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April 30, 2000 - June 02, 2000

Friday, June 02, 2000
New Fan Art and Wallpaper - Calisuri @ 21:23 PST
Check out the wonderful new additions to fan art and fan wallpaper. If you want to have your work posted, please send it to calisuri@theonering.net. Remember, we accept all submissions that have to do with Tolkien and his works. So don't delay..:)

Thanks folks, and keep up the great work!

Thursday, May 18, 2000
Pearl Jam: Servants of Sauron? - Calisuri @ 23:20 PST

Last December, a Ringer fan sent me this email:

Pearl Jam's new cover...servants of Sauron\?

"Folks, Not sure if this one is anything that could be posted anywhere (certainly doesn't fall in the fan art category), but thought it eerily familiar...

It's actually a Hubble Space Telescope image of an "hourglass" nebula with the incredibly elegant name of 'MyCn18'; personally, I felt a chill of dread, thinking that the gaze of Sauron had finally fallen upon me!
- Brian Gilkison"

Much to my surprise, I recently discovered that Pearl Jam, that original grunge band of the 90's, has used this image as it cover of its most recent album "Binaural."

Could it be that Pearl Jam sees the same similarity to Sauron and they are trying to tell us something? Maybe they are servants of Sauron himself! Let the rumors begin! :P

Friday, May 12, 2000
Fan Art Update - Calisuri @ 21:18 PST
Check out the latest fan masterpieces in our Fan Art Gallery.

To submit your fan art, send an email to calisuri@theonering.net. Don't worry about file size, I am lucky enough to have a very fast connection.

Tuesday, May 09, 2000
Pippin's Movie Reviews! - Calisuri @ 22:49 PST
Yet another new section in the Fan area! We're happy to announce Pippin's Movie Reviews, featuring movies that will interest fans of Tolkien's work. Find out which of them are worth your time, and which of them aren't! This area will be updated with new reviews regularly, and the featured review this week is the #1 film in theaters right now, Gladiator.

Monday, May 08, 2000
Fan Art, Wallpaper and Hobbit Dolls - Calisuri @ 15:52 PST
This fan area just keeps getting bigger! I have added more fan art , a few more wonderful wallpapers, and some multimedia.

I'm proud to announce a new area of Moon Letters: Arts and Crafts. To baptize this new addition, Lobelia, was kind enough to send in the instructions and images on how to make your own Hobbit sock doll. The instructions and imagery is quite extensive! Check out her labor of love in the new Arts and Crafts section.

Friday, May 05, 2000
Fan Music Debuts - Calisuri @ 13:21 PST
The Fan Music section is now open for business!

If you are a composer/musician, and you have some unique and creative music inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien of his works, feel free to send them in to be posted! [ Fan Music ]

You can send your submissions to calisuri@theonering.net.

Hope to HEAR from you soon! (man, that was a bad pun..sorry..)

Small Design Changes - Calisuri @ 00:31 PST
Hi folks!

You might have noticed some small changes here and there in the design of the fan section. Hopefully you think they are for the better..:)

Thanks to our staff artist Mia for the wonderful graphic that now adorns our fan frontpage.

We will be making some more changes very soon and a new section will premiere exclusive to TheOneRing.net in approximately a week. Stay Tuned!

Sunday, April 30, 2000
Lots of Art - Calisuri @ 10:20 PST
There are two new galleries of fan art for your browsing pleasure. Thanks to everyone who submitted their great work! If you are interested in having your own Tolkien fan art gallery, please email calisuri@theonering.net with your files. Thanks!

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