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October 31, 1999 - November 20, 1999

Saturday, November 20, 1999
Barlimans News

More Updates to the Extras Section
Balin @ 18:38 PST

We have sound. And now we have color and how to put color and sound together! In the extras section, some instructions on how to use the features of mIRC are provided. They explain how to use color, how to make preset phrases, and how to make that all important lightsaber. As you remember, each Jedi had to construct his/her own lightsaber as part of their training. Here is your opportunity to begin your own training as a mIRC Jedi. Check it out in mIRC Instructions and Scripts.
The instructions will help you to use some of the common commands in mIRC like color, sounds and scripts.
Coming soon, some instructions on how to set your mIRC program to use sounds.

Thursday, November 18, 1999
Barlimans News

Extras Section Update!
Calisuri @ 23:19 PST

Pipesmoke has put all those crazy sounds together in nice compact .zip files for your downloading pleasure. Check out the extra section for the special Barlimans's sound packs!

Sunday, November 14, 1999
Barlimans News

The Hall of Fire: New Topic, Same Time and Place
Tookish @ 10:58 PST

Hullo Barlimaniacs and other Tolkien chat fans. Looks like The Hall of Fire is a big hit! Here's news from Gamgee about the next session:

Tom Bombadil -- Can You Explain Him?

What do you think? Maia, Man, or Iluvitar? Master of Wood and Hill, or just a character thrown in on a whim? We invite you to join us in The Hall of Fire this Saturday, November 20th, at 3:30 EST to discuss your opinions and hear the opinions of others. All fans of Tolkien invited! Join Gamgee, Gandalf and Pipesmoke for what should be a fun and eventful chat.

Tuesday, November 02, 1999
Barlimans News

For You!
jincey @ 17:54 PST

It's amazing how "idle" chat can lead to big ideas and good things! This web page started developing weeks ago when our guests, busily sending pix and .wavs back and forth, asked for a page of their own. What a great idea! We have been working hard ever since to design and build a lighthearted page specifically for the enjoyment of Barliman's chat room guests. This page will offer a place for folks to place their pictures and bios, and download sound .wavs regularly heard in the chat room. You can also come here for updates on upcoming chats in the Hall of Fire.

You ask... we deliver! Speaking for the staff of Barliman's, we hope you enjoy!!!

Tolkien Chat - Hall of Fire
Balin @ 01:21 PST

You want to talk Tolkien? Discuss those burning issues that were never resolved to your satisfaction? Here is your chance. TheOneRing.net is opening a moderated chat, the Hall of Fire. The topic will be announced in advance so you can study up on it.
The rules for this dicussion are similar to Baliman's rules. But you must stay on topic. As this will be a more formal and scholarly endeavor no sounds,color or art will be allowed. The room will be open only for the announced discussions. From time to time we will try to have guest scholars involved for you to discuss your ideas about Tolkien.

Get your calendars. The first chat is set for Saturday,November 13, 1999 at 3:30 EST. The topic is:

Glorfindel: Elf of Gondolin, Elf of Rivendell, or Both?

Join Gandalf, Gamgee, and Pipesmoke(your moderators), regulars at Barliman's, for a lively and thought provoking hour of debate. This will be a regular event. Watch for a schedule of time, dates, and topics.
See you all in the Hall of Fire!

Monday, November 01, 1999
Barlimans News

What's It All About?
Tookish @ 00:36 PST

Welcome to the Barliman's page! This is a great forum through which we will hopefully ease and enhance your use of our favorite chat room, Barliman's, the live discussion forum of TheOneRing.net. Like many things, first and foremost are The Rules. If you've never been to Barliman's before, please look them over for some basic guidelines. Next are Instructions, a handy step-by-step guideline to getting and using mIRC, the internet chat relay program. You'll also find information about an exciting new Tolkien discussion forum, The Hall of Fire. Additionally, we're posting pics and bios of The Regulars at Barli's. In the future we plan to have a page for Extras used in the chatroom, such as sounds or scripts. So come on over to Barli's for some Tolkien talk and other conversation!

Sunday, October 31, 1999
Barlimans News

News from Alvie
jincey @ 18:57 PST

Our good friend Alvie has been away on a lengthy vacation for a couple of weeks now... Since I knew we would go through "Alvie Withdrawal," I asked him to send me a post card while he was gone. In fact, I have received TWO postcards, one from Wyoming, and the other from Vancouver, B.C. (mailed in San Diego of all places! That Alvie is really getting around!) He is headed to Las Vegas next but should be back in the next week or two. I'll keep you posted on his whereabouts as I hear from him.

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