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February 19, 2000 - February 26, 2000

Saturday, February 26, 2000
Barlimans News

Daily Trivia Question
Gamgee @ 11:17 PST

Another Tolkien scholar has answered my question today, but apparently this one was not so easy as the others, because I recieved only one correct response. The answer was "Oropher", and the answer was again given by Mormegil, Mormegil is one sharp sword, eh folks?
Here is today's question: "Who was Lord of Morthond at the time of the War of the Ring?"
Email me with your answers, and as always the first correct response will be posted here tomorrow. Good Luck!

Friday, February 25, 2000
Barlimans News

Daily Trivia Question
Gamgee @ 20:23 PST

Hello again, faithful chatters!! We have another correct answer today... actually several people sent me the correct answer, but the 1st one was Jackie Wilmoth aka "Vaire", Way to go Vaire!!!!! The correct answer was "Fornost" Here is our question for today:
What was the name of Thranduil's father?
Email me with your answers, and Good Luck!

Thursday, February 24, 2000
Barlimans News

Finally a correct answer, and a new trivia question!!
Gamgee @ 19:47 PST

Hello all faithful chatters! We have had someone correctly answer the trivia question! I thought I had you stumped! Drat!
The correct answer was "Mithe" and the 1st person with the answer was "Mormegil" Good Job Mormegil!!!
Here is the new Daily Question:
"When the tower of Amon-Sul was destroyed, its Palantir was moved, where was it moved to?"
Mail me with your answers, the first correct responder will be posted here tomorrow! Good Luck!

Tuesday, February 22, 2000
Barlimans News

Daily Trivia Question
Gamgee @ 21:02 PST

We had no correct answer yesterday, so I will hold this question over for one more day.
"What is the name of the spur that connects the Shirebourne to the Baranduin?"
Email me with your answer, as always, the 1st correct response giver will be posted here tomorrow! Good Luck!

Monday, February 21, 2000
Barlimans News

Gandalf the Grey Has a New Hall of Fire Topic!
Tookish @ 20:21 PST

I awake from my stupor and realize I've been paid a visit by Gandalf the Grey. After smacking me about a bit with a rather large trout, he dropped this bit of parchment in my lap and admonished me to make it public post haste. So here goes! From the Greyhame himself:

"What if characters from Middle Earth were living with us now today? How would history be different if say, Aragorn was running for president? What would it be like having Elrond as your High School guidance counsellor? Imagine watching a 4th of July show hosted by Gandalf. Would the world be a better place, or would it be worse? So join Gandalf, Tookish, Balin and the rest of the Hall of Fire staff on Saturday, February 26th, 5:30 EST. Be sure to bring your thinking caps and be prepared for what should be a fun and less serious Hall of Fire.

Special thanks to Kili for this week's topic!'

Yep, bring your dreams and your sense of humor to this one, and I'll get this fishy smell off me in the meantime. Trout? Fiddlesticks!!

P.S. Got any Hall of Fire topic ideas? Send 'em in!!!

Daily Trivia Question
Gamgee @ 11:40 PST

Greetings Faithful Tolkien Fans! We have had a great response to the daily trivia questions!! Our winner from yesterday was Lauren A-W, aka "LeH" Good Job LeH!!! The correct answer was "Forlong the Fat".
Here is today's question:
"In the Battle of the Greenfields, what was the name of the Orc-King killed by Bullroarer Took?"
Mail your answers to Gamgee, The 1st correct answerer will be posted tomorrow! Good Luck!

Sunday, February 20, 2000
Barlimans News

A Post Card from New Zealand
Jincey @ 23:40 PST

As most all Barliman's regulars know, our good friend Leo has been traveling the island of New Zealand for a couple of weeks now. Today we received a post card from him and post it here for everyone to enjoy.

Leo Postcard Front

Leo Postcard Back

Hall of Fire Log
Gamgee @ 17:36 PST

The Hall of Fire log from Saturday the 19th is up! For all of you that missed it the topic was "Middle Earth Heroes" Read it here

Daily Trivia Question
Gamgee @ 12:30 PST

Hello Chatroom Regulars! Here is todays Tolkien Trivia Question.
"In the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, The Lord of Lossarnach, and his armies ride to lend thier aid, what was the Lord's name?"
Yesterday's winner was Jackie Wilmoth aka. "Vaire"... Good Job Vaire!! The correct answer was "Altariel"
Mail in your answers and the first correct response will be posted tomorrow!.. Good Luck!
Mail Gamgee

Saturday, February 19, 2000
Barlimans News

Daily Trivia Question
Gamgee @ 19:19 PST

From now on, each day we will be posting a trivia question or quote. The first person to email me with the correct response will be posted on this page the following day.

"What was Galadriel's name in Quenya?"
email Gamgee@theonering.net with your answers!

What's it all About?
Tookish @ 15:02 PST

Greetings visitors!

Gandalf wanted to drop you a line to tell you a bit about the internet's best Tolkien chat! From the desktop of the Wizard himself:

"Hullo fellow Ringers!

Do you have any Tolkien topics or ideas that you just can't seem to figure out? Ever wonder why Cirdan is the only elf mentioned with a beard? Or what happened to the rings of the Nazgul? Then come on in to Barliman's chatroom! If trivia is your thing, and you think you can stump the Barliman regulars, then come on in and try! Whatever is on your mind, you are welcome to Barliman's."
-- Gandalf

We talk about the movies being filmed in New Zealand all the time, too. Curious about the latest Spy Reports or news items? Perhaps you've found out something yourself you'd like to pass along to the higher ups.... Interested in meeting site founders Xoanon, Tehanu, Calisuri or Corvar? They frequent the chat regularly, as well as a host of Tolkien enthusiasts from around the world.

We hope to see you soon! If you have trouble connecting please email me and we'll take care of you.

*Tookish raises his mug of 1420 and says, "Cheers!"

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