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January 04, 2002 - January 13, 2002

Sunday, January 13, 2002
Elijah Wood: Best Actor Of All Time - Xoanon @ 16:57 PST
From: Hillary

I thought you might be interested to know that Elijah Wood was at Harvard University today at the invitiation of the Harvard Lampoon! The Lampoon awarded Elijah their "Best Actor of All Time" award. A few of the past recipients of this award have been John Wayne, Robin Williams, Natalie Wood, and Randy "Macho Man" Savage.

However, the president of the Lampoon assured the crowd that he was convinced that Elijah was absolutely(!) the best actor of all time. The President made a short speech to introduce Elijah, making a few jokes about some of Elijah's less than famous movies. Elijah was a very good sport and either accepted the ribbing or joined in. He was presented with a Burgur King Light up collectible mug of Arwen and a bowling trophy proclaiming him "The Lord of the Wings" (after a very bad chicken wing sketch). He also helped act out a parody of a scene between Gandalf and Frodo with two action figures.

After that Elijah did some question and answer stuff and showed of his tattoo (twice) at the request of the audience. The whole thing lasted about half an hour, and there was very little mingling afterward as he was quickly spirited away to the Lampoon Castle, but the whole thing was really cool!

As for the pictures, I have done my best. I'm not an experienced photographer by any means, and have owned the camera used here for about two weeks.

Unfortunately I didn't get any of the skits on the digital, but I do have them on normal film. Yay for Harvard!

Grab Your LOTR Displays Soon! - Xoanon @ 15:42 PST
From: Scorpio

Alas, our little movie has been out for nearly a month now...and the stores are starting to feel it necessary to discard their Lord of the Rings promo displays...*sigh*...all the better for fans to get their hands on some!!!

Bookstores, Burger King, and the local movie theaters are just some of the places where you may be lucky to pick up some awesome promo goodies. New Line's online store also has the theatrical display for the movie, for a price of course. But nothing is guaranteed to be available. [More]

So Ringers, go look for promo goodies! NOTE: Merchandise in display sold separately :(

Ian McKellen Book Signing - Xoanon @ 15:32 PST
Book Soup presents The Lord of the Rings - Gandalf!!!

Saturday, January 19th at 12:00pm

Actor, Ian McKellen will be at Book Soup in person for a special The Lord of the Rings movie guides booksigning

Book Soup
8818 Sunset Blvd.
W. Hollywood, CA 90069

Thursday, January 10, 2002
NYC Trip Bonus - Xoanon @ 13:35 PST
From: Collin H

January 2nd my friend David and I were walking down 8th Ave. in Manhattan (we had come from Wisconsin on a trip for new years) when to our left we saw the theatre showing 'The Producers' the biggest broadway hit in years. We had wanted to see the show so we got in line and found it would be a 8 hour wait just for standing room only. Dismayed we turned to see what else was playing, lo and behold across the street I saw a large picture of Ian McKellen 'Dance of Death' it read, so we went and promptly bought tickets.

Later that night while moving (after the first intermission and seats werent filled) to the balcony on stage left the curtain opened to a 'sleeping' Ian McKellen wearing only some wool trowsers and a sleeveless undershirt) with much excitement I realized that I was about to see what countless famous people were denied seeing, the Fellowship Tattoo... sure enough as soon as he rolled over in the bed I saw the dark elven rune on his right arm, up near the shoulder.

It was an excellent play and I was very delighted to have seen it, and the much talked about tattoo, I recomend the play (even if you cant get close enought to see that tattoo like us) to anyone who will be in New York in the near future.

Wednesday, January 09, 2002
"Fat Beats from the Dark Tower." - Tehanu @ 23:46 PST
More fan music! People's imaginations come up with some wild creative combinations! This came in from Morgan Phillips:

"I run a small record label called Suckadelic. I put out a cd a while back called Star Wars Breakbeats, which combined music and dialog from star wars with hip hop and funk breaks. Now I have a new album called Sauron Speaks: fat beats from the dark tower. This cd combines dialog and music from the old Ralph Bakshi and Rankin Bass cartoons with classic rock samples and hip hop breaks."

You can check out his site and download some music for a quick listen here

Monday, January 07, 2002
Ticket Stub Contest Winner! - Xoanon @ 00:31 PST
A big thank you to ALL that participated in our Ticket Stub Contest! The winner was chosen randomly from hundreds of entries. Highlight below to find out if it's you!!

Jason Reene

Woo hoo!! way to go! Check back here soon for another similar contest!

Monday, January 07, 2002
Pierre Vinet Exhibit! - Xoanon @ 23:58 PST
What: Pierre Vinet: A Lord of the Rings Photographic Journey Featuring still photography by Pierre Vinet from the film, Lord of the Rings.

Where: Track 16 Gallery, Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Avenue, Bldg. C1, Santa Monica
310 364 4678, www.track16.com

When: The exhibition runs from January 11th through January the 19th. There will be no opening reception.

John Rhys-Davies Makes A Fan's Day - Xoanon @ 17:38 PST
Liam writes:

I was in dublin the day of the irish premiere of the fellowship on the 18, and I had brought the hardback version of lotr with me to read on the bus. I decided to go to the cinema to see could I catch a few faces as they went in..

After about 45 mins waiting around in the cold I turned to catch the bus disappointed I saw no one from the movie, but then the coolest thing happened; I recognised John Rhys Davies out of the corner of my eyes posing for some pictures. He turned to walk into the cinema but I wasnt letting this chance slip so I walked up to him and tapped him on the back. He turned round, "Will you do me a big favour", I asked him

"Would you please sign my book for me?" He said in a deep voice, "My dear fellow, of course I will".

I couldnt believe it! he took the book and took the time to read the inscription my girlfriend wrote on it when she gave it to me - "Liam, I hope you love it more every time you read it" (even though the people he was with had walked further on, he wasnt rushing away from this nerd who had stopped him - what a guy!) and he wrote "So do I Liam, Gimli The Dwarf, aka John Rhys Davies". Gimli signed my book!

Yeah I know it sounds nerdy - I get abuse about it all the time, but there is no denying the fact - JOHN RHYS DAVIES IS THE MAN!!!

Sunday, January 06, 2002
Fan Report From Slovenia - Xoanon @ 16:41 PST
From: GeneralSV

Just thought I'd drop in a few words about the LOTR fever in Slovenia.

As a small country (south of Austria, east of Italy), we are perhaps most widely known for our good football players who managed to qualify for the 2002 World Cup. Anyway, in May 2001 we got our first multiplex in our capital city, Ljubljana. Since that time it has become the main center of movie activity. Well, the same goes for the LOTR: FOTR hype which has begun in the recent days (The Fellowship of the Ring will open here on 17th January 2002). Already, everywhere, huge LOTR bilboards are being put up, posters hanging all over the city, and a second Slovene translation of LOTR will be coming out in time for the movie (well, the new translation has raised some controversies, e.g. Merry is translated as Medo, which means Teddybear!!!), tickets for the premiere have been on sale almost for a whole month, and our magazines and papers are filling up with Tolkien, Middle Earth, ... It is a great time to be alive, especially after hearing about the Lord of the Rings winning the AFI award for best movie of the year 2001! I actually managed to convince many of my friends who never read the book to see the premiere with me. And, obviously, the LOTR booksales have increased quite a bit. In short: if you haven't read the LOTR in Slovenia, where the hell have you been living for the past year?!

Friday, January 04, 2002
Denmark Goes LOTR Mad - Xoanon @ 23:30 PST
From: Anders

Greetings from Denmark, where we also had a huge Galla premiere of Lord Of the Rings on the 19.th of December.

My name is Anders Lerche and I'm a makeupartist, doing mostly special effects, masks and costumes for LARP ( live action roleplaing, or Live roleplay)and films here in Denmark.

When the film of my dreams finally loomed in the horizon, me and my buddy Nicolas Bjerre decided to build something great for the premiere in Denmarks nr. one premiere theater "The Imperial". I made 7 "Moria Orc" latex mask, and for nearly 2 months we slaved over endless yards of fabric, foamrubber and nearly 20 liters of latex, before our creation was done....

We had build ourselves a Cavetroll !

We didn't have were good pictures at the time, so i kinda' looked cartoony and not as scary as intended, but we were proud of it and gave it a large red butterfly, since it had to greet all the guests and be goodlooking for the Queen and Crown Prince that night.

The galla opening was amazing, easily the largest and most extravagant of it's kind in Denmark. We guarded the cinema, disguesed as Moria orcs, dragging our enourmos Cavetroll around and drooling and snearing over the invited guest and hundreds of bystanders.

We met Christopher Lee and his charming danish wife, and said Hi to our half-danish hero, Viggo Mortensen, who seemed to take thing relaxed and leaned back. He actually grabbed one of my disguesed friends, that I had made up as Saruman, put his hand on his butt, and said : " You are staying here, while the press take some photographs of us, my friend!" My friend was to shocked ( flattered?) to move, I guess!

The evening was a blast and the Cavetroll was everyones favorite, especially when it came right up to people and said, in a squeaky voice: " I love you!". The funniest thing that one of the bystanders said to the Cavetroll was" Hey, that's my Mother In Law! - haven't you lost weight???"

The movie is still number one here in Denmark also, and iv'e seen it 4 times allready. Thanks Peter Jackson- I knew you could do it. Can't wait till the DVD and the next Christmas!

John Rhys-Davies Glares For The Camera - Xoanon @ 00:38 PST
Jeff B sends us this pic he took of our very own John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) glaring at the camera comically at the Casa Loma exhibit in Toronto last November. [More]

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