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November 22, 2003 - February 10, 2004

Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Film Trilogy in Chichester this weekend - Tehanu @ 21:37 PST
Lord of the Rings Weekend

At Chichester Cinema at New Park

14th and 15th February

Saturday 14th February - The Complete Trilogy

See All 3 Films in 1 Day

The Fellowship of the Ring (PG) 10am

The Two Towers (12A) 1.30pm

The Return of the King (12A) 4.45pm

Pre-book a Lord of the Rings Lunch just £6. Comprising deli sandwich, Tyrell’s finest crisps and gorgeous homemade cakes from Hornet Provisions Co. Drinks and snacks available from the bar. There will be an interval of 30 minutes after Part 1 and 15 minutes after Part 2. Special offer: Book for all three films… Tickets £14 (public), £12 (Friends), £10 (students/unemployed), £8 (children under 15)

Individual Films: £5.50/£4.50/£3.75/£3

Sunday 15th February - Focus on Film Talks

Find out more about the Lord of the Rings

The Music of The Lord of the Rings

Howard Shore's music for The Lord of the Rings trilogy has been declared the Best Soundtrack of all time by Classic FM listeners. What is it about this music that has captured the interest of such an enormous audience? How did the composer and director conceive of such a mammoth task? All of this and much more will be considered and illustrated in an informal presentation hosted by film music critic Paul Tonks. Approx length: 1? hours

Date: Sunday 15 February 12noon Venue: Studio 2

The Return of Middle Earth: there and back again

Dr Lynn Forrest-Hill the Education Officer of The Tolkien Society will be discussing the transference of Tolkien’s trilogy from the page to the screen. Approx length: 1? hours

Date: Sunday 15 February 2pm Venue: Studio 2

Ticket prices:

£4 for individual talks

£6 for both talks

£8 for one talk and the 4pm screening of Return of the King

£11 for both talks and the 4pm screening of Return of the King

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (12A) is showing throughout the week: Friday 13 February 4.15 Saturday 14 February 4.45 Sunday 15 February 4.00 Monday 16 February 12.00 Tuesday 17 February 4.15 Wednesday 18 February 7.15 Thursday 19 February 4.15

Chichester Cinema at New Park New Park Road Chichester West Sussex England P019 7XY Box Office: 01243 786650 Chichester Cinema


Ian Collier Tolkien Society Publicity Officer 45 Caldew Maltings Bridge Lane Carlisle CA2 5SW UK

e-mail publicity@tolkiensociety.org

2005: 50 Years of Lord of the Rings Conference in Birmingham UK, see Tolkien Society for details.

The Tolkien Society was founded in 1969 to further interest in the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.B.E., the author of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion and other works of fiction and philological study. Based in the United Kingdom and registered as an independent, non-profit making charity, number 273809, the Society has an international membership which benefits from regular publications and events.

Monday, February 02, 2004
Tolkien Convention in Brussels, and Unpublished Letters - Tehanu @ 16:03 PST
The official site of Tolkien Fifty Years, the great event which will occur in Brussels between the 22th and the 28th of march, is online, both in English and in Italian, here (click on the "english version" line above at right to read it in english).
You can find there useful information about the program of the convention and how to join the party or have news about many affiliated events occurring in every part of the world (and how to affiliate your event to the T50Y).

Among the important guests attending the celebration, there will be the Tolkien experts Edward McMurr (Person in charge for Europe of the Tolkien Society UK), Paolo Paron (President of the Italian Tolkien Society), Oronzo Cilli (Person in charge of Tolkien's Fifty Years), Jimmy Chavez (Peruvian Tolkien Society), Mathias Daval, Christopher Garbowski, Gianfranco De Turris, Adolfo Morganti Brian Rosebury, Marco Respinti, Mike Foster, Stefano Giuliano and authorities such as On. Roberto Bigliardo (Coordinator of the Economic and Monetary Commission of the European Parliament) , Dr.ssa Pialuisa Bianco (Director of the Brussels Italian Cultural Institute).

During the week, we'll have several concerts and a stage work, inspired by Tolkien's books and various exhibitions (you can find the full program here.

The T50Y has already obtained the sponsorship of the Italian office of the European Parliament, the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers, the Embassy of New Zealand in Italy, the Italian Ministry of Communication, the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels, Regione Lazio, the International Film Festival of Flanders/Gand, the New Zealand Post. Partners of the event are RAI SAT, the publisher Bompiani, Caltanet Cinema, Games Workshop and Red Carpet Tours.
The Tolkien 50 Years has been covered extensively not only by the italian press and television, with several reports by the most important local channels and newspapers, but also by the international magazines and websites.

Moreover, the Tolkien Fifty Years promoter, Oronzo Cilli, received many grateful letters by important institutions and people. For example, the english Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair, thanked Cilli for his work in an official letter.
Even more important, considering the subject of the convention, the letter sent by Priscilla Tolkien, where she announces she have to refuse to participate personally to the event due to her age. Anyway, she writes to "congratulate you personally for undertaking such a responsible position as the organizer of such a large scale international event in the European Parliament building" and announces that she wrote a statement for the speciale volume reporting on the event where she wishes Mr. Cilli and his colleagues all success.

Last but absolutely not least, Tolkien fans will be excited to know that a publication of unpublished Tolkien letters is upcoming.
In fact, on the occasion of TFY's presentation on January 19, Marco Respinti and Oronzo Cilli, in the presence of Elisabetta Sgarbi (Editorial Director of Bompiani), spoke of the possibility of a revision of the Italian edition of Tolkien's letters, gathered by his son Christopher and his official biographer, Humprey Carpenter. Bompiani decided to publish a new edition, revised and enlarged, and the Italian Tolkien Society is in contant with an english publisher to have an international version of the book. The volume will be introduced by an essay of Priscilla Tolkien and it will boast contributions by Tolkien experts as Mike Foster, Christopher Garbowski, Brian Rosebury, Andrew McMurry, Paolo Paron, Gianfranco de Turris, Adolfo Morganti, Marco Respinti, Oronzo Cilli, Stefano Giuliano, Jimmy Chavez, Jeroen Van Den Berg, David Beatene and many others. In fact Cilli has managed to obtain from the British Public Record Office the rights to the publication of some documents regarding Tolkien's experience in the First World War. The new edition might include these new documents (never published before in any book) and a short essay on Tolkien and the war.

Saturday, January 03, 2004
Ringer Fans Seen on UK Promo Ad - Xoanon @ 13:59 PST
greendragon writes:

Hi Xoanon - Happy New Year! Don't know if this is something of interest for TORn at all, but I just wanted to let you know that there's an ad on tv here in the UK for RotK, and believe it or not, I'm in it! Yes, a TORnsib in a RotK ad! Basically, the Odeon cinema chain here in Britain often film reactions of folks coming out from seeing a film, and then tie it to a trailer for a tv ad. They were filming outside the first showing of RotK in London's Leicester Square, and a wee snippet of me is used in the final ad!

I just say, 'Amazing!' - that's it! I'm on screen for about a second, whilst the standard RotK trailer (the one which includes Pippin and the palantir) plays in the background. Don't know if any of the other folks in it are TORnsibs - suppose they could be! Anyway, I just thought it was fun - we TORnsibs get all over the place, don't we?!

Monday, December 15, 2003
Harp of Gondor at the Embassy - Tehanu @ 16:59 PST
Early harps specialist Asni harps for the Rings marathon at the Embassy on Wednesday

Where: Wellington, Embassy Theatre
When: Wednesday 17 Dec, from 3 pm

Little did German-born harpist Asni imagine, when she first went to see "Fellowship of the Rings" two years ago, that the movie would spin her life out of orbit and have her end up on the other side of the globe –eye to eye with cast and crew and right smack in the middle of the celebrations that surround the release of "Return of the King" in the film’s native Wellington.

An internationally recognized specialist on Medieval and baroque harps, Asni is currently teaching at Victoria University Wellington, as well as getting herself involved in Wellington’s vibrant cultural life in various other ways. Besides being a musician, Asni is also an accomplished painter and has some background working for tv and the film industry.

So overwhelmed was she by the accomplishments of the first "Lord of the Rings" film that she decided it was time to make some radical changes in her life, and that New Zealand was the place to go: "If they can pull off something like that, it can’t be a bad place to be for someone like me!"

Chance, or fate assisted her: On an internet movie fan forum she made friends with a former Victoria University music graduate, who put her in touch with the university’s music department. Eight months and many, many emails later she boarded the plane to embark on a three month tour of the country – giving recitals and holding workshops at universities throughout the country, and visiting some of the filming locations on the way. It was a case of love at first sight: and when she was eventually offered the small teaching position at Victoria, she accepted more than gratefully. So far, she has had no reason to regret that decision: the NZ government’s current focus on building up the creative sector has not only enabled her to obtain one of the coveted talent visa, tailored particularly to freelancing artists – Wellington also opens up many opportunities to broaden her creative spectrum, something she’s found extremely hard to do in her native Europe.

A fan of Tolkien’s imaginary universe since her early teens, Asni claims that her choice of instrument has got a lot to do with reading Lord of the Rings: the harp is probably the one musical instrument that is played most often by characters in Tolkien’s books. But when Asni came to her first harp lesson, she was disappointed to see the big and rather clumsy modern instrument. Only when she discovered the smaller and lighter harps that were used in the Middle Ages and baroque period did she feel she had found what she had been looking for.

Asni will be providing live music between films in the foyer of the Embassy theatre at the Lord of the Rings marathon on Wednesday (17 December). She has already performed at the "Return of the Ringers" party at Skyline restaurant and at the Medieval Fair in Chaffers park on premiere weekend.
To her, these performances are a personal thanksgiving: arriving too late to get a chance to be involved in the movie’s actual production – other than being part of a crowd of rugby fans providing battle noises for the third movie – she feels that at least in this way, she can contribute something to the wonderful phenomenon that "Lord of the Rings" has become.
- Asni email: harp@paradise.net.nz asni.net

Frodo's Girl Sums Up - Tehanu @ 04:26 PST
There have already been many great reports of the events here in Wellington for the Premiere weekend, so I won't say too much, except to say that the whole weekend was fabulous. As one of the organizers of the Return of the Ringers party, I am very pleased that it went so well. Our official photographer has all the images up on her site Colleenphotography. There are some great ones of the various guests in costume as well as Sir Ian, Sean Astin and others so check them out, a nice momento from a great party.

I would like to add a huge thanks to Tehanu for her great leadership, all our sponsors for their support and to our extra security in the form of our medieval knights and a couple of Gandalfs (both fathers of rotr staff members). I am particularly grateful that the knights were able to assist as they had just put in two long days at the medieval faire. The faire was also very successful, apart from the terrible mishap that resulted in the theft of a large part of one of the day's take. (the not-for-profit group has been scrambling to cover costs. I am sure they would be grateful for any donations). Word is that the organizers over at Folklore, though discouraged by the theft, are already making plans for next year with talk of a one ringers reunion fan party to kick off the weekend. I'll let you know as things progress form more than just talk. Wouldn't it be grand to have another get together of so many fans in Wellington? hic et ubiqe, more cakes and ale!

- Frodo's Girl

[And I am SO not organising it next time - Tehanu]

Sunday, December 14, 2003
Extended Edition Event in Portland - maegwen @ 11:41 PST
The staff of the bar Nocturnal in Portland, Oregon are huge Lord of the Rings fans, and have been talked into a Monday night (December 15) Extended DVD viewing party. Both Fellowship and Two Towers extended DVDs will be shown in the Nocturnal bar, with a trivia and costume contest. And it's totally free!

Lord of the Rings Viewing Party showing the extended versions of:
Fellowship of the Rings
The Two Towers
Trivia and costume contest!
6pm, 21+, free

Click here for more details!

Sunday, November 23, 2003
Join the Auckland Line Party! - Tehanu @ 04:49 PST
Tickets for the Trilogy Wednesday marathon are all sold out for Village on Queen's Megascreen in Auckland, but lineparty leader Tark and I [Yep, that's Tehanu] would like to invite those of you who are booked independently of the line party to join us for refreshments at The Playhouse Pub before the first screening. Or even if you're in Auckland and want to party with other LOTR fans before the long-awaited midnight screening.

Event: The VoQF: Return of the King World Release Party
Venue: The Playhouse Pub, 291-297 Queen St, Aotea Square
Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm (Marathon group must arrive by 1:00pm)

Tark is the man to talk to for more information about this - after organising the Return of the Ringers party in Wellington I'm not going to lift a finger. So here's lineparty coordinator Tark: ctjy2k@hotmail.com

Saturday, November 22, 2003
LOTR Trilogy Screenings in Christchurch - Tehanu @ 05:39 PST
Susan writes, "As of this afternoon tix are on sale for the FOTR EE & TTT EE double feature at Hoyts 8 in Christchurch. Details in the e-mail below. Hoyts have also been selling ROTK tix for a couple weeks now, to the 12:01 screening which will follow the double feature of the extended editions. This is the ONLY South Island venue getting these screenings, but there's been virtually no publicity of it. I thought others who can't get to Auckland or Wellington might want to know."

Details: LOTR Fellowship of the Ring & LOTR Two Towers extended version double feature is now on-sale.

Starts at 4.15pm Dec 17th, finish at 11:30pm Dec 17th. in Cinema 4.

Price = ADULTS $18.00, CHILDREN $12.00 (admission price covers both films).

Note, no comps apply, Supersavers, Gift Vouchers & Moviemaxx are not valid for this special screening. Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card only.

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