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December 01, 2000 - January 05, 2001

Friday, January 05, 2001
Barlimans News

BursarWatch!!! 1/5/01
Jincey @ 20:32 PST

I just got this letter today and am posting it for all the bursar watchers' pleasure, lol : )


Hey all you Barlimaniacs!

It is I, your long lost comrade, TheBursar! I apologize for my long silence, but things have been EXTREMELY busy. I am the bearer of good tidings, however. This is the last week! On Jan. 5, I pass-in-review, or graduate. My mom decided to come up, so I'm happy.

I had liberty Christmas Day so I went to the movie theater. I saw 'Castaway'. Wow. Pretty good. No LoTR trailer though. Saw previews for Pearl Harbor and D&D. Must… see… D&D… Need… Fantasy… Fix…

Enclosed is that so longed for picture of me in uniform; I hope you all like it. That's my Dress Blue uniform… I look better in my working blues. One day I'll send a picture of that.

In two weeks I'll be in Charleston. Yay! But in the immediate future, tomorrow night is BattleStations, an all night event that tests EVERYTHING I have learned. I'll have fun.

My next letter will probably be from Charleston. I miss y'all and will be back on-line soon. Promise!

From tropical (HA!) Great Lakes,

Sunday, December 31, 2000
Barlimans News

Tolkien Fun Section
Gamgee @ 14:21 PST

HI again everyone! Gamgee reporting in, with yet another edition of the Tolkien fun section! Our last winner was Incognito! Good job my friend! The answers were:
1. Menegroth
2. Sirannon
3. Beorn
Here are the questions for today:
1) "Who was the twin brother of Fastred?"
2) "mshmtaa urna" (scrambled Tolkien person, place or thing)
3) "Silly time to go practising pinching and pocket-picking." (Who said this?)
As usual, Mail me with your answers, the 1st person to mail me all 3 correct answers in one mailing, will be posted here next time! Good Luck.........Gamgee

Saturday, December 30, 2000
Barlimans News

Hall of Fire Topic for January 13 and 14
Tookish @ 13:54 PST

Hullo Tolkien chat fans! I hope that December stretch didn't leave you wanting too much for The Hall of Fire, but the good news is... we're baaaaack!

Our next topic:

The Physical Ability of Men and Elves

It seems that even before Humans walked Middle-earth, they were in competition with the elder race of Elves. How do The Firstborn and aftercommers stack up when compared to one another in physical ability? Can a Man equal an Elf in stature and strength? How about fighting ability and dexterity?

Bring your thoughts on down to The Hall of Fire at any one of these times:

Saturday Chat: 7:00 pm EST (19:00) [also midnight Saturday (24:00) GMT and 10:00 am Sunday (10:00) in Australia]

Sunday Chat: 7:00 pm (19:00) in Australia [also 9:00 am (09:00) GMT and 4:00 am (04:00) EST]

Sunday Chat: 6:00 pm (18:00) GMT [also 1:00 pm (13:00) EST and 4:00 am (04:00) Monday morning in Australia]

Please send your feedback for The Hall of Fire here! I'm especially interested in what you think of the posted time schedule... too much info or just right? Thanks. :)

Friday, December 15, 2000
Barlimans News

Barliman's Bash - We've Got Details!!
Jincey @ 22:09 PST

In their efforts to get the word out to as many folks as possible, the BarliBash folks have submitted the following for your consideration. It sounds like a great time so get your confirmations in soon!

Many of you have requested information about the Barliman's gathering in Chicago next August. This post isn't for you. =] This post is for those of you who may have missed the prior post; or for those of you who might have been holding back until more information was available. Here's that information!

Thursday, August 2nd, 2001 We meet at the Northbrook Hilton Hotel in the Chicago area this afternoon. We'll have a reception, with a cash bar for those who wish to recover from their travels. This evening will give everybody the chance to meet their Barliman's compatriots in a casual setting. There will likely be a few icebreaker type games, in Tolkien style.

Friday, the 3rd Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin' town! The lot of us'll hop a train into Chicago, and spend the day gawking like Gimli in the Caves of Anglarond. Sears Tower? Check. Navy Pier? Check. Art Institute? Check. Metric tons of bratwurst and beer? Check. Then, in the evening, we'll ride back out to the hotel and settle in for the night. Maybe terrorize one of the on-site bars, or claim the swimming pool as our own private territory.

Saturday, the 4th Pretty loosely planned, and likely to remain so. Today, we plan to organize some games and contests; perhaps some Tolkien Trivia, or a debate. Mock fighting on the lawn has been suggested (swordplay and such), as well as karaoke (may Eru help us all). The hotel is situated on a forest preserve, right on the bank of a river. There's also a wildlife park only a few hundred yards from the hotel itself. It'll be a good day to kick back and spend time with each other, with no pressing obligations or "activities". Saturday evening, Barliman's Banquet will be held. It will be a formal-type meal, catered by the Hilton, featuring various ME type cuisines - mushrooms, potatoes, and 'crebain' featuring prominently. There will again be a cash bar, with other beverages provided by the Bash.

Sunday, the 5th Pack up and get out. Pretty self explanatory - get the ponies loaded and head for home. Other than a brief farewell gathering, nothing is planned for this morning; everybody will be able to take their leave in the manner they prefer.

Now for the burning question: how much for all this? $220 (lodging and fee) gets you your room (double occupancy), the fare to and from downtown Chicago, and your banquet meal. It also pays for the incidentals that go along with such an event, like rental of meeting space. If you wish a room to yourself, the cost unfortunately rises to $370, but you're saved the trouble of a roommate who snores fit to wake the dead.

If you're interested in this event, and haven't contacted us yet, please email barlibash@hotmail.com. Unless we have phenomenal interest, we will be limiting the number of attendees to 50, so time is of the essence! We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have, and share any information we can. We hope to hear from you, and we hope to see you in Chicago!

- Curunir, Messiah, and Saint

Sunday, December 10, 2000
Barlimans News

Tolkien Fun Section
Gamgee @ 01:12 PST

Well Tolkienites, after a long absence, Gamgee is back and in full swing! Our last winner was Androg! Good job buddy! The answers were;
1) Gimli: 42 Legolas: 41
2) Greyhame
3) Saruman
Here are the questions for today;
1) What was the name for the underground halls of Thingol?
2) "onnsarin" (Scrambled Tolkien person, place or thing)
3) "Or two? I can see only one, and a little one at that." (Who said this?)
As always, Mail me with your answers, the 1st person to send all 3 correct answers in one mailing will be posted here next time! Good luck.........Gamgee

Tuesday, December 05, 2000
Barlimans News

Hall of Fire Topic for December 9 & 10!
Tookish @ 23:47 PST

Hullo Hall of Fire fans!

I'm pleased to announce the topic for debate this weekend. You be the judge!

Did Frodo Fail His Quest?

Frodo Baggins took upon himself and was charged with the burden of carrying the Ring of Power to Mount Doom and destroying It there. Did he succeed or fail in this quest? Bring your thoughts to The Hall of Fire this weekend and speak your mind!

Saturday Chat: 7:00 p.m. EST [10:00 GMT]
Sunday Chat: 6:00 p.m. GMT [1:00 EDT]
Place: #thehalloffire on theonering.net server; come to our chatroom Barliman's and then type /join #thehalloffire

Friday, December 01, 2000
Barlimans News

Special Sunday Edition Of The Hall of Fire
Jincey @ 23:28 PST

Hullo Tolkien Fans! This Sunday there is a special edition of The Hall of Fire, to test the waters of fandom down in the Pacific. The chat will be held in the evening for those down under; see below for exact times. If enough interest is generated, this chat time will join the other two. The topic for this Special Edition chat is:

Peregrin Took: Piece of Luggage or

Hard, Bold Halfling?

Peregrin Took, more commonly known as Pippin: An unquenchable hobbit with a desire for adventure, and the youngest member of the Fellowship. During the course of his journeys, he gets caught in a tree, captured by orcs, and gets up to all sorts of other mischief. But did this son of Paladin achieve anything worthwhile on the quest, or would he have done better to be sent home, as Elrond wished? What do you think? Come on down to share your views on Pippin this weekend.

Time: Sunday, December 3rd, 8:00 p.m. Sydney time, 10:00 p.m. in NZ, 9:00a.m. GMT, 4:00 a.m. EST.
Place: #thehalloffire on theonering.net server; come to our chatroom Barliman's and then type /join #thehalloffire

See you there!

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