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February 27, 2000 - March 05, 2000

Sunday, March 05, 2000
Barlimans News

Tolkien Fun Section
Gamgee @ 01:27 PST

Hello again faithful friends! This is Gamgee, with some news for all of you. I have decided to expand our little trivia section! Here is how it will run:
1) Tolkien Trivia Question
2) Scrambled Tolkien name (person, place, or thing)
3) Who Said This? (Tolkien Quote)
The 1st person to mail me with all 3 answers in one letter will be the winner, so lets see how it goes!
Our winner from yesterday was Anne Fruguglietti, Wonderful job Anne!! The correct answer was "Roac".
Now for todays Tolkien Fun Section:
1) "What did the dwarves call Belegost?"
2) "ebehobecn"
3) "Come! Speak and be comforted, and shake off the shadow! What has happened since we came to this grim place in the grey morning?"
So, what do you think? Do you have the Tolkien knowledge to answer these brain ticklers? Email me with all 3 correct answers, on one page, and you will have your name posted here tomorrow! Good Luck!

Saturday, March 04, 2000
Barlimans News

What Happens to the Orcs of Middle Earth?
Tookish @ 23:29 PST

Attention Tolkien chat fans! A new topic has been chosen for the next Hall of Fire. Bring your references and ideas to explore the fate of the Orcs!

Are they immortal? Do they go to the Halls of Mandos when they die, or the Void? Was Morgoth's corruption enough to alter their fate?

This topic's sure to raise a few eyebrows, so don't miss out! Your feedback is always welcome, so contact Gandalf or Tookish with Hall of Fire comments or suggestions.

See you Saturday, March 11, at 5:30 EST.

Reader Feedback
Gamgee @ 18:55 PST

Hi again, This is Gamgee. I want to ask you all a small favor. I would like to know if you all like the trivia questions, and if you can help me think of some other daily features that might be nice for the page. I was thinking of adding a daily Tolkien quote, or perhaps a "guess that character" type of thing. What do you all think? If you like those ideas, or have some of your own, email me and let me know.

Daily Trivia Question
Gamgee @ 12:14 PST

Cliff Foster, Congratulations!!! You were the only person to send me a correct answer to yesterday's question, I bow to you. The correct answer was "Elostirion". Now for the question of the day:
"In the Hobbit, what was the name of the chief of the ravens?"
Email yours truly with your answers, the first correct person will be posted here tomorrow. Have fun!!!!

Friday, March 03, 2000
Barlimans News

Daily Trivia Question
Gamgee @ 19:57 PST

I am back!!! ISP troubles have made me miss a day, but ever faithful Gamgee is on the job! Our last winner was again Anne Fruguglietti, the correct answer was "Balin"
Now for today's thought provoking mind bender:
"What was the name of the tallest and westernmost of the White Towers, where the palantir was kept?"
E-mail me with your answers, and the 1st correct Tolkienite will have his/her name posted here tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 01, 2000
Barlimans News

Daily Trivia Question
Gamgee @ 19:38 PST

Foiled again!!! Rats! I recieved several correct answers to this one, but thw 1st one was Anne Fruguglietti,... Great Job Anne!!! The correct answer was 33.
Now for today's stumper:
"In "The Hobbit" which dwarf was halfway down Smaug"s secret passage with Bilbo?"
As per usual, e-mail me with your answers, and the first correct person will be posted here tomorrow! Have Fun!

Tuesday, February 29, 2000
Barlimans News

Daily Trivia Question
Gamgee @ 09:07 PST

Hello again, faithful visitors of Barliman's! I thought I had you this time, but out of many answers, only one was correct. The right answer was "Hobson "Roper" Gamgee". The correct response was given to me by Gary Greenwell, fantastic job Gary!
Now for today's trivia stumper:
"How old was Gollum when he killed Deagol, and took the One ring?"
Mail your answers to me ,the person with the 1st correct response will be posted here tomorrow. Until tomorrow..... Gamgee

Monday, February 28, 2000
Barlimans News

You are all wrong!! Ha Ha!!!
Gamgee @ 20:03 PST

I received several answers to yesterday's trivia,... what a pity they were all incorrect. We will hold this one over one more day:
"Give me the true name of the "Roper" Gamgee".
As always email me with your responses, the person with the 1st correct response will be posted here tomorrow.

Daily Trivia Question
Gamgee @ 02:37 PST

Again, I have been thwarted by a trivia buff! I am going to have to think of a real stumper here!!
Today's winner was Mark Nelson, aka "Vetch". Wonderful Job Vetch!!!!
Today's answer:"Beregond to Pippin on the outer wall".
Here is today's stumper:
"Give me the true name of the "Roper" Gamgee".
As always mail your answers to me the 1st correct response will be posted here tomorrow! Good Luck!

Sunday, February 27, 2000
Barlimans News

New Hall of Fire log posted
Gamgee @ 16:57 PST

The most recent Hall of Fire discussion was another smashing success! For those of you unfortunate enough to have missed it, you can read the log here

Barliman's Gallery Opens
Tookish @ 14:23 PST

Hidly Ho Barliman Chatters!

The everproductive hobbit Nob has put together a gallery of Barliman Regulars. You asked for it, you got it! Have a look at who’s chatting and submit your own picture here.

Have you seen our Map of Regulars? It’s truly incredible how many people from all over the planet have frequented Barliman’s chatroom! If you love maps like Bilbo and I do, you’ll appreciate this one put together by PipeSmoke.

Enjoy! :)

Daily Trivia Question
Gamgee @ 12:54 PST

Again, faithfull chatters, I have been bested. Jan Hedberg aka. "Ecthelion" has correctly answered yesterday's trivia question, the correct answer was "Duinhir", I bow to you Ecthelion. Now lets see if you can answer today's question!
In LotR, Who does this quote belong too? "Nay, though all things must come utterly to and end in time, Gondor shall not perish yet. Not though the walls be taken by some reckless foe that will build a wall of carrion before them. there are still other fastnesses, and secret ways of escape into the mountains. Hope and memory shall live still in some hidden valley, where the grass is green."
As always, mail me with your answers, and the 1st correct reply will be posted here tomorrow. Have Fun!

Hall of Fire set for Saturday, March 4, 5:30 EST
Tookish @ 12:48 PST


Gandalf dropped this on my doorstep as he blurred past on Shadowfax late last night. He was yelling something about going out for Old Toby and Pepsi, but it wasn't very clear. Looks like there's another fun Hall of Fire coming up! Check it out:

What moment in the history of Middle Earth do you think is the scariest? The struggle in Shelob's Lair? The trek through Moria? The abduction of Pippin and Merry at the hands of the Uruk-Hai? Or is there some other moment that you think is scarier?

Come join the throng at The Hall of Fire this Saturday, March 4. Please send your feedback and topic suggestions to The One Ring.net's own wizard of reknown, Gandalf!



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