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July 16, 2003 - July 18, 2003

News for Jul. 18, 2003

Sideshow Collectibles Product Announce - 1PM PST
7/18/03, 3:34 pm EST -

Sideshow Collectibles will be borrowing our webcam to showcase some of their new products at 1PM PST. If you are interested in talking with other fans about these new products from Sideshow Collectibles, log into TheOneRing.net's chatroom located at http://www.theaonering.net/barlimans. [Click here for the WebCam] [Comic Con 2003]

Comic Con 2003 - Friday
7/18/03, 1:55 pm EST -

Sala Baker (Sauron) makes his appearence and TheOneRing.net goes wireless as day 3 of Comic Con 2003 begins. We'll have some images and reports coming shortly, in the meantime enjoy the webcam as we wander about the LOTR Pavilion and stretch the bounds of wireless networking.

Thursday at Comic Con 2003
7/18/03, 1:09 am EST -

SAN DIEGO - To goof just a little on a movie classic, "I love the smell of geek in the morning." Day Two of Comic Con 2003 was a intensification of Day One but with a lot more breathing room with a big dose of geek in the air. Instead of a three-hour tour of the convention, patrons could enter the great hall at 10 a.m. and stay on the main floor until 7 p.m.. [More]

News for Jul. 17, 2003
King Elessar Revealed! - NOT - Gollum Bust Instead
7/17/03, 6:06 pm EST -

Well, until New Line had a hissy...we were going to show you the King Elessar statue. Doh! Instead we have a great look at the bronze Gollum bust. So here is your first look at a Gollum bust from Sideshow/Weta Collectible. Use the following url to see an image that is updated every 30 seconds as we rotate this figure. Click here for the WebCam

Comic Con 2003 - Day 1 Report
7/17/03, 3:07 pm EST -

SAN DIEGO - On-line Tolkien fans already know that TheOneRing.net is the center of the Tolkien Universe, but on Comic-Con 2003 Day One, that reality became literal instead of just figurative. Inside the giant expanse that is the Comic-Con's exhibit floor, the Lord of The Rings pavilion sits in the heart of it all. TORn has taken up residence in the middle of the middle, flanked by Sideshow Toys, New Line Cinema and EA Games. [More]

Irascian's Comic-Con 2003 Coverage
7/17/03, 2:04 pm EST -

Irascian's Comic-Con 2003 Coverage

Irascian is front and center at Comic-Con 2003 in San Diego, take a look at his report and pics on his site! [More]

News for Jul. 16, 2003
Preview Night Madness
7/16/03, 10:44 pm EST -

As you can tell from the webcam, things have become quite busy at TheOneRing.net booth and the LOTR Pavilion. Preview night will be going on for another 45 minutes and we'll keep the cam up the entire time. Look for a detailed report tonight on TheOneRing.net tonight.

Set up and Ready to Go!
7/16/03, 6:48 pm EST -

Just a brief note to tell everyone that our booth is set up. Expect pictures to be posted during preview night tonight. After a few technical difficulties, we have the webcam broadcasting live from our booth, so check it out! [Webcam]

We've Arrived!
7/16/03, 11:43 am EST -

TheOneRing.net has arrived in San Diego for the 2003 Comic Con! The set-up process has begun and will continue tomorrow with the raising of a Rohirrim-styled canopy. We will be setting up a few computers for Con visitors to surf TheOneRing.net and chat in our Barlimans chatroom as well as have fans confess their love for The Lord of the Rings in our Tolkien Confessional. If work is a bore, watch the live webcam, updated every 10 seconds, as we construct TheOneRing.net booth. We'll be sure to wave hello! [More]

TheOneRing.net Goes to Comic Con 2003
7/16/03, 02:45 EST -

TheOneRing.net is proud to be an active participant in the 2nd annual Lord of the Rings Pavilion at Comic Con 2003, taking place July 17th-20th at the San Diego Convention Center. We'll be hosting a live webcam, live chats and a whole lot more to help all Ringers get their Tolkien fix! Follow the link for details. [More]

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