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October 15, 2004 - March 22, 2005

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Before the Marathon, meet at the Moot! - Xoanon @ 19:04 PST
Sharon writes: On April 15th, 2005, on the eve of the Marathon, meet friends and fellow LOTR fans at the Toronto Marathon Pub Moot! Isometric Projections and The White Tree Fund are proud to be hosting the Moot at the Office Bar, 3313 Bloor Street West in Toronto (details below). The Pub Moot will be an informal evening of laughter, fun and good ale where old friends can meet and where new friends will be made. Tickets are $5 and MUST be purchased in advance here. A portion of the proceeds from this evening will be donated to The White Tree Fund.

Office Bar
3313 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario
3 blocks east of the Islington Subway Station
on the south-west corner at Eagle Road

Join our mailing list at for updates!

Tickets for the Lord of the Rings IMAX Marathon in Toronto on April 16th are selling well. Tickets are still available for the individual showings on April 22nd, 29th, and May 6th. A limited number for the marathon are also still available, so get yours now!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Oscar Party Blues? Read This! - Xoanon @ 15:41 PST

Two Towers: One Party 2003
Xoanon & Kathy with Randy Cook's Oscar

This Sunday the annual Academy Awards will be presented at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California. The past 3 years we at TheOneRing.net have hosted lavish 'One Ring' parties in the heart of the Oscar action. Based mere footsteps away from the Kodak, our 2 venues for the 3 parties were the talk of the town. This year however, we are not hosting a party, we will not be heading down to LA, to visit Tuxedo's by Mike..the Sunset Grill...the Cat and Fiddle or other places we've swarmed, and quite frankly...it sucks.

Of course I know there is no reason for us to be down there, there are no more LOTR films to celebrate, the stars have all moved on to other projects, and PJ is being chased by a big Ape. However I can't seem to get myself out of this 'non-Oscar-party' bummed out mood, I assume many other Ringers out there are feeling the same way. Here is my list of things you can do at home this Sunday to bring back those old feelings!

I have confidence that there small activities will capture that magic from years past! Enjoy!!

You can also take a look at our past party photos in our Scrapbook.

The One Party, 2002
Two Towers, One Party, 2003
Return of the One Party, 2004

Monday, February 21, 2005
TolCon:Book now for Early Bird rates - Tehanu @ 20:14 PST
The 28th of February is the last day to get the Early Bird TolCon rates. If you sign up as a group (10 or more) AND become a NW Tolkien Society member, you get a total of $10 off the TolCon membership price. That makes it only $15 for an entire weekend of fun. And hotel rates are only $79! Who wouldn't want to hear Kiran's stories about behind the scenes of LOTR and Narnia or meet the incredible artist, Ted Nasmith with his breathtaking Tolkien artwork??

Sign up soon!†† Check out www.Tolcon.org for more information

Friday, January 21, 2005
FOTR Musical: The Parody - Xoanon @ 13:13 PST
Samantha writes: Last night I went to see a musical parody of FOTR in a small theater in North Hollywood, CA. It was just hysterical. Really, really well done, and much better than my friend and I were expecting. It has gotten rave reviews by critics and all, and, I think, every night sells out.

We are very surprised that TOR.n has not had any info on it. Someone from your site MUST see it. Please! The play needs to be supported-it's very low budget and the cast is barely getting paid. But, it has been doing so well that they are extending the dates, and may have to change venues. So far, it's held over until the 29th.

The only way we found out about it was because of a very small review in the LA Times. It's listed under the Critic's Choices. [More] [Playbill.com]

Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Northwest Tolkien Society's Tolcon in May - Tehanu @ 16:35 PST
1.) The Northwest Tolkien Society is pleased to confirm Ted Nasmith as their Artist Guest of Honor at TolCon this year.

TolCon is a Tolkien Convention honoring J.R.R. Tolkiens works, worlds, and his fans. Activities include costuming workshops such as : How to be a Hobbit, or Just Look like One, Middle Earth Gardening Workshops, "Who Drank My Half-Pint?" : A Hobbits Guide to Beer Sampling, The TolFilm Fanfilm Exhibition, The Feast of Rohan (Dinner with the Guests of Honor), & a Grand Costume Ball, to name just a few.
TolCon is May 13-15th, 2005 in Seattle, WA.

Visit Tolcon.org for more information.


The Northwest Tolkien Society accepting submissions to the TolFilm FanFilm Exhibition. TolFilm is held annually at TolCon, a convention dedicated to Tolkien, his works, his worlds and his fans. TolCon is May 13-15th, 2005 in Seattle, Washington.

We will accept submissions of all kinds, as long as the films relate to the Tolkien universe. Any of Tolkienís books, languages, landscapes, even his environmental views are fair game. If it's a music video, parody, comedy, documentary, animation, a humorous look at waiting in line for tickets to LOTR, we wants it, precious! Submissions are open now until April 29th, 2005. For submission guidelines or more information on TolCon, visit Tolcon.org

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Bay Area Baggins Picnic Images - Xoanon @ 21:19 PST

Bay Area Baggins Picnic Images

Cel writes: The Annual Bay Area Baggins' Birthday Picnic was later this year than usual, but still had enthusiastic attendance from all of Bilbo's friends, and a few former enemies. The picnic draws over 50 fans from a hundred mile radius each year.

There were readings & recitations from Tom Bombadil, 'the film prologue voice' and others, in addition to the expected birthday speech from Bilbo himself.

The prizes for the trivia contest, the taters cookoff, and the raffles were donated by Sideshow, Greg Harvey - author of The Origins of Tolkien's Middle-Earth for Dummies, and many others. There was even a Ringer's shirt autographed by Sala Baker. Everyone went home in fine hobbit fashion with little gifts from Topps, Houghton Mifflin and Decipher cards.

Great food, good friends and a fine time was had by all who attended.

Friday, October 15, 2004
Sam Loves Rosie - Tehanu @ 22:22 PST
Sam-Loves-Rosie (SLR), a match-making site for lovers of Middle- earth, celebrates its first year anniversary on October 17. SLR was started as a way for singles to meet and fall in love with those who share a passion for Tolkien's world. It quickly became a place where men and women found not only romantic partners but true friends as well. Topics of conversation range from Middle-earth (books and movies) to the challenges encountered in pursuit of love, and to anything else that fires people with passion and imagination. So for those who seek romantic love, supportive friendships, or simply the joy of sharing great conversations, knock on the door of a fire-lit room at an inn in Hobbiton, and join them. All you need to do is speak, "Friend," and enter. [More]

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