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March 20, 2002 - April 06, 2002

Saturday, April 06, 2002
The Wall Of Literary Giants - Strider @ 10:44 PST
Barlimans regular and talented artist KT Shy sends in the proposed mural for a wall in her school library based on a library scene with various characters and objects from famous literature that she has enjoyed. Notice the little Frodo in the shadows by the bookshelf!

Sunday, March 31, 2002
TORN Oscar Party Report - Xoanon @ 17:50 PST
From The Time Warrior

I drove down from No. CA and stayed at the Motel 6 Hollywood late Sat. night. The parking is not so hot there - but I got in ok.

After checking out I went about only a mile over to a parking lot near the back of the 'Y' near the Hollywood Athletic Club and kept the car there. I did alot of walking the area and went up to the barricades across the street from the Oscars. I watched the preparations and the crowd slowly swelling to a critical mass. Security was seriously fierce there.

Being bored and hungry I want back about a block on Highland Av. and ate at the Mels Diner. The spread of street barricades had reached Mels parking lot soon after that point - police quite aplenty. Looked like some serious Oscar participants eating in the restaurant in suits and big ID badges - probably event staff or some big fish producers maybe?

I left there and went down the Walk of Fame past the Egyptian Theater away from The Kodak Theater area. I stopped and wisely bought some support sandals to go with my party formal dress (high platforms and spike heels? - no way! - they are killers!). I checked a couple of big newsstands on sidestreets between HAC and The Kodak - nothing new with the Variety mags or others that I wanted with LOTR theme on it - sort of redundant stuff.

I went back by the HAC and found the some TORn staff already there outside doing set up. I said 'hi' and made sure my ID requirements were all good. Knowiing I was in order I went back to the car - moved it to a shadier spot and did homework there as people started showing up. I listended to the pre-Oscar red carpet arrivals on the radio. Everyone was looking nice as the line got longer. I packed up the homework, dressed up and got in line too. Took a couple pictures outside while waiting. Eventually we were all admitted inside a few at a time.

I LIKE MY GOODIE BAG - Yes! The trip trouble, the wait & admission fee was already more than worth it right there. Remember me saying "hi" somewhere at that point to 'Tookish'? *yep* - then I went upstairs. Very nice job with the decorations and appetizers! FREE card game packets to help ourselves to - COOL! - *2 handfuls-yep* (my brother is sooo happy counting them now).

I milled around looking for a familiar face. I knew there was No. CA TORNado contingent around there somewhere, but I don't have thier faces with thier screennames *drat!*. I picked at some appetizers and mostly watched the TV for awhile in one room then the other. I ran into 'Rosie', who I remember from the Brentanos book signing.

Watched the TV. LOTR and PJ didn't get the Oscar for the 2 big categories *BUMMER* - so at which point everybody went outside to get air and such. I hung out for awhile out there feeling anticipation. Some of them would show up I knew in my gut feeling. I hung out in the press area downstairs for awile, trying to be discreet till I was told to clear out. I went back upstairs and hung out there. I sat in the big viewing room up front - it was important to be up front. Ultimately my patience was rewarded as the pictures will tell.

Richard Taylor was an amazingly nice guy and very gracious. He was near where I was and I may have been the first he hugged and allowed to handle an Oscar - but I can't be sure. That made my night right there. I moved away and hung about again. The other LOTR crew were quickly whisked away but R. Taylor lingered behind basking in his moment. The place was pretty cleared out by then. I went downstairs and flopped in a vacant easy chair *that felt good* and said "hi" again to 'Calisuri' lounging on the stairs nearby.

R. Taylor finally came down stairs hugging and allowing others to hold an Oscar. Then he just turned and saw me there. I waved and wished him luck. He totally didn't have to do this and I didn't make any move - but he came and kissed my cheek. *Whoah! - VERY NICE GUY!* Didn't even look for that one! Uh - yeah, my trip was good.

So I lingered about some more not wanting the party to end. I was starting to feel the exhaustion burn. I went to the car and undressed, got some gas and left the area. Started falling asleep at the wheel, so I slept at a Buttonwillow truck stop on I-5. Got home and crashed for a day. Back to the real world.

Saturday, March 30, 2002
TTT Trailer With Police Escort? - Xoanon @ 14:59 PST
Jeremy writes: I went to watch Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Ring again at the Regal 16 theater by my house in Eagan, MN tonight to see The Two Towers preview at the end.

The theater only had one showing of FotR at 9:25pm. I had called ahead and the manager-on-duty had said the preview would be showing. About half of the seats were filled.

About 15 minutes before the end of the movie, I saw an Eagan city police officer come in with a dim flashlight and kind of check out the theater. He then proceeded to stand in the entry way for the rest of the movie. I figured that he was there to stop people from sneaking in from other movies just to see the preview.

As the last scene of FOTR ended, the theater lights came on and the between-films advertising track started playing. There were no credits or anything. This kind of irritated everyone and there was some grumbling. A few people left, but most stayed even though there was no indication about what was going to happen.

After about 3 minutes of everyone trying to figure out if they were going to show it or not, the cop finally shouted "If anyone wants to stay for the trailer, I have someone checking the projector right now." That was all he said. After about 3 more minutes, the lights suddenly went down and the trailer started. It started pretty abruptly and sputtered for the first couple of seconds. However, based on what I have read on the net, I think we got pretty much the whole thing and the FotR credits followed the preview.

Now I can't figure out why the cop was there - to make sure no one was video taping? To make sure the trailer reel didn't end up on Ebay? Was there some problem in the Project room?

LOTR Costume Exhibit In LA - Xoanon @ 14:24 PST
Ringer Spy BILLabong the Pony sends along these great images from the LOTR costume exhibit at the FIDM in LA, take a look at Sauron!

Friday, March 29, 2002
TORN Party Pics - Xoanon @ 14:30 PST
Ringer Spies Vikki, Melinda & Carrie send along these pics from our Oscar Party. Take a look at all the well dressed folks that night!

Wednesday, March 27, 2002
'One Party To Rule Them All' Pics - Xoanon @ 02:59 PST
Ringer Spies from all over the globe are sending us pictures from our 'One Party To Rule Them All', take a look at these beauties!

Tuesday, March 26, 2002
Christopher Lee At 'BIFFF' - Xoanon @ 13:54 PST
From Guybrush Threepwood:

I attented a screening of Dagon (adapted from Lovecraft), yesterday at the BIFFF (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival), Christopher Lee was there.

Let me tell you it is the first time I've seen a standing ovation at the BIFFF. It's also the first time the public listens so quietly and almost religiously to someone. He made a very long speech (in perfect french) in which he spoke about his joy of being part of the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars trilogies.

He told he was happy because being an actor allowed him to meet extraordinary people (including PJ) and told us how bitter he was because one of the best movies (according to him) in wich he acted had been nearly censored. This movie is called Jinnah, and it's the story of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. According to IMBD, "Christopher Lee gives probably the best performance of his life" in that movie... So, if you want to please him, go and buy the movie.

Finally, he clearly said he was fed up with always being remembered as Dracula, since he acted in these Hammer movies 30 years ago and has made plenty of others since then...

Lawrence Makoare Spotted In London - Xoanon @ 12:37 PST
Ringer Spy Cheryl writes: One of my friends went to London to visit a friend of hers during spring break. Imagine my surprise when she came with with pictures of her and her friend with Lawrence Makoare (Lurtz)! He was hanging out in the pub of the hotel they were staying. He was in London for the filming of the new James Bond movie. [More]

Wednesday, March 20, 2002
Live In NYC? Want To Meet Viggo Mortensen? - Xoanon @ 14:15 PST
Tony from The Corver of Viggo sends in news that Viggo will be making two appearances in NYC.

Virgin Megastore, Union Square
Thursday, April 18th at 6:00pm


International Center of Photography Museum Store
Friday, April 19th from 6:00-8:00pm
1133 Avenue of Americas
New York, NY 10036

Also, Viggo will be having another exhibition opening July 11 at the Robert Mann Gallery.

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