tehanu's latest adventure!

I spent three weeks cruising the South Island with a camera and a sense of mindless optimism, hoping to find some film locations. Finally I've got the story and pictures that resulted from that little bit of strolling around. You can read about it in "The Search for Middle Earth" in "NZ Exclusives"

This Weeks Ebay Items

1/02/00, 12:28 EST - Xoanon

Check out the new crop of goodies at Ebay, as well as a very rare Tolkien book in our Shop [More]

Middle-earth Reenactments

1/02/00, 11:51 EST - Xoanon

From: Woeg

This is a very cool prospect. I've seen this done in Virginia and England, historical reenactments of actual events, very cool stuff. And just the idea that some people could be doing this with LOTR? Rather cool.
This is what Woeg sends in:

Not sure if you've heard of this or not, but there is an interesting sounding idea for an SCA like recreation society called The Middle Earth Historical Reenactment Society that I just stumbled on to.
Source: The Middle Earth Historical Reenactment Society

Cast News: Cate in Woman's Day

1/02/00, 11:47 EST - Xoanon

Is this magazine going all out for LOTR? We shall see.

From Resevoir Dog

I thought you might like to know in this weeks Woman's Day there is a two page article on Cate Blanchett, interviewing her about the leading men she's worked with. Towards the end it makes reference to her role in LOTR.

The Hobbit Stageplay

1/02/00, 11:43 EST - Xoanon

Some Aussie Ringers have chimed in with a few words to say about 'The Hobbit' stageplay:

Nighshade: The work that has gone into the stage adaption of the book is fantastic. All of the puppets which appeared were as I had visualised them! ( Gollum was great with his flourescent green eyes !) Bilbo the 3 foot tall hero with big hairy feet, 7 foot tall aloof elves, Smaug the dragon was well done with his 20 foot long neck weaving across the stage and the dwarves were great ( Stocky little fellows with long flowing beards and wicked sense of humour!), goblins with their nasty demeanors and red glowing eyes and big fat 7 foot trolls lumbering about the stage.

Gandalf is one of the few players that were made up of human characters showing off some of his magical skills( staff and crystal flowing in mid air!)

Steven D: It was an excellent show, and hopefully I will be going to see it again. I dont usually like stage shows or theatre, but this is one of the best shows I have seen. The characters are excellently crafted, and the play is fantastically adapted.

And David H sends in something he read while attending the play:

The producer of the Hobbit on stage, Malcolm Cooke, wrote an introduction for this second production's program including the following:

"It is now a million dollar production for the new millenium which we are presenting in every major Australian city before taking it overseas, first to New Zealand then on to America."

I wonder if Peter Jackson will be seeing it in the Land of the Long White Cloud while Filming.

Thanks to all those who sent in their opinions!
Source: 'The Hobbit' Play Website

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