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September 04, 2000 - December 12, 2000

Tuesday, December 12, 2000
Glass Hammer Busy at the Forge - Tookish @ 23:41 PST
We recieved an update on this Tolkien-inspired band's latest efforts:

Hi guys,

The Glass Hammer site has been updated with several new reports about "Live From Middle-Earth", including new lyrics, possible cover artwork, some interior artwork, and some details on the status of the album.

Check it all out here.

Look for some RealAudio interviews with Steve and Fred within the week -- they'll be discussing their remarkable trip to Middle-Earth, and there are some musical snippets from the upcoming disc. There may even be some surprise appearances by the denizens of Middle-Earth. :)

Thanks as always for all your interest and support!


Saturday, December 09, 2000
How'd you like some elvish ears? - Tookish @ 15:25 PST
The Tolkien fans over at halfbaked are having their say on pointy ears. Care for a pair? Take a look here.

Thursday, November 30, 2000
GI Joe & LotR - Calisuri @ 16:45 PST
Check out this action figure set-up, sent in from Ringer Fan Finrod. It's great to see that I was not the only person who wondered how machine guns, rocket launchers and kung-fu chop action would have helped The Fellowship!

\[ Click for Larger View \]

Sunday, November 05, 2000
Fan Art and Wallpaper UPDATE! - Calisuri @ 12:26 PST
Well, there has been a major Fan Art and Fan Wallpaper update! Thanks to all the Ringer fans that took the time to send in these wonderful pieces of art! We have 4 FULL pages of new Fan Art and 12 NEW Fan Wallpaper submissions!

Here are just a few to wet your whistle:

Jason Peters Latest Wallpaper!Craig Mullin's Masterpiece!
Loremaster Nikodemus Mr. Hades Art

Don't forget to send in your Fan Art and Fan Wallpaper to calisuri@theonering.net! We update about once a month.


Friday, November 03, 2000
Fan Watch: A Sad Halfling Story - Calisuri @ 12:58 PST
Ringer Fan J.S. sent us this story a while ago. Be prepared to smile and maybe even cry a little:

A few years ago my mother was given a tabby kitten, which after much wrangling was named Bilbo (the family are all Tolkien fans). Poor little Bilbo promptly had an unfortunate accident, wherein his tiny cranium was squished beneath a recliner. Incredibly the kitten survived this ordeal, though the vet assured us he was brain-damaged, would require medication, and would not live long. Undaunted, we nursed him back to health, assisted by his stubborn and ornery nature.  Here comes the strange part: Due to his brain damage, Bilbo never grew beyond the size of a three month old kitten. He was literally half the height and half the length of a normal sized cat; in short, a halfling. Most cats like to curl in one's lap; this one was happiest perched on one's knee, where he fitted quite nicely. We wonder what would have happened if we'd named him something like Goliath instead... Anyway, hope that made you smile, and keep up the good work!


Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia

ps. The grouchy little cuss lived fully twelve months longer than the vet predicted, but alas is no longer with us. Still, we will never forget him- he was a genuine character, though rather more irascible than his namesake.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000
Fan Watch: Arwen in Texas - Calisuri @ 12:25 PST
Observant Ringer Fan Nick (from http://www.katytimes.com) sent in this Fan Report:

"I was driving home from work on I-10 in Houston and saw this liscense plate!" - Nick

\[ Click for a larger Image \]

Monday, September 04, 2000
Multimedia and Music Updates! FINALLY! - Calisuri @ 12:03 PST
Check out the Fan Multimedia and Fan Music sections for some major updates.

Included in this update are some wonderful compositions from, not only bands, but fans alike. Check out Roneet's "Return of the Shadow" and Scorba's "Farewell" as just a few of the great submissions we received.

Thanks also to everyone who submitted Winamp skins for our multimedia section. The collection is getting quite large!

Remember, you can send your files to calisuri@theonering.net at any time. Updates happen at least once a month.

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