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March 28, 2003 - April 13, 2003

Sunday, April 13, 2003
Aramgeddon Pulp Culture Expo Report - Xoanon @ 11:22 PST
Rain*dancer writes:

Saturday the 12th of April was the first day of the "Aramgeddon Pulp Culture Expo" in Auckland. It was advertised as "New Zealand's biggest computer software and sci-fi/fantasy event" and mentioned Lord of the Rings in the TV advert, so I just had to go.

The queue outside was terrible, we were in a line for half an hour before we even got in sight of the door and I began to wonder if it was worth it. FINALLY we got to the door, paid for entry and we were in.

The first thing I noticed was the Lord of the Rings area. It was on the left, not as big as some of the other set-ups but still enough to draw my attention. The first table was mostly Weta collectables - and some of the new action figures. There was also a bit of jewellery for sale (Nenya and Elven brooches).

After gazing at the collectables for a few minutes, I moved onto the Lord of the Rings stamps table. That was quite good. And that was pretty much all of the Lord of the Rings part of the Expo. I debated leaving, but curiosity made me stay and check out the rest of the building (and I'm very glad it did!!!) The rest of the stalls were good, very well presented with HEAPS of stuff. I scanned the cheap dvds for "Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring" but sadly came up empty handed. At 2.pm there was a talk by some Weta Workshop guys which I decided to go to. The talk started with introductions and they joked that they were very used to these conventions. Then they showed some slides, talking mainly about all the prosthetics they had to make. Some of the full body prostetheics took up to 7 hours to apply! They also mentioned John Rhys-Davies, saying that he was very uncomfortable as the whole of his face was covered in prosthetics except for his eyes! I had to leave half way through and as I passed the Lord of the Rings table I noticed a familiar face. It was Lawrence Makoare (Lurtz)!!

He had come to see Armageddon I guess, but not as a special guest because his name wasn't on the flyers. And what's more, most of the Lord of the Rings fans were in the Weta Workshop show so I had him (pretty much) all to myself. I asked him to sign a picture of Lurtz in my Weta Workshop collectables leaflet and he did with a smile, commenting how he was "the pretty one" out of all the collectables. Underneath his signature he wrote "LURTZ". Unfortunately, when other people saw us asking for signatures they realised who he was and a crowd began to gather. I escaped out the front door of the exhibition, clutching my autograph. It turned out to be a more productive day then I ever expected!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2003
More Sean Astin Reports - Xoanon @ 22:45 PST
Here are a few more VERY detailed reports from a few of the lucky people who atteneded the 'Long and Short of It'/'TTT' screening with Sean Astin in Portland! [More]

Sean Astin Portland Screening Report! - Xoanon @ 12:45 PST
Oregoonie writes:

I just got back from the charity screening of Sean Astin's short film, "The Long and Short of It." And when they say short film, they MEAN short film. About five minutes short. It was a wonderful five minutes, though.

My sister and I just barely made it to the theater in time, where Kara, one of my fellow Project Elanor volunteers, was waiting to give me her spare ticket. (Thank you, Kara!)

The theater was pretty full, but not packed. There were three rows roped off in the middle, though I never saw who actually sat there. My sister and I grabbed some seats in the front left of the theater. Which was a very wise choice, since that's the isle Sean came down.

The manager of the theater asked us to give Sean a real Portland welcome, so when Sean walked in, we stood and cheered him on. He came down the isle smiling, waving, shaking hands. Strolled right past us, he did. He stood in the front of the theater and OrangeBlossom from BoE gave him a Samwise teddy bear she'd made from scraps of her own costume, which came complete with a little backpack that had tiny little pots and pans dangling off the back. Someone else gave him what appeared to be tie-dye jammies.

Sean spoke to us for...ten minutes? I forget. He spoke briefly about his inspiration for the movie, which came to him on the first or second day of filming LotR. So after setting up the film, the lights went down and Sean took a seat in the front row.

I won't go into the film (don't want to spoil it for anyone), but I will say that Sean promised it would be on "The Two Towers" DVD coming out in August, as well as an eight minute "making of" piece. It really was a great five minutes of film, and Sean should be very proud. Dom, as well, since he shared writing credits. Billy Boyd, it should be noted, was thanked for the music. Go Billy!

After the film, Sean stood back up to take questions. One of the first questions to be asked was "Will there be a 'Goonies 2?'" Sean said he was on board, and that he was in Texas recently and someone had claimed that Sean said he wasn't going to do it. A few days later, he got a "little note" from Dick Donner saying, "Hey, kid, whaddya mean you're not doing it?" (or something to that effect)

You'll have to forgive me; a lot of it has flown right out of my head, but I'm sure you'll get about three hundred more e-mails about it, filling in more details. He did mention TOR.n, though. Go you!

Sean got a phone call at some point during the Q&A. It was his wife telling him to wrap it up. Well, Sean didn't want to leave anyone with an unanswered question, so he just kept on taking questions. At one point, a little girl asked a question about "Return of the King," and Sean hesitated. Then asked for a show of hands, "How many of you have read the book?"

Many, many hands shot up, and Sean laughed, "Okay, how many of you HAVEN'T read the book?" A few hands went up and a woman seated behind me yelled out, "And I haven't seen the movies, so don't say anything!" Sean said he didn't want to spoil it for anyone, so he apologized to the girl.

At around sometime after 8:00, Team Astin (as Sean calls his family/people) came down the very left isle and out the exit. Sean asked them to stop and "Wait, wait, girls! Come on out!" Alexandria was too shy, but he eventually coaxed her out. A very pretty little girl with gorgeous hair, she came and stood next to her father. And when her father kept talking and talking, she started walking in circles around him. Quite a charmer. Christine and the new baby made a brief appearance, and my goodness what an adorable baby that is. Which reminds me, Sean couldn't remember how old she was. "Seven... eight.... *counts on fingers* ... seven months old tomorrow!.......*pause* She's still spitting up, so whatever that means.."

To wrap up, Sean is a very warm and lively person and I count myself very luck to have had this opportunity to not only see his short film, but to see it with The Man Himself, and hundreds of other LotR fans (not to mention forty-nine other Project Elanor people).

By the way, someone in the audience asked for Orlando's phone number. And someone else asked if Billy had a girlfriend. Sean wasn't sure. "Yes. No. Well, he had one...but now.. I don't know!" Ah, and he also said, about filming his movie, that Elijah was his assistant A.D. and he "was quite a handfull." And he did mention playing chess with B.K., who kept calling him Mr. President. "Mister President, I will take your bishop!"

Anyway! A fun night to be had by all! Incidentally -- my sister and I didn't stay for the whole movie. I have to get up early and do some gardening tomorrow ...

Friday, April 04, 2003
Apres Tolkien Reading Day - Tehanu @ 23:20 PST
APRÉS TOLKIEN READING DAY! The Tolkien Society's recent announcement that 25th March would be Tolkien Reading Day was met with enthusiasm by schools and libraries around the world. The event was aimed at encouraging the use of Tolkien's works in education and to get schoolteachers and library staff to participate in reading Tolkien to their classes and in their libraries. Schools from across Britain and around the world took part. Reading day events, or information about how to put them on, occurred in places as near as Birmingham and Essex and as far apart as Venezuela, or Illinois, New York and Mississippi, USA. Events included readings to classes, getting reading groups to read and discuss chapters from The Lord of the Rings, or even act them out dramatically. At one school in Essex there were readings from a variety of Tolkien's works, comparisons between roman and elven alphabets and a discussion with ninety 6-12 year olds of Tolkien, Star Wars and Harry Potter. In Peoria, Illinois, Professor Mike Foster (the Society committee's North American Representative) gave a lecture on travel through literature including readings from The Lord of the Rings. The event in New York organised by Heren Istarion, the Society's New York smial, at Marymount Manhattan College included readings, a trivia quiz, demonstrations by Games Workshop of their games and prizes were sponsored by Houghton Mifflin (Tolkien's US publishers), SideshowWETA and New Line Cinema. Admittedly the event ran on the 29th but this was due to time and venue constraints; remember the Tolkien Society and all its local groups are run by volunteers in their spare time. The Tolkien Reading Day event also highlighted the recent completion of an Education Section within the Society's website which Tolkien fans in education (pupils and teachers) can use to assist learning and teaching. The pages can be downloaded and printed off free of charge by educationalists. Please note the texts on these pages are copyright of the Tolkien Society and East Lothian Museums. The Education pages comprise a range of ideas for teachers of Citizenship at Key Stage one (infants) using "The Father Christmas Letters", to ideas for university lecturers working on Middle English texts like "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight". Some of the information has been developed from our responses to questions the Society has been sent by schoolchildren from around the world.

Press Contacts Tolkien Society Publicity: Ian Collier, Carlisle, UK. e-mail publicity@tolkiensociety.org

Tolkien Society North American Representative: Mike Foster, Illinois, USA. e-mail americas@tolkiensociety.org

Tolkien Society Australasian Representative: Michael Kennedy, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA e-mail pacific@tolkiensociety.org

Tolkien Society Latin American Representative: Alejandro Rebagliati, Buenos Aires, Argentina e-mail latinamerica@tolkiensociety.org

Thursday, April 03, 2003
Astin's Portland Event Ticket Confusion? - Xoanon @ 23:36 PST
Renee writes: I just wanted to let everyone know that there may be some changes to the ticket-buying protocol for the Sean Astin appearance in Portland this Saturday.

I just went to the theatre to try to buy tickets, and they wouldn't sell me any. So then I said, "okay I'll buy them over the phone with my credit card after 3pm" and the woman told me that they're only taking cash in person and only selling the tickets after 3 pm today. I couldn't wait around for a couple hours and needed to leave, so I guess I'm not going. But anyway, just a warning for those of you only armed with a credit card or a phone.

Xoanon here, your best bet to get all the details is check out elanor.bitofearth.net

Monday, March 31, 2003
Texas Tech Holding a 24-hour Reading Marathon - Xoanon @ 11:51 PST
notlost writes: Texas Tech University will be holding a 24-hour marathon reading on April 11-12, 2003. One hundred readers will be taking on Tolkien's Lord of the Rings in 24 hours as a community literacy event to raise funds for children's materials for the Lubbock Public Library and a Graduate Professional Development fund. [More]

You can sign up as a sponsor or, if you contact Rich Rice (r.rice@ttu.edu) this week, you can sign up as a reader (send in a tape, or read "real time" via webcam).

On a related note: The TTU English dept. is supporting the Marathon Reading by choosing Lord of the Rings as their April book recommendation. Each month, the English dept. suggests a book for the university/community to read that they meet and discuss at the end of the month. This month, the discussion will take place in room 200 of the English building at 7:30 on April 25, 2003. Brian McFadden (Old English scholar) will lead a panel discussion. Please, if you're in the area, join us! [More]

Heren Istarion Tolkien Event Report - Xoanon @ 11:05 PST
Diabless writes:

I went to the Heren Istarion Tolkien event that you guys posted. Thank you so much! I would never have known about it if not for you. It's the NYC-based Tolkien club headed by Jessica and Anthony Burke. It was completely free and really, really fune; there were about thirty people there.

We started with Jessica and Anthony and other staff doing some readings from Tolkien and from his letters. Then there was an open mic for anyone who wanted to read. Quite a few people read their favorite pages of Tolkien and what it meant to them. Then we saw a documentary about Tolkien from the extended dvd. Then there was a costume contest and I dressed up expecting everyone to be much mored dressed than I was but that was not the case and I won third place! I got to pick a billboard out of all the ones in the room and I picked the one with the moon which was almost the official one. Then there was a trivia contest and I ended up winning! I was in the third round and then in the final round but it was really close. So I won more stuff! The limited realease ROTK calendar and a Gandalf bust.

Then somehow I also won the raffle for people becoming members (I became a member at the event) and I won a Frodo bust and the TTT tabletop strategy game. I never won that much in my life! (but I gave the Gandalf bust to another girl because I did not really want it and I had four other prizes.

There was also a woman there doing something called countless stories. What she did was interview LOTR fans and they get posted on this engine where you click on a character or theme and get videos of people talking about it. So I got interviewed for that too! So i am going to be on the web talking about Tolkien! We ended with readings and I read what Eowyn says in her triumphant moment. There was nothing I had not participated. I felt great It was really cool. And we also each got a coin from The Shire Post.

Saturday, March 29, 2003
Kayjay's Oscar Party Report - Xoanon @ 22:34 PST

[Click here for the photo slideshow]

Kayjay writes:

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined myself holding an Oscar. Not that I won it mind you, but incredible non-the-less.

I returned last night from a 5-day trip to Los Angeles, California. Thanks to my sweetie, Mike (Xoanon). I was able to attend his web-site's 2nd Oscar party; Two Towers, One party.

I've never found myself to be in such a fortunate and exciting event in my life and I feel like I should bask in it for a little while longer until the memory of it starts to fade.

Of course, I had to "sing for my supper" to be able to have such a chance like this one. The day before the Oscar party, all the volunteers and staff had to help to set up the HUGE venue which was the Hollywood Athletics Club. Putting up banners, setting up chairs, arranging statues and trees, setting up monitors and TVs for viewing the main event and the list goes on. My main task was preparing the "Goody Baggins". They included a Lord of the Rings creatures book, bookmarks, a CD-ROM, a pen, a medallion, the game's soundtrack, miniature figurines, a luggage tag and a small panflet of some Sideshow Weta collectables. There were 1000 bags to stuff and it took around 2 hours to do it. It pretty much consisted of taking a bag and making your rounds around the room taking each item and putting them into the bag. Needless to say I, along with everyone else got pretty dizzy after it was all done. However, I was glad to help out. At the party itself I also had the tasks of VIP wrangling and taking care of the TORn store for an hour with Mike.

Alright before I get too excited and get too much ahead of myself, let me just go back to the day we arrived in Los Angeles. Our plane landed early at LAX on Friday March 21st at around 11:45am PST or so. As soon as we got out of the airport we attempted to flag down a shuttle bus to take us to Thrifty car rental which took a little while. I was groggy from the Gravol pills I took before the flight and was just anxious to get into the hotel room and finally relax. We eventually grabbed a shuttle bus and were exhausted to realize that the line-up at Thrifty car rental was out the door. We just looked at each other and sighed. It looked like we had a while to wait. We entertained each other by betting on which agent among a dozen or so was going to serve us. (I won at by the way! I am still attempting to develop my psychic abilities… and I can see you rolling your eyes, baby).

We finally got our gorgeous silver Chrysler Sebring convertible, grabbed some Burger King and then we were on our way up the 405 and Santa Monica Boulevard to the Comfort Suites on Highland Avenue. We were getting closer and closer to our short-term goal of dropping our bags on the floor of the room and having our commute come to an end. Murphy's law, be that as it may, came toppling over us with a vengeance. We happened to be in the left lane when the hotel approached us from the RIGHT side of the road and those who are familiar with LA would know that changing lanes quickly isn't always an easy task. I have never seen so many cars in one place in my life. So, being unable to turn into the hotel right away we continued down the street, turned around and attempted for a second try. If at first you don't succeed, try, try… and try again.

When we arrived, Mike went to check in and I waited in the car noticing some people walking around outside the parking area whom I later learned to be Leo as well as Demosthenes; two of the many TORn staffers staying in the same hotel as we were. When Mike came back to the car we were all introduced and finally continued to our room 210. We dumped our luggage, washed up and relaxed, exhausted from our long trip.

After a little while I was introduced to a few other TORn members who were staying on the third floor and then Mike and I decided to do a bit of sightseeing. We walked down to Hollywood Boulevard to check out the Kodak theatre which was buzzing with workers setting up for the main event to take place less than 48 hours later. We bought a few souvenirs for family members and took pictures by Grauman's Chinese Theatre. We even sneaked into the Renaissance Hotel to see if we'd be lucky enough to run into some celebrities who might have been staying there. No such luck.

Back at the hotel, TORn staff and guests aggregated all in one room for a small reunion and that's when my time zone caught up with me. It was almost midnight in my head and my "sleepy pills" haven't completely worn off yet. I had to retire early against my will and go to bed. Mike stayed for a little while longer before joining me back at the room. We both slept for about 12 hours just to catch up and be refreshed for the next day, for there was a LOT of work to be done to prepare for the big party…

The first thing we did on Saturday morning (March 22nd) was go to "Tuxedo's by Mike" to pick up Mike's, well, tuxedo. The running joke became "Tuxedo's by Mike, FOR Mike" (ba-dum-pum ching!). After grabbing a grilled cheese sandwich next door from Sunset Grill we headed down Sunset to the Hollywood Athletics Club to set up for the party. Tookish was kind enough to bring a huge bag of bagels for everyone to share. There were plenty of bottles of water as well to cool down with after hours of hard work. Mike and Tookish also took some video footage of the whole thing.

Once the main part of setting up was done with, everyone went across the street to Cat and Fiddle pub for dinner and drinks. Once everyone was comfortably seated, Calisuri announced that everyone should introduce themselves to the entire room of approximately 50 people. (Me being the quiet type, I was naturally thrilled and eager to do so… extreme sarcasm hopefully noted). I was one of the last ones to introduce myself and was actually eager to do so after having my heart pound of anticipation. Everyone was extremely nice and I can't wait to see them all again next year. It's amazing that TORn staff come from all over the world including England and Holland and they converge in one place to celebrate what they all made possible. I think it's an amazing achievement for them all and I was honored to be a part of it. After dinner there was another gathering in the hotel room upstairs for more drinks while Lord of the Rings played on the television. Everything seemed to have gone to plan as far as setting up went and all there was left to do was get a good night sleep for the big party. Oscar night!

I woke up Sunday morning full of anticipation. I was so excited about the day to follow and was all smiles. Mike and I headed over to the Monica West Salon on Santa Monica Boulevard where Rob the hairdresser gave me up up-do for the event. We got there at 11:00am for my appointment but for some reason there was a mix-up in the appointments and was waiting there for half an hour before I actually got things underway. Hair in curlers and sitting under the hair dryer, Mike thought it was a funny site and went to the car to get the camera and took a few photos of me. I kept a good humor about it all (as long as he doesn't post them online which he WON'T because he knows what I would e-mail all his friends if he did… Zzzzzz).

We finally got out of there at 1:00pm and rushed over to HAC for the final set-ups and to get dressed up into our formal wear. I crammed into the bathroom upstairs in the VIP section along with Asfaloth and a few other women, rushing to get our makeup and dresses on just perfectly. When everyone was dressed the staff and volunteers gathered in The Golden Hall (the main viewing room) for an assembly. Everyone received their VIP bracelets and/or "Staff" tags to wear around their neck as well as being given a schedule of individual tasks for the party. Once everyone knew what they had to do they went to their station for a briefing to make sure all the details of what they were to be doing was clear. It was mere minutes to the start of the party and a line-up had already begun to develop outside the door. Mike and I had first shift as VIP wranglers from 4:00pm to 5:00pm and Mike even got a walkie-talkie with a head-set (making him look very powerful and sexy I must say).

Guests started coming inside at 4:00pm and the party was underway! Quickbeam was the emcee for the event and was introduced by Mike in a joking way. We stayed and watched the beginning of the Oscars in the Golden Hall witnessing The Two Towers winning for Best Special effects. Sitting in the large room with all those people watching the Oscars on the big screen gave the ambiance of actually being there. After a little while we then went up to the VIP room for some food. We took it easy for a while hamming it up with the other VIPs in the many different rooms as well as watching a few more awards being won from the Golden Hall's balcony, feeling like stars ourselves with the exclusive view. At 9:00 Mike and I retreated to the TORn store for an hour but almost as soon as we got there, Mike was called up on stage to join the other TORn members to give thanks to the guests. I was disappointed that I had duties to attend to which made me miss out on seeing him on stage. I am so proud of him and wished I could have seen it. The first little while at the store made me uneasy because of never having worked a cash register in my life, but after a little while I got the hang of it. About half-an-hour into our shift, Tookish came to tell us that John Rhys-Davies who played Gimli, had arrived at the party. After our shift was over we made it upstairs to the VIP area to meet him.

Before this night, the only celebrity I had met was Viggo Mortensen (also thanks to Mike) in Canton, NY where he was showing photographs from his latest book, and now I was about to meet many more celebrities all in the same night! After talking with John Rhys-Davies for a short while, we looked out of one of the VIP room widows and noticed a couple of white limousines parked out front. We both took our places on the steps leading up to the VIP area to be one of the first people to greet the incoming celebrities. Having never schmoozed with stars really, I was quite nervous as to how to act and what to say but Mike calmed me down and told me just be myself and follow his lead. The first ones to show up were Craig Parker who played Haldir and Bruce Hopkins who played Gamling. Bruce Hopkins was extremely animated and looked quite happy to be attending the party. When Mike introduced himself Bruce gave him an enormous hug like he's known him all his life. When introduced to me he even gave me a kiss on the cheek and was surprised (like many others) when I attempted to kiss the other cheek as well. "Ah, European!" as he said. He then attempted to show me how people kiss in New Zealand which caught me off guard at first because I thought he was trying to kiss my lips and I turned away slightly embarassed before he could do so. He laughed and said that how it's really done is by putting foreheads together, sharing a breath and then pulling away (which he and Mike portrayed quite beautifully as I observed with a smile). The next to arrive were Billy Boyd (Pippin) and Dominic Monaghan (Merry) who were both up to their usual silliness for the awaiting press and on-looking fans.

We then headed back upstairs and continued to mingle among the VIPs and waited patiently for our turns to speak with the celebrities. I got my photos taken first with Dominic Monaghan who was extremely nice and seemed pleased to do so, and then Billy Boyd who seemed a little more distracted, however very pleasant. Meanwhile we learned that Sean Astin had arrived and we were on our way toward the stairs to go down and greet him but we stopped short noticing that we almost passed right by him! He was already upstairs in the VIP section greeting many fans that circled him. He seemed more than happy to meet everyone. We heard him say to someone that he was looking for Billy and Dom and from the background somewhere, Mike said that they were in one of the small rooms. Sean Astin took off right away looking for them followed by a stampede of everyone who was surrounding him previously. I looked at Mike and he made a face that said, "Oops, did I do that?" It was quite funny. We didn't get the chance to talk with him though since only moments later we were instructed to help all the celebrities through the secret passages to make their way on stage.

Meanwhile, Andy Serkis had arrived along with producers Barrie Osbourne and Mark Ordesky as well as all the Oscar winners complete with Oscars in hand! They all got up on stage and when Mike and I made it to the Golden Hall, Andy Serkis was up at the microphone talking as Gollum! It was all so exciting, people cheering that I can't even remember what he said! All the celebrities were on the stage together and Sean Astin seemed to play temporary emcee for a little while. At one point they even got the director, Peter Jackson, on the speaker-phone from New Zealand! It was hard to hear him speak but the crowd went crazy non-the-less. Quickbeam presented the "Golden Gandalf" statue to Barrie Osbourne, everyone said their last words and then they all got off stage.

A few TORn members and volunteers (myself included) escorted them all off the stage and out the back door of HAC where they proceeded to re-enter the building through a safer entrace as opposed to plowing through the crowd to return to the VIP rooms. While outside I had the pleasure of being introduced to Mark Ordesky who seemed to be a very nice man and loving husband. I saw Andy Serkis also pass buy but did not have the opportunity of greeting him. Finally the actual Oscars came to pass and I had the once in a lifetime opportunity of holding one! That Oscar belonged to Randy Cook who won it for Best Special Effects. I just HAD to get my picture taken with it and Gamgee did the honors as Randy Cook waited patiently to have his precious returned to him.

We all returned once again back inside and upstairs where our night was slowly winding down. Everyone was getting tired after an incredible fun-filled night. I sat down on one of the stools and took it easy as I watched some people playing pool. After a while a couple of the Oscar winners came in the room and sat down on the couch as 2 Oscars rested comfortably on the tables in front of them. I found it remarkable to be lounging casually in a room and at the same time having 2 Oscars standing no more than 10 or 15 feet away from me. Mike had wandered off to the interview room to speak with Barrie Osbourne while I rested my aching feet. (I had been standing and walking around without rest for hours). After a little while I made my way to the interview room as well where I met up with Mike and was introduced to Barrie Osbourne myself. Moments later we were approached by Craig Parker and talked with him for about 10 minutes about various things including Canadian accents. He's a funny guy and extremely friendly. Jincey took a photo of him with Mike and I. I can barely keep up with the number of wonderful people I met that night.

Not long after we spoke to Craig we both made our way to the inviting couch. We sat down with a big sigh and made ourselves comfortable. I took off my shoes and my baby even rubbed my feet. (What a sweetheart!) That was it for us. We officially ran out of steam. We said our goodbyes and slowly made our way back to the car. We had an incredible but exhausting night and we were eager to get some rest. Back at the hotel the first thing I wanted to do was crawl into bed, but I knew if I didn't wash out my rock-hard hair-do I'd wake up with a birds nest on my head. So that's what I did and when I was ready for bed, Mike was already dead asleep. It was a long and crazy day.

I had the most amazing time of my life and I owe it all to my baby, Mike. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I love you.

Friday, March 28, 2003
More 'Project Elanor' Goodness - Xoanon @ 13:28 PST
Squee writes:

In honor of Tolkien Reading Day (March 29th) and in cooperation with Project Elanor, The Northwest Tolkien Society is holding a Book Drive to benefit young readers. All books collected will be taken to Project Elanor on April 6th, 2003 and donated to the children's library. Books donated will include a bookplate saying "Donated by ."

Those wishing more information about Project Elanor can find it here:


Those wishing to donate can do it one of several ways:

If you live in the greater Seattle Area, or the Seattle to Portland stretch, books can be picked up at your house.

Those wishing to mail books can send them (ASAP) to:

NW Tolkien Society Book Drive
13522 39th Ave NE
Seattle WA 98125

Those wishing to donate through paypal can do so by sending their donation to bookdrive@nwtolkiensocitey.org

Please keep your book donations appropriate for children 16 and under.

If anyone has any further questions, they can write to us here

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