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May 14, 2003 - June 22, 2003

Sunday, June 22, 2003
Film and Festivities in Denmark - Tehanu @ 16:46 PST
Kim sent us news of some great fun events for Tolkien fans in Denmark.

12. July. Near the little town Stege on the island of Møn in Denmark the local shows TTT on a big openair screen. Before that the Tolkien Ensemble will play in the beutefull park of the school Rødkilde Højskole. You can also buy a hobbitmeal. [More] (The homepage is only in danish)

Kl. 17.00
The Park opens
Kl. 20.00
Koncert with The Tolkienensemble [More]
kl. 22.30
The Two Towers

26. July 12. July. Near the town Nykøbing on the island of Lolland in Denmark THE MEDIEVAL CENTRE shows TTT on a big openair screen. THE MEDIEVAL CENTRE is a historical experimental site with a medieval village reconstructed. [More](the arrangement is only mensioned on the danish part of the homepage)

KL 16.00 Tolkien evening starts
KL 18.00 Tournement of Knights
KL 19.00 Medieval and Tolkien Inspired musik
KL 21.00 The Two Towers
KL 00.00 Gandalf inspired fireworks

Orlando Bloom FanMail Contact - TheOneRing.net @ 16:28 PST
News for those wanting to write to Orlando Bloom [Legolas]

All correspondence should be sent to:

Orlando Bloom
c/o ICM,
Oxford House,
76 Oxford Street,
London WID 1BS

There is a small team endeavouring to deal with Orlando's fan mail. The team dealing with the fan mail plead for fans not to keep writing every week or every month. There will strictly be one reply per fan.

Please follow the following guidelines when writing:

Send a Self Addressed Envelope: Minimum size 22cm x 11 cm, properly addressed with country and country code.

Postage: **THREE OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL REPLY coupons for those living outside the UK **TWO official International reply coupons for those living in Europe **and for those in the UK a stamped addressed envelope

Those sending photographs to be signed may have them stamped with Orlando's autograph, but there will be no original autographing. Fans will continue to receive his printed photograph and printed autograph, usually personalised. If fans keep sending repeat requests and the incoming mail gets much too heavy for the team, it is possible that the attempts to satisfy fans will no longer be viable and no mail at all will be answered.

There is no guarantee that mail sent before April, 2002 will be answered but there will be an attempt to cope with it soon. It may take months to deal with the backlog. It will take a matter of weeks from now to try to answer all the current mail - but the Fan Mail team must stress, that it cannot guarantee that all fan mail will be answered because of the volume. Certainly fans that do not send the correct envelopes and reply coupons will be disappointed.

Orlando may only see a small proportion of the most interesting and genuine fan letters but takes an interest in the monthly reports on fan mail provided by the team. Being a good actor, working very hard and professionally as part of the creative team is the most important aspect of filming for him.

He is delighted that so many fans support and vote for him and hopes these many, many fans will enjoy the forthcoming films he appears in which include the final part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy; Pirates of the Caribbean (with Johnny Depp), the Kelly Gang, the Calcium Kid, in which he plays the lead, all which will be out this year, and Troy (with Brad Pitt) out next year...with other exciting possibilities still in the pipeline.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Middle-earth Eden - Xoanon @ 22:15 PST
Rxphilip has created, in my opinion, an EDEN on earth! This fantastic back-yard fountain and pool looks like a great place to relax! Take a look! [More]

Announcement from Phil Capper:

Earlier this year some of us TORN friends who live in Wellington asked the TORN community if they were interested in homestays with other fans in the Wellington area over the premiere period.

There was a good level of interest so we are going to try and act as a clearing house for those of you who are coming and who would like to experience staying in a Kiwi home with people who are likely to share your enthusiasms.

The premiere is on December 1st. The first thing to point out is that you will NOT get to see the movie that night or at all until the general release. If you come it is for the event. However we will try to get some sort of TORN arranged events for visitors, which might include a party, visits and so on. No promises, but we will try.

This is NOT a commercial activity. It is a community voluntary offer that we New Zealanders tend to be suckers for. We are brokering relationships here, not commerce. We will be careful to vet local people we put you in touch with (Wellington is, after all, a village disguised as a city), but in the end it will be your decision whether you stay with the people we put you in contact with.

If you have already contacted us by Email you should get a personal message within the next few days. If you don't hear from us within a week please remind us!! Otherwise register you name with us as soon as possible.

We are not yet sure what other TORN community activities will take place in Wellington in early December, but watch this space...!


Phillip [Chief organiser, LOTR Premiere Homestays Project]

You can reach Phillip at phillip.capper@webresearch.co.nz
You can reach Tehanu at tehanu@theonering.net

Sunday, June 15, 2003
LOTR Themed Cake - Xoanon @ 20:50 PST
Chef to the White Lady writes: Hi, love the site! I’m from Minneapolis and this past February I baked my girlfriend a birthday cake. I had never baked before and after seeing a cake posted on your site several months ago I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

I thought the one posted was a fun idea but wanted to try and make mine even more like the book/movie. I work two jobs so time was a huge factor in this creation. First, I made the tree form paper mache’ and some plastic plant parts. This was initially going to be the “Party Tree” with a sheet cake field next to Bag End complete with little tables and the like.

Well, as usual ideas outgrew time and level of difficulty estimates. So, the night before the party I began baking my first two of four marble cakes. I almost scrapped the whole thing when the cakes came out of their dinosaur shaped cake pans in chunks. I chose the Dino-pan because of the interesting terrain like shapes it created if you trimmed off the face layer. The second two came out perfect so we were back in business. I used the two good cakes for the foundation and the chunks to construct the hill. The tree was also originally supposed to be sticking out of the cake but due to time constraints I couldn’t figure a way to secure it without the risk of it tipping over. I opted for a sprinkler spike turned upside down and taped to the table to hold it down.

I also was originally planning to move the cake to a nearby roller rink for a good ol’ skating party but quickly realized how difficult that would be without damaging the cake. Buying materials for the cake took some time, about an hour the previous night. I couldn’t find green frosting in a large enough quantity so I opted for green sugar over chocolate frosting (her favorite anyway). Looking back green food coloring in white frosting might have worked. So, back to the time line…I laid the foundation then took a long very sharp bread knife and began to shape the hill, path and windows.

After the carving I frosted the entire cake in chocolate-not easy over the cut edges – the frosting wanted to stick to the knife more than the cake at that point. I just used more frosting and that worked. There are two full cans of Betty Crocker frosting on the cake. I used crushed walnuts for the path up to the slivered almond steps. I used a vanilla wafer with green frosting from the small tube I did find-this frosting also worked well for some shrub/grass lining the path and hill. I used a toothpick to give it a grassy texture.

I took a picture of the inside of Bag End from the net and photoshoped it behind a window frame I made in photoshop and printed several of them to scale on one page. I used Brazil nuts for rocks and searched forever for a toy animal farm set (you’d think they’d be easy to find here in Minnesota!) to use a couple of the bushes in it and the fence. I didn’t have time to make the gate and “no admittance…” sign. The frosting held the windows perfectly. I made the birthday banner in photoshop with the Tolkien font I found on the net. Here we are about 7 hours later…time for bed. The next day I had about two hours before the party and still no fireworks wagon.

I bought several packages of different cake candles to be the fireworks and then cut up a cardboard box, broke out the glue and paint and set to work. The wagon is stuffed with cake to hold the candles. I used easter grass to hide the base of the tree and extend the green of the cake a bit further to the Gandalf and Bilbo Burger King characters. All in all after 9+ hours of work and nearly $100 worth of supplies (including party favors and decorations) the cake turned out pretty well for a first baking attempt. My girlfriend loved it (being new to the books-after meeting me-and a fan of the movies) She said it was the “Best Birthday Ever”. It took her a couple hours to get up the nerve to make the first cut. It took about three weeks to get rid of all the cake.

Saturday, June 14, 2003
Israeli Tolkien Society Picnic - Tehanu @ 18:53 PST
Ran Bar-zik writes, "In Israel the local Tolkien Society will gather in huge picnic at "Hayrkon Park" at Tel-Aviv. At the picnic there will be lectures about Tolkien and Tolkien's work and different activities for Tolkien fans of all ages. The main events will be 4 lectures by some of the best Tolkienist in Israel: The British culture and the Hobbits, The Critics and Lord of the Rings, the brotherhood of arms in LOTR and the military technique in LOTR. the event will start at 26/06/2003 19:45 PM until the morning of the next day!." Details (in Hebrew) on the Israeli Tolkien Society website.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003
Lord of the Rings Sweeps BayCon 21 Masquerade Awards - Xoanon @ 17:22 PST
Costumes created by fans of TORn received five major awards at BayCon 21, the San Francisco Bay Area Science Fiction and Fantasy Conference, held in San Jose California between May 23-26 2003. [More]

Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Comedy Troupe 'Tripod' Goes Geek - Xoanon @ 10:23 PST
Arod writes: Last night I went to see a comedy band called Tripod. To my delight, they made 3 LOTR references! The first was a song, "I've been telling you all along, LOTR is cool (on behalf of all the geeks)!".

The second reference was in another song, here is the extract: "Life is like...Lord of the Rings, because Tom Bombadil just seems like he's going to be so important..then you don't really hear much about him anymore...".

The third was a joke about one member of the band, Yon, who is very short: "Yon's not shorter, he's just further away!" I had a chat to one of the band afterwards and confirmed that he was a fellow geek! Tripod are playing at the Brisbane Powerhouse (Queensland, Australia) until Sunday. Hope this is of interest!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Italian Tolkien Fans Unite! - Xoanon @ 13:10 PST
Oronzo Cilli from the Italian Tolkien Society writes: The Italian Tolkien Society is organizing a series of events aimed at arousing italian fans' interest as well as foregneirs'one all over the world. [More]

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