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October 25, 2001 - November 02, 2001

Friday, November 02, 2001
Would You Like Fries With That? - Xoanon @ 13:18 PST
Miami Mofo sends us a scan of the new Burger King tray liners (yes, this is a story about the pieces of paper they place on your tray when you get food). Take a look, and realise, either with joy or disgust, that the big LOTR push is starting...only starting.

Boston B&N Added to LOTR Day Event - Xoanon @ 12:56 PST
Houghton Mifflin's 'LOTR Day' on November 8th is picking up steam (read about it here). Another B&N shop in Boston has thrown it's hat into the ring. If you're near the Barnes & Noble at Boston University (Kenmore Square, 660 Beacon Street) on November 8th, be sure to check it out!

Bring On The Die Hards - Xoanon @ 12:30 PST

It's cold in Norway right now isn't it?

Check out these die hard LOTR fans (I mean, even I'm not dressing up..) in Norway, waiting outside the theatre to get some tickets for the LOTR Premiere in Norway.

Andun writes: I'm sending along an aritcle from one of the largest newspapers i Norway, Aftenposten.

It's in norwegian of course so I've translated a small bit...It starts like this:

"Lives outside for five nights to get movie - tickets Last night didn't these pals dare to wait any longer. They loaded themselves with their arms and lay down outside Colosseum [the largest cinama in Oslo]. Object: Getting tickets for "The Lord of the Rings" which has premiere december 19th"

The One Ring Contest in France - Xoanon @ 12:10 PST
From: Vibro Boy

Howdy, just a word to give you some news you may or may not have: The LOTR trailer is attached to the French Film "Wasabi" with Jean Reno, but also attached is an advertisement for a contest to win "The One Ring", in fact one of a numbered, limited edition being made by the "Monnaie de Paris" (the Paris Mint, which is also producing the final edition of the French Franc designed by Philippe Starck, so I think it's not quite as dodgy a proposition as something proposed by, say, the Franklin mint. The horror...) with the engravings and all that. I don't know if this is part of a larger, Europe-wide promotion or not.

More On The BK Contest - Xoanon @ 11:42 PST
From: Meriadoc

I checked back on that Burger King riddle thing to see what the Nov. 1 contest was, and found that you have to answer the riddles again to get to the secret page (apparently they reset the whole thing so any "saved games" are gone). The contest is something about going to see the premier of FOTR in New York (yay! screams the american).

THE CATCH: There are ten new riddles, and they are actually mildly challenging; to get half of them you need tiny details from the book. The main reason that they are hard, though, is the wording: you can hardly figure out what they are asking, and they want specific answers to questions about things with MANY names...it took me ten minutes to figure out that they wanted "ringwraith" as opposed to Nazgul or or Black Riders, or Nine riders (I assumed they would go for a dumbed-down answer...)

*finishes ranting*

*sort of*

anyway, there are a few really weird answers, like "middle earth", "galadriel", etc...

P.S.- apparently you get on entry into the competition for each correct riddle.

Thursday, November 01, 2001
Hobbit Play Comes To London - Xoanon @ 23:16 PST
From: The Jedi Ringer Spy

Brian Sibley's dramatization of the Hobbit will be performed by the Lansbury Players at the Emery Theater,Poplar,London on November 16th and 17th. This fellow is also responsible for the Official LOTR Film

Here is some info on the theater:

The Emery Theater
Annabel Close
119-121 East India Dock Road
London E14
Telphone: 020 7515 1177
For Booking Info Check Out: www.hobbit-news.net OR: emerytheater@amserve.net

It is also worthy of note that Brian Sibley put together the BBC Dramatization of LOTR back in the 80's,and this same series is going to be running AGAIN
on BBC Radio 4 in January of 2002!

Tom Shippey Interview - Xoanon @ 23:05 PST
Scott chimes in to tell us that the November/December issue of the Mars Hill Audio Journal has an interview with Tom Shippey about his book: JRR Tolkien: Author of the Century. In the interview he discusses Tolkien as a 20th century author in the company of Orwell and Vonnegut. He also talks briefly about Frodo's anti-quest. Anyone with a trascript, send it along! [More]

LOTR Bookmarks - Xoanon @ 10:07 PST

Yaksha sends us these coolio LOTR bookmarks from her local high school, all I got in high school was zits and homework...

Wednesday, October 31, 2001
Norwegian Ticket Sales Event - Xoanon @ 19:31 PST
From: FB

I've got somenews about the Norwegian ticketsale in Oslo. The ticketsale will start at Monday morning at 08:00, November 5th. At sunrise, just before the ticketbooths open, an event will be staged. There is more info about it here.

The page is in Norwegian, so I've transelated the most important bits here:

'The wizard Gandalf the Grey shall emerge from a cloud fire and smoke. At the same time, terrible Black Riders will show up bringing with them hobbits in bonds. Then Gandalf will attack the Riders with flaming fireballs, while the Riders draw swords for a fight of life and death. The whole event will be staged by the professional stunt- and scenefightgroup Fair Fight.'

Sci-Fi Cartoon Contest - Xoanon @ 19:02 PST
From: John Cook

We're running a Lord of the Rings parody at the Sci-Fi Cartoon Contest. This one spoofs the Council of Elrond, where Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli offer their weapons to Frodo. You get to write what Pippin offers! We've already received a heap of very funny punchlines! Check it out or submit your own punchlines at More]

Dame Judy Dench To Read Tolkien - Xoanon @ 18:51 PST
From: Megil a Guerilla

Just got the November issue of "Thirteen" (the monthly magazine for WNET subscribers) and spotted the following item under "Movies & Magic" on page 10:

J.R.R. Tolkien -- Coinciding with the release of the long-awaited feature film The Fellowship of the Ring, this biography celebrates the centenary of the author's birth. Through archival radio and film, as well as drawings and family photographs, Tolkien himself tells much of the story. Dame Judi Dench narrates and reads from his works. Tolkien's children, and Queen Margrethe of Denmark - a lifelong fan - are interviewed. Thursday, November 22 at 10 p.m. WNET/13 is the PBS channel in New York.

Meeting Billy Boyd - Calisuri @ 01:59 PST
Barliman regular TheWhiteLadyofRohan recently had a chance to meet Billy Boyd! Learn a bit more about the actor who will play Peregrin Took. [More]

Monday, October 29, 2001
Yeah, It's A Milk Carton... - Xoanon @ 19:26 PST

Remember that milk carton story I told you about that almost made me lose my lunch? Well Khardim sends along these scans of the cartons themselves...

Hey Elijah, how does it feel having your face on the side of a milk carton and NOT be missing?

I just hope these cartons were empty before Khardim scanned them in.

Updated List Of Stores For LOTR Day - Xoanon @ 13:55 PST
The folks at Houghton Mifflin have sent me an updated list of stores around the US where YOU can view a special behind-the-scnes video on November the 8th!

Anchorage -- Barnes & Noble, 200 East Northern Lights Boulevard

Birmingham -- Books-A-Million, Hoover Commons, 1615 Montgomery Highway, Suite 120

Mesa -- Borders, 1361 S. Alma School Road

Blytheville -- That Bookstore in Blytheville, 316 West Main
Little Rock -- Barnes & Noble, 11500 Financial Center Parkway

Goleta -- Borders, 7000 Marketplace Avenue
Huntington Beach -- Barnes & Noble, 7777 Edinger Avenue
Los Angeles -- Brentano’s, 8500 Beverly Boulevard **cast member scheduled to appear**
Manhattan Beach -- Barnes & Noble, 1800 Rosecrans Avenue, Building B
Palo Alto -- Borders, 456 University Avenue
San Rafael --Borders, 588 Francisco Boulevard West

Boulder -- Barnes & Noble, 2915 Pearl Street
Colorado Springs -- Media Play, 651 North Academy Boulevard
Glendale -- Barnes & Noble, 960 S. Colorado Boulevard
Northglenn -- Borders, 241 W. 104th Street

Waterford -- Waldenbooks, Crystal Mall, 850 Hartford Turnpike

Newark -- Waldenbooks, 123 Christiana Mall

Georgetown -- Barnes & Noble, 3040 M Street NW

Miami -- Barnes & Noble, 12405 North Kendall Drive
Orlando -- Barnes & Noble, 2418 East Colonial Drive
Pensacola -- Books-A-Million, Pensacola Square, 6235 North Davis Highway
Sarasota -- Sarasota News and Books, 1341 Main Street
Tampa -- University of Southern Florida Bookstore, 4202 East Fowler Avenue
Vero Beach -- Vero Beach Book Center, 2145 Indian River Boulevard

Alpharetta -- Barnes & Noble, 2770 North Point Parkway, Suite 200

Honolulu – Borders, 200 Ala Moana Boulevard

Des Moines -- Barnes & Noble, 4550 University Avenue

Boise -- Barnes & Noble, 1315 North Milwaukee

Oak Park -- Barbara’s Bookstore, 1100 West Lake Street
Rockford -- Waldenbooks, The Mall at Cherryvale

Fort Wayne -- Little Professor Book Company, 6360 W. Jefferson Boulevard
Indianapolis -- Borders, 5612 Castleton Corner Lane
South Bend -- Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore, Eck Center
Val Paraiso -- The Book Bag, 1817 Calumet Avenue

Lawrence -- Hastings, 1900 W. 23rd Southwest Plaza

Lexington -- Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 161 Lexington Green Circle
Louisville -- Hawley-Cooke Booksellers, 27 Shelbyville Road Plaza

Baton Rouge -- Barnes & Noble, 2590 CitiPlace Court

Boston -- Barnes & Noble, Downtown Crossing, 395 Washington Street
Newburyport -- Jabberwocky, The Tannery, 50 Water Street
Worcester -- Tatnuck Bookseller, 335 Chandler Street

South Portland -- Waldenbooks, 323 Maine Mall

Flint -- Borders, 4135 Miller Road

Minneapolis -- Sam Goody Central, Mall of America
Roseville -- Barnes & Noble, 2100 North Snelling Avenue

Brentwood -- Borders, 1519 Brentwood Boulevard
Columbia -- Columbia Books, 22 South Ninth Street

Bozeman -- Hastings, 1601 W. Main, Hastings Shopping Center

Omaha -- Barnes & Noble, 3333 Oakview Drive

Reno -- Barnes & Noble, 5555 South Virginia Street

Nashua -- Barnes & Noble, 235 Daniel Webster Highway

Paramus -- Barnes & Noble, 765 Route 17 South

Albuquerque -- Page One Books, 11018 Montgomery Northeast

Farmingdale -- Borders, 231 Airport Place
Blasdell -- Media Play, 3701 McKinley Mall Parkway
Ithaca -- Ithaca Logos, 139 E. State Street
New York City -- Barnes & Noble, 33 East 17th Street **cast member scheduled to appear**
DeWitt -- Barnes & Noble, 3454 Erie Boulevard East

Fayetteville -- Waldenbooks, 438 Cross Creek Mall

Cincinnati -- Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 2692 Madison Road
Cleveland -- Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 13217 Shaker Square
Columbus -- Media Play, New Market Mall, 7690 New Market Center Way
Dayton -- Books and Co., Dayton Town & Country, 350 East Stroop Road
Stow -- Logos Bookstore of Kent, 4433 Kent Road

Oklahoma City -- Barnes & Noble, 6100 North May Avenue

Ashland -- Bloomsbury Books, 290 East Main Street
Salem -- Borders, 2235 Lancaster Drive, Northeast

Philadelphia -- Barnes & Noble, 1805 Walnut Street
Pittsburgh – Aspinwall Books, 334 First Street
West Chester -- Chester County Book Co., 975 Paoli Pike

Warwick -- Barnes & Noble, 1441 Bald Hill Road

Moore -- Barnes & Noble, 735 Haywood Road

Chattanooga -- Waldenbooks, 2100 Hamilton Place Blvd.
Nashville -- Davis-Kidd Booksellers, 4007 Hillsboro Road

Amarillo -- Hastings, 4301 SW 45th Street
Austin -- Bookpeople, 603 North Lamar
Beaumont -- Books-A-Million, Parkdale Mall, 6155 Eastex Freeway, Suite C324
Fort Worth -- Borders, 4601 West Freeway
Longview -- Barron’s Bookstore, 405 W. Loop 281
McAllen -- Hastings, 4500 N. Tenth Street, Suite 400
San Antonio -- Borders, 255 E. Basse Road

Orem -- Media Play, 130 East University Parkway
Salt Lake City -- Borders, Crossroads Mall, 50 S. Main Street

Richmond -- Borders, 9750 West Broad Street
Virginia Beach -- Borders, 1744 Laskin Road

Manchester Center -- Northshire Bookstore, 4869 Main Street

Seattle -- Barnes & Noble, 2700 Northeast University Village
Spokane -- Hastings, 7706 N. Division Street
Tacoma -- University Bookstore, 1754 Pacific Avenue

Charleston -- Books-A-Million, Dudley Farms Plaza, 212 RHL Boulevard

Decipher Seeks LOTR Product Champion Volunteers - Xoanon @ 13:49 PST
Decipher still seeks more The Lord of the Rings Product Champion volunteers from Arnor to Mordor!

As many of you may know Decipher currently has more than 220 Product Champion volunteers for The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game, and that number is rising by the week! These volunteers have been selectively chosen to help Decipher promote The Lord of the Rings TCG. Decipher Product Champions help by running demonstrations, tournaments, and special events at local stores, conventions, and other venues where Orcs & Hobbits are welcome!

The October 1st application deadline has passed and the new corps of volunteers is conducting early pre-release demos and coordinating launch activities. However, we are still recruiting more volunteers for The Lord of the Rings TCG to assist with promotions beyond the pre-release and launch activities.

We have received many applications that are still under consideration. The quandary that we face is receiving too many applications for some locations and none for many other areas. So we are putting a call out for interested parties in these selected areas.

If you live in the United States, Canada, and Australia, and live in or near the locations listed below, please email Kevin Reitzel(Kevin.Reitzel@Decipher.com), for an official The Lord of the Rings Product Champion application.

Also, if you live in any other non-European countries not listed below, please contact Kevin for an application.

If you¹re from Europe, please email Marcus Sheppard
(Marcus.Sheppard@Decipher.com), Decipher¹s European rep, for an application.

Country State/Prov. Cities
BELGIUM Antwerp, Brugge, Ghent, Liege, Namur, Charleroi.
CANADA AB Edmonton
CANADA MB Winnipeg
GERMANY Any Major City
ITALY Any Major City
POLAND Poznan, Wroclaw, Gdansk
PORTUGAL Lisbon, Porto, Any City
RUSSIA Any City And Former USSR states
SPAIN Seville, Vigo, Cordoba, Granada
SWEDEN Any Major City
UK. ENGLAND Any Major City
UNITED KINGDOM Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland,
Rep. Of Ireland
USA AL Montgomery
USA CA San Diego, Bakersfield, Fresno
USA FL Tallahassee, Miami
USA GA Savannah, Columbus
USA ID Boise, Idaho Falls
USA IL Springfield
USA IN Fort Wayne, Gary, Evansville
USA KY Louisville
USA LA New Orleans, Baton Rouge
USA ME Presque Isle, Portland, Augusta
USA MS Biloxi, Jackson
USA MT Missoula, Great Falls
USA NH Concord
USA NM Albuquerque, Santa Fe
USA NV Carson City, Reno
USA OH Cincinnati
USA OK Oklahoma City
USA OR Portland, Eugene
USA PA Pittsburgh
USA SC Columbia, Charleston, Myrtle Beach
USA SD Sioux Falls, Rapid City
USA TN Memphis
USA TX Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, Lubbock, Amarillo, El Paso
USA VT Burlington
USA WA Spokane
USA WY Cheyenne
USA Washington D.C.
Any other country not listed

Kevin Reitzel
Decipher Inc.
Marketing Dept.
Product Champion Coordinator

LOTR on gradesaver.com - Xoanon @ 13:02 PST
From: Jessica

On my recent visit to gradesaver.com (an online essay editing service and classic literature note source) I noticed that they had made an addition to their list of "Classic Notes": The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring.

I'm assuming that this is because of the forthcoming movies and that they will be adding the other 2 parts of LOTR later. I haven't been able to go through the whole thing yet, but included are summaries and analysis of the chapters, character list, and a quiz, among other things. I was especially happy to see LOTR: FOTR listed there because the site is reserved for "Classic" literature (no Harry Potter!). Here's a link.

Sunday, October 28, 2001
Book An Entire Cinema - Xoanon @ 21:28 PST
From: PT

When Star Wars Episode 1 came out a friend of mine booked out an entire cinema and sold all the tickets, he had sponsors and gave away prizes before the film. Well well well it is happening again. For those out there you like the idea of booking out your own cinema for you and your army of LOTR fanatics here is how we are doing it this time around. We went to a local store in the same location as the cinema and designed a deal where they provide prizes (the store is a sports store) and each of the staff members gets free tickets. Using the Sports store we then designed a deal with the cinema to sell out the major screen on the midnight session of the first screening. We then sell all the tickets at normal prices, plus an extra 50 cents to in total cover the costs of the free tickets to the Sports store staff. Walla we are in the process of selling the tickets now. The Sports store likes it, because it is free advertising and free movie tickets, the cinema likes it because someone else sells their tickets and sells out an entire cinema and we all love it because we get our own theatre for the film!

High-Definition LOTR Trailer - Xoanon @ 21:25 PST
From: Hawq

I recently bought a high-definition 16x9 television and satellite receiver (which I highly recommend!). I've been surfing all the HD channels constantly, and guess what I've seen twice... The new LOTR Trailer!! In full HD glory with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. It's being shown on HDnet, which is channel 199 on DirecTV. They showed it the other night right after a live hockey game. I just wish there was a way of recording HD signals. I'd say that many LOTR geeks are the same types that love movies enough to have a home theater with an HDTV, so this might be relevant news for your site. I know I'd be glad to hear it if I didn't already know. Thanks for all your hard work on the site. I can't wait for December 19th!

Traier & Ticket News: New Zealand - Xoanon @ 21:20 PST
BG sends along this bit of insider info from the Roadshow Film Distributors camp in New Zealand.

Tickets for 'Fellowship of the Ring' will probably be on sale one month prior to release but nothing is confirmed as yet. The cinema chains will be letting the public know soon. In regards to the new trailer, it will be on the cinema screens from the 1ST November and will be playing with ZOOLANDER.

Fan Art Update - Calisuri @ 16:28 PST
[ Click to View Complete Story ]Just in time for Halloween, Fan Art gets a 40 image update. This time around, we have an impressive set of varied renderings from all over the world. [More]

Major Fan Desktops Update - Calisuri @ 13:37 PST
Today we added an additional 9 pages of fan made wallpaper/desktops to our collection. Thats a whopping 78 more images! As always, if you would like submit your wallpaper or desktops to be posted on TheOneRing.net, please email calisuri@theonering.net. Send only the one largest sized version you have. I can do the rest! Thanks!

Chapters Canada Covers LOTR - Xoanon @ 12:47 PST
From: IronParrot

Don't know if you've posted something about this already, but here's an ad that's been making the rounds in the Canadian papers. It indicates that 11/6 will be the release date for the Insiders' Guide, Photo Guide and Official Movie Guide, and in addition, Chapters will be running some sort of online contest. Considering the difficulty of the various trivia contests I've seen so far, this one is probably piece of lembas.

Friday, October 26, 2001
LOTR Socks - Xoanon @ 23:14 PST

Asda Christmas brochure (UK) has black mens socks (UK size 6-12) with the LotR / FotR text logo in orange / white plus a gold (yellow) ring for just GBP 3.00.

(no comment from me...socks now...we have socks... -Xo)

Viggo Mortensen Art Gallery - Xoanon @ 19:03 PST
From: Frosty

I've posted a small preview (emphasis on small) of Viggo's upcoming show, titled "Signlanguage" at Track 16 Gallery, February 2 - March 30, 2002.

There's an image titled "Helm's Deep" that I'm sure will interest people. Not only is Viggo a wonderful actor, he is a rather talented artist. Take a look!

While they're at the Track 16 Gallery site, and if they're not familiar with Viggo's artistic side, they should check out an older show ("Recent Forgeries") of his right here

Home-made Promotions - Calisuri @ 01:58 PST
Talk about Tolkien fans. Check out this homemade standee that Ringer fans Mike and Will made for their local theater. They have plans on making more!

Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

"Hello. I work with a friend of mine at a theater in West Michigan. He and I created a home-made standee of the Eye of Sauron. On the bottom of the standee it says: "The LEGEND Comes To LIFE December 19"

This is part of the promo we're doing. We're also making a 7'x 9' mural painting of the Fellowship as well as both statues of the Argonath that are both 7' tall. We'll also be dressing up for the film which includes an orc mask we're making. We'll send scans of our progress.

Thursday, October 25, 2001
Making-Of On TV In Holland? - Xoanon @ 20:08 PST
From: Arvedui

Yorin, a popular TV station in Holland is showing in their program 'previews' a special about the making of LOTR: FOTR. In the trailer to advertise this program they showed us a large part of the second trailer !! The program will be on the air on SATURDAY 27 Oktober 17:55 (Amsterdam time).

CTV Talks LOTR - Xoanon @ 19:51 PST
From: Phyoras

Last night CTV (a Canadian network, channel 8) aired a report on FOTR. Mostly they just showed footage from the newest FOTR trailer, however, some of the conversation was interesting. They noted how the books are "Flying" of bookshelfs, and also some stuff about the popularity growing for the upcoming trilogy. Also, they noted the LOTR exhibit here in Toronto, but didn't show any images from it.

Finnish National Opera Goes LOTR - Xoanon @ 13:48 PST
From: Mikko

FYI, Finnish National Opera presents a "dance adventure" based on J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved classic "The Hobbit".

The premiere is tomorrow (26th Oct).

The music in the presentation has been composed by one of the most famous composers in Finland, Aulis Sallinen, whose Symphony No. 7 is called "The Dreams of Gandalf". Excerpts from this symphony are included in this presentation.

More information about the presentation in English click here.

Information about Sallinen's Symphony No. 7 "The Dreams of Gandalf" click here.

Want The LOTR: FOTR Trailer on DVD? - Xoanon @ 13:36 PST
Stephan sent me one of the cool DVD's, it's chalk full of stuff, not just LOTR, check it out!

From: Stephan

The trailer for LOTR:TFOTR is available on DVD. It is not a bootleg copy, but studio sanctioned and comes with tons of other material, such as Spider-Man (2002) Press Conference, Buffy behind-the-scenes, Blade 2 sword preview, other trailers (Planet of the Apes, Final Fantasy, etc.) and more. Over 1 hour of cool DVD contents total.

Best thing is: It's only 10 bucks, plus shipping (domestic: add $ 1.00; International: add $ 3.00). Forms of payment accepted: Paypal, cashier's checks or money orders. Personal checks o.k. also, but no shipping prior to clearance. To place an order, please send an email to cinemav@gte.net

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