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March 15, 2000 - April 13, 2000

Thursday, April 13, 2000
Fan Trailer and Moon Letters - Calisuri @ 16:37 PST
Hey Folks, check out the very cool link to a fan trailer in our multimedia section.

And while you're surfing around, check out the latest additions to the Moon Letters. There are some great LOTR parody songs and poetry in this installment of the Green Books update.

Sunday, April 09, 2000
New Walpaper and Artwork for Your Consumption! - Tookish @ 02:07 PST

We're pleased to present some exciting great new work forged by and for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien! Our galleries of wallpaper and fan art have been updated by the everproductive Calisuri. The fans have been busy too: check out a great new assortment of wallpaper collages or a look at a stirring image of Gondolin from Above by Mathias. Middle-earth art fans will appreciate the range of media present in our gallery, including pastel, pencil, watercolor, and computer generated pieces. Please send in YOUR contributions to Calisuri and watch them come to life here at TheOneRing.net.



P.S. Has anyone tried this recipe for lembas? I highly recommend it for filling in the corners...

Monday, March 20, 2000
Top 10 Characters You Won't be Seeing in the LotR Movies - Calisuri @ 23:54 PST
10. Legomyeggo... a good hearted elf, as long as he gets his waffles

9. Stumbler... Strider's halfwit brother who has troubles with his equilibrium

8. Crankypants... a skinny..less well-to-do innkeeper of "The Choking Monkey"... an inn down the street from Barlimans

7. Palatar... The 6th Istari, whose specialty was laundry

6. Jake... Sauron's older brother, who still gave him wedgies from time to time

5. Ralph the pony, Bills younger brother.... was ridden by Merry for a short time... but often bit, and had to be shot

4. Bruno the bouncer at The Prancing Pony... threw Frodo out for acting like a drunken fool

3. Beagol, Gollums wife... to which he owed 500 years of back hobbit support

2. Alpo Greenhill: an alcoholic hobbit... got drunk at the farewell party and beat the tar out of Samwise

and finally.. the #1 character you will not see in the LotR movies.......

1. Greg: The 10th Nazgul... had Frodo captured twice, but let him go because "He was so dang cute!"

Wednesday, March 15, 2000
New fan section format launched today! - Tookish @ 22:37 PST
Hullo Tolkien fan(atic)s!!

Time to revamp the ole fan section here at TheOneRing.net. With all of your great and constant submissions, we thought you would appreciate an updated news section of your own. From time to time we'll let you know what's new, so send in your art, writing, music, multimedia projects, and other Tolkien-inspired work right on in to Calisuri. Stay tuned!

Welcome to Fan News! - Calisuri @ 20:54 PST
Hi folks!

Thanks for dropping by Fan.TheOneRing.net! This area is devoted to YOUR art, writing, creativity, etc.

We decided since we get so much fan work that we should really add a news updater to this page so you can keep track of what is added and when!

So drop by every so often to see the latest from your fellow Tolkien fans.

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